Bellator 204: Caldwell vs. Lahat live stream, play-by-play, results, and discussion

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 204 comes to Sioux City, South Dakota. The headliner for…

By: Tim Burke | 5 years ago
Bellator 204: Caldwell vs. Lahat live stream, play-by-play, results, and discussion
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 204 comes to Sioux City, South Dakota.

The headliner for the card will see Bellator bantamweight champion Darrion Caldwell step up to 145 pounds again to take on veteran Noad Lahat. The co-main will see Logan Storley taking on A.J. Matthews.

The prelims can be watched right here on Bloody Elbow. The main card can be viewed on Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV) at 9pm ET/6pm ET.

Join us and let us know what you think of tonight’s fights.

Darrion Caldwell vs. Noad Lahat

Round 1 – Caldwell with a head kick. He gets a takedown. He’s controlling and landing a few punches here and there, enough to maintain position. Caldwell is taking his time and being methodical, but I’ll be honest here – not much is happening. This is the entire round. He finally stands up at the 10-second clacker, but nothing of note comes from that. 10-9 Caldwell.

Round 2 – Guess what happened right away in round two? Yeah, a takedown. Caldwell lands a shot that has Lahat checking to see if he’s cut. He’s not. He was being methodical, but Lahat started to feel them and gave up his back. Caldwell turns it up and lands some hard shots, and the ref jumps in. Caldwell wins.

Darrion Caldwell defeated Noad Lahat via TKO (strikes), 2:46 of round 2

Logan Storley vs. A.J. Matthews

Round 1 – Storley gets a brief takedown after about 30 seconds. He lands a couple of knees. Matthews is one one knee and trying to fend off Storley’s advances. Storley tries to get him to his back but no dice. After a full minute, he finally flattens Matthews out on his back and works from half. Tons of punches from Storley. Matthews has his arm trapped and he’s just eating shots. He gets his arm free but turtles to his back. Storley continues but Matthews is doing enough to defend and stay in the fight. Full guard now and another 30 punches of so. Storley is relentless. He bounces out to side against the cage. The ref inexplicably pulls Storley off. I guess he landed a knee to the head instead of the shoulder with Matthews flat on his back. Matthews is stunned and still in a sitting position, but it’s not from the knee, it’s from the 20000-odd punches landed before that. After a three-minute break, they get back to it with a minute to go in the round. Storley with another takedown and he’s immediately looking for a choke. Nothing there though. More punches. 10-8 Storley.

Round 2 – Matthews with a couple of kicks before he’s taken down. Storley is in side, landing legal knees this time. He ends up in half, just dominating but not doing a ton of damage. Now back to side and he’s really landing now again. Matthews is double tough. Huge elbows. It’s about to be stopped. And it is. Storley looked awesome.

Logan Storley defeated A.J. Matthews via TKO (strikes), 3:56 of round 2

Ricky Bandejas vs. James Gallagher

Round 1 – Gallagher presses and lands a gaggle of leg kicks right away. Bandejas finally catches one and dumps him on his butt briefly, which slowed him down a bit. He gpes back to kicking but eats a counter right. Bandejas sets up a nice combination. He catches another kick and dumps Gallagher to the mat, but doesn’t follow up. Bandejas with a low kick. Bandejas drops Gallagher with a right hook! He’s back up but Bandejas lands a HBK-style superkick. One more punch sends Gallagher back down and a shower of punches ends the fight. Bandejas gets in his face after the fight is stopped. Good finish.

Ricky Bandejas defeated James Gallagher via TKO (strikes), round 1

Tywan Claxton vs. Cris Lencioni

Round 1 – Claxton gets a quick takedown. He’s attacking an arm against the cage. He settles into side control, then north-south, then stands up. He lands a nice left. Lencioni with a left. Body kick from Claxton. They clinch for an extended period. Claxton gets another takedown. Not for long though. 10-9 Claxton.

Round 2 – Claxton gets an immediate takedown. Not a lot happens there for a while, and Claxton backs out. He avoids upkicks and jumps back in with a punch, then moves to mount. He gives up his back, but then regains full guard. He jumps in and out, landing punches. Lencioni is breathing hard. Claxton is all over him. 10-8 Claxton.

Round 3 – Nice combo from Claxton, and a head kick. Jabs. Lencioni spins but gets taken down. Claxton proceeds to back in and out of guard, landing punches inside and then jumping out to drop shots. Claxton secures a mounted crucifix, briefly. Lencioni gets his arm free but all he’s doing for the last 20 seconds is defending. They talk smack after the horn. 10-9 and 30-26 Claxton.

Prelims (7pm ET)

Omar Morales vs. Troy Nawrocki

Damarques Jackson vs. Bryce Logan

Jason Jackson vs. Jordon Larson

Corey Davis vs. David Michaud

Romero Cotton vs. Willie Whitehead

Seth Bass vs. Tyler Ray

Micah Peatrowsky vs. Keith Phathaem

Lloyd McKinney vs. Robiel Tesfaldet

Wyatt Meyer vs. Jeff Nielsen

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