UFC Vegas 5 prelims results & video: Martinez TKO’s Saenz, Gutierrez and Durden draw

The UFC Vegas 5 decision-happy prelims just finished up with Jonathan Martinez scoring a third-round knockout on Frankie Saenz. Martinez stuffed plenty of takedown…

By: Eddie Mercado | 3 years ago
UFC Vegas 5 prelims results & video: Martinez TKO’s Saenz, Gutierrez and Durden draw
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The UFC Vegas 5 decision-happy prelims just finished up with Jonathan Martinez scoring a third-round knockout on Frankie Saenz. Martinez stuffed plenty of takedown attempts and landed plenty strikes before ultimately blasting Saenz with a knee and putting him away. Martinez did miss weight for this match by 4.5 pounds, but finds himself back in the win column nonetheless.

Before that, UFC newcomer Nathan Maness picked a unanimous decision over the previously undefeated Johnny Munoz. The bout did not come without contraversy. Three cup shots from Munoz resulted in a point deduction and Munoz ultimately walking away with three 29-27’s.

Also on the undercard, the featherweight division saw Jamall Emmers absolutely dominate Vincent Cachero for all-three rounds. Emmers owned the standup, owned the ground, and owned everything in between. Credit to Cachero for being so tough, but man was he getting his castle stormed. This was quite a strong showing for Emmers who has now officially won a UFC fight.

Opening up the event, bantamweights Chris Gutierrez and Cody Durden unanimously drew even. Durden had a dominant 10-8 first-round, controlling from the back and landing small punches for the bulk of 5-minutes. Then, Gutierrez rallied to take the second and third acts with his superior striking. When the dust had settled, all-three judges saw the bout 28-28.

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Jonathan Martinez def. Frankie Saenz by TKO at :57 of round 3: Bantamweight

It didn’t take very long for Saenz to close the distance and start imposing his will. Martinez took awhile to finally find open space. Saenz played to the outside as Martinez threw long up kicks to fill the space between them. Martinez started to piece up Saenz towards the end of the round.

Martinez looked sharp in the second act. He was attacking the body with kicks and stuffing the takedown attempts. Saenz started to retreat to the cage and he was getting tuned up. Martinez would fly in with hard knees that discouraged the takedown attempts. Then, he dropped Saenz with a big head kick. Saenz hung tough and recovered, but continued to get lit up. Another head kick landed, dropping Saenz again, but the bell sounded before a finish manifested.

An accidental cup kick from Martinez opened up the final round. After a break, the round resumed. Saenz rushed forward just to eat a well-timed knee to the face. Saenz went down and Martinez started pounding away. The referee was right on top of the action to stop the match.

**It should be noted that Martinez missed weight by 4.5 pounds

Nathan Maness def. Johnny Munoz by unanimous decision (29-27 x3): Bantamweight

Maness pressed forward patiently, defending against a variety of kicks from Munoz. A low blow from Munoz paused the bout, and then the fight resumed and another low blow from Munoz brought another halt. The fight resumed and Munoz grabbed ahold of a body lock. He got the takedown and worked his was into side control where he attacked with a Kimura. Maness rolled out but ate a violent barrage of ground strikes until the bell sounded.

Munoz went back to closing the distance in the second round. He pressed Maness against the fence and grinned away. After a lull in the action, the referee separated the fighters. Munoz shot right back in and went right back to controlling. Maness reversed the position a couple of times, but couldn’t hold the position for very long before Munoz regained control. Munhoz hit a lifting takedown to finish up the round on top.

Another low blow from Munoz opened the final round. The referee called a timeout and ultimately deducted a point for the third ball shot. The round restarted and Munhoz went back to grinding against the cage. Maness struggled to free himself until the referee did so, and even then the bout went right back to the cage. Maness got a late takedown but quickly had to defend against a calf slicer.

Jamall Emmers def. Vincent Cachero by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Featherweight

Emmers landed some big blows right out of the gate. He scored with a flash head kick, and several mean knees to the body from the clinch. Cachero pressed forward, but kept getting met with long strikes. An accidental cup check from Cachero brought a pause to the action, but the fight quickly resumed. Emmers got back to throwing volume and preventing from getting on the inside. More knees to the body scored for Emmers and he had Cachero backpedalling.

Emmers started chucking heat in the seocnd round. He let his hands go and landed several clean punches. He was having his way with his opposition. Somehow, Cachero was able to absorb all of those blows and was even throwing back. Emmers totally dominated this round, and even scored another late takedown for good measure.

Emmers went to his takedowns in the final frame. He was able to change levels and plant his advancing opponent on his back. Cachero threw some elbows from his back, and worked until he was back on his feet. Emmers stuck with his takedowns and made his way to the back of Cachero until the bell.

Chris Gutierrez vs. Cody Durden went to a unanimous draw (28-28 x3): Bantamweight

Durden came out searching for the takedown, and putting Gutierrez on his back. He hit a slick back take and attacked with a neck crank on a few occasions. Gutierrez remained composed. He defended well, but was completely defensive. Durden racked up a bunch of short punches, and they were nothing too damaging but at least he was scoring.

Gutierrez opened the second act with a series of hard leg kicks. Durden looked hesitant on the feet, and opted to close the distance. Gutierrez escaped the clinch and landed some more hard solo strikes. Durden started getting desperate with his takedown attempts, and then a an accidental cup kick from Gutierrez brought a pause to the match. After a long break, the bout resumed. Gutierrez got back to stuffing takedowns and scoring with powerful single strikes. He kept peppering the lead leg but Durden kept pressing forward. Durden got himself a takedown, but was forced to fight off an armbar attempt until the bell.

Gutierrez sat back in the final round, countering his advancing foe with well-timed strikes. He didn’t overextend with his weapons and steadily kept pumping out volume. Durden began forcing takedowns and ate some damaging punches because of it. Then, a step in knee knocked down Durden and Gutierrez worked his ground strikes and even attempted a front flip stomp of some sort before the bell.

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