ADCC 2017 day two recap: Divisional champions crowned in Finland

Day two of ADCC action lived up to the hype created by day one. Now that the event is over and the athletes of…

By: Raphael Garcia | 6 years ago
ADCC 2017 day two recap: Divisional champions crowned in Finland
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Day two of ADCC action lived up to the hype created by day one. Now that the event is over and the athletes of the day have etched themselves in history as the newest crop of ADCC champions. Within that group there is a bit of history coming from American competitor, Gordon Ryan.

With his victories over “Xande” Ribeiro and Keenan Cornelius, Ryan became the first American to win the 88 kilograms division. He started his day defeating Ribeiro via referee decision to make it to the finals against a former opponent in Cornelius. Cornelius earned his spot in creating the All-American final by defeating the darling of day one, Craig Jones on points.

The finals saw Ryan submit Cornelius via a guillotine from the mounted position. Cornelius shot for a takedown but Ryan countered, forcing his way to the top position to get the tap.

“I’m super excited. Apparently I’m the first non-Brazilian to win the 88 kilograms group so I’m pumped about that,” Ryan said in an interview with FloGrappling on Instagram. “22-years old, first ADCC ever, I came in here and did the best that I can do and that’s with a medal strapped around my neck. It’s a bad day for the haters.”

Felipe Pena and Yuri Simoes met in the finals of the 99 kilograms division and it was Simoes who earned the victory and claimed his second-straight ADCC gold medal.

Pena defeated Rafael Lovato, Jr to make it to the finals while Simoes defeated Jackson Sousa on points. In the final, Pena and Simoes attacked each other time and time again. Yuri would find his way around to Pena’s back while standing and Pena would end up on his back from that position. They would trade foot attacks before scrambling back to their feet. Simoes would land a suplex but Pena immediately scrambled back up. When the bell would sound Simoes was up on points and would take the crown as the new 99 kilogram champion.

JT Torres is another first time champion as he defeated Lucas Lepri in the finals.

Lepri was the first to attack with a single leg, but Torres fought the position off. They would exchange multiple takedown attempts and five minutes into the match neither had scored. Each competitor showed their ability to scramble out of bad positions as the fight remained scoreless; setting up the overtime period. Torres would get to the back and score with a body triangle. Lepri ended up in guard and tried to move to pass but was unable to do so before time ended.

Ruben Charles earned his third ADCC title; this time defeated AJ Agazarm in the finals of the 66 kilogram division.

Charles attacked Agazarm with multiple takedowns, putting the American on the mat time and time again. Ten minutes into the match no points were scored but Agazarm was in a very bad spot. Charles had taken his back and had the triangle locked in place. Agazarm would avoid the submissions and find his way back to his feet. Charles would land another two takedowns, scoring on the second. Charles would continue to score, finding his way to Agazarm’s back again before the final bell would sound.

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida earned his second ADCC title as he defeated 2015 champion Orlando Sanchez in the finals of the heavyweight division.

Almeida would be the first to attack, forcing Sanchez to the ground and eventually moving to his back. No points were scored but “Buchecha” was in the dominant position. Both men would exchange more takedown attempts on the feet, but neither was able to score. Almeida locked in a front headlock in which Sanchez dropped to his knees, allowing Almeida to go behind and lock his feet together, securing points. That did not leave enough time for Sanchez to respond as “Buchecha” earned the gold medal.

Beatrix Mesquita and Gabi Garcia also added their names to the list of champions with their victories in the 60 and 60-plus kilograms divisions respectively.

Garcia needed only a minute to score a takedown on Talita Nogueira. Nogueira tried to attack from deep half guard, but the position opened up an arm bar opportunity that Garcia took to get the tap. Mesquita had a submission of her own, but it took much longer, as she submitted Bianca Basilio in the final minute.

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