UFC Fight Night: Saint Preux vs. Okami live streaming results, discussion, play by play

Join us, fellow combat sports enthusiasts, as Bloody Elbow provides live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play for tonight’s UFC Fight Night: Saint Preux…

By: Eddie Mercado | 6 years ago
UFC Fight Night: Saint Preux vs. Okami live streaming results, discussion, play by play
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Join us, fellow combat sports enthusiasts, as Bloody Elbow provides live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play for tonight’s UFC Fight Night: Saint Preux vs. Okami, as the event kicks off live from the storied Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The UFC Japan prelims will air live on FXX at 8:00 P.M. ET, and will spill over into the main card at 10:00 P.M. ET. There are only 10 fights in tonight’s lineup, so there will not be any Exclusive Fight Pass Prelims.

The headliner for the evening will see Ovince Saint Preux take on makeshift opponent Yushin Okami, after Mauricio Rua was forced to withdraw from competition due to injury. Strawweight relevance will be had in the UFC Fight Night 117 co-main event as the #1 ranked Claudia Gadelha will wage war with the #4 ranked Jessica Andrade. Thanks for spending your Friday with us, and be sure to let us know what you think about the fights down in the comment section. Enjoy!

***Charles Rosa vs. Mizuto Hirota was cancelled following weight cutting complications with Hirota.

Main Card:

Ovince Saint Preux vs. Yushin Okami: Light heavyweight

Rd.1- Okami shoots in right away, but OSP sprawls and works for a Guillotine. Okami looks to sweep, but OSP locks up the Guill a little bit tighter. OSP bails on the sub attempt and settles into half guard. Okami wraps ahold of a Guillotine from the bottom, and OSP snags his third Von Flue Choke, putting Okami to sleep!

Ovince Saint Preux def. Yushin Okami by technical submission (Von Flue) at 1:50 of round 1

Jessica Andrade vs. Claudia Gadelha: Strawweight

Rd.1- They touch gloves and Gadelha lands a cross, followed by a hook. Andrade landed a thudding hook, and Gadelha responds with a hard cross. Gadelha is letting her hands fly, landing a 3 piece combo, and then scoring with an elbow on the inside. Andrade lands a hook as they clinch up, but Gadelha responds with a few heavy shots of her own. A cut has opened up on the forehead of Andrade. Gadelha goes for a Guillotine, but Andrade body slams her opponent. Gadelha hangs on to the Guillotine, but Andrade escapes into the top of half guard. Andrade lets loose with some ground strikes, as Gadelha lands a few hammerfists from the bottom. 10-9 Gadelha

Rd.2- Gadelha presses forward and they exchange hooks. Gadelha blasts a double leg takedown, but Andrade is back up. Gadelha again with a takedown, but again, Andrade is back up. A leaky cut has opened up around the left eye of Gadelha. Andrade sprawls on her opponent and takes the top position, complete with ground and pound. Andrade lands a brutal knee to the body followed by a right cross. A leaping left hook lands for Andrade, and Gadelha cracks back with a right hand. Andrade is pressuring forward behind huge bombs, landing often. Gadelha appears to be fading as Andrade pours it on. Gadelha lands a stinging right hand, bit Andrade continues to march forward behind her flurries. Andrade goes for a takedown but ends up in a tight Guillotine as time expires. 10-8 Andrade

Rd.3- The strawweights meet in the middle and exchange a flurry. Gadelha shoots a double leg but Andrade defends easily, and presses her opponent up against the fence. Andrade picks up Gadelha and slams her down like a rag doll. Andrade pounds away from the top with short punches and hammerfists. Gadelha gains full guard, but that doesn’t stop Andrade from continuing her ground assault. Andrade passes the guard and into side control, keeping up with the volume. Gadelha turns and gives up her back, but makes it back to her feet. Andrade scores another body slam for good measure just as the round ends. Dominant showing for Andrade! 10-8 Andrade

Jessica Andrade vs. Claudia Gadelha by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-27)

Takanori Gomi vs. Dong Hyun Kim: Lightweight

Rd.1- Both fighters are showing ample respect for one another, feeling out the range. Kim lands a set of jabs and then drops Gomi with a laser straight right hand. Kim follows Gomi to the ground and unleashes several unanswered strikes, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Dong Hyun Kim def. Takanori Gomi by TKO at 1:30 of round 1

Gokhan Saki vs. Luis Henrique: Light Heavyweight

Rd.1- Frankenstein moves forward and eats a right hand followed by a head kick. Frankenstein blocks head kick, but is sat down by a crisp cross. Saki allows Frankenstein to return to his feet, and avoids the takedown attempt of his foe. Saki leaps in with a right hook, and then a left shovel punch. A cross lands to the body, followed by a leg kick. Saki is landing at will, but Frankenstein lands a solid right hand. Saki lands a series of hooks as Frankenstein backs up to the cage. Frankenstein is bloodied in the face from the onslaught of Saki. Frankenstein shoots in but Saki is the one that scores the takedown. Frankenstein stands up and lands 3 solid knees in the clinch. Frankenstein misses with a spinning backfist, and presses forward with knees. Frankenstein is turning it up as he has his opponent up against the cage, and just as Saki appears to be in danger, he uncorks a bolo of a left hand that drops Frankenstein like a sack of potatoes! Yikes!

Gokhan Saki def. Luis Henrique by KO at 4:45 of round 1

Teruto Ishihara vs. Rolando Dy: Featherweight

Rd.1- Ishihara opens with a jab and they exchange kicks, going shin to shin. Ishihara cracks with a mean southpaw cross that drops Dy, and follows his foe to the ground. Ishihara peppers away with some G & P, and then works for a Guillotine. Dy returns to his feet, but Ishihara scores another takedown. Some heavy elbows score for Ishihara as he works from the top of full guard. Ishihara continues to unload punches as he looks to improve his position. Dy attempts to stand up to his feet, but Ishihara is having none of it, continuing with his top control. Ishihara cracks with another elbow, and it’s quite amazing that Dy isn’t bleeding yet. 10-8 Ishihara

Rd.2- Ishihara backs Dy up to the cage, but is met with an inadvertent knee to the pills. Action resumes and Ishihara goes back to the cross, and eats a clean head kick in the process. Dy lands a clean 1-2 sending Ishihara staggering back. Ishihara scores an inside leg kick but Dy answers with a hook cross combo. Ishihara is looking to slip the cross to land a cross. Ishihara lands clean to the midsection of Dy. The featherweights exchange left hooks in the center of the cage. Ishihara lands again with his counter cross and Dy lands the left hook. Dy lands to the body as Ishihara goes back to the well with the left, and again. Dy lands a left hook and then a kick to the body. Close round. 10-9 Dy

Rd.3- Dy lands a knee to the jaw that drops Ishihara momentarily. Ishihara cracks with another cross but eats another shot to the pills, and hits the deck in pain. The match resumes and Dy scores a left hook followed by a head kick. Ishihara lands an inside leg kick and then goes upstairs with the next one. Dy returns the favor and lands a head kick of his own. Both fighters step in to throw a combo, and Ishihara is kicked squarely in the junk for the third time this fight. Ouch! The referee deducts 1 point from Dy. Ishihara bull rushes into a takedown as soon as action resumes, to land in the top of half guard. Dy returns to his feet and Ishihara tries his best to get the fight back to the mat. Ishihara lands a hard inside leg kick, and Dy lands a cross. Dy cracks with a right hand and then goes up high with the head kick. I give the round to Dy, but after the point deduction, 9-9

Teruto Ishihara def. Rolando Dy by unanimous decision (28-27, 28-27, 29-27)

Jussier Formiga vs. Ulka Sasaki: Flyweight

Rd.1- Formiga scores first with an overhand right. Ulka lands a body kick but Formiga responds with another right hand. Ulka lands a brutal kick to the body, and then the flyweights exchange leg kicks. Ulka steps in with a knee to the body, and Formiga lands a right hand to the body. Ulka lands a blocked leg kick and Formiga shifts gears and achieves a takedown. Formiga is looking to pass the half guard, and moves to mount, and then to the back. Formiga dives on a RNC and extends his hips. Ulka is dead to rights and respectfully taps out!

Jussier Formiga def. Ulka Sasaki by submission (RNC) at 4:30 in round 1


Alex Morono vs. Keita Nakamura: Welterweight

Rd.1- Morono opens up with the largest of right hands that misses by a mile. Morono pumps his jab, looking to judge the distance. Morono lands a right cross to left uppercut combo, as Nakamura lands a right hand of his own. Nakamura seems to be looking to counter as Morono pressures forward. Nakamura throws a body kick that hurts his foe, and Morono backpedals to the cage. Nakamura lands a flying knee to the body, and Morono skirts out into open space to recover. Morono lands a solid body kick, and Nakamura returns the favor. Morono whiffs with a murderous right hook. Nakamura blocks a series of overhand rights as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Nakamura

Rd.2- Morono starts the round with a major gash above his right eye, and marches forward behind his jab. A superman punch misses for Nakamura, but he scores with a southpaw cross. Morono leaps in with the right cross and misses, but lands a left hand. A jab scores for Morono, and then his overhand right is blocked. Nakamura ducks another overhand right, and scores with another kick to the body. Nakamura lands with the head kick, but Morono eats it well. A solid teep lands for Morono, and Nakamura doubles up to the body. Close round. 10-9 Morono

Rd.3- Nakamura opens up with a head kick that is partially blocked. A stiff jab lands for Morono, but Nakamura lands another body kick. Morono misses with a right hook, and Nakamura changes levels and scores a takedown into half guard. Morono uses the underhook to make it back to his feet. Nakamura presses forward and lands a cross. Morono lands a right hand as Nakamura is caught out of position. A cut has opened up on the side of Nakamura’s head. Nakamura scores a takedown, but Morono is quick to return to his feet. Nakamura returns to the body with another kick, and then again, as he marches forward in the final minute. Nakamura scores with a stiff cross. A superman punch misses for Morono. They flurry in the final 10 seconds all the way until the bell sounds. 10-9 Nakamura

Keita Nakamura def. Alex Morono by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Chan-Mi Jeon vs. Syuri Kondo: Strawweight

Rd.1- Jeon strikes first with a teep to the body. Kondo lands a stiff jab, and Jeon cracks a smile. Jeon looks to clinch but Kondo punches her way out. Kondo lands another hard jab. Jeon lands a leg kick, and then fires off a jab cross combo. Kondo lands with the right hand, and then lands a jab. Jeon lands an elbow on the inside, and then literally runs out of the pocket. Kondo presses forward with the jab, and Jeon responds with a right left combo. Jeon ducks her head and throws an overhand right, but Kondo marches right through it. Kondo lands a heavy leg kick. Jeon lands a sweet knee to the midsection, and then again in the clinch. Kondo lands consecutive right hands, still pressing forward. Jeon lands a a big teep to the gut. 10-9 Kondo

Rd.2- Jeon pumps the jab and Kondo crashes in with a right cross. Jeon dips her head off of the center line and lands a right hand. Jeon misses with a spinning kick, and then lands 1-2. Kondo lands a big right hand that stuns Jeon for a moment. Kondo presses forward, landing another right hand, as Jeon swings as she moves backwards. Both strawweights miss with right hands. Jeon lands a teep but eats a right hand for it. These women are trading! Kondo leaps in with a poking jab. Kondo lands a stiff lab, and Jeon runs out of the pocket again, as she leaks a bit of blood from her nose. A spinning backfist misses for Kondo, but a teep to the body lands. 10-9 Kondo

Rd.3- Jeon lands with a jab as Kondo moves in. Kondo kicks the body, but eats a cross for her troubles. Jeon lands a 1-2 followed by a leg kick. Kondo lands a right hand as Jeon misses with a combo. A series of straights land for Jeon, as she is picking up the volume in the final round. A jab cross lands for Jeon, and Kondo responds with a cross of her own. These strawweights are non stop throwing combos at each other! A switch kick lands to the body for Jeon. An possible eye poke affects Jeon, but no time is awarded. Kondo lands a spinning back kick to the body, and continues to press forward. They exchange flurries as the round expires. 10-9 Jeon

Syuri Kondo def. Chan-Mi Jeon by split decision (30-27 x2, 28-29)

Shinsho Anzai vs. Luke Jumeau: Welterweight

Rd.1- Jumeau stands in the center of the Octagon and Anzai lands an inside low kick. Both welterweights land right hands. Anzai misses wide on a takedown, as Jumeau skirts out of the way. They clinch up, and Anzai lands a knee to the head as they break. Anzai lands a thumping right hands that staggers Jumeau. Anzai presses his foe against the fence and lands an elbow on the break. Jumeau lands a well timed right cross as Anzai comes rushing forward. Anzai grabs ahold of the clinch, and Jumeau lands a knee to the gut as they disengage. Anzai lands another inside low kick. They exchange left hooks, and Jumeau lands a teep to the face of Anzai. 10-9 Anzai

Rd.2- Anzai rushes forward and scores the briefest of takedowns, and then lands a big left hook. Anzai misses big with a left to right hook combo followed by a head kick. Anzai lands a leaping left hook, and Jumeau responds with a jab to body kick. Jumeau pops off with the jab, but Anzai bull rushes a takedown into the half guard. Jumeau is holding on to the Guillotine with one arm, but ultimately releases it. Anzai is controlling from the top of half guard, landing short shots. Jumeau his opponent into the full guard, to which Anzai bails to his feet. Jumeau lands a jab and moves forward, landing a pair of right uppercuts as the round ends. 10-9 Anzai

Rd.3- Anzai goes for the takedown right off the bat, but Jumeau sniffed it out with ease. Anzai went back to a double leg takedown, but the fence kept Jumeau vertical. Jumeau presses Anzai against the cage, and starts to score with left hands to the face. They find open space, and Jumeau lands an outside low kick. Anzai enters the clinch and the welterweights exchange reversals before separating. Anzai presses forward with wild hooks, and then connects with a right hand. Anzai lands a knee to the face in the clinch, and they return to open space. Jumeau lands a knee to the body, as Anzai moves in for the takedown. Anzai lands a right hand and the shoots another takedown, but ends up with Jumeau taking the back clinch. Anzai spins around, and eats a few knees to the body. Jumeau lands a series of right uppercuts in the clinch as time expires. 10-9 Jumeau

Shinsho Anzai def. Luke Jumeau by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Hyun Gyu Lim vs. Daichi Abe: Welterweight

Rd.1- Abe lands an inside leg kick, and then fires off to the outside of Lim’s thigh. Abe lands a well timed left hook as Lim moved inside. Lim crashes in with a heavy right hand, and then Abe lands another left hook. Abe blocks the jab, and throws a jab, but Lim cracks with a right hand. Lim again lands with the right overhand. Abe lands another inside leg kick and then scores check hook to the chin of Lim. Lim comes forward with a jab cross combo, but gets hit clean with a counter right hand. Abe leaps in with the right hand and sends Lim back up to the cage. Lim is showing signs of swelling around both eyes. Lim moves forward but eats another check left hook in the process. 10-9 Abe

Rd.2- Abe misses with a left high kick to open the round, and then lands to the inside of the leg. Abe lands a kick to the midsection, and then another check hook. Lim accidentally pokes Abe in the eye. The action resumes and Abe lands to the inside of the leg. Lim lands a right cross, and then attacks the inside of the leg. Lim lands a heavy right hand that gets the attention of Abe. Lim lands again with a kick to the inside of the thigh. Lim lands a laser cross, and seems to be building momentum. Abe lands an inside leg kick, and then repeats. Abe leaps in with a jab and then leaps out of harms way. Lim lands another cracking straight right then wobbles Abe for a moment. Abe lands a crisp sross of his own that drops Lim as the round ends. 10-9 Lim

Rd.3- Abe opens the final frame with an inside low kick. Lim lands an overhand right that makes Abe stumble a bit, but otherwise eats it well. Abe pokes with the jab and then attacks the inside of the leg. Lim misses with a 1-1-2, and Abe lands a left hook that we saw in the first round. Lim lands a jab-cross, but misses on the hook. A check hook misses for Abe, as Lim is keeping the range. Lim check a leg kick, and lands a leg kick of his own. A check hook lands for Abe as Lim misses badly. A heavy left hook lands for Lim, and then a right cross. Another left hook lands for Lim, and another, but Abe eats them all rather well. Abe lands a big right hand that drops Lim! Lim returns to his feet, gushing blood from his nose. Abe moves in and scores a pretty Judo toss as time expires. What a round! 10-9 Abe

Daichi Abe def. Hyun Gyu Lim by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

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