Best of the C’Mon Now MMA Podcast – 29

Our compilation show is a deep dive with host, Trent Reinsmith, into the bigger news and goings on in MMA, both inside and outside…

By: June M. Williams | 3 years ago
Best of the C’Mon Now MMA Podcast – 29
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Our compilation show is a deep dive with host, Trent Reinsmith, into the bigger news and goings on in MMA, both inside and outside the cage; presented with a critical, unbiased eye.

Here is some detail on what’s going on here… the “regular” ‘C’mon Now MMA Podcast’ is a daily podcast of varying lengths, which can be found here: This show, however, is a compilation of some of the best topics covered on the daily show over the past week.

This week’s “Best of” edition topics include::

1. Dana White is going to hold up two weight divisions for a “superfight” that no one asked for.

2. Mike Perry digs a deeper hole when he gives a reason why he would put his hands on a woman. Again, the UFC needs to investigate Perry.

3. No, the MMA media does not need to blindly support every UFC fight card.

4. Social media impressions are important to the UFC, they could also be a big source of revenue for the fighters, but as with other sources of revenue, the UFC does not share that with the fighters that generate the videos and highlights. That should change.

5. When Dana White says Tyron Woodley is the most difficult fighter to deal with, it’s a message to the rest of the UFC roster to shut up and eat whatever shit the UFC feeds them with a smile.

6. MMA media who take part in the UFC rankings should resign for how the UFC handled the Leon Edwards situation. The UFC is far too involved in the rankings. Don’t help the UFC hurt fighters and their careers.

7. History will judge the GOAT, but Jon Jones being so adamant about his place in the discussion will only lower his standing in the opinion of his haters.

8. Is Edson Barboza a genius by fighting out his UFC contract, or is he in trouble? I’m not sure, but it’s worth thinking about.

9. About the UFC 254 scale “controversy.” The UFC served as the commission in Abu Dhabi and the promotion has some questions to answer about the quick approval of fighters on the scale.

10. The UFC was never a family, but the Fertitta’s convinced the fighters it was and that is a pretty amazing accomplishment.

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