UFC on FOX 29: Poirier vs. Gaethje live results, discussion, play by play

Join us today (Saturday, April 14th) on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play for UFC on FOX 29, which goes…

By: Dayne Fox | 6 years ago
UFC on FOX 29: Poirier vs. Gaethje live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us today (Saturday, April 14th) on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play for UFC on FOX 29, which goes down at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

In the headlining act, Arizona’s own Justin Gaethje faces off against Dustin Poirier in a five-round lightweight scrap that figures to be a thriller. The co-main event sees former WEC and interim UFC welterweight champion Carlos Condit take on Brazil’s Alex Oliveira, who is replacing the injured Matt Brown.

Middleweight striking sensation Israel Adesanya makes his second appearance inside the Octagon, as he fights Italy’s Marvin Vettori. Opening up the main card are top-10 ranked strawweights Michelle Waterson and Cortney Casey.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with six Fight Pass prelims at 3:30 PM ET/12:30 PM PT. The show will move to FOX for the remaining four preliminary card fights at 6 PM ET/3 PM PT. Then it’s main card time on FOX at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT.

The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each match up.

Main Card (8 PM ET)

Justin Gaethje vs. Dustin Poirier

Round 1 – Gaethje comes out aggressive, mixing punches and kicks. Poirier turns away briefly with a hard counter, but only briefly. Poirier focusing on his boxing while Gaethje mixing in a lot of low kicks. Gaethje pressuring. Gaethje landing some to the body now. So is Poirier. Poirier sticking a jab out there. Gaethje pressuring some more. Poirier throwing combos as Gaethje brings up the forearm guard. Poirier swinging for the fences. Poirier back to the jab. Now back to combos. Gaethje’s only consistent response has been low kicks for a while now. Gaethje been bleeding for a while. Gaethje starting to respond with combos. Heavy shots from Poirier land clean. Gaethje still there despite the onslaught. Short combination lands for Gaethje to close the round. Great round. Poirier 10-9.

Round 2 – Gaethje comes out pressuring again, throwing combos to the head and body. Poirier trying to be elusive. He backs up Gaethje with a combo, punctuated with a kick to Gaethje’s head. They go back and forth until Gaethje accidently scores with an eye poke. Poirier looking to score with his jab when they resume. They stand in the pocket and swing away. Gaethje swinging for the fences now. Both land heavy shots. Poirier looking to go to the body. Gaethje still working the legs. Gaethje covers up from a Poirier combo. Poirier misses on a takedown attempt. Poirier lands about six jabs in a row before finishing with a power shot. They’re trading combinations. Poirier mixing in a few low kicks of his own now. Poirier looking for a single leg. They end up against the fence when it doesn’t take and exchange heavy blows, Gaethje landing an elbow. They break towards the center and Gaethje scores on a cartwheel kick to end the round. Instant classic! Poirier 10-9.

Round 3 – They trade low kicks. Gaethje pressuring now, still attacking the legs. Poirier avoiding most of Gaethje’s punches. Poirier trying to touch up Gaethje. Poirier nails a takedown, but Gaethje is back up immediately. Body shot from Poirier. They trade low kicks. Gaethje nails Poirier with a HARD right hook. Poirier stumbles to the fence. Gaethje lands an elbow. Poirier pushes him away and circles, but their back in the clinch again very quickly. A few short knees and elbows from Gaethje and they’re back in the center. They trade low kicks again. Poirier throwing wild punches that aren’t landing. Gaethje walks into the pocket and Poirier begins landing again. They briefly clinch and Poirier chases with a jab. Another eye poke from Gaethje to cause a break in the action. Dean takes a point away from Gaethje for the eye poke. Gaethje incites the crowd to make some noise while a doctor comes to look at Poirier. And the action finally resumes. Gaethje takes an eye poke from Poirier to close the round. 9-9 with the point deduction.

Round 4 – Gaethje looks to attack the legs again. Poirier lands a brutal left hand on the counter that stumbles Gaethje! Poirier continues to swing away. Gaethje continues to do the stanky leg with Poirier punching him all the while. Gaethje finally falls to the ground. He doesn’t stay down for long, but the referee had seen enough. Poirier wins in an epic battle!

Dustin Poirier defeated Justin Gaethje via TKO (punches), 0:33 of Round 4

Carlos Condit vs. Alex Oliveira

Round 1 – Oliveira switching standes out of the gate. He throws a hard body kick. Condit throws a flying knee that misses and Oliveira counters with a hard right… that misses. A few small exchanges before the clinch up and Oliveira secures a takedown. Oliveira uses shoulder pressure from half guard to score some body shots. Back to their feet and Condit secures a takedown of his own as Oliveira tries to secure a guillotine. Condit pulls out his head and begins landing elbows and punches. Condit lets up just enough to let Oliveira begin scrambling and Condit takes Oliveira’s back. He’s looking for the RNC. He finally gets it with the body lock in tight. Oliveira fights it off with his hands and lives to see the end of the bell. 10-9 Condit.

Round 2 – Condit pressing forward with punches and a knee… which Oliveira catches and turns into a takedown. Condit closes guard, but Oliveira postures up anyway and lands some good punches. Condit lands an upkick as Oliveira stands over him. Condit scrambles back to his feet, but Oliveira gets him down again. Oliveira landing elbows as Condit tries scrambling to his feet, but leaves himself open for Condit to drive him into the ground. Condit bleeding badly from Oliveira’s elbows. Landind some punches and elbows of his own. Another scramble after Oliveira catches Condit with an upkick of his own and Oliveira catches Condit in a guillotine. It is in DEEP. Oliveira drags Condit to the ground and it isn’t long before Condit has no choice but to tap. Huge win for Oliveira.

Alex Oliveira defeated Carlos Condit via submission (guillotine), 3:17 of Round 2

Israel Adesanya vs. Marvin Vettori

Round 1 – Vettori flashing his hands, but throws a low kick. Vettori moving forward with punches. High kick from Vettori. Adesanya finally lands something — a front kick — but Vettori smothers him looking for a body lock takedown. Adesanya stuffs it and breaks away. Adesany opening up with low kicks and punches to the head. Vettori answers with a body kick and some punches. Jabs and low kicks from Adesanya. Vettori responds with his own punches and low kicks. Vettori putting together combos. Adesanya pokes Vettori in the eye off a counter and there is a pause in the action. They resume and trade body kicks. Adesanya goes to the legs. Begins flashing his jab. Shin to shin on the kicks. Adesanya counters a body kick with a spinning back kick. A flurry of strikes from both to end the round. Tough round to call. 10-9 Vettori.

Round 2 – Vettori may have been poked in the eye again, but brushes this one off. Vettori looking for a double leg, but Adesanya defends it. Lightning quick one-two from Adesanya. Hard left from Vettori. Adesanya lands some hard punches as he tetreats from an advancing Vettori. Now Adesanya is moving forward. Adesanya dodges a head kick from Vettori. Now he dodges some punches. Adesanya starting to feel it. Brutal elbow to Vettori. Vettori trying to thwart Adesanya’s attack with his own punches, but Adesanya is in firm control landing his punches with accuracy. Low kick fro Adesanya. Stylish head kick from Adesanya. Hard right counter from Adesanya. Vettori backs off when the clappers signal ten seconds left, preventing Adesanya from closing with any offense. Much easier round to score this time. 10-9 Adesanya.

Round 3 – Adesanya comes out aggressive. Hard left hand from Adesanya. Vettori goes for a desperate takedown… and barely gets it. Vettori has half guard, pressing his weight onto the chest of Adesanya. Adesanya struggling to scramble away. Vettori finally begins throwing punches to the body, which allows Adesanya to use the cage to get back up. Lateral drop from Vettori to go back to the ground, but Adesanya gets right back up. They’re clinching against the cage and Vettori trips Adesanya down. Vettori does nothing with the takedown and Adesanya scrambles up. Herb Dean breaks up the clinch against the cage. Vettori pressing the action, throwing a lot of punches. Adesanya scores a knee to the gut. A few punches to the head of Vettori. They trade a few more punches before the horn signals the end to the fight. I have no problem with either fighter taking the decision, but I have it 10-9 for the round and 29-28 for the fight in favor of Vettori.

Israel Adesanya defeated Marvin Vettori via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Cortney Casey vs. Michelle Waterson

Round 1 – Waterson opens with low kicks. Waterson goes high, but mostly block. She’s mixing up the kicks now. Nice jab from Waterson as she continues to circle Casey. Casey finally catches Waterson in the clinch and lands a nice knee, but Waterson escapes. Casey lands a combo that hurt Waterson and clinches with her against the fence. Casey lands a heavy right hand that spins Waterson. Again, Casey clinches against the fence and goes for knees. Elbow from Waterson as they separate. Waterson trying to keep Casey at bay with the threat of a front kick. Casey stalks her prey and gets a trip takedown. Waterson gets up and returns the favor into Casey’s guard. Hard right hand from Waterson. Elbows from Waterson before Casey attempts the armbar. Waterson defends and Casey goes for an unsuccessful triangle. More right hands from Waterson to finish the round strong. Very close round, but I favor Casey 10-9.

Round 2 – Waterson with low kicks before Casey chases her down with some heavy leather. Casey manhandles Waterson against the fence. Waterson lands a pair of nice elbows anyway, then breaks to the center. Left hook from Waterson. Casey chasing down Waterson. A pair of hard rights from Casey before Waterson snatches a leg for a takedown. Casey closes her guard briefly as Waterson looks to score some offense. Casey scoots to the fence and attacks with a triangle/armbar. Waterson breaks free and lands a few punches before Casey goes for another armbar. The action stalls as Waterson works her way out, attempting to get side control. Another armbar attempt from Casey and it initially looked tight. Waterson does roll out and they get back to their feet. Waterson hits an oblique kick. Waterson catches Casey in the face, stumbling the larger Casey and she falls to her posterior. Another close round. 10-9 Waterson.

Round 3 – Waterson picking her spots for quick combinations. Casey back to stalking her prey, swinging heavy leather. Casey backs Waterson into the cage and they clinch up. Knee and elbow from Waterson. They break away, but it isn’t long before they’re back in the clinch. Waterson scores a trip takedown and Casey falls into yet another armbar attempt. Again, Waterson defends as Casey transitions to a leglock. No go on that as Waterson climbs on top of Casey. Their back on their feet. What a fight! Casey throwing punches as Waterson looks to kick. Casey stuffs a Waterson takedown. Waterson is exhausted. Casey takes Waterson’s back and begins landing punches to the side of the head. She goes for the RNC before transitioning to — you guessed it — an armbar! Waterson doesn’t escape this one, but is saved by the bell. Fantastic contest. 10-9 and 29-28 Casey.

Michelle Waterson defeated Cortney Casey via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Preliminary Card (3:30 PM ET)

Tim Boetsch vs. Antonio Carlos Junior

Round 1 – Boetsch opens with a low kick. ACJ begins pressing the action, throwing a hard low kick of his own. Lots of feinting and faking. ACJ attempts a head kick, but misses. Hard counter right from ACJ. Boetsch lands a big right hand of his own. ACJ begins pressing and looks for a takedown, but Boetsch stuffs it. They remains against the fence until ACJ secures a double leg. Boetsch nearly gives up his back, but ends up exposing his head and ACJ lands some brutal punches to open up Boetsch’s back. ACJ gets it and it isn’t long before he has the body lock and the RNC sunk in. It’s academic. Boetsch taps in a hurry.

Antonio Carlos Junior defeated Tim Boetsch via submission (rear-naked choke), 4:28 of Round 1

Muslim Salikhov vs. Ricky Rainey

Round 1 – They trade low kicks to open the fight. Rainey looking more aggressive, mixing the levels of his kicks. A break in the action after an eye poke to Salikhov. Salikhov scores on a spinning back kick when the action resumes. Salikhov attempts a takedown, but Rainey stuffs it. Salikhov counters with a punch. Rainey looking hesitant. Rainey scores a knee as they clinch up. Rainey scores on a hard left hook. Spinning kick misses from Salikhov. Body kick from Salikov. Catches a kick from Rainey to throw him down, but doesn’t follow up. Salikhov pressing with punches. Rainey instigates a clinch and lands a few knees, the last significant offense of the round. Close first round. 10-9 Rainey.

Round 2 – Salikhov again pushes Rainey to the ground off a caught kick, but again does nothing with it. Salikhov throwing some low kicks. Rainey again looks for the clinch, landing nothing significant as the work against the cage. Back to the middle and Salikhov looking for one big punch or kick. Low kick from Salikhov. Knee to the head of Salikhov from Rainey. Another kick from Salikhov. Brutal right hand from Salikhov when Rainey throws a lazy jab. Rainey drops and Salikhov follows with some brutal right hands to put Rainey out cold. Damn.

Muslim Salikhov defeated Ricky Rainey via KO (punches), 4:12 of Round 2

John Moraga vs. Wilson Reis

Round 1 – Moraga takes the center and scores with a low kick to score first blood. Short combination followed by another low kick from Moraga. Reis pressing the action now, moraga looking to counter. Short combo from Moraga. Reis lands his first clean shot, a low kick. A punch and a low kick from Moraga. Head kick from the American. Moraga gets a standing guillotine from the front head lock, Reis dumps Moraga to break the submission. Reis starts advancing his position before Moraga stands. Reis looking for the takedown, thwarted by elbows to the head from Moraga. Moraga landing punches when they go back to the center of the cage. Reis lands a hard left just as Moraga counters with a knee. Scramble and their on the ground with Moraga on Reis’ back. Scramble to the feet only for Reis to secure a takedown as the round ends. Great action in the opening round. 10-9 Moraga.

Round 2 – Moraga looking for punches to the body to open the round. Moraga’s counters are spot on. Reis secures a takedown, transitioning from a double to a single-leg. Moraga wall walks back to his feet and they’re back in the center. Moraga stuffs a Reis takedown attempts. A brief exchange in the middle of the cage before Moraga stuffs another takedown against the cage. Moraga working the body again. Jumping knee from Moraga and Reis isn’t right. Punches from Moraga and Reis lands a desperation takedown in the middle of the cage after Moraga goes for the guillotine. Short punches from the Brazilian as he looks to recover. Reis transitions to the back with the hooks in. Reis starts looking for an RNC before Moraga turns into his guard and begins landing punches and elbows to close the round. Again, 10-9 Moraga.

Round 3 – Reis looks to take the fight to the ground right away and succeeds about 30 seconds into the round. Moraga escapes Reis’ attempt to take the back. Knees from Moraga in the clinch before Reis reverses control. Moraga breaks free. Moraga lands kicks and punches in the middle of the cage, working all levels of the body. Reis drives for another takedown and gets one, albeit in a bad position. Moraga is back to his feet and Reis immediately scores another takedown. Reis landing short punches before taking Moraga’s back when Moraga gives it up. Reis secures the body lock and begins landing punches to the side of Moraga’s head. Reis almost gets his arm under Moraga’s chin, but can’t secure it. The round ends with them both landing short punches, Reis still on Moraga’s back. 10-9 Reis for the round, but 29-28 to Moraga for the fight.

John Moraga defeated Wilson Reis via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Krzysztof Jotko vs. Brad Tavares

Round 1 – Lots of feinting from both before Tavares throws the first strike. Some punches and low kicks from Tavares. Jotko starting to get more offensive about 90 seconds in. Tavares again the offensive one, landing a hard right hand about midway through the round. Jotko ducks a Tavares punch and knees Tavares in the gut before they clinch against the fence. Jotko escapes. Nice combo from Jotko. A kick from Tavares. Failed takedown attempt from Jotko, but he does manage to press Tavares against the cage. Jotko hits the ground… I think he tried pulling guard. He’s back to his feet and the round ends. 10-9 Tavares.

Round 2 – Jotko pressuring, but not throwing anything. Jotko catches a kick from Tavares and scores an uppercut on the break. Hard body kick from Tavares, followed by a flying knee, but Jotko appears to be just fine despite the crowds reaction. They exchange control against the cage with short punches. They finally move back to the middle of the cage. Step in knee followed by a right hook from Tavares. Back to the fence, Tavares in control as the round ends. 10-9 Tavares again.

Round 3 – Jotko opens with a head kick, but it’s mostly blocked. Nice right hand over Jotko’s shoulder from Tavares. Body kick from Tavares. More pressure from the Hawaiian. Kicks to the body and legs from Tavares. Jotko not committing to his punches. MASSIVE right hand from Tavares drops Jotko to the ground! Jotko covers up as Tavares follows up with punches before the ref steps in. Tavares first stoppage victory since UFC 125 in 2011 against Phil Baroni.

Brad Tavares defeated Krzysztof Jotko via TKO (punches), 2:16 of Round 3

Gilbert Burns vs. Dan Moret

Round 1 – Body kick from Burns first strike to land. Burns lands a hard right, followed by a kick-punch combo. Moret slips off a Burns left hand, but back to his feet. Burns swinging for the fences. Moret presses briefly with punches and kicks, but Burns goes back to throwing heat. A nice flurry from Moret, but Burns covers up to avoid most of the damage. Another hard right from Burns. Body kick from Burns, followed by a kick-punch combo. Moret stumbles Burns with a counter, begins flurrying before Burns clinches up and takes Moret down. Moret climbs back to his feet using the fence only for Burns to trip him up again. Burns ends the round with a flurry of ground strikes. 10-9 Burns.

Round 2 – Burns goes right back to the body kicks. Burns scores with a hard right hook off the counter to hurt Moret. Burns pursues a retreating Moret and scores a brutal uppercut. Moret is against the fence and another uppercut sprawls Moret out on the ground. Burns knows it’s over and walks away before the ref waves off the action. Vicious.

Gilbert Burns defeated Dan Moret via KO (punches), 0:59 of Round 2

Shana Dobson vs. Lauren Mueller

Round 1 – They waste little time exchanging kicks and punches in the center. Dobson keeping her jab in Mueller’s face. Mueller lands a nice right hand. Dobson looks to swarm in response, but it isn’t long before Mueller is back to pressuring, pushing Dobson against the fence. They trade knees before breaking. Dobson clips Mueller, but she appears unaffected. Mueller swarms again with punches. Another flurry from Mueller. Dobson tries to respond only for Mueller to counter. They’re trading combinations. Mueller lands a hard shot on Dobson’s nose. Mueller stuffs a Dobson takedown attempt. Nice counter right from Mueller before the round closes. Fun round. 10-9 Mueller.

Round 2 – Dobson aggressive with the jab out of the break. Hard right followed by a body kick from Dobosn. Mueller begins pumping her own jab. Mueller clinches up, pushes the fight against the fence. They break with a Mueller body shot. Mueller presses the action briefly before Dobson goes back to the jab. Both landing hard shots. Dobson circling, mixing kicks with the jab. Mueller struggling to find her range. Funky Spinning side kick from Dobson spins Mueller away, but she’s alright. Mueller hurts Dobson with a hard shot, begins pressuring behind her punches. Mueller closes well, but I like Dobson’s early work just a bit more. 10-9 Dobson.

Round 3 – More jabs from Dobson. Mueller finds a hard right and Dobson is hurt. Mueller continues the punches and Dobson lands a desperation takedown. Dobson going for Mueller’s back. Mueller back to her feet, but Dobson hangs on and pushes her against the fence. Mueller reverses position, landing the occasional elbow and knee. Body kick from Dobson after they break. Mueller pressuring, catching a kick from Dobson and dumping her on her back. Mueller follows to the ground and holds Dobson in a cradle from the side. Mueller into half guard. Dobson scrambles back up, throwing desperation hooks. Dobson hurts Mueller with a body shot. Dobson recognizes it and starts advancing and attacking the body. Mueller catches a kick and dumps Dobson, but Dobson right back up with knees to the gut. Mueller clinches up and presses Dobson against the fence to end the fight. Great action from these ladies in a very close contest. 10-9 and 29-28 Mueller.

Lauren Mueller defeated Shana Dobson via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Dhiego Lima vs. Yushin Okami

Round 1 – Lima strikes first with outside low kick. Okami scores a quick takedown off a Lima kick. Lima back to his feet quickly, but Okami has his back. Okami looking to wrest him down, but Lima resisting. Okami finally gets him down. Lima positions himself close to the cage to prevent a full body lock. Regardless, Okami still in great position with a hook in. Okami transitions to the top looking for punches and Lima secures the guard and keeps Okami from posturing up. Okami out of the guard, but still struggling to posture for effective punches. He finally lands a few before scrambling up to look for Lima’s back as the round ends. Easy round to score. 10-9 Okami.

Round 2 – Lima pressuring now, throwing out his jab to the head and body. Okami looking for another shoot takedown, but Lima prepared this time. Okami right back to another takedown attempt, pushing Lima against the fence. Okami looking for Lima’s leg, but still can’t get him down. Okami relentless and wears Lima down by getting his back and dragging him down. Okami continues to advance position until he has Lima flat on his back. A few elbows from Okami before Lima sweeps and is back to his feet… but Okami still has his arms wrapped around Lima’s body against the fence. Lima taken down again. Round ends with Okami kneeing Lima’s posterior. 10-9 Okami.

Round 3 – Lima comes out swinging. Okami misses on a single leg, but scores on a trip. Okami sitting up against the fence holding onto Lima’s back. Okami still hanging on as Lima scrambles to his feet. They stay in that position for a while before — surprise — Okami drags him down again. Crowd is booing. Okami landing some elbows from half-guard. Punches and elbows from Okami. Okami ends the round in the mount with some punches. 10-9 and 30-27 Okami.

Yushin Okami defeated Dhiego Lima via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Arjan Bhullar vs. Adam Wieczorek

Round 1 – Wieczorek throwing out punches and kicks immediately as Bhullar pressures. Bhullar gets inside Wieczorek’s range and lands some punches — including a hard overhand left — to the head before getting the takedown. Bhullar trying to land punches in the guard of Wieczorek, but the Pole’s long limbs making it difficult. Bhullar trying to posture up as Wieczorek looking to wall walk, neither finding much success. Wieczorek searching for a triangle. Bhullar staying busy, but not accomplishing much. The ref has seen enough — with some urging from the crowd — and the stand up with 40 seconds left. Wieczorek lands some punches and kicks to end the round. 10-9 Bhullar

Round 2 – Bhullar looking to land punches over Wieczorek’s jab. Connects with a good punch about 30 seconds in, pushing Wieczorek against the fence. They battle for position — a brief pause to put Wieczorek’s mouthpiece back in — before Bhullar gets another takedown. Wieczorek looking for a kimura before Bhullar escapes. Bhullar into the guard. Wieczorek works his back against the fence, Bhullar continues to advance… and Wieczorek secures an omoplata! Holy crap! Bhullar’s shoulder at a bad angle and he’s tapping! Upset for Wieczorek!

Adam Wieczorek defeated Arjan Bhullar via submission (omoplata), 1:59 of Round 2

Matthew Lopez vs. Alejandro Perez

Round 1 – Lopez pressures immediately, Perez countering with low kicks immediately. Scramble ensues, but Lopez can’t get a hold of Perez’s back. Lopez ducks under Perez’s punches for a double-leg and immediately gets Perez’s back. He has body lock in tight and looking for the RNC. Perez escapes as Lopez can’t get under the chin. Perez looking for a guillotine as Lopez immediately goes back to the takedown. Neither can get what they’re looking for and they break. Lopez lands a body kick and a nice punching combo, rocking Perez. Another scramble and Lopez has Perez’s back again. Back to the body lock, but still can’t get under the chin. Both are throwing punches at the other’s head with little impact. Perez twisting around to get a better angle on his punches and the round ends. 10-9 Lopez.

Round 2 – Perez coming out more active with kicks and punches. Lopez has thrown almost nothing over a minute in before throwing a combo hoping to get a takedown. Doesn’t work. Straight rights from Perez. Lopez looking to punch the body now, but Perez still finding a home more. Lopez looking to land with power. Lopez gets in on Perez’s hips, but can’t finish the takedown. Perez clinches up and lands a flurry of punches and knees. Lopez is HURT! He can barely stand. Perez continues his onslaught of punches. Lopez continues to stumble before the referee saves him. Big, big win for Perez.

Alejandro Perez defeated Matthew Lopez via TKO (strikes), 3:42 of Round 2

Luke Sanders vs. Patrick Williams

Round 1 – Both reluctant to engage. Williams’ missed side kick first strike attempt of the contest. He follows with a few leg kicks. Sanders lands a heavy left overhand that drops Williams, but Williams is back up to his feet quickly. He appears to be just fine. Sanders looking for that left hand. Williams tries to get Sanders to the ground unsuccessfully. Williams flurries on an off-balance Sanders before going for Sanders’ back in the standing position. Some work against the fence. Sanders landing punches on Williams against the fence. Williams’ desperation shot stuffed and Sanders continues to grind away. Williams looking tired as Sanders stalks him with punches and kicks. 10-9 Sanders.

Round 2 – Sanders picking up where he left off with the pressure. Williams trying to counter with a straight left. Hard head kick from Sanders, but Williams is still there. Sanders looks for the body, Williams counters to the head. More straight lefts from Williams as Sanders walks him down. Williams continually attempts to clinch up to limit Sanders’ offense. Williams catches a kick and counters with a hard kick. Williams rocks Sanders with a hard right hand. Sanders is cut and moving backwards. Williams gets a takedown to end the round. Close, but Williams steals the round at the end. 10-9 Williams.

Round 3 – Williams throwing leg kicks as Sanders tries to work his way into the pocket. Sanders finally lands a punch 80 seconds into the round. More low kicks from Williams. Short combo from Williams ended with a kick. Williams mixing in some punches with his kicks now. Sanders giving away the round with inactivity before landing a punch that hurts Williams with 1:40 left. Williams visibly rattled as Sanders back to pressuring and firing off punches. Williams looks exhausted. Williams blocks a head kick from Sanders, but it was hard enough he felt it. Williams ends the round with a series of punches. Another very close round, but I give it to Sanders as he hurt Williams. 10-9 and 29-28 Sanders.

Luke Sanders defeated Patrick Williams via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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