UFC Fight Island 4 results & video: Germaine De Randamie chokes out Julianna Peña

With all but the main event having taken place the main card for UFC Fight Island 4 delivered three finishes out of four fights.…

By: Tim Bissell | 3 years ago
UFC Fight Island 4 results & video: Germaine De Randamie chokes out Julianna Peña
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With all but the main event having taken place the main card for UFC Fight Island 4 delivered three finishes out of four fights. In the co-main Yorgan De Castro and Carlos Felipe had an uninspiring heavyweight slap-fest, but all the other fights had pleasing outcomes.

Before the co-main Germaine de Randamie showed she is still a title threat at bantamweight with a submission victory over Julianna Peña. The other finish owners were Kyler Phillips (who pounded out Cameron Else) and Dusko Todorovic (who beat-up Dequan Townsend).

See completed results below:

Main Card:

Carlos Felipe def. Yorgan De Castro via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

After a feeling out process, Felipe threw some heavy shots to De Castro’s gut. The Cape Verdean responded by rumbling forwards, flashing looping punches and high kicks. But he didn’t find a home for those strikes. Slowly the range started to decrease between the fighters and soon they were able to land leg kicks on each other with relative ease. De Castro’s kicks had the most venom and they quickly bruised the Brazilian. Felipe seemed content to eat the leg kicks in exchange for being close enough to land one or two punches to De Castro’s head.

In the second Felipe continued to be aggressive, walking De Castro down and landing more punches. De Castro was able to defend and control a clinch. And when they separated he was able to hit Felipe with some of his own medicine. Felipe didn’t look fazed, though. He landed more punches to the head and also ripped a few good body shots. After a break brought on by De Castro grabbing the cage, Felipe did his best Nick Diaz impression, waving De Castro on and even landing a slap. De Castro started to look frustrated at this point, as he continued to walk backwards and throw little more than the occasional leg kick.

To open the third, Felipe landed a heavy combo on De Castro. De Castro fired back, but he was taking far more punches than he was returning. Felipe then held De Castro against the fence, but the referee wouldn’t let the big men rest there for long. After the separation De Castro went for a takedown, but he came nowhere close to finishing it. Both men looked tired at this point, content to trade nuisance punches from the clinch. Felipe seemed upset to be forced into a clinch at one point and showed his distaste by slapping De Castro on the read end.

Whenever he had breathing room Felipe tried to land a fight ending shot, but De Castro was stubborn in initiating clinches and holding his opponent against the cage. With ten seconds left, Felipe pointed to the centre of the Octagon, begging for a firefight, but De Castro was too cautious for that. He backed away and took his chances with the judges.

Germaine de Randamie def. Julianna Peña by technical submission (guillotine), round 3 (3:25)

De Randamie drew first blood in this fight, catching Peña with a right hand as her opponent stormed forwards. The punch dropped Peña down to one knee. She recovered, but looks a little heavy on her feet afterwards. De Randamie, on the other hand, was springy as she tried to land that same right hand. Peña kept coming forwards and ate a left and an uppercut for her troubles. Peña got tagged in another exchange, after that, but still opted to plod forwards. Nothing Peña was throwing seemed to both de Randamie, who slipped Peña’s big looping punches and landed jabs and hooks in return. Peña went for a takedown with 30 seconds left in the round and was able to score it on the buzzer.

Peña continued playing the aggressor in the second round. She opened that period with a flurry that landed on de Randamie and forced her back to the cage. De Randamie responded, though, countering Peña. In the ensuing clinch Peña worked for, and eventually, scored a takedown. On the ground Peña first focused on getting out of de Randamie’s guard. That proved difficult, though, so she switched tact to throwing ground and pound. It looked good, but she wasn’t hurting de Randamie. Then Peña decided to go for a guillotine. De Randamie bucked out of it, but Peña adjusted and tried again from a different angle. De Randamie stayed calm and made it to the end of the round, while teasing a Von Flue choke attempt of her own.

It was all to play for in the third. And it was Peña would started the round off with the most urgency, blitzing de Randamie and landing some shots against the cage. After they separated de Randamie responded with a punch that had Peña stumbling backwards for a moment. Peña then shot for a takedown and pushed de Randamie to the fence. Peña landed knees in the clinch and was able to keep her opponent pinned to the mesh. Peña then dropped down to the takedown, but de Randamie caught her in a tight guillotine. Before Peña knew what was happening, she started losing consciousness. De Randamie told the referee she was out, Jason Herzog confirmed it with a tug on Peña’s arm and the fight was called off.

Kyler Phillips def. Cameron Else by TKO (elbows), round 2 (0:44)

The scouting report on this one was, ‘don’t blink’ and both men looked to make good on that early on, measuring each other up and then throwing big strikes with mean intentions. The most sensational of those attacks came from Phillips, who threw—and missed—on spin kicks and a flying knee. It wasn’t very flashy, but Phillips scored well with leg kicks, reddening Else’s left knee. The American was also able to land a takedown in the middle of the cage. On the ground Phillips landed some ground and pound and then ceased on Else’s attempt to spin out of danger, finding his opponent’s back and almost getting a rear naked choke.

In the second Phillips maximized on his speed advantage, easily evading Else, before landing a glancing headkick and then pulling off an easy takedown. On the ground Phillips pounded away with elbows, forcing Else to turtle up. The referee saw enough and called it there.

Dusko Todorovic def. Dequan Townsend by TKO (punches), round 2 (3:15)

Townsend came into this fight grieving the death of two of his brothers, who were shot and killed in Lansing, MI last month. Despite what he has been through he cut a stoic figure on his walk to the cage.

Todorovic acted first in the fight, rushing Townsend with punches. Townsend initiated a clinch and caught his breath, but when Todorovic got free he waded back in and landed a few solid shots. Townsend again reacted by locking up a clinch, where he landed a hard knee. Todorovic responded with punches to the body. Once separated, Townsend anticipated Todorovic’s rush and was able to tag the Serbian with a few big punches. That forced Todorovic to back off. Todorovic would rush in again, though, and land more punches while putting Townsend up against the cage. After they separated Todorvic waited a little longer before launching his final blitz of the round, which resulted in a good 6-10 punches landing on Townsend.

In the second Townsend tried his hand at rushing Todorovic. But on his first attempt, Todorovic was able to back-peddle and stay out of danger. Todorovic then mixed things up, scoring a takedown on Townsend. Todorovic peppered away with ground and pound, but Townsend was able to block much of what was being thrown his way. Todorovic eventually worked his way into side control and then transitioned nicely to full mount. From there Todorovic blasted away until the referee had no choice but to save Townsend from unnecessary punishment.

Todorovic stays perfect and moves his record to 10-0. For Townsend that’s his fourth loss in in as many UFC appearances.

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