Matt Hughes’ wife Audra shares more details of domestic abuse allegations

More details on the allegations against Matt Hughes.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 5 years ago
Matt Hughes’ wife Audra shares more details of domestic abuse allegations
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After being showered with sympathy and well-wishes in last year after recovering from a train collision, Matt Hughes is now dealing with some very serious domestic violence accusations aimed at him by his wife, Audra Hughes.

Few details were released during initial reports, that stated Matt Hughes allegedly pointed a gun at her, and that the primary reason for their quarrels was about suspicions of him texting other women. But in a court document obtained by MMAjunkie, Audra shared more specifics.

“I was in the shower and he opened the shower and choked me,” Audra wrote. “Then he asked for the code to his gun vault and I said, ‘You just choked me. Do you think I’m going to give you the code?’

“He opened the shower door again and started choking me and he smashed my head against the shower and said, ‘This is what choking is!’”

Audra claimed that another incident took place, this time in front of their children and her stepfather Alan.

“He hit me. (My stepfather Alan) said, ‘Don’t lay another finger on her,’” she recalled. “He looked at Alan and grabbed my hand and tried to pull me closer to him. Alan told him to get his phone and leave. Alan and I followed him outside to make sure he didn’t do anything to our vehicles.”

A restraining order against Matt Hughes has been filed in December 2018. A day later, the former long-time UFC champion released a statement, implying that these incidents were overblown and that everyone was “trying to paint him out to be a monster.”

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