Quintet Fight Night results: Team Carpe Diem wins 5-on-5 grappling tourney

Back in April, Quintet 1 kicked off a new grappling promotion that featured some of the biggest names in not only the competitive grappling…

By: Raphael Garcia | 5 years ago
Quintet Fight Night results: Team Carpe Diem wins 5-on-5 grappling tourney
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Back in April, Quintet 1 kicked off a new grappling promotion that featured some of the biggest names in not only the competitive grappling space such as Dan Strauss and Craig Jones, but it also brought out MMA legends like Josh Barnett and Kazushi Sakuraba. On June 9 Quintet featured a Fight Night event that four teams of lightweight competitors. At the end of the evening it would be Team Carpe Diem that secured the victory over Team Haleo in the final round.

Team Carpe Diem was made up of Daisuke Sugie, David Garmo, Yoshihiko Matsumoto, Masahiro Iwasaki and Tomoshige Sera. These names may not sound familiar to mixed martial arts fans, but they are frequent competitors on the IBJJF circuit. Each man has fought well and earned medals in events such as the Chicago Open, Asian Championships, European Championships and the Pan Ams. With so much experience at the sports highest level, it’s understandable how this group walked out of the event with their hands raised.

Team Haleo had big name talent on its side as well. Michihiro Omigawa and Roberto Satoshi Souza are two names that deserve recognition for their accolades in grappling as well as MMA.

The finals were a game of technique and strategy as Carpe Diem and Haleo worked to gain the victory. Sugie was first out for Carpe and he secured an arm lock victory over Omigawa in just over four minutes. Kazuyuki Miyata took revenge for his teammate when he defeated Sugie, eliminating him from the event via kimura in less than two minutes. That brought out Garmo for Carpe Diem and he found a way to submit Miyata via knee bar in nearly six minutes.

Brazilian prospect, Souza, stepped out on the mat and secured two finishes for his team, the only man to eliminate more than one competitor in the finals. The 28-year old athlete used the rear naked choke to get both of the submissions; the first came over Garmo and then Matsumoto.

That brought out Iwasaki with one goal in mind – eliminate Souza via a time limit draw, which would take Team Haleo’s top competitor off of the mat. Souza had Iwasaki on the defense but he was able to reach his goal and successfully survive until the full time limit. Even though Souza was eliminated that mean that Team Haleo had the advantage with two remaining fighters to Carpe Diem’s one.

Sera was the final competitor and he found a way to submit Kazuki Tokudome via arm bar. He and Masanori Kanehara were the last two men the battle it out for their team and neither would get the victory; eliminating both teams from the match. However, it would be Carpe Diem that took home the crown as Haleo had been charged with two warnings during the match for stalling. That was enough to give team Carpe Diem the victory.

With an intriguing twist on competitive grappling, the need for unique strategy and a rule set that demands action, Quintet is worth the watch for any grappling fan. During the event Barnett announced that Quintet 2 is set for October in Las Vegas and he, along with others from the first event, will be back on the mats. Quintet is available for viewing on UFC Fight Pass.

Full Results – Quintet Fight Night

Match 1: Team Carpe Diem vs. Team Tokoguro Plus Alpha

Daisuke Sugie and Seiichiro Ito – Draw

David Garmo and Masakazu Imanari – Draw

Yoshihiko Matsumoto and Hideo Tokoro – Draw

Tomoshige Sera and Naoyuki Kotani – Draw

Masahiro Iwasaki and Takumi Yano – Draw

Team Carpe Diem advances via referee’s decision.

Match 2: Team U-Zukido vs. Team Haleo

Kazuki Tokudome defeated Hikaru Sato via choke

Kazuki Tokudome defeated Manabu Inque via injury DQ

Kazuki Tokudome and Masayuki Hamagishi – Draw

Masanori Kanehara defeated Victor Henry via foot lock

Daisuke Nakamura defeated Masanori Kanehara via are bar

Roberto Souza defeated Daisuke Nakamura via rear naked choke

Team Haleo advances with three remaining grapplers.

Final Match: Team Carpe Diem vs. Team Haleo

Daisuke Sugie defeated Michihiro Omigawa via arm bar

Kazuyuki Miyata defeated Daisuke Sugie via kimura

David Garmo defeated Kazuyuki Miyata via knee bar

Roberto Souza defeated David Garmo via rear naked choke

Roberto Souza defeated Yoshihiko Matsumoto via rear naked choke

Masahiro Iwasaki and Roberto Souza ends in a draw

Tomoshige Sera defeated Kazuki Tokudome via arm bar

Tomoshige Sera and Masanori Kanehara ends in a draw.

Team Carpe Diem wins via penalty points.

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