UFC Vegas 10 prelims results & video: Romanov, Turner earn taps, Croom and Mazo hit club and subs

The UFC Vegas 10 prelims have just ended and we got a couple of cool submissions on the night, two of which were of…

By: Eddie Mercado | 3 years ago
UFC Vegas 10 prelims results & video: Romanov, Turner earn taps, Croom and Mazo hit club and subs
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The UFC Vegas 10 prelims have just ended and we got a couple of cool submissions on the night, two of which were of the club-and-sub persuasion. The card’s featured prelim saw the promotion’s #15 ranked women’s bantamweight, Sijara Eubanks, upset the #14 ranked, Julia Avila, by taking a unanimous decision. It was the grappling of Eubanks that was the difference maker here. She racked up tons of control time while threatening with submission attempts from the top. This makes back to back wins for Eubanks, who seems to have settled in at 135-pounds.

Before that, the lightweight division saw UFC newcomer Kevin Croom score an upset club-and-sub on Roosevelt Roberts in just 31-seconds. Croom cracked Roberts with a left hook, and then achieved the tap with a standing guillotine. What a way to make your promotional debut! The heavyweight division got the debut of Moldovan powerhouse, Alexander Romanov, who rag-dolled Roque Martinez before hitting a second-round arm triangle. Romanov executed a gorgeous belly to back suplex, and showcased tremendous positional awareness complete with savage ground and pound. “King Kong” remains undefeated as he extends his record to 12-0, and he appears to be something to get excited over in the heavyweight division.

Also on the prelims, Jalin Turner was all aces against Brok Weaver, dropping him several times before ultimately securing a second-round RNC. “The Tarantula” used his long strikes to keep Weaver on the outside, commanding the cage and showcasing impeccable vision. This win advances Turner’s record to 10-5, and he has finished each of those ten victims before the third-round. Opening up the main card, surging flyweight Sabina Mazo pulled off a sweet third-round club-and-sub of Justine Kish. Mazo dropped her foe with a head kick, and then dove on her back to find the tap with a rear-naked choke. This makes three wins in a row for Mazo, and she did so in a way that puts her division on notice.

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Sijara Eubanks def. Julia Avila by unanimous decision (29-27 x3): (W) Bantamweight

Avila pressed forward behind her patented blitzing punching flurry. Eubanks was slugging back, with both fighters connecting. Eubanks changed levels and hit a takedown into side control. Avila worked back to her feet and pressed Eubanks against the fence. She hit a takedown of her own and worked into side control herself. Eubanks initiated a scramble and took the back right at the bell.

Avila took the center of the Octagon in the seocnd act, throwing volume. Then they both started swinging away with punches, with neither woman really landing clean. Eubanks hit a takedown to slowdown the tempo a bit. She attacked with an arm triangle, but Avila defended properly to stay in the fight. Eubanks went right back to the arm triangle, but again Avila escaped the hold to escape the round.

A brawl quickly broke out in the final round, and was broken up when Eubanks shot in for a takedown. Avila fought off the advance at first, but Eubanks stayed with it to get the fight to the floor. At the end of the round, Avila threatened with a triangle and then a kneebar attempt, but that freed up Eubanks to punch away until the bell.

Kevin Croom def. Roosevelt Roberts by submission (Guillotine) at :31 of round 1: Lightweight

Roberts came out aggressive, but got rocked with a hard left hand from Croom. Wasting no time, Croom jumped on the neck with a standing guillotine. Roberts wa dead to right and had no choice but to tap. Wow!

Alexander Romanov def. Roque Martinez by submission (Arm triangle) at 4:22 of round 2: Heavyweight

Romanov landed a cracking liver kick before hitting a takedown from the clinch. Romanov hit a gorgeous belly to back suplex to further establish his dominance. Martinez worked back to his feet just to get taken right back down. Romanov took full mount and began to rain down all sorts of ground and pound. Hammerfists came flying in, sometimes with both hands at the same time. The referee warned Martinez to improve his position, and somehow he managed to survive, but ended the round fighting off a straight-armbar attempt.

It didn’t take very long for Romanov to get himself another takedown in the second round. He took full mount again, and surfed from side control to knee on belly and back to full mount. Romanov began to rain down some more smashing punches, but again Martinez hung tough. The Moldovan went back to his submissions, locking up an arm triangle to force the tap.

Jalin Turner def. Brok Weaver by submission at 4:20 of round 2: 165-pounds

Turner opened the bout with a big left hand, prompting Weaver to shoot in. Turner stayed on his feet, and began to pick apart his opponent from range. Weaver looked a bit perplexed out there, hanging around on the outside throwing a leg kick here and there. Then Turner dropped him with a hard right hand, and landed a couple of follow up ground strikes. Weaver did recover to score a last second takedown.

Turner popped his jab to start the second round. He kept Weaver on the outside where only his punches would land. Weaver landed a couple of leg kicks, but he was getting pelted by better strikes. Turner dropped Weaver again with a right hand, and walked away allowing him to stand back up. Turner storms in and they scrambled up. That’s when Turner took the back and sunk the rear-naked choke.

Bryan Barberena def. Anthony Ivy by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Welterweight

Ivy shot in early and looked for the takedown as Barberena’s back was to the cage. Barberena refused to concede the bottom position, but boy was Ivy working hard to maintain control. Once they broke apart, Barberena hurt Ivy to the body and seemed to have a clear advantage in the striking department. Ivy was able to muscle a takedown, but and spent a lot of energy trying to keep Barberena defending.

Barberena landed some big bombs to start the second act, prompting Ivy to initiate the grappling. They broke free and Ivy continued to have horrible reactions to getting hit. Ive began forcing his grappling exchanges, allowing Barberena space to land strikes. Ive began to fire back in the final minute of the round, but Barberena was making him miss badly.

Ivy got himself an early takedown in the final round, and landed a couple of quality punches, but just couldn’t do anything meaningful before Barberena got back up. Ivey kept pursuing the takedown, but ended up giving Barberena top position. Barberena stood up and scored with some more heavy leather, but Ivy got himself a takedown. Although he was on top, the round ended with Ivy’s arm trapped in a Kimura.

Sabina Mazo def. Justine Kish by submission (RNC) at 3:57 of round 3: (W) Flyweight

Kish ran across the cage and kicked Mazo right in the leg. Mazo responded with some kicks of her own, some even landing flush to the face. Kish stayed with her leg attack, but began bleeding from the corner of her eye from one of those head kicks. Kish earned herself a takedown at the end of the round, but didn’t really do anything with it.

The second round saw more of the same sort of back and forth kickboxing match. Kish kept landing her leg kicks, and even went up high to the head. Mazo took the center of the cage and wasn’t quite being as busy as her opponent. Kish was doing a good job of throwing a lot of variety with her techniques, and attacking different parts of the body.

Mazo landed a set of head kicks early in the final round, but Kish managed to stay on her feet and really didn’t seem too bothered by them. Kish started to launch a series of spinning attacks, both backfists and kicks. Mazo began to counter effectively, and then dropped Kish with a head kick. She immodestly jumped on the back and attacked with a RNC. Kish was still dazed and the choke was deep so she opted to tap out.

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