Karate Combat: Inception results, highlights, full video replay – Ndour beats Virag by decision

Karate Combat held their inaugural event called Inception, outdoors by the water in Miami tonight, under the sanctioning of the Florida State Boxing Commission.…

By: Eddie Mercado | 5 years ago
Karate Combat: Inception results, highlights, full video replay – Ndour beats Virag by decision
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Karate Combat held their inaugural event called Inception, outdoors by the water in Miami tonight, under the sanctioning of the Florida State Boxing Commission. The top of the billing saw Elhadji Ndour and Andras Virag go the distance, compete with heavy hooks and spinning heel kicks alike. The main event was rather entertaining and quite competitive, but it was Ndour who walked away with the unanimous decision.

The co-main event did not last very long, as Dionicio Gustavo capitalized on a hyper-aggressive Alexandre Bouderbane to achieve the knockout in a swift 42 seconds of the opening round. Karate Combat: Inception witnessed another quick knockout, this time of the one-punch persuasion, courtesy of Abdalla Ibrahim who dispatched Joshua Quayhagen in less than one minute into the opening round.

Also on the main card, Spyridon Margaritopoulos displayed an array of attacks, and showed Mohamed Salem Mohamed that putting one leg up on the embankment against him was not the best of ideas. Margaritopoulos dropped his opponent multiple times before achieving the TKO in just over one minute into the second round.

A back and forth battle of wills broke out on the prelims between Adham Sabri and Lahad Cisse, with Sabri ultimately earning the unanimous nod. Opening up the event, Jerome Brown let his hands go to stop Pedro Roig by TKO at 2:44 of round 1, dropping his opponent multiple times before the referee stepped in.

Watch the full event replay here:

Elhadji Ndour def. Andras Virag by unanimous decision (30-27)

Virag opened with a leg kick and Ndour returned fire with his hands. A big leg kick from Ndour caused Virag to hit the deck, but he quickly stood back up. Another low kick landed for Ndour and Virag barely remained vertical. Virag pressed forward but ate a flurry of punches for his aggression. Another heavy leg kick landed for Ndour and Virag blasted a successful takedown.

The athletes touched gloves to open the second round, and a spinning heel kick almost landed for Ndour. A bit of measuring was going on to which the referee insisted on more action. Virag attempted a takedown but ended up on the floor himself instead. Ndour opted to not strike his downed opponent for some reason, and let him up. The mouthpiece of Virag fell out in midst the action, so Ndour pushed the pace and landed a barrage of punches before the end of the round.

A spinning heel kick landed for Virag to open up the final round, followed by a takedown. Virag landed a low kick but ate a head kick right afterwards. Virag fell to his back and Ndour opted to strike his grounded opponent. The referee halted the action in order for a doctor to check the cut of Virag. The doctor gave the okay and the action resumed. A big hook landed for Ndour, causing Virag to fall on the embankment where he landed an upkick before getting pounded on a bit.

Dionicio Gustavo def. Alexandre Bouderbane by KO at :42 of round 1

Bouderbane opened up with a quick two-piece followed by a head kick. The aggression of Bouderbane started working against him though, as Gustavo was cracking with counter crosses, staggering Bouderbane. Again, Gustavo clipped his opponent with a beautiful counter, causing Bouderbane to collapse to the canvas. The referee did his job quite well as he was in the proper position to call off the bout before Bouderbane took on any unnecessary damage.

Abdalla Ibrahim def. Joshua Quayhagen by KO at :56 of round 1

This bout was all action from jump street, with each competitor aggressively punching at the other. Just as they traded from the pocket, it was Ibrahim who landed a fight ending blow that sent Quayhagen crashing to the canvas unconscious. The referee was right on top of the action to prevent Quayhagen from any further punishment. Eek!

Spyridon Margaritopoulos def. Mohamed Salem Mohamed by TKO at 1:01 of round 2

Margaritopoulos dropped his opponent right out of the chute, but Mohamed was quick to stand back up. A set of stiff crosses landed for Mohamed, and Margaritopoulos responded with a hard body kick. Mohamed placed one leg on the embankment, but gets taken down as a result. Margaritopoulos again drops Mohamed and blasts a few punches before the five second ground allowance is up. Again, Mohamed placed a leg up on the embankment, but ate a head kick for his troubles as the round expired.

The second round saw a lot of jockeying for position with each athlete attempting to takedown the other. The kicks of Margaritopoulos were finding a home as Mohamed continued to fight off his back foot. Margaritopoulos dropped his opponent once again, and after a couple of ground punches, the referee rescued Mohamed.

Adham Sabri def. Lahad Cisse by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Both men met in the center and locked up right away. The bout hit the ground briefly, and then again, before each man stood right in front of each other, measuring the other. Cisse landed a solid cross that sent Sabri back into the embankment. Sabri scored a takedown and let off with a set of ground punches, but ate an up-kick in the process.

The second round opened with a body kick for Sabri, but Cisse responded with a heavy cross. Cisse achieved a trip takedown, but was unable to inflict any damage before they were stood back up. Sabri just missed with a spinning hook kick that pleased the crowd before the round expired.

A stiff jab from Cisse opens up the third frame, causing Sabri to clinch up. Sabri went for a trip takedown, but Cisse held on to his pants to remain standing, which is a foul. Cisse attempted a labored takedown and gives up top position, to which Sabri connected with some clean hammerfists to closeout the bout.

Jerome Brown def. Pedro Roig by TKO 2:44 of round 1

Brown came out aggressive, connecting with several straight strikes that dropped his opponent. As Roig fell, Brown continued to strike away as he was down on the embankment. The referee allowed Roig to stand, but Brown lands another flurry that dropped him yet again. Once back on the feet, Brown scored a trip takedown with a few ground strikes, and the referee stepped in to stop the bout.

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