Fight to Win Pro 71 Results: DJ Jackson remains undefeated in main event

Fight to Win Pro strives to bring out some of the best grapplers across the industry to showcase their craft. Fight to Win Pro…

By: Raphael Garcia | 5 years ago
Fight to Win Pro 71 Results: DJ Jackson remains undefeated in main event
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Fight to Win Pro strives to bring out some of the best grapplers across the industry to showcase their craft. Fight to Win Pro 71 wasn’t any different as it featured more than 32 professional grappling contests between names that many will recognize, along with some standouts on the East Coast. In the main event, DJ Jackson defeated Nick Calvanese via split decision.

Jackson and Calvanese are two names that do not need much of an introduction. Jackson is a multiple-time champion, having won major events such as the No-Gi Worlds, Grappling Pro and Copa Podio Grand Prix. While Calvanese may not have the same resume, he’s fared well in many events within the United States such as the 2017 NY Spring Open where he walked out with a gold medal.

In the featured contest, Jackson and Calvanese pushed each other on the feet; both looking to find an elusive takedown. It would be Calvanese who found early success. He hit two takedowns on Jackson, which is a rare feat in its own right, and nearly took his back both times. Jackson found a way out and would work his way back to his feet. Much of the match remained there until Jackson would hit a big takedown in the closing seconds. That opportunity allowed Jackson to lock up a kimura attempt which was the most dangerous position either athlete would be in at that point in the match. That sequence of action was enough for Jackson to earn the split decision victory.

Jackson has continued to perform well in the F2W organization where he is undefeated and the organization’s middleweight, no-gi champion.

The athletes who participated in the event were paid $33,348 in salaries in commissions. Fight to Win Pro is available for replay showing through the platform.

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Fight to Win Pro 71 Full Results

DJ Jackson defeats Nick Calvanese via Split Decision

James Booth defeats Tim Carpenter via Split Decision

William Wolk defeats Aaron Morris via foot lock

Michael John defeats Haim Gozali via Japanese Neck Tie

Pete Shoemaker defeats Van Flores via RNC

Daniel Tavares defeats Mike Padilla via Decision

Dylan Royce defeats David Porter via Decision

Radji Bryson-Barrett defeats Oleg Alf via Decision

Thiago Brito defeats Alex Ecklin via Choke

Kyle Braun defeats Steve Austin via Straight Arm bar

Abi Pacinelli defeats Jenny Lofaro via Split Decision

John Battle defeats Tyson Antillon via Split Decision

Daniel Maira defeats Andew Kochel via Decision

Dennis Pressey Jr. defeats John Naples Modified via Ezekiel Choke

Thiago Thomaz defeats Adrian Jimenez via decision

Jack Tankersley defeats Francis Kubach via armbar

Merlin Ramos defeats Robbie De La Rionda via Heel Hook

Shawn Carn defeats Ryan Thomas via Decision

Dez McDonald defeats Paul Popplewell via Toe Hold

Pete DiFabio defeats Max Zubriski via Decision

Felipe Rocha defeats Steven Wilson via Calf Slicer

Zach Green Defeats Gabriel Tejada via Kimura

Keith Patterson defeats Stephen Eisner via Toe Hold

Stanley Joseph Zgrzepski IV defeats Jason Santiago via Decision

Jess Bermudez defeats Yara Helmy via Estima Lock

Will Schlucter defeats Deonte Simpkins via BaseBall Bat Choke

Tony Gagnon defeats Julio Sepulveda via Calf Slicer

Jess Bermudez defeats Michelle Hunt via Heel Hook

Billy Conway defeats Matt Hill via Decision

Natalie Boss defeats Amy Gillen via Armbar

Cory Nazworth defeats Gerson Raines via Decision

Craig McDonald defeats James Stiner via Decision

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