Update: More details on Mike Perry’s incident at Texas restaurant, including possible theft charge

Mike Perry was charged with misdemeanor assault after an incident at a Texas restaurant.

By: Zane Simon | 3 years ago
Update: More details on Mike Perry’s incident at Texas restaurant, including possible theft charge
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On Tuesday, July 7th, Mike Perry was captured on video scuffling with fellow patrons and employees at the Table 82 restaurant in Lubbock, TX. As previously reported, Perry is said to have struck at least three different people during the altercation, resulting in at least one victim being hospitalized for their injuries.

More details have been quickly coming to light as to what exactly transpired, however. Reports from TMZ and MMA Fighting suggest that the altercation started between Perry and another guest seated at his table, after Perry claimed the man was “saying things” about his girlfriend. In the police report obtained by MMA Fighting, Perry claims he was arguing with “this guy” when the man’s girlfriend intervened and began “clawing” at him.

Mike Perry was asked to leave by restaurant staff

TMZ reports that Perry was then asked to leave by a staff member at the restaurant, with Perry claiming that the staff member placed a hand on Perry’s shoulder in MMA Fighting’s details of the incident. TMZ reports that Perry then punched the staff member in the eye, with Perry claiming that he merely “pushed his face back” and tried to leave the establishment while demanding people not touch him.

The Table 82 staff member identified as being the man struck by Perry claims that he saw Perry strike both the initial man he was arguing with, as well as the man’s girlfriend before asking Perry to leave. It is unclear whether or not the woman supported allegations that she had been struck by Perry, as reports appear to focus on the man Perry was initially arguing with, the restaurant employee, and the man Perry was caught punching on video outside the restaurant as the principal victims.

As Perry left the restaurant video shows him arguing with several people, telling them that he won’t leave the premises unless the cops take him away. As he’s arguing over the incident and claiming that he doesn’t “have to go anywhere” more patrons can be seen gathering at the exit to confront him, eventually leading to the altercation between Perry and the older man—which reportedly left the man unconscious and taken to the hospital. The man later told police that he did not remember being struck, or the aftermath, due to his injuries.

Mike Perry claims he was defending himself from other patrons

In Perry’s account of the event to officers he said that “these people were putting their hands on me as I was trying to leave the building,” adding in the police report that the man he struck outside grabbed at his face and clothing.

Perry was not arrested, however, he was charged with a misdemeanor for Class A assault—for which he could face a fine of up to $500. However, the restaurant has also claimed that Perry left without paying his bill and that they are considering charging him with theft as a result.

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