Bellator 212 results: Chandler dominates Primus, Ayala taps Mir with strikes

The first installment of Bellator’s double header just concluded from Honolulu, Hawaii. Bellator 212 witnessed Michael Chandler earn a unanimous decision over Brent Primus…

By: Eddie Mercado | 5 years ago
Bellator 212 results: Chandler dominates Primus, Ayala taps Mir with strikes
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The first installment of Bellator’s double header just concluded from Honolulu, Hawaii. Bellator 212 witnessed Michael Chandler earn a unanimous decision over Brent Primus to win the lightweight title in their main event rematch.

Chandler was all over Primus, scoring early takedowns and refusing to allow his foe to return to his feet. Primus had a moment in the second act when he rocked Chandler and dove on an RNC, but he was pretty much dominated for the rest of the match. At 19-4, Chandler is now a three-time Bellator lightweight champion.

In the co-main event, Javy Ayala picked up the biggest win of his career after Frank Mir tapped due to strikes on the feet in the second round. The win snapped a two-fight losing skid for Ayala and moves the big man’s record to 11-7.

Before that, A.J. McKee strangled Daniel Crawford with an anaconda choke in the opening round. This is the ninth finish of McKee’s pro career as he remains undefeated and moves to 13-0.

Also on the main card, Juliana Velasquez and Alejandra Lara went the full fifteen minutes. Most of the fight took place on the feet, but not a ton of damage was dealt out by either competitor. When the dust settled, it was Velasquez who walked away with the split decision. Opening up the main card, Derek Campos and Sam Sicilia went to war, slinging heavy punches back and forth. It was Sicilia who did more damage, dropping Campos on a few occasions, which contributed to his split decision win.

Main card:

Michael Chandler def. Brent Primus by unanimous decision (50-45 x3): Lightweight Title

Chandler pressured forward to start the main event, backing up the champ to the cage. Primus began attacking the lead leg of Chandler as he did in their first matchup, until Chandler dropped him with a left hand. Primus gave up a takedown about halfway through the round, to which Chandler dealt out several blows. The referee warned Primus multiple times about sticking his toes in the cage. Primus did not make it back to his feet until the bell sounded.

Chandler pressured again to kick off the second act, but got rocked by a Primus left hand. Primus was quick to take the back and hunt for an RNC, but Chandler spun around in the guard to take top position with nearly three minutes remaining in the round. The ref again warned Primus about his toes in the cage. Chandler brought down all sorts of thunder to the champ as Primus was stuck on his back. Primus did not make it back to his feet until the bell sounded.

It took just under 90 seconds for Chandler to put the champ on his back in the third round. The referee warned Primus yet again about him sticking his toes into the fence. Primus seemed to be more focused on hunting for a sub rather than scrambling back to his feet, which allowed Chandler to rack up all sorts of time on top. Primus did not make it back to his feet until the bell sounded.

For the fourth round, it took around 30 seconds for Chandler to secure a takedown. Primus was again stuck on bottom, and even locked up the body triangle at one point, which is typically a defensive move. Chandler did just enough to not get stood up, but was unable to pass the guard. Primus did not make it back to his feet until the bell sounded. It took about 25 seconds for Chandler to find his takedown in the final frame. It was the same song and dance. Primus did make it back to his feet this time, for all of about two seconds before Chandler took him right back down.

Javy Ayala def. Frank Mir by submission (Strikes) at 4:30 of round 2: Heavyweight

Mir was able to close the distance and put Ayala on his back. From half guard, Mir softened up his foe with ground strikes which opened up side control. Mir looked to isolate the far side arm of his opponent, working for a kimura, but Ayala defended well. When Mir went for the full mount, Ayala used the moment to scramble back to his feet. Mir took the fight right back down to the mat where it stayed for the closing moments of the round.

Mir secured a takedown within the first 20 seconds of round two, but Ayala was able to scramble back to his feet right away. An elbow from Ayala opened up a cut around Mir’s eye, which was really the beginning of the end. Mir dove on a low single attempt, resulting in Ayala landing all sorts of ground strikes to the head and body. Ayala began to mug Mir up against the fence with elbows and body punches. All of the sudden, Mir tapped out from strikes with his back to the cage.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

A.J. McKee def. Daniel Crawford by submission (Anaconda) at 3:19 of round 1: Featherweight

McKee opened the bout with a series of kicks to the leg and body. Crawford found himself stuck with his back against the fence, which ultimately resulted in a McKee takedown. McKee quickly cinched up an anaconda choke, and Crawford was forced to tap.

Juliana Velasquez def. Alejandra Lara by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29): (W) Flyweight

Velasquez took the center of the cage as Lara skirted around on the outside for the bulk of the round. Both flyweights landed some quality punches here and there, but neither woman really took over the round. Velasquez did score a late takedown even if it was short lived.

Velasquez regained control of the center right away in the second frame. Velasquez achieved a body lock takedown, but opted to stand back up instead of engaging in a ground fight. Velasquez clipped her foe off of a caught kick, dropping Lara momentarily. Lara shot in for a takedown but ended up on bottom as a result. Back on the feet, Lara used her footwork to leap in with strikes before leaping back out.

The final frame saw more of the same. Velasquez pressing forward as Lara looked to leap inside. Lara rolled for a leg which led to Velasquez taking the top position where she landed some short strikes. Back on the feet, Lara went for broke but was unable to make anything happen before the bell sounded.

Sam Sicilia def. Derek Campos by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Featherweight

Sicilia scored an early knockdown after unleashing his heavy right hand right out of the gate. Sicilia kept up the pressure for about 90 seconds, before the pace started to slow down. Campos regained his composure and began to land his left hook to get himself back into the fight. Sicilia responded with a left hook of his own that briefly dropped his foe yet again, but Campos recovered and escaped the round.

Sicilia bob and weaved his way into openings to crack Campos to kick off the second act. Campos ate all sorts of punches to the head but somehow managed to stay on his feet. With about 90 seconds remaining in the round, Campos was able to secure a takedown, which he kept, and land a couple of ground strikes.

Campos too k the fight back to the ground within the first minute of the final round, but Sicilia scrambled back without taking any damage. The featherweights began trading in the pocket, with Sicilia seeming to get in the better of the punches. Campos looked to get another takedown, but Sicilia was able to fend off the attempts, until the final 10 seconds. Campos went H.A.M. with ground strikes but was unable to manifest a finish.


  • Toby Misech def. Edward Thommes by KO (Flying Knee) at 2:25 of round 3: Featherweight

  • Ty-wan Claxton def. Kaeo Meyer by TKO at 2:56 of round 1: 150 pounds

  • Robson Gracie Jr. def. Brysen Bolohao by submission (RNC) at 4:00 of round 2: Welterweight

  • Chris Avila def. Brandon Pieper by submission (RNC) at 3:44 of round 1: Lightweight


  • Paul Lopez vs. Nick Badis: Featherweight
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