UFC 215: Nunes vs. Shevchenko 2 live streaming results, discussion, play by play for preliminary card

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play for UFC 215: Nunes vs. Shevchenko 2, live from Edmonton,…

By: Eddie Mercado | 6 years ago
UFC 215: Nunes vs. Shevchenko 2 live streaming results, discussion, play by play for preliminary card
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play for UFC 215: Nunes vs. Shevchenko 2, live from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The UFC 215 main card will air live on Pay-Per-View at 10:00 P.M. ET with the prelims starting at 8:00 P.M. ET on FS1. The Exclusive Fight Pass prelims will begin at 7:00 P.M. ET.

Click HERE for the play-by-play for the UFC 215 PPV main card, as the UFC’s bantamweight champion, Amanda Nunes, looks to defend her crown against Valentina Shevchenko, in a high stakes rematch.

This post will cover all 6 of the UFC 215 preliminary bouts, from Adriano Martins vs. Kajan Johnson up to the feature prelim, Sara McMann vs. Ketlen Vieira. Be sure to check out our UFC 215 MMA Vivisection with Zane Simon and Connor Ruebusch. Don’t forget to tune into the UFC 215 6th Round post fight over on YouTube, at MMANATIONDOTCOM, to hear Bloody Elbow’s own Zane Simon and Eddie Mercado provide post-fight reactions and analysis.

Sara McMann vs. Ketlen Vieira: Bantamweight

Rd.1- Vieira pumps her jab to judge the distance, and McMann clinches up and presses to the cage. Vieira lands about 5 punches to the body as her back is to the cage, but McMann realizes a takedown. McMann lands a big elbow from the guard, as Vieira struggles to control posture. McMann drops a few more bows, as Vieira looks to tie up an arm. A massive hematoma formed in the middle of Vieira’s forehead from the heavy elbows of her opponent. McMann passes the guard, and transitions into full mount. McMann drops punches in bunches, but Vieira wraps her legs around her opponent, and works for a kneebar as time expires. 10-9 McMann

Rd.2- McMann presses forward with a bull rush, but Vieira spins out of the way. Vieira lands a straight right hand, but McMann shoots a single leg. Vieira drops some heavy Travis Browne elbows as McMann works the takedown. Vieira reverses the position, and shoves McMann against the cage. McMann lands a pointy knee to the midsection, and continues to control her opponent. McMann lands a solid elbow in the clinch, but Vieira lands a smooth takedown, into half guard. Vieira works for a head and arm choke, sticks with it, and finds the tap from half guard!

Ketlen Vieira def. Sara McMann by Submission (Arm Triangle) at 4:16 of round 2

Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Sarah Moras: Bantamweight

Rd.1- Evans-Smith wastes no time in finding top position, Moras works an armbar from guard. Evans-Smith steps over her opponent, but Moras adjusts and tightens up the armbar. Evans-Smith tries to roll out of it, but Moras has her dead to rights, hyper extends the elbow, and Evans-Smith frantically taps!

Sarah Moras def. Ashlee Evans-Smith by submission (Armbar) at 2:51 of round 1

Gavin Tucker vs. Rick Glenn: Featherweight

Rd.1- Tucker instantly throws a spinning attack and Glenn steps in and locks up a standing RNC. Tucker escapes and throws a huge overhand right that misses. Tucker lands a a strong leg kick. Glenn lands a stiff cross, but eats a shot to the pills. Glenn pushes through the pain, the fighters exchange combos in the clinch. Tucker lands a 1-2 and circles out. Tucker spins to the back of Glenn, but Glenn spins away into open space. A jab cross misses for Tucker, and Glenn enters the clinch. Tucker lands a stinging right hand to the jaw of Glenn, but eats an accidental low blow. Glenn lands a hard leg kick, and slips a few punches. Glenn presses forward and drops Tucker with a laser left cross, but Tucker quickly recovers. The featherweights enter the clinch and Glenn lands a solid elbow. Glenn lands another stiff straight as time expires. 10-9 Glenn

Rd.2- Glenn went high with a head kick that seemed to get the attention of Tucker, followed by a clean elbow in the clinch. Glenn finds top position, and Tucker rolls for a leg lock. Glenn lands some mean ground and pound while Tucker’s face is exposed. Tucker makes it back to his feet, but his back is to the cage, and Glenn is throwing knees. Tucker is showing signs of fatigue, as Glenn is grinding on him, taking him down and letting him up, over and over. Glenn throws Tucker to the ground and takes the back, uncorking with unanswered ground strikes. Tucker rolls for a leg lock, but Glenn is having none of it. Tucker used the sub hold to make it back to his feet, but Glenn effortlessly scores another takedown. Glenn peppers away from top position, not giving his opponent a single moment to breathe, as the final bell sounded. 10-8 Glenn

Rd.3- Tucker misses with a spinning backhand to open the final round. Glenn engages in the clinch, and executes a beautiful Thai whip to body knee. An exhausted Tucker attempted a takedown, but winds up on the bottom, with Glenn on top dropping bows. Tucker almost reverses, but is too tired to finish. Glenn rains down more ground strikes as a bloody Tucker has no answers. The ground strikes from Glenn are constant, ample, unanswered, and the fight could probably be stopped. Glenn continues to hammer away, as Tucker tries to improve his position, just to eat more strikes for his troubles. Stop the fight! Tucker somehow makes it back to his feet, turns his back to run away, but the referee lets it go, and Tucker survives to the final bell. 10-7 Glenn

Rick Glenn def. Gavin Tucker by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-24, 29-27)

Mitch Clarke vs. Alex White: Lightweight

Rd.1- The lightweights touch gloves, and get right to measuring each other. Clarke attacks the leg with funky kicks, followed by a high kick up the pipe. White misses with a hook, and follows with a cross. White misses on a hook, which allows Clarke to enter the clinch. Clarke grabs the Thai Plum and lands a big knee to the body. Clarke goes high and lands a head kick, but White wears it well. White lands a stiff southpaw cross as Clarke presses forward. White tees off with a flurry as Clarke moves in. Clarke lands a big right hook, and then goes back to the head kick. Clarke goes back to the head kick and then jabs his way into the clinch, where the fighters remain until the round expires. 10-9 Clarke

Rd.2- White comes out looking to counter with a hard cross and hook combo. White catches Clarke with a cross as Clarke looks to clinch. Clarke enters the clinch and the lightweights exchange elbows and return to open space. White lands a stooping teep the mid section of Clarke. White tees off with damaging elbows as Clarke hangs on to an underhook. A knee to the body sends Clarke to the canvas, but White allows his opponent to return to his feet. White blitzes forward, connecting at will. A big hook cracks Clarke and sends him to the ground again. Clarke goes for a single leg, but eats a multitude of Travis Browne elbows in the process. A teep from White causes his opponent to stumble, and takes advantage of the moment by landing a clean cross that drops Clarke. The referee steps in and calls the fight.

Alex White def. Mitch Clarke by TKO at 4:36 of round 2

***Mitch Clarke announces his retirement from professional MMA

Luis Henrique vs. Arjan Bhullar: Heavyweight

Rd.1- Bhullar pushes forward behind his jab, with Henrique pumping his to maintain the distance. Henrique lands a nice uppercut but Bhullar lands a huge right hand right away. Bhullar misses with a leaping left hook. Henrique jabs the head followed by a jab to the body. Bhullar pops his jab, but doesn’t follow up. Henrique swing wildly and misses badly. Henrique lands a sneaky uppercut as Bhullar closed the distance. Bhullar attempts a takedown but Henrique is ready for it. Henrique throws consecutive jabs, but Bhullar closes the distance and clinches up with Henrique against the cage. Both big men exchange short knees on the inside, and the separate to finish the round in the center of the cage. 10-9 Henrique

Rd.2- Henrique starts the round with a cut above his right eye. A left hook to right cross misses for Henrique. Bhullar lands his jab, and Henrique misses with an uppercut. Bhullar leaps in with another jab, and Henrique responds with a head kick that’s blocked. Henrique gets caught with a crisp cross while moving backwards, but eats it well. Henrique lands a jab, and then misses with a hook to cross combo. Bhullar lands a bomb as Henrique was throwing a kick, sending Henrique to the canvas. Henrique returns to his feet, but Bhullar gets into the hips, locks his hands, and takes Henrique for a slamming ride. Bhullar chips away with short elbows from half guard, as Henrique tries to tie him up. Bhullar finishes the round on top. 10-9 Bhullar

Rd.3- Henrique presses forward to start the final frame, showing a bit of urgency. Henrique swings wild with hooks, really looking to push the pace. Henrique launches a cross to the gut followed by the widest of haymaker of all time to the head, but Bhullar eats it all with ease. Henrique lands a heavy leg kick, and follows up with a tight punching combo. Bhullar shoves his foe against the fence, but Henrique slips away. Bhullar clinches up again, but is unable to hold the position for very long. Henrique lands a pair of clubbing punches from the single collar tie. Henrique throws a jab, cross, jab combo as his arms appear to be super heavy. Bhullar lands a stiff cross and Henrique responds with a right hook as time expires. 10-9 Henrique

Arjan Bhullar def. Luis Henrique by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Adriano Martins vs. Kajan Johnson: Lightweight

Rd.1- Both fighters spend the opening minute by feeling each other out, gauging the distance, without exactly engaging with any strikes. The southpaw Martins pressures forward, backing Johnson up to the cage. Martins scores with an inside leg kick, and Johnson responds with a head kick that gets blocked. Johnson lands with a teep to the gut as Martins stalks forward. Johnson lands a kick to the lead leg of his opponent, without Martins returning fire. Martins finally throws and lands a left hook. Johnson throws a knee but gets dropped with a well timed left hand. Martins works for a Guillotine as the round ended. 10-9 Martins

Rd.2- Both men respect the range to open the second round, as Johnson throws a kick to the body. Martins continues to back his opponent up to the cage, but he isn’t throwing many strikes. Martins lands a heavy leg kick, followed a small flurry. Martins throws a double jab, and Johnson responds with a body cross left hook combo. Martins lands another stiff jab, and Johnson responds with a leg kick. A spinning heel kick whiffs for Johnson, and Martins responds with another low kick. Martins catches a teep, and responds with a kick to the opposite leg of Johnson. Martins throws a big left hand, but Johnson angles off and throws a right cross of his own. Martins catches another kick, but Johnson responds with a stinging right cross. 10-9 Martins

Rd.3- Johnson opens the final round with a sneaky side kick. Martins catches another kick, and Johnson responds with another mean right hand that drops his opponent. Martins was out when he hit the ground. Well then.

Kajan Johnson def. Adriano Martins by KO at :49 of round 3

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