UFC Fight Night: Lee vs. Oliveira live results, discussion, play by play

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play (main card) as UFC Fight Night: Lee vs. Oliveira goes…

By: Tim Burke | 3 years ago
UFC Fight Night: Lee vs. Oliveira live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play (main card) as UFC Fight Night: Lee vs. Oliveira goes down in an empty arena in Brasilia, Brazil.

The headliner should have taken place in the lightweight division, with Kevin Lee taking on Charles Oliveira. However, Lee didn’t make weight, so they’ll compete at a catchweight with Lee giving up 20% of his purse. The co-main comes at welterweight, with Demian Maia taking on Gilbert Burns.

Due to all the coronavirus concerns, there have been a few changes to this show. First of all, fans will not be in attendance in the arena. Second, the event was moved over to big ESPN and will air two hours earlier than originally intended. The seven-fight prelim card will start at 3pm ET, and the five-card main card will go down at 6pm ET. The event will air fully on ESPN due the lack of other sporting events at the moment, but will also stream on ESPN+ as well.

Kevin Lee vs. Charles Oliveira

Round 1 – Oliveira closes the distance with lefts and kicks right away. Oliveira with a solid left kick and a flying knee that landed! Lee looking to jab. Low kick from Do Bronx. Front kick. Lee with a 1-2. He digs to the body. He lands the jab but misses with the right as Oliveira divers under for a takedown. He’s looking for a leg lock. Oliveira all over him. They scramble. He lands a few punches and looks for another leg lock. Lee rolls and Oliveira takes his back. Lee floats over on top. Immediately Oliveira attacks a leg again. Lee lands a couple of punches. Lee ends up on top again, but their legs are all grapevined. Lee ends up in Oliveira’s full guard. Oliveira immediately hunts for subs. Oliveira successfully reverses position. Lee rolls him right back. Lee shuts down a triangle attempt. He gets to his feet and drops three solid shots. An elbow. 10-9 Oliveira.

Round 2 – Oliveira spins but it’s blocked. Lee with a right over the top. Oliveira with a spinning back kick to the chest. Lee with a right, Oliveira with an uppercut. Jump knee from Oliveira. Big right hook from Oliveira, and another uppercut. Lee trying to jab. Oliveira is lighting him up. Right hook woobles Lee. Low kick. Lee’s punches look slower already. Uppercut and a front kick from Oliveira. Knee to the body. They both connect with hard rights. Lee shoots and gets the takedown. Oliveira looks for an armbar. Transitions to omoplata, then triangle , then….nothing. They get up but Lee body locks him to the floor. Lee stalls things out for a while. He’s landing a few short shots. More time passes. A couple more punches. He’s just sitting in a high half guard so Oliveira can’t get anyting going. Finally he stands and lands a few shots as Oliveira looks for an upkick or a sub from the bottom. Upkick lands. 10-9 Oliveira.

Round 3 – Jumping front kick from Oliveira right out of the corner. Lee gets busy with his hads and throws a head kick. Lee scoops a single and falls right into an Oliveira guillotine. Lee taps! Then claims that he didn’t. But he did.

Charles Oliveira defeated Charles Oliveira via submission (guillotine choke), :28 of round 3

Demian Maia vs. Gilbert Burns

Round 1 – Lots of feinting to start. Low kick from Burns. Body kick. Single leg from Maia and they’re in an odd position on the ground. Burns looks for a heel hook. They’re back up, but Maia is still riding him against the fence. He drags Burns down and takes his back. He’s working methodically. Maia rolls over to mount, but Burns spins back to his feet. Burns with a left hook that floors Maia! He thinks it’s over but it isn’t, so he jumps on Maia and lands a ton of hammerfists. The ref stops it.

Gilbert Burns defeated Demian Maia via TKO (strikes), round 1

Renato Moicano vs. Damir Hadzovic

Round 1 – Moicano with a right and a takedown. He immediately spins to the back and secures a body triangle. Moicano sinks a choke and it’s over. Hadzovic is losing his cool after and jumps up to yell at Moicano about something. A crowd has to separate them.

Renato Moicano defeated Damir Hadzovic via submission (rear naked choke), :44 of round 1

Johnny Walker vs. Nikita Krylov

Round 1 – Front kick from Krylov. Jump knee from Walker. Krylov clinches. They throw punches inside. Krylov holds Walker against the fence. Elbow over the tup and more big elbows from Walker. Krylov gets him down to his butt. Short punches from Walker. Krylov trying to grapevine the legs. They’re both landing short punches with not much on them. Walker back to his feet. He lands a right and they’re back in the middle. Krylov flurries after Walker throws a side kick. Krylov takes him down again. He grinds to the horn. 10-9 Krylov.

Round 2 – Krylov with a body kick and a right cross. He takes him right back down. He gets Walker in a seated position against the cage and lands some short shots. He pushes Walker onto his back and lands a few elbows. Walker postures up a bit, looking a triangle. Nothing doing. Krylov is in half, in complete control. Walker finally uses the cage to get a reversal. He’s on top with 70 seconds to go. Krylov looks for a leg lock. They’re both throwing awkward punches. Back elbow from Krylov. Walker spins through and takes the back. Krylov rolls through for a kneebar. Big shots from WAlker. Knee to the body. Krylov rolls again. 10-9 Krylov.

Round 3 – Front kick from Krylov backs Walker to the fence. Krylov gets a takedown but Walker scrambles on top. Walker steps over into mount. Krylov gives up his back and takes top position. Walker gets back to full guard with three minutes to go. Elbows from the bottom from Walker. Krylov is staying active but not landing much of anything. Walker rolls for an armbar but Krylov easily defends. Krylov in half now and landing punches. Walker trying to work his way to the fence. Full guard. Walker almost scoots out, but Krylov holds on. Hard elbows from Krylov. More punches. Grinding. 10-9 and 30-27 Krylov.

Nikita Krylov defeated Johnny Walker via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Francisco Trinaldo vs. John Makdessi

Round 1 – Outside leg kick from Makdessi. Trinaldo with a left and a body kick. Trinaldo presses with punches and a head kick. Body kick again. Makdessi kiking the front leg. Side kick the body. Another. Trinaldo with another left. Body kick from Makdessi, but Trinaldo presses again. Another flurry from Massaranduba. Body kick again from Trinaldo. Flying knee from Trinaldo. Side kick from Makdessi. 10-9 Trinaldo.

Round 2 – Trinaldo with a combo and a body kick. Again. He’s bringing the pressure again. Makdessi is circling and trying to use kicks, but he’s getting overwhelmed. Right hook over the top from Makdessi. Trinaldo with a head kick, but it didn’t fully land. Outside leg kick from Makdessi. Two more lefts from Trinaldo. Makdessi with a leg kick. Makdessi slips on a crescent kick. No harm done though. Trinaldo with a body shot. Another. Makdessi with a counter left. He comes up short on a head kick. Trinaldo with a short uppercut. 10-9 Trinaldo.

Round 3 – Makdessi with an inside leg kick. Trinaldo with a combo. Another. He misses with a jump knee. Another knee misses. Body kick from Makdessi, but Trinaldo catches him with two counter lefts. Another straight right. Makdessi lands a leg kick as Trinaldo just walks away. Yet another left. Outside leg kick from Makdessi. Head kick is blocked. Trinaldo with another counter lef. Side kick to the chest from Makdessi. Makdessi trying to turn it up late. He spins a couple of times but misses. 10-9 and 30-27 Trinaldo.

Francisco Trinaldo defeated John Makdessi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Jussier Formiga vs. Brandon Moreno

Round 1 – Moreno pressing. He overcommits and gets caught by a shot while he was slipping. Formiga falls back with a guillotine. Moreno pops his head out. Moreno lands a nice left from the top. He tries to stand up and pass the legs. Formiga looks for an omoplata, then an armbar. Moreno pulls the arm out. Moreno lands a few punches while Formiga tries to secure his wrists. Formiga with an upkick. He jumps to his feet and immediately takes Moreno’s back. Wow. He works in half. They get stood up about 25 seconds later, which was way too early. Spinning back kick from Formiga. Moreno throws Formiga to the mat. He pops up and Moreno lands a couple of shots. 10-9 Formiga.

Round 2 – Jab from Moreno. They clinch up briefly. Moreno spins inside, gets a body lock, and picks Formiga up. But he can’t get a takedown, so he lands a coupe of punches. Formiga pokes Moreno in the eye. They get back to it after about 30 secnds. Formiga lands a left. They both miss with a few punches. Formiga shoots a single and gets Moreno to the mat. Formiga tries to take the back again but Moreno reverses position. Formiga gets up but eats a head kick and a bunch of punches as he tries to scoop a single. He spins to the back and drags Moreno to his knees. Back up. Still holding on. They’ve stalled out. The round ends like that. 10-9 Moreno.

Round 3 – Slow start. Then they throw big leather and Moreno lands hard twice. Low kicks from Formiga. Jab from Moreno. Formiga lands a left hook, Moreno responds with a right hook. Formiga misses with a spinning back kick. Formiga with a straight left. They clinch halfway through the final stanza, albeit briefy. Formiga drags Moreno down, and they engage in a beautiful scramble. Jab from Moreno. Spinning back fist from Formiga is blocked. Formiga with a single. Moreno lands a knee. Formiga drags him down and jumps into mount. He lands some body work down to the horn. 10-9 and 29-28 Formiga.

Brandon Moreno defeated Jussier Formiga via unanimous decison (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Amanda Ribas vs. Randa Markos

Round 1 – Markos with a combo. Counter left from Ribas. Leg kick from Markos. Ribas lands a right as Markos slips. She’s in Markos’ guard. Ribas works and moves to mount. Markos gets half back. And she’s up. Knees from both fighters. Jab from Markos. Ribas with a right. Spinning back kick to the body from Ribas. Another and Markos is a bit stunned. Ribas takes her down against the cage. Hard forearms and big shots from Ribas. Ribas tries to mount but can’t. 10-9 Ribas.

Round 2 – Front kick from Markos. They trade rights. Another combo lands for each of them. Ribas with a right. Low kick. Low kick from Markos. Again. Spinning back kick from Ribas. Inside leg kick from Markos. Ribas clinches against the cage. Ribas with some punches to the body, and exits with an elbow. Outside leg kick from Markos. They trade in the pocket. Ribas with a right. Low kick from Ribas. Ribas spins with a kick then immediately clinches. She’s looking for a takedown, but can’t get it. Extended battle against the fence. Markos with some body work of her own and a nice right. Ribas with a spinning back fist. Ribas with a right. Marks with a knee. 10-9 Ribas.

Round 3 – Inside leg kick from Ribas. Knees in the clinch from both ladies. Markos with a right on the break. Jabs from Markos. They trade rights. Markos shoots a single and gets a takedown. Ribas immediately looks for an armbar. Markos’ nose is leaking. Upkick from Ribas. Markos looks for a heel hook. Ribas defends and ends up on top. Elbows to the body. Ribas looking for an arm triangle. Ribas gets her legs out but Markos was on her side. Ribas goes back to half. 90 seconds to go. Elbows from Ribas. More punches. Markos is pinned down. Ribas goes to mount and is landing hard elbows. Back to half. Ribas punches to the horn. 10-9 and 30-27 Ribas.

Amanda Ribas defeated Randa Markos via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-25, 30-25)

Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos vs. Alexey Kunchenko

Round 1 – They trade kicks. Slow start. Inside leg kick from Zaleski. Kunchenko catches a kick and lands one of his own. More kicks. Zaleski misses with an uppercut. A right scores for Zaleski. The follow-ups miss. Another right from Zaleski. Inside leg kick. They trade high kicks. Inside leg kick from Zaleski. Body kick from Kunchenko. Zaleski catches the next one and takes Kunchenko down. He’s up quickly though. They battle in the clinch. The ref separates them with 20 seconds to go. Kunchenko with a right at the horn. 10-9 Zaleski.

Round 2 – Cup check immediately on Kunchenko. He takes a little while. Body kick from Zaleski on the restart. Kunchenko with a low kick. Zaleski with a left. Kunchenko ties him up, but Zaleski rolls through for a kneebar! Can’ get it though and they’re up quick. Kunchenko with a nice right. Another! Zaleski with a reaching left. Inside leg kick from Kunchenko. Short right counter from Kunchenko. Zaleski clinches against the fence. They separate and Kunchenko lands a leg kick. Zaleski with a big left. Zaleski lands a kick as Kunchenko tries to spin. Capoeira kick partially lands. Kunchenko with two shots down the middle. Inside leg kick from Zaleski. Kunchenko with a spinning back kick to the body. Low kick from Zaleski. Kunchenko spins and misses. 10-9 Kunchenko.

Round 3 – They touch gloves. They spin. Kunchenko lands a right to the side of the head. Two front kicks to the body from Zaleski. Hard outside low kick by Kunchenko, then he kicks the inside of the same leg. Leg kick from Zaleski. They trade low kicks. Combo from Zaleski. Right from Zaleski. Kunchenko kicks low. Body kick. Straight right from Kunchenko scores halfway through the round. They both land counters. Kunchenko really looking to counter. Kunchenko spins and misses, and they clinch. Few body punches and knees from Kunchenko. He misses with a spinning elbow. Inside leg kick from Kunchenko. Zaleski with a takedown off a caught kick. Zaleski backs out and lands two kicks to the body. 10-9 and 29-28 Kunchenko.

Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos defeated Alexey Kunchenko via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Rani Yahya vs. Enrique Barzola

Round 1 – Yahya jumps in with a punch but eats a counter. Inside leg kick from Yahya. Low kick from Barzola. They trade shots. Yahya pulls guard but can’t, then pops up right on a leg of Barzola, then immediately transitions to the back. Wow. Barzola squirms away. Barzola with a nice left inside. Leg kick from Yahya. Right hook from Yahya, and a front kick. He shoots a single and gets Barzola to his butt. He tries to take the back again. Barzola grabs his legs and lands some hammerfists. Yahya is looking to pull an arm out. North south. Yahya scrambles to his back. Barzola is holding onto a leg so he can’t sink hooks. They jockey for position some more. 10-9 Yahya.

Round 2 – Barzola pressing to start. He whiffs on a head kick. Low kick from Yahya. Yahya shoots under a missed punch and puts Barzola on his back. Yahya looking to pass guard immediately. Yahya lands a few punches and passes to half. Barzola gets full guard back, and looks to roll up to his feet. He’s up to one knee with Yahya on his back. Knees to the butt. Yahya pulls him back and almost sinks hook, but Barzola gets up. He immediately ragdolls Yahya to the mat with a minute to go. He lands a few punches. Yahya grabs a leg and they get up. Right from Yahya. He scores with two lefts. 10-9 Yahya.

Round 3 – Jump knee from Barzola. They trade and Yahya dives on a single leg. Elbows from Barzola. Yahya loos for a leg lock. Barzola lands elbows to the thigh. Barzola looks for a kimura but he has no leverage. They scramble. Barzola with some big hammerfists. Yahya will not let go of Barzola’s leg. Barzola rolls over and he’s in side. More scrambling, but Barzola is still on top. Yahya looks gassed. He’s trying to hold on but Barzola is spinning around and continuing to land shots. More hammerfists. Yahya traps a leg to try to stem the flow of offense. Barzola looks to isolate an arm again. Now he falls back for a suloev stretch! Yahya pops it out. 45 seconds left. Barzola with a big right as he dives back in. Front headlock. Yahya rolls through. Close to a 10-8 round, but I’ll go 10-9 Barzola and 29-28 Yahya.

Enrique Barzola and Rani Yahya go to majority draw (29-28, 28-28, 28-28)

Mayra Bueno Silva vs. Maryna Moroz

Round 1 – Bueno Silva with a low kick. Moroz looking to jab to the head and body. Combo from Moroz. Spinning back kick from Bueno Silva. Low kicks from Moroz. Bueno Silva looks for the Thai clinch and lands a knee. Bueno Silva goes body – head. Moroz jabs to the body. Moroz goes body – head with the jab. Moroz is very active early. Left and a leg kick. Bueno Silva with a leg kick. Hard combo from Bueno Silva. Low kick. Moroz with her own, and more body work. Bueno Silva with a looping right. Spinning elbow from Bueno Silva! Hard low kick from Moroz. They trade more shots. Moroz catches a kick and gets the takedown. She lands a few lefts. Bueno Silva trying to lock her down. Elbow from Moroz. More body work. 10-9 Moroz.

Round 2 – Bueno Silva with a lead right to start. Low kick. Moroz shoots in, but ends up in a headlock. Knee from Bueno Silva. She misses with the spinning elbow. Low kick from Moroz. Left from Moroz. Head kick from Bueno Silva. Left from Bueno Silva. Moroz shoots again. Body work from Moroz in the clinch but eats a knee. They separate. Jabs from both fighters. Left hook from Bueno Silva. Hard right hook counter. Another knee. Moroz with a takedown. She methodically works with punches and elbows. More elbows. 10-9 Moroz.

Round 3 – Front kick from Bueno Silva. Moroz with combos. She’s adding up damage with volume. Bueno Silva looks to clinch and lands some elbows. Two counter rights from Bueno Silva. Leg kick. Moroz is backing off a bit now. She shoots in but Bueno Silva stuffs it. Another big right from Bueno Silva, and Moroz is stunned She shoots in again but gets nowhere. Right from Moroz on the break. Two minutes to go. Inside leg kick from Bueno Silva. Low kick. Front kicks to the body from each fighter. Moroz spins. Right hook. They trade knees. Bueno Silva wades in a with a big combo! Moroz is busted open. Bueno Silva presses. A left from Moroz. Elbow from Bueno Silva. Body kick from Bueno Silva. 10-9 Bueno Silva, but 29-28 Moroz.

Maryna Moroz defeated Mayra Bueno Silva via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Bruno Silva vs. David Dvorak

Round 1 – Slow start. Jab from Silva. Dvorak catches a kick and lands two of his own. They trade big shots. Hard spinning back fist from Silva. Dvorak with a body kick. Inside leg kick from Silva. Silva has a takedown attempt stuffed. Dvorak with a left and a body kick. Dvorak misses with a wild left. Silva lands a left. Silva with a right out of a brief clinch. Silva with a front kick that drops Dvorak! He’s up but begging off. Silva scoots in and takes him down. Silva stands up and lands some big punches before the horn. 10-9 Silva.

Round 2 – Body kick from Dvorak. More measured pace here. Silva looks for a takedown but eats two knees from Dvorak. Low kick from Silva. Silvaa shoots, but again eats a knee for trying. Silva spins and misses. Silva misses with an uppercut but lands a right. From kick to the body from Silva. Silva catches a kick and drags Dvorak to the mat. Dvorak immediately sweeps though. He settles into half guard. Not much happening. One minute to go. Silva bucks him off and gets up. Slapping low kick from Dvorak. Silva with a right. Jump knee from Dvorak is partially deflected. 10-9 Dvorak.

Round 3 – Inside leg kick from Dvorak. Body kick. Silva shoots. He gets a body lock and jumps on the back. Dvorak was in a seated position but Silva rolls him back. He has one hook, now both. Dvorak spins into his guard and gets up. Two big knees from Dvorak, and they break. They trade jabs. Body kick from Silva. Another knee from Dvorak and a body kick. Left hook scores. Dvorak catches a kick and lands one of his own. They trade knees in a brief clinch. Big combo from Dvorak. Huge right hook from Silva. Knees and a body kick from Dvorak. Dvorak with another combo. Silva shoots but gets stuffed. Body kick from Silva, leg kick from Dvorak. Knee to the body from Dvorak. He looks for a late takedown, but nothing doing. They brawl in the clinch to the horn. 10-9 and 29-28 Dvorak.

David Dvorak defeated Bruno Silva via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Veronica Macedo vs. Bea Malecki

Round 1 – Macedo wades in with a combo. They both land. Front kick from Malecki. Macedo pressuring and lands a big right. Jab. Back kick as Malecki sits at range. Right scores for Malecki. Macedo presses again and lands three straight shots. They trade kicks. Side kick and a right from Macedo, but she eats a right. Macedo slips on a kick. Jabs from both ladies. Spinning back kick from Macedo. Front kick from Malecki. Right from Malecki, left from Macedo. Another front kick from Malecki, and a low kick. A body kick now from Malecki. A right connects for Macedo. Counter right as well. They trade rights. 10-9 Macedo.

Round 2 – Macedo comes out busy. Brief clinch. Body kick from Malecki. Macedo caught it, and ends up on her back. Malecki won’t mess with her and lets her up. Front kick from Malecki. They trade knees inside. Body kick again. Jab from Malecki, and a hard right. Knee from Malecki. Macedo shoots but gets stacked up. Malecki goes right into mount! It was high though, and Macedo squirmed away before she’s stood up. Macedo with a right. She’s slowing down. Malecki with a big right. Macedo shoots but is stuffed. She ends on her back, with Malecki landing a bunch of punches in side control. Malecki stands up, but drops down a big right. Macedo is just laying on her back. Finally she is stood up with a minute to go. Macedo lands two lefts. Uppercut as well. Nice knee from Malecki. Macedo is throwing wildly. A slow spinning back fist lands from Macedo. She shoots again, but Malecki just beats her up with punches. 10-9 Malecki.

Round 3 – Macedo grabs a leg and flops to her back again. Malecki tells her to get up. Same sequence, but Malecki lands a hammerfist before she lets hers up. Macedo comes back with a combo. She catches a front kick but can’t do anything with it. They’re both coming up short with their punches. Malecki with a knee, Macedo with a right. Macedo dives for a takedown again and just flops to her back. Malecki is in side, pinning and arm and landing shots. They’re not very hard though. She lets Macedo up again halfway through the round. Front kick again from Malecki. Spinning back fist from Macedo. She shoots again. Once again she’s just dummied by Malecki, who just walks away. Macedo lands a right hook once back on the feet. Another. Yet another. Front kick from Malecki. Body kick. Macedo spins again. They trade shots. Macedo walks forward with a combo. Huge knee from Malecki but she fell down. Macedo tries to jump on her but Malecki gets up immediately. Another big combo from Macedo. Knee from Malecki inside. Two more. 10-9 and 29-28 Malecki on my card.

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