UFC Brasilia prelim results & videos: Moreno gets past Formiga, Yahya and Barzola fight to draw

The UFC Brasilia card is underway and the decision-heavy prelims just wrapped up with the promotion’s #5 ranked flyweight, Brandon Moreno, taking a unanimous…

By: Eddie Mercado | 3 years ago
UFC Brasilia prelim results & videos: Moreno gets past Formiga, Yahya and Barzola fight to draw
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The UFC Brasilia card is underway and the decision-heavy prelims just wrapped up with the promotion’s #5 ranked flyweight, Brandon Moreno, taking a unanimous decision over the #3 ranked, Jussier Formiga. It was quite a technical bout throughout, full of exciting scrambles. The striking was the difference maker, with Moreno letting his hands go to aid in getting the nod. For the record, he has not lost in his last four outings. This is the biggest win of Moreno’s career, and he now finds himself knocking on the door of a 125-pound title shot.

Before that, Amanda Ribas had a strong showing against Randa Markos, picking up the unanimous decision. She got the better of the standup, but did her best work on the ground. Ribas threatened with a few submission attempts, but did the real damage with her ground strikes. Two of the judges even scored it 30-25 for Ribas. The dominant win makes it three-straight UFC victories for Ribas, who is steadily climbing the ranks at strawweight.

Earlier on the prelims, bantamweights Rani Yahya and Enrique Barzola fought to a draw. Yahya was able to get ahead in the first-two rounds, courtesy of him winning the bulk of the grappling exchanges, but the final frame was all Barzola. Tons of control and plenty of strikes were on the side of Barzola, which aided him in making this one a draw.

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Brandon Moreno def. Jussier Formiga by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Flyweight

Formiga jumped an early guillotine, but Moreno escaped and took top position. From his back, Formiga threatened with a triangle attempt, but again Moreno was able to fight off the sub attempt and remain in the guard. After throwing an up kick, Formiga exploded into a scramble and stole top position. Formiga was controlling but the referee decided to stand them up. Moreno was bale to land a couple of punches before the bell sounded.

Moreno came out looking to let his hands go in the second stanza. An accidental eye poke from Formiga caused a pause in the second round, but the fight resumed without needing the doctor to come in. Formiga manifested a takedown, and went right to the back, but Moreno exploded to land in the guard. Formiga worked back to his feet, but ate a head kick followed by some punches. Moreno found himself stuck against the cage with Formiga chipping away with knees to the thighs.

Moreno took the center of the Octagon in the final frame, looking to box and landing combos. Formiga was throwing back, but the better shots were on the side of Moreno. Formiga initiated a scramble, but Moreno matched his energy and was able to avoid the floor. The fight eventually hit the mat, with Formiga finding his way into full mount until time expired.

Amanda Ribas def. Randa Markos by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-25 x2): Strawweight

An early slip led to Markos ending up on her back. Ribas too advantage of the situation by taking top position. She transitioned from full guard, to half guard, and then to full mount. Markos used an underhook to scramble back to her feet. Ribas landed a set of spinning back kicks before blasting a takedown. She landed some savage elbows and a knee to the face as Markos stood up before the bell.

Ribas took the center of the Octagon to start the second round. She was clearly leading the dance as Markos was forced on her back foot. Ribas was landing clean combos, but Markos was throwing back. The distance was closed and Ribas fought to get the takedown. Markos remained vertical, but her back was to the cage and Ribas racked up a ton of knee strikes to the legs.

Markos hit an early takedown in the final round, but Ribas instantly attacked with an armbar. Markos escaped the hold but started to bleed all over Ribas. Markos rolled for a leg, but Ribas made the most of the moment by dropping some ground strikes. From half guard, Ribas went from working on an Americana to attacking an arm triangle. Markos gutted through the sub attempts, but then began to eat more strikes.

Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos def. Alexey Kunchenko decision (29-28 x3): Welterweight

A bit of feeling out went on early in this one, but when either man connected it was scary. After exchanging kicks, ZDS blasted a takedown, but Kunchenko quickly stood to his feet. Kunchenko was stuck with his back to the cage, with ZDS chipping away with knees to the body.

An accidental low blow from ZDS paused the second round before it even really got started. The fight resumed and ZDS rolled for a leg lock. Kunchenko was able to scramble out and up to his feet. ZDS ate a big right hand that seemed to register, and then ate a few more as he closed the distance. Kunchenko fought off the takedown, but found his back on the fence again. Back in open space, Kunchenko looked to land his hands while ZDS was mixing in his kicks.

Kunchenko pressed forward in the final round, feinting and trying to make ZDS throw so he could counter him. ZDS was sneaking in some punches and Kunchenko began to kick at the legs. Kunchenko shoved his foe against the cage, and landed some short shots to the body before separating. Off of a right hand connecting, ZDS blasted a takedown right before the round ended.

Rani Yahya vs. Enrique Barzola drew even (29-28, 28-28 x2): Bantamweight

Yahya was throwing hard punches right out of the gate, which caused Yahya to hit a reactive takedown. In a scramble, Yahya took the back, but Barzola was able to free himself and return to his feet. After landing some right hands, Yahya scored a takedown of his own. He slipped and lost top position, resulting in Barzola landing several elbows to the body and some hammerfists to the head. Yahya scrambled his way to the back and controlled until the bell.

Yahya found top position in the first minute of the second act. Barzola tried to work to his feet, but Yahya stayed glued to him. After eating up a lot of clock, Yahya finally lost control and Barzola took top position. Yahya escaped back to his feet and they exchanged in the pocket as the bell sounded.

Barzola landed some strong punches to open the final round. Yahya went for a poor takedown, and ate some punches on the ground because of it. Barzola was able to fight off the grappling of Yahya to land some quality elbows to the head. Yahya tried his best to move, but Barzola surfed on top of him, landing punches along the way. Barzola even went for a kneebar at one point, but Yahya was able to fight it off.

Maryna Moroz def. Mayra Bueno Silva by decision (29-28 x3): (W) Flyweight

Moroz came out looking to box while Bueno Silva was utilizing her kicks. The punches of Moroz were scoring to both the head and the body. Bueno Silva walked through the volume looking to knee, and even snuck in a sweet spinning elbow. Moroz found top position and landed some angry elbows to the midsection and punches to the face.

Moroz looked for an early takedown to start the second frame, but Bueno Silva fought it off by threatening with a guillotine. Whenever the fight entered into the clinch, it was Bueno Silva who was launching knees. Moroz ended up finding a takedown, and was able to control while racked up the elbows. Bueno Silva spent over two-full minutes on her back.

Moroz started the final round throwing a bunch of strikes, tagging her foe before Bueno Silva could throw. She was doing a great job of disrupting the rhythm of Bueno Silva. Despite the volume coming at her, Bueno Silva managed to connect on several flush right hands. Bueno Silva was able to stuff the takedown attempts to keep the fight standing, and began to bring the pressure. A big knee opened up a cut on the forehead of Moroz, but she was unable to find the finish before the bell.

David Dvorak def. Bruno Silva by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Flyweight

The flyweights came out measuring one another before they started trading punches. Both men were scoring with their respective strikes. Around the midpoint of the round, Silva started to look for the takedown, but Dvorak was able to quickly fend them off. Silva landed a hard up kick that rocked Dvorak, which led to Silva taking top position. Nothing manifested before the round ended.

Silva went hard for takedowns to kick off the second stanza, but Dvorak was having none of it. He would shrug off the attempts and land knees to the body in the process. When Silva did catch a kick and score a takedown, Dvorak immediately reversed it and took top position. Silva exploded back to his feet, where Dvorak was able to land some more knees to the body before the bell.

Silva realized an early takedown in the final round and quickly moved to the back. It didn’t take very long for Dvorak to spin around and stand back to his feet. Dvorak also landed a mean knee as he stood up that landed on the chin of Silva. The volume was on the side of Dvorak. He was firing off combos as the output of Silva dwindled.

Bea Malecki def. Veronica Macedo by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): (W) Bantamweight

Malecki pressed forward early, but it was Macedo who was letting her hands go. The taller fighter in Malecki kept bringing the pressure, but wasn’t letting off the same sort of volume as her opposition. Macedo threw all the strikes in the opening act.

In the second round, Malecki started to throw a lot more. She was attack the body with kicks, and scoring with straight punches. Malecki found top position a few times, but opted to stand back up in those scenarios. Then, a botched takedown from Macedo gave Malecki side control, and several elbows were dropped. Malecki again opted to stand back up. Macedo landed some clean strikes but none of them seemed to bother Malecki.

Macedo kept botching takedowns early in the second round, and Malecki still refused to go to the floor. Back on the feet, Macedo threw her punches, but was clearly gassing out. Another poor takedown attempt led to Malecki taking side control again. A couple of blows were landed before Malecki elected to stand up. Despite being labored, Macedo dug deep and and started winging her punches, along with a few spinning backfists. Malecki would eat them without issue and return some hard kicks and knees to the body.

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