UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2 PPV main card live results, discussion, play by play

Join us today (Saturday, August 17th) on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play as UFC 241 takes place at the…

By: Mookie Alexander | 4 years ago
UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2 PPV main card live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us today (Saturday, August 17th) on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play as UFC 241 takes place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

The main event pits reigning UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier in a rematch against Stipe Miocic, whom Cormier knocked out to win the title last year. In the co-main event, the ever-popular Nate Diaz takes on Anthony Pettis in a welterweight bout that may get bigger headlines than the actual title fight.

The show kicks off on UFC Fight Pass at approximately 6:30 PM ET with three fights. The card then moves to ESPN at 8 PM ET for four more bouts, then onto the main PPV card at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT. Remember that you can only order UFC PPVs now through ESPN+, so you have to sign up for that service beforehand if you haven’t already.

We will have separate PBP posts for Diaz vs. Pettis and Cormier vs. Miocic 2. This covers the rest of the main card.

UFC 241: Nate Diaz vs. Anthony Pettis live results, discussion, play by play

UFC 241: Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic 2 live results, discussion, play by play

The full lineup and schedule follows.

Yoel Romero vs. Paulo Costa – Middleweights

Round 1 – Costa with the early pressuring footwork. Left hook sorta stumbled Costa but that might have been a balance thing. Head kick by Romero and a takedown by Yoel but Costa is back to his feet quickly. Romero looking wild. Costa drops Romero, Yoel in trouble and then Romero drops Costa! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! Romero taking body shots from Costa against the fence. Left hand lands for Romero. Costa way off-target on a right hand. Front kick to the body by the Cuban. Spinning backfist by Romero narrowly misses. Left hook by Romero. Hard right hand by Costa! And a kick to the body. Costa throwing haymakers and Romero is trying to roll with them. Flying knee and a left by Romero back Costa up! Costa is smiling! This is madness! Down goes Romero and he got hit in the groin. Oh no. Fight is stopped as Romero needs time to recover from a knee to the balls. Romero takes a couple of minutes and now he’s ready to resume. Romero slips throwing a kick. Overhand left by Romero comes up short but he connects on a couple of kicks. Costa throwing big shots after stuffing a takedown. Romero on his way back up and out of danger, landing a right hand on his way up. Right hand by Costa but a counter by Romero. Left hook by Costa. Spinning kick nearly gets Yoel! Counter left by Romero and a right by Costa. Round ends! What a round! 10-9 Costa.

Round 2 – Left hook by Romero and a body kick. Big two-piece by Costa. Misses on an uppercut, though. Leg kick by Costa is hard and flush. Two body kicks by Costa. Lethal left hook by Costa downstairs. Hard left hook by Costa upstairs and another one. Costa trying to tee off buy Romero is sticking his tongue out! These two are not normal. Big right hand by Romero down the middle. Jab by Romero from southpaw. Straight left and a jab by Romero. He’s upping his kicking attack. Leaping left by Romero is off the mark. Sharp left by Romero. Two jabs by Yoel and a third one. Costa with a jab to the body. Inside leg kick by Romero. This is now the longest fight of Costa’s career. Nice right hand by Romero and then they might have clashed heads. Left hook to the body by Costa. Both men exchange and land brutal shots. Big right hand by Costa. Romero finding success with his jab. Lands a long uppercut. Late takedown by Romero . Very close round. 10-9 Romero, 19-19.

Round 3 – Costa again pressuring to start the final round. They each land jabs. Big left and an uppercut by Romero! Costa takes it. Stiff jab by Romero. Wicked body kick by Costa. Romero is being playful in there. Leg kick by Romero and a straight left. Eye poke halts things. Romero is admonished for that. The fight resumes with 3:30 to go. Costa tags Romero with a right-left combo. Romero continues to find success with that jab. Body punches by Costa. Romero with several jabs and a right hand. He goes to the body for a change. Big shots by Romero and Costa stick HIS tongue out because he’s also a mad man of violence. Body shots by Costa and Romero with the elbow. Backfist by Romero! Uppercut by Romero! Costa tells him to come forward. Romero tells him to come to him! THEY GO TO WAR! HOW ARE THEY STILL STANDING?! Elbow by Romero! Multiple uppercuts by Romero. Another backfist! Costa might be gassing! One minute left and Costa wipes blood from his face. Combination by Romero. Head kick by Costa and Romero eats it and charges forward! Fifteen seconds. Inside trip by Romero but Costa scrambles to his feet. Costa misses the spinning backfist. Romero lands an uppercut. And that’s the end of a freaking incredible fight. 10-9 Romero, 29-28 Romero.

Official result: Paulo Costa def. Yoel Romero by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Gabriel Benitez vs. Sodiq Yusuff – Featherweights

Round 1 – Early right hands landing for Yusuff. They are trading heavy leather early. Good inside leg kick by Benitez. Big right hand by Yusuff. Hard right to the body by Yusuff. Leg kick by Benitez again. Inside kick by Yusuff connects. Benitez’s head kick is off-target. Yusuff with the jab. Benitez is dealing with a cut near his eye. Big left hook clips Yusuff and drops him! Head kick is blocked as Benitez goes on the attack. Now a left hook catches Benitez. Yusuff appears to have recovered. Another left hand tags Yusuff flush. HARD RIGHT HAND FLOORS BENITEZ! AND HE DROPS DOWN SEVERAL MORE PUNCHES FOR THE KNOCKOUT! WOW!

Official result: Sodiq Yusuff def. Gabriel Benitez by TKO (punches) at 4:14 of round 1

Derek Brunson vs. Ian Heinisch – Middleweights

Round 1 – Leg kick by Heinissch and then Brunson eats a massive head kick and somehow survives! Brunson looking for a takedown but he can’t get it. Great start by Heinisch as he’s pressed against the fence. They separate and are back to the center of the cage. Straight left by Brunson is blocked. Quick right hand lands for Heinisch. Brunson lands a couple of lefts. Good shot lands for Brunson. Heinisch’s takedown is stuffed by Derek. He gets popped with another straight left. Heinisch blocks a head kick. Brunson shoots for a single but Ian continues to display great balance and he is punishing Derek with punches and elbows. Good countering by Brunson after Heinisch came forward. Slow, bad shot by Brunson and Heinisch defends for a moment and then Brunson spins for the back and lifts him briefly. 10-9 Heinisch.

Round 2 – Brunson with a body kick and leg kick. Heinisch with the knee tap attempt but Brunson defends and clocks Heinisch with a couple of power punches. Heinisch shooting in and Brunson sprawls. Back to the feet they go. Big left and another one crack Heinisch. Brunson coming on strongly but he eats a right hand. Sweeping body kick and a knee by Brunson. Heinisch’s output has waned a ton. Brunson charging forward and is tagging Heinisch repeatedly and Ian is feeling these. Brunson takes the back for a split second and lands some ground strikes. Under 90 seconds left and Brunson in control of this round. Head kick by Brunson causes him to fall and then he avoids Heinisch’s swing as he was on the ground. Southpaw jab connects for Brunson. Excellent takedown defense by Brunson and he turns that into offense, scoring with several left hands. 10-9 Brunson, 19-19.

Round 3 – Early head kick by Brunson partially gets through. Loud “COLBY SUCKS!” chants coming through in the middle of the fight, as Colby Covington is in the arena. Nice left hand by Heinisch. Brunson with a beautiful takedown but Heinisch scrambles to his feet. Brunson takes Heinisch to the fence. Heinisch forces his way out of the clinch. Stiff counter left by Brunson. Another left by Brunson. Body kick by Derek. Telegraphed shot by Heinisch is denied. Takedown by Brunson as he looks to take the back. Heinisch scrambles and Brunson misses on a wicked left hand. Heinisch with a sharp elbow but he gets clipped too. Two minutes to go and Brunson looks to be on his way to victory. Counter kick and right hook by Brunson. Good right by Heinisch and then he eats a jab. They both land solids shots on each other. Single leg by Brunson is thwarted as Derek looks tired. Body kick by Brunson lands but it is labored. Both men are gassed and pushing their strikes. Brunson is looking at the clock with seconds to go. Right hand by Heinisch. Right hand by Brunson. 10-9 Brunson, 29-28 Brunson.

Official result: Derek Brunson def. Ian Heinisch by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

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