UFC Vegas 6 results and video: Means wins war with Staropoli, Holland & Sanchez score dazzling knockouts

The UFC Vegas 6 event is heading into the main card portion, and the prelims just ended with welterweights Tim Means and Laureano Staropoli…

By: Eddie Mercado | 3 years ago
UFC Vegas 6 results and video: Means wins war with Staropoli, Holland & Sanchez score dazzling knockouts
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The UFC Vegas 6 event is heading into the main card portion, and the prelims just ended with welterweights Tim Means and Laureano Staropoli battling it out for 15-minutes. Both men landed quality strikes in the pocket, and both of them had to overcome some adversity. Means scored a huge head kick knockdown in the second round, which was the biggest moment of a highly entertaining scrap. When it was all said and done, it was means who walked away with the unanimous decision win to continue his trend of alternating wins and losses.

Before that, Kevin Holland scored a sensational walk-off knockout on Joaquin Buckley in the third round. Holland picked off Buckley with beaming right cross that put him down, and the referee stepped in to prevent any unnecessary damage. It was technically ruled a TKO, but still a walk-off regardless. Buckley was aggressive throughout and brought a bag full of heavy hooks, but Holland remained composed and sniped away until the finish presented itself. This makes back to back wins for Holland with back to back finishes.

In the lightweight division, Nasrat Haqparast totally outclassed Alex Munoz on the feet for three-rounds. Haqparast landed a ton of punches to the head, and rocked his opposition on multiple occasions in every round. Credit to Munoz for being as tough as a $2 steak. He took a beating but never quit trying to win. The 24-year-old Haqparast is now back in the win column and looked phenomenal in doing so.

We got a violent knockout in the middleweight division when Andrew Sanchez slept Wellington Turman with a hefty 1-2 down the pipe, followed by a set of unanswered hammerfists to seal the deal. Sanchez looked comfortable and as fluid as he ever did out there. This is Sanchez’s fifth UFC win, but his first-ever official finish for the promotion (omitting his TUF exhibitions).

Also on the prelims, Gavin Tucker overcame getting dropped in the opening round to put a hurting on Justin Jaynes, ultimately sniffing out a submission in the third-round. Tucker looked sharp on the feet, attacking the head and body with varied attacks while staying defensively sound — outside of the one knockdown. The fight only went to the floor because Jaynes went for a desperation shot, so it was great to see Tucker shift gears and pull out a late finish. With his second-straight rear-naked choke, Tucker now advances to 3-1 within the promotion.

Earlier in the night, 23-year-old featherweight prospect, Youssef Zalal, dominated Peter Barrett for all three rounds. Zalal opened the bout with a fantastic spinning back kick to the face that dropped Barrett, but wasn’t able to convert the finish. Nonetheless, Zalal had the chance to showcase some of his wrestling, scoring several takedowns and escaping a couple of clinch positions against the cage. This is three up and three down for “The Moroccan Devil.”

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Tim Means def. Laureano Staropoli by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Welterweight

Means earned himself a bodylock takedown right away, but Staropoli worked hard to quickly get back up. In open space, Staropoli was getting off with clean punches to the face, with Means attacking with leg kicks. Both men began to score with their own combos in an even back and forth. An accidental eye poke to Staropoli brought a pause to the action, but quickly got back underway. The round ended with both men pocket punching.

They got right back to work in the seocnd round. Staropoli landed a spinning elbow, but got taken down right after it. He worked back to his feet, and the boxing bout resumed. Then, Means uncorked a head kick that dropped Staropoli. Means started to turn it up looking for the finish. Staropoli recovered and got himself back into the fight, but couldn’t steal back the momentum.

Staropoli came out hot for the third round, launching hard kicks at his opponent. Means responded by clinching up and pressing Staropoli against the fence. Back in open space, they stood on a napkin and traded hard punches in the pocket. Means returned to his grinding approach against the cage, controlling his foe and eating up some clock. The referee broke them apart and they went back to exchanging in the pocket some more, with Staropoli getting the better of them this time. Means went back to his wrestling and controlled his opponent a bit more as time ran out.

**It should be noted that Staropoli missed weight by 3.5 pounds

Kevin Holland def. Joaquin Buckley by TKO at :32 of round 3: Middleweight

A big right hook from Buckley as Holland was kicking resulted in an early knockdown. Holland quickly stood up but ate a punch to the cup. The fight was paused for a moment, and when it resumed Buckley blitzed with several punching combos, landing to the body but missing to the head. Holland scored with a set of clean elbows on the inside that cut open Buckley. Holland began to antagonize Buckley, which was immediately followed by another punch top the cup. The referee stopped the match to warn Buckley before getting back underway. A laser right cross dropped Buckley, but he quickly recovered and stood right back up.

Buckley started aggressively in the second round, blitzing again with body hooks followed by throwing Holland to the ground. Holland stood up and began popping his jab to there. Buckley kept throwing his hooks and kept connecting to the body, but Holland was landing more with his long range strikes in open space. The third round saw Holland blast his foe with a laser right hand that not only knocked out the mouthpiece, but knocked out Buckley as well. There was no need for any followup as the referee was already stopping the fight. Wow!

Nasrat Haqparast def. Alex Munoz by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Lightweight

Munoz wasted no time in blasting a double leg and putting Haqparast on his back. Haqparast quickly worked back to his feet, but suffered a knee to the cup that paused the fight. The fight restarted and Haqparast complained to the ref about Munoz extending his fingers. Haqparast rocked his foe with a right hook, and then began to turn it up. He looked dialed in, sniping Munoz whenever he tried to close the distance.

The lightweights stood in front of one another int he second round trading punching combos. Haqparast was the landing the better of the strikes, and rocked Munoz again with a big right hand. Munoz got away with a shorts grab while in survival mode, to which Haqparast audibly voiced his anger. Haqparast continued to pour on the volume, but Munoz was still winging haymakers back his way.

The boxing bout with small gloves continued into the final round. Haqparast pressed forward while Munoz was on the Blackfoot trying to land one big shot. The punches kept landing in combinations for Haqparast, with Munoz showing off tremendous amounts of heart and toughness.

Andrew Sanchez def. Wellington Turman by KO at 4:14 of round 1: Middleweight

The fighters clinched up early in the opening round, with Sanchez pressing Turman against the fence. In open space, they started to swing big punches back and forth. Sanchez was getting the better of the exchanges, seeming just a step ahead. Then KABOOM! Sanchez rocked Turman with a two-piece, and then put him out with a jab-cross combo. A set of hammerfists landed but they weren’t even needed as Turman was already donezo.

Gavin Tucker def. Justin Jaynes by submission (RNC) at 1:43 of round 3: Featherweight

These featherweights came to bang! Both men were looking to land with their hands, with Tucker was the one landing more often, and he was the one mixing in a head kick on several occasions. Tucker started attacking the body, ripping with punches and kicks alike. Then, Jaynes uncorked a wicked uppercut that dropped Tucker. Jaynes pounced and Tucker stooging to his feet and worked his wrestling. Jaynes jumped a guillotine and Tucker lost his shorts when he kicked out to escape. With his shorts hanging half-way off, Tucker attacked with an arm triangle until the bell.

Tucker started strong in the second round, pressing Jaynes with heavy punches and kicks to the body. It wa pretty much oneway traffic. Tucker kept unloading and even knocked out the mouthpiece of Jaynes at one point. The volume was there and all Jaynes could do was defend and survive. Jaynes came out aggressive in the final round, but a brutal knee to the face totally removed all of that. Tucker started to pour it on, prompting a poor shot attempt from a dizzy Jaynes. Tucker took the back and sunk in a rear-naked choke. Jaynes fought it off for a second, but the tap was soon to follow.

Youssef Zalal def. Peter Barrett by unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 30-27): Featherweight

Zalal dropped Barrett with a spinning back kick to the face within the first 30-seconds of the fight. Barrett went to his wrestling to recover and get back to open space. Barrett began to pressure but Zalal was fighting long, using jabs and footwork to maintain the space between them. Barrett clinched up against the fence and started to chip away with knees to the leg. Zalal freed himself, but was slightly dazed from a head kick that landed with the foot.

Zalal came out attacking the calf in the second, but then looked to clinch up. Barrett escaped the inside just to go right back. Zalal hit a sweet throw and then went right to the back. He flattened out Barrett and started landing small punches. Barrett defended an RNC attempt and eventually stood up with Zalal still attached. Zalal stayed on the back though and then flattened out his foe before attacking with another RNC. Miraculously, Barrett survived and escaped the round.

Barrett closed the distance right away in the third act, but couldn’t keep Zalal pinned to the cage. Zalal landed some clean straight on the feet before hitting a takedown. Barrett fought off an arm triangle attempt before scrambling back to his feet, but that was short-lived. Zalal scored another takedown and transitioned until he found the back. He tried for the rear-naked choke one more time but the submission defense of Barrett proved to be sound.

Irwin Rivera def. Ali AlQaisi by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Bantamweight

AlQaisi was the one that wanted to close the distance, but it Rivera who found the takedown. Not much happened before the bout returned to its feet. Rivera landed a crisp body kick that registered, but then tried to force a guillotine and pulled AlQaisi on top of him. Both men landed their respective shots on the feet, specifically a really hard leg kick from AlQaisi and a sneaky jumping switch knee from Rivera. AlQaisi did get a late takedown before the round ended.

The second round had a bit of a sticky beginning, with neither man really wanting to engage. Then, things heated up. Both men started throwing with more regularity and more velocity, with both men landing. AlQaisi went in for the takedown and ate several punches as it was being stuffed. Then, it was Rivera’s turn to botch a takedown and absorb punches for his troubles. Rivera tried a scissor takedown with about ten-seconds left in the round, but AlQaisi defended it properly.

The final frame saw another slow start, but the fighters soon returned to chucking heaters. Rivera landed a stinging inside leg kick that briefly buckled AlQaisi, and then he accidentally blasted the cup. The referee paused the bout to give AlQaisi a chance to recover. The fights gets back underway and Rivera lands a big flying knee, but AlQaisi wore it without issue. Rivera rushed in for a takedown, and when AlQaisi stood up, Rivera hit him with a mean knee on the break. Down the stretch, it was Rivera who was fighting harder to get the win.

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