Mayweather vs. McGregor live streaming undercard and PPV results, discussion, round by round coverage

Join Bloody Elbow tonight, Saturday, August 26th, for live fight night coverage of The Money Fight: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. Mayweather vs. McGregor…

By: Tim Burke | 6 years ago
Mayweather vs. McGregor live streaming undercard and PPV results, discussion, round by round coverage
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Join Bloody Elbow tonight, Saturday, August 26th, for live fight night coverage of The Money Fight: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. Mayweather vs. McGregor airs live tonight on Showtime PPV with a fight time of 9pm ET/6pm PT. The undercard will air live on Fox beginning at 7pm ET/4pm PT.

This post will cover the Fox undercard and the first three fights of the PPV. The bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor will have a separate post.

We will have round by round coverage and live discussion right here, and stay with Bloody Elbow for live updates and analysis all night.

Gervonta Davis (18-0, 17 KOs) vs. Francisco Fonseca (19-0, 13 KOs) – 12 rounds, for the IBF junior lightweight (130 lbs) title (only Fonseca can win – Davis was stripped of the belt on the scale for missing weight)

Round 1 – Slow start. Fonseca with a left. Another glancing one. Davis is avoiding most of Fonseca’s shot. Davis with a body shot. Counter left by Davis. Fonseca to the body. Davis with a right hook to the body and a left uppercut. Fonseca stinging the body again. Fonseca pressuring and they clinch. Davis with a lead straight left. Another. Quick uppercut. Fonseca to the body twice. 10-9 Davis.

Round 2 – Short delay to the start of the round. Jab from Davis. Davis nearly took Fonseca to the ground. That was funny. Fonseca lands to the body. They’re tying up a lot. Fonseca lands on the belt and scores with an uppercut. Davis with a right hook and a body shot. Fonseca with a right hook. Nice combo and a body shot from Davis. He’s starting to look a lot more like himself now. Huge uppercut. Fonseca continues to work the body. 10-9 Davis.

Round 3 – Fonseca with two glancing right hooks. Davis starting slow here. He took the first round off, but is really unloading now. He’s all over Fonseca! Fonseca has a good chin though, and he fired back. Nice lead left from Davis. Again. Nice counter by Fonseca though. They both land to the body. Davis backed into the corner and they clashed heads. 10-9 Davis.

Round 4 – Davis with his hands behind his back. He lands a beautiful left uppercut from the spot. Now he’s coming very low. He’s playing with Fonseca. Fonseca cracked him twice for clowning around. Davis still swaying side to side, looking to land. Fonseca to the body. Davis kind of turning away from him. Another body shot from Fonseca. 10-9 Fonseca.

Round 5 – Another body shot from Fonseca to start. Davis pounds his own chest. Fonseca continuing to beat up the body. Davis is inactive again. Uppercut and clinch from Fonseca. Nice combo from Davis, and he goes low. Fonseca fires back to the gut. Counter right hook by Davis, and he goes to the body as well. Close round. I’ll go 10-9 Fonseca.

Round 6 – Davis with a lunging body shot. Left hook from Davis. Neither man doing much here. Davis landed hard to the body. Lead left too. Fonseca really not doing anything. Davis backing himself into the corner looking to counter, but he’s not. Very uneventful round. 10-9 Davis.

Round 7 – Fonseca landed a right. Davis backing into the corner again. Nice lead left from Davis. Fonseca opens up in the corner but Davis blocks most of the shots. Another lead left from Davis. Again, after some clinch work. Beautiful right and left uppercut from Davis. Fonseca to the body. Davis with a late left. 10-9 Davis.

Round 8 – Hard counter left from Davis spun Fonseca around. Davis dropped Fonseca! It may have been a shot to the back of the head, but Fonseca can’t get up before the 10 count and it’s over! Wow! He’s still down on the mat.

Gervonta Davis defeated Francisco Fonseca by KO, :39 of round 8

Nathan Cleverly (30-3, 16 KOs) vs. Badou Jack (21-1-2, 12 KOs) – 12 rounds, for Cleverly’s WBA regular light heavyweight (175 lbs) title

Round 1 – Cleverly off to a fast start, pumping the jab. Jack goes to the body. Head/body jab from Jack. And again. He rips a left and right hook to Cleverly’s abs. Right over the top as well. Cleverly with a combo. Hard right hook from Jack. Cleverly pops Jack’s head back with a jab. Jack with a jab right on the belt. Hard left hook to the chin from Jack. Cleverly with an uppercut. Nice jab from Jack. Cleverly with a right hook. Good round. 10-9 Jack.

Round 2 – They get at it right away. Jack with a liver shot and more body work. Cleverly with a jab. Cleverly with a steady stream of jabs and light hooks. Jack with a right hook to the belt. Straight right scores too. Cleverly throws a bevy of shots and scored with a right cross. Jack with a counter left. They’re both popping each other’s heads back with jabs. Jack with a right hook to the body. Cleverly isn’t landing with a ton of power. They both land right hooks, but Jack follows his with body work. 10-9 Jack.

Round 3 – They batter each other in close. Jack stepping to the side and landing light hooks outside of Cleverly’s gloves. Cleverly setting up combos with the jab. Jack popping his jab. Jack with a hard short right hook. Hard left jab too. Uppercut from Jack. Cleverly with a straight left to the body. Jack with a four-punch combo that’s blocked. Nice right to the body and head from Jack. 10-9 Jack.

Round 4 – Jack with a low shot. Only a light warning though and they don’t stop. They both land jabs. Jack with two hard left hooks to the chin. He’s unloading on Cleverly now. Jack goes to the body again, right on the belt. Another left hook. Cleverly isn’t throwing much with authority. Jack just jabbing away and avoiding counters. Nice right and now a left hook. Another! And now body work. Jack dominating. Clveverly’s face covered in blood. Another ight hook. All Jack. 10-9 Jack.

Round 5 – Jack all over him right away. Body shot and two uppercuts. H’s all over Cleverly again. Cleverly defends his head, he rips the body. His hands drop for a second, and Jack rips him with a combination. Cleverly with a stout straight left, but Jack with three shots in return. Jack is throwing at will here. Cleverly with a right hook with his back on the ropes. Jack isn’t putting everything into these barrages of punches, but a lot are landing. Hard counter right hook from Jack and he does more body work. The ref steps in and it’s over!

Badou Jack defeated Nathan Cleverly via TKO, round 5

Andrew Tabiti (14-0, 12 KOs) vs. Steve Cunningham (29-8-1, 13 KOs) – 10 rounds, cruiserweights (200 lbs)

Round 1 – Tabiti goes to the body. Cunningham with a jab. Tabiti triple jabs to the body and head, but Cunningham lands a counter. Tabiti with a right hook, and scores with the jab again. Cunningham with a jab to the body. Tabiti circling. Lead right from Tabiti, Cunningham fires back and they clinch. Cunningham with a lead right. 10-9 Tabiti.

Round 2 – Tabiti with a double jab and a nice right. Tabiti rips to the body. Cunningham charges forward but gets tied up. Tabiti goes to the body but eats a hard right counter to the side of the face. Tabiti with a beautiful combo ended with a right uppercut. Tabiti jabbing some more. Cunningham ties up again. Tabiti evades Cunningham’s attack. 10-9 Tabiti.

Round 3 – They both land jabs at the same time. Cunningham lands some short lefts in the clinch. More clinching. Tabiti flicks the jab and lands a hook to the body. Cunningham charges forward but gets tied up again. Tabiti evading a swarming Cunningham again. Both men landed counters. Double jab from Cunningham. Not much to take from that round. 10-9 Cunningham.

Round 4 – Tabiti with the double jab and a hard right. He goes to the body again. Cunningham misses badly with a left hook against the ropes. Cunningham pawing with the jab but he can’t land the follow-up power shots. Double jab from Cunningham and they tie up again. This is slowing down. Nice jab again from Cunningham. Tibiti lands two jabs. Cunningham with a counter. 10-9 Tabiti.

Round 5 – Tabiti back to the jab. Cunningham over-throwing his shots and getting tied up. Tabiti with more pretty jabs and a left hook. Nice combo. Cunningham with an uppercut. Tabiti fires right back with a four-punch combination. They trade jabs. Cunningham with a lead right. Body shot from Cunningham. They tie up. Cunningham with one more jab. 10-9 Tabiti.

Round 6 – Tabiti with a jab and a two-punch combo that lands on the shoulders of Cunningham. Body shot from Tabiti, Cunningham responds with a jab. Tabiti to the body. Cunningham with a short right hook. Two jabs from Cunningham. Tabiti jab to the head, right to the body, jab to the head. Nice. Short right from Tabiti. 10-9 Tabiti.

Round 7 – Cunningham tries to smother Tabiti right away again, but he just gets tied up almost every time. Tabiti warned for holding. Tabiti jabs high and low and back high again. That was slick. Jabs from Tabiti. Cunningham fires back with his own. Tabiti is landing his hard though. They exchange shots in close. 10-9 Tabiti.

Round 8 – Counter left from Tabiti. Jab from Cunningham. Tabiti goes head/body with the jab. Cunningham with a hard jab of his own again. They tie up a couple of times. Tabiti with a right hook to the body, then an uppercut. Tabiti is initiating in close and dominating when he wants to. Nice left hook in close again. Cunningham just tapping him. Tabiti with a late shot on the break. 10-9 Tabiti.

Round 9 – Cunningham with a lead right hook. A whole bunch of staring before Tabiti strafes him with a right hook to the head and a two-shot combo to either side of the body. Both land jabs. Pretty jab from Tabiti right to Cunningham’s nose. Cunningham continuing to pressure. Tabiti with more jabs. 10-9 Tabiti.

Round 10 – Tabiti with jabs. More clinching. Double jab from Tabiti. Cunningham scores with a short left. Tabiti goes to the body in close. Tabiti a bit more active. They trade jabs and Cunningham lands another left. Reaching left from Cunningham. But he can’t catch Tabiti clean. Double jab from Cunningham. They’re lipping each other off again. 10-9 Cunningham, but Tabiti’s fight 98-92.

Andrew Tabiti defeated Steve Cunningham via unanimous decision (97-93, 97-93, 100-90)

Fox Card (7 PM ET)

Yordenis Ugas defeated Thomas Dulorme via unanimous decision (94-91, 93-92, 93-92) – 10 rounds, welterweights (147 lbs)

Juan Heraldez defeated Jose Miguel Borrego via unanimous decision (97-92, 97-92, 96-93) – 10 rounds, junior welterweights (140 lbs)

Untelevised (6 PM ET)

Antonio Hernandez def. Kevin Newman unanimous decision (57-56, 59-54, 59-54) – 6 rounds, super middleweights (168 lbs)

Savannah Marshall def. Sydney LeBlanc by unanimous decision (40-36 x3) – 4 rounds (2 minutes per round), super middleweights (168 lbs)

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