MMA Squared ep 32: Nicco Montano joins the UFC Hall of Strippers

Big names from Conor McGregor & Jon Jones, to Tony Ferguson & Colby Covington, even Germain de Randamie! Quite a number of UFC champions have been stripped recently, so congrats on joining the club Nicco?

By: Chris Rini | 5 years ago
MMA Squared ep 32: Nicco Montano joins the UFC Hall of Strippers
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Welcome to another MMA Squared. Have you noticed that Dana White has been stripping fighters of belts the way Oprah Winfrey gives away cars? Nicco Montano is the latest fighter to join the club.

The most famous member is of course Conor McGregor, who has been stripped in two different weigh classes. That’s classy.

Green panty night, I guess.

One of the more peculiar members is Tony Ferguson, who lost his when he tripped on a camera cable. Then again, everything about Tony is peculiar so maybe this makes more sense.

The only pole dancer who uses kettle bells mid-air

And finally, the record setter: Jon Jones. He’s been stripped three times. One interim, two undisputed. It’s poetic that the GOAT & P4P greatest should outpace his peers in both triumph and disgrace. It rhymes.

Finally our closing segment: After Reebok

The UFC would be wise to develop a narrative based on the iconic moment when Tyron Woodley’s impassive demeanor was cracked by coach Din Thomas awarding his black belt after demolishing Darren Till. And they probably won’t do this.

AFTER REEBOK, Tyron Woodley should embrace being at odds with management via a Public Enemy themed logo. The champ, caught in the crosshairs of his corporate nemesis, looks stoically to the future. Reclaim the narrative while remaining a role model.

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Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you next week.

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