UFC Fight Island 5 prelims results & video: Joaquin Buckley hits KOTY candidate spinning back kick KO

The UFC Fight Island 5 prelims started with a string of decisions, but we did get one of the greatest knockouts of all time…

By: Eddie Mercado | 3 years ago
UFC Fight Island 5 prelims results & video: Joaquin Buckley hits KOTY candidate spinning back kick KO
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The UFC Fight Island 5 prelims started with a string of decisions, but we did get one of the greatest knockouts of all time — and that was followed by two first-round finishes. This preliminary portion of the event just ended with Tom Breese stopping KB Bhullar in just 1:42 into the fight. It was his jab that set up his right hand to daze Bhullar, and then it was his jab again that scored the knockdown that preceded the finish. Breese is back in the win column and did so by putting his jab on the map.

Before that, Chris Daukaus made quick work of Rodrigo Nascimento, achieving the knockout in just 45-seconds. It was a left hook that sat down Nascimento, and then once the fight returned to its feet, another left hook ended the fight. That’s two up and two down inside of the UFC for Daukaus, both by first-round finish.

UFC Fight Island 5 also got a candidate for Knockout of the Year, thanks to Joaquin Buckley landing a brilliant spinning back kick counter to the face of Impa Kasanganay in the second round. Kasanganay had caught one of Buckley’s kicks, but Buckley quickly spun around with the spinning attack to score the epic movie-like knockout. Buckley advances his record to 11-3, and earned his first UFC win in the coolest way possible.

Tony Kelley picked the first UFC victory of his career when he took a unanimous decision over a very game Ali AlQaisi. Kelley hurt his foe on two separate occasions with some well placed knees, and did what he had to do to not be controlled on the floor. Immediately after the bell, AlQaisi celebrated the end of the grueling fight by landing a hard hammerfist to the chest of Kelley, who did not appreciate the gesture one bit. Kelley pushed AlQaisi away from him and the two began talking a bit of trash back and forth. Cooler heads prevailed and order was quickly restored.

Earlier in the night, Giga Chikadze looked dominant in a unanimous decision win over the previously undefeated Omar Morales. Chikadze was landing his usual high volume offense, and even dropped his opponent with a haymaker in the third round. Giga remains flawless under the UFC banner having won all-four of his UFC outings.

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Tom Breese def. KB Bhullar by TKO at 1:42 of round 1: Middleweight

Breese came out pressing forward and jousting with his jab. He then followed up by putting a hard right hand behind the jab. It registered quite well so he did it again. Then, it was another jousting jab that dropped Bhullar. The followup ground strikes seemed academic.

Chris Daukaus def. Rodrigo Nascimento by KO at :45 of round 1: Heavyweight

Daukaus dazed his foe with a big left hook right out of the gate. Nascimento went down and Daukaus punted. Somehow Nascimento made it to his feet, but another left hook sent him falling to the floor to bring the bout to an end.

Joaquin Buckley def. Impa Kasanganay by KO at 2:03 of round 2: Middleweight

The middleweights got to work right away. Kasanganay was launching head kicks and Buckley was winging hooks. Buckley seemed to be getting the better of the exchanges, and wobbled his foe at one point. Then, he changed levels and hit as takedown. Back on the feet, Buckley was throwing his punches in combinations while Kasanganay was still trying to get back into the fight. The striking battle continued into the second act. Buckley was still the one throwing more volume, even if all of his strikes weren’t landing. Then, Kasanganay caught one of Buckley’s kicks, but Buckley spun around with a kick, surprising Kasanganay and knocking him unconscious. WOW!

Tony Kelley def. Ali AlQaisi by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Bantamweight

Kelley took the center right away, but AlQaisi caught a kick and took him down. Kelley threatened with a triangle, but AlQaisi shucked it off and remained in control. AlQaisi fully attacked with a guillotine, but Kelley exploded out and caused a scramble. AlQaisi landed on top but Kelley had him in an unorthodox triangle. Kelley was able to straighten the arm and cranked on it, even putting it under his armpit, but AlQaisi refused to tap and escaped the round.

Kelley did work in the second act. He tagged AlQaisi with a knee on the feet, and landed some clean punches that had AlQaisi shooting desperation takedowns. AlQaisi was eventually able to get the fight to the floor and rode out top position until the bell.

AlQaisi got himself a quick takedown in the final round, but Kelley rapidly returned to his feet. It was clear that AlQaisi was looking for the takedown, so Kelley timed another knee to score a wobble. Somehow, AlQaisi survived and worked all the way back to his feet. AlQaisi went for it. He hit a set of spinning backfists that connected and started to pour on some volume. Kelley accidentally kicked his foe in the cup, bringing a brief pause the action. The round ended with both guys winging their respective strikes.

Giga Chikadze def. Omar Morales by unanimous decision (30-27x 3): Featherweight

Chikadze passed on the glove touch and opted to get right to work. He attacked the leg while Morales returned fire with a heavy right hand. A straight left hand from Chikadze knocked Morales to the floor as he there a kick, but Morales immediately stood back up. Giga attacked the lead calf of Morales, and then switched stances and cracked with a hard body kick. Morales wore it well and stood his ground, but Giga seemed to be up.

Morales got himself a takedown within the first tonite of the second round, but Chikadze quickly worked back to his feet. A bit of measuring took place in open space, which was disrupted with a flush overhand from Chikadze. Morales started to throw more punches in the final minute of the round. He was landing and pressing forward, but he was getting hit too.

Morales brought pressure to start the final round, but wasn’t throwing a ton. He briefly went for the takedown, but Giga was able to fight it off and remain standing. Chikadze finally landed clean with one of his haymakers, sending Morales crashing to there canvas. Giga crashed down with ground strikes, but somehow Morales survived and made it back to his feet. Morale was still clearly hurt, but a finish never manifested and they went to the scorecards.

Tracy Cortez def. Stephanie Egger by unanimous decision (30-27): (W) Bantamweight

Egger pressed forward to get things going, with Cortez looking to counter. Cortez knocked her foe off balance and then blasted her with a body kick. That’s when she changed levels and hit a takedown. Egger went for an omoplata, but ended up with her back taken for a bit. Cortez got herself another takedown early in the second round. She did eat a mean upkick and almost gave up her back, but Cortez was able to maintain control and stay on top. Egger gave up her back and was unable to improve her position for quite some time. Egger tried closed the distance in the final round and tried to put Cortez on her back. Cortez was having none of it, though, and even got a takedown of her own. Egger spent some more time defending on the floor, and even gave up her back again before the bell.

Tagir Ulanbekov def. Bruno Silva by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Flyweight

Silva went hard with the low calf kick early on in this one. Ulanbekov had to grit through the punishment, but was willing to do so with combination punching. The flyweights were pushing quite a pace, going blow for blow before scrambling it out for a bit. They stood again for the final minute of the round, with Ulanbekov landing more punches and Silva sticking with his calf attack.

The seocnd round started out with more leg kicks from Silva and Ulanbekov looking to score with his boxing. Ulanbekov scored himself a bodylock takedown, and began to grind away on Silva. The Brazilian did work back to his feet, but just to get taken right back down. Rinse and repeat. Ulanbekov stayed with his boxing to start the final round. He was making the most of his reach advantage by popping out his jab and then building off of it. Silva was defending the takedowns, but struggled to mount much of any offense of his own.

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