UFC Singapore: Holly Holm vs Bethe Correia live results, discussion, play by play

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Singapore goes down in Singapore. Today’s…

By: Anton Tabuena | 6 years ago
UFC Singapore: Holly Holm vs Bethe Correia live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Singapore goes down in Singapore.

Today’s main event will see UFC bantamweights Holly Holm and Bethe Correia headline the card. Also featured on the line up is former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos moving up to welterweight to face Tarec Saffiedine.

The prelims kick off at approximately 4:30 am ET on UFC Fight Pass, with the main card streaming on the same video service at 8 am ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each match up.

Main Card (8 AM ET/5 AM PT)

Holly Holm vs. Bethe Correia

Round 1 – Holm feinting early, but no one is really throwing on the first minute. Bethe seems to be waiting for Holm, but Holm isn’t throwing at all. 2 minutes in. No one has committed to a shot. Side kick from Holm lands and Bethe raises her hands saying it was nothing. Another side kick from Holm to the body. Weak leg kick from Bethe. Another side kick from Holm. Beth missed with a superman punch. Holm lands a body kick. Bethe lands a punch to Holm’s chin. Another side kick. Round ends, and crowd boos. 10-9 Holm, but that was very very low output from both women.

Round 2 – Light oblique kick from Holm. Both miss multiple shots that they didn’t really put any weight on. Crowd is booing. Weak side kicks from Holm. They’re both out of range, missing shots and not really committing to anything. Bethe lands a punch. Crowd is getting restless again. Holm lands a side kick. Referee warns both for timidity. They still keep missing punches that are way out of range. Spinning back fist lands from Bethe. Weak body kick from Holm. Whenever anything lands, they’re all out of range and not hitting. Last 10 seconds, Bethe clinches. 10-10, since nothing really happened.

Round 3 – Body kick lands from Holm, then a straight left. Bethe with a left hand. Still not much action, and crowd is booing. Bethe is taunting Holm to come in. Seconds later, Holly Holm lands a head kick that knocks Bethe out! One punch on the ground and the referee steps in! Done!

I’m so glad that beautiful and picture perfect kick happened, because it was shaping up to be one of the worst fights of the year.

Holly Holm def. Bethe Correia by KO (head kick), R3 1:09

Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcin Tybura

Round 1 – Spinning back kick lands to the body for Arlovski. Tybura catches a kick and takes down Arlovski. Short shots and Tybura keeps position on top in Arlovski’s guard. He passes and Arlovski gives his back. Tybura in mount now landing punches. Arlovski having trouble and can’t get him off. Tybura has landed a lottt of short punches, but nothing really damaging. Arlovski rolls to his back again. Arlovski rolls and gets back up! Tybura must have gasses himself out from all those punches! Arlovski lands really good shots until the bell rings. 10-9 Tybura, but I’m not sure how much he has left in the tank.

Round 2 – Arlovski with a straight right that lands. They miss a couple of shots and Arlovski clinches. Nothing much is happening in the clinch, but these big guys are surely going to expend a lot of their remaining energy here. Arlovski separates and lands several hard punches. They clinch again. Not sure why he’s staying here when he seems to have a huge advantage trading in distance. Referee breaks them up due to inactivity. Both men land a good punch each, and Arlovski clinches again. They separate just as the bell ends. 10-9 Arlovski.

Round 3 – Leg kick from Arlovski. Arlovski lands one of his punch attempts, and Tybura clinches and tries to go for a takedown. He gets Arlovski down partially, and he just uses the fence to get up. Tybura continues and he gets a legit takedown away from the fence. Tybura passes to side control, and Arlovski recovers half guard as Tybura tried to get mount. Short punches from Tybura, and he manages to take Arlovski’s back as he tried to get up. Mount now. Arlovski gives up the back. He tries to create a scramble and ends up in half guard. Round ends, and both men are very very slow to get up. That’s 10-9 Tybura, and 29-28 overall in my card, but it wasn’t pretty.

Marcin Tybura def. Andrei Arlovski by Decision (Unanimous, 29-28, 28-27, 29-27)

Colby Covington vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round 1 – Covington misses a head kick and he falls to the floor. They clinch, and Covington gets on top with Kim’s back by the fence. Kim gets back up immediately. Judo throw attempt as Covington is trying to take him down. Interesting battle in the clinch with wrestler vs Judoka. Covington gets a body lock from behind. Covington gets him down after a lengthy clinch, and Kim uses the fence again to defend and stand up. Short elbow from Kim. Two elbows and a knee returned by Covington. He’s still pushing him back. Spinning elbow attempt from Kim as they separate. Superman punch for Kim. Left ahnd by Covington. Knee and punch by Kim and Covington gets a takedown. Kim gets back up again. Round ends. That was mostly a clinch battle. 10-9 Covington.

Round 2 – Body kick from Covington and Kim walks him down again. Both miss kicks. Two lefts from Kim lands, and he sprawls on Covington’s shot. From sprawl position, Kim is landing good punches. They clinch and Covington takes him down. He’s struggling to keep Kim down. Kim gets back to the feet and there’s not much offense as they’re in a stalemate on the fence. This is already looking a lot like the first round, with a lot of wall-n-stall. Covington lands a bing punch that rocks Kim. He goes wild trying to capitalize, throwing kicks and punches. He shoots and gets another takedown. They’re back on the fence again. Judo throw by Kim and he’s on top in sprawl position. Covington reverses and they’re clinching again in the fence. Round ends with a shot to the back of Kim’s head. 10-9 Covington, but apart from the one overhand left, that wasn’t exactly an entertaining round.

Round 3 – Spinnign back fist attempt misses from Covington and Kim pressures with punches. Covington lands a punch and a kick. Another overhand left from Covington. Jab from Covington. Leg kick from Kim. Kim’s jab lands, but Covington is peppering him with kicks. Hooks land from Covington. Takedown from Covington. Stalemate once again and they clinch in the fence as Kim gets up. Covington gets another takedown, but he’s still not doing anything with it as he struggles to control Kim. Kim reverses and manages to get a trip takedown. He’s on top in sprawl position. Covington gets back up and they’re back in the fence. He drags Kim down, and Kim gets back up again. Round ends and Covington shouts “My house!”. The crowd just boos. 10-9 Covington, and 30-27 for him overall.

Colby Covington def. Dong Hyun Kim by Decision (Unanimous 30-25, 30-27, 30-27) Not sure how that 30-25 score was done. Wow.

Rafael dos Anjos vs. Tarec Saffiedine

Round 1 – Head kick misses early for Tarec. RDA looks like a real welterweight, with similar frames. Body kick from RDA. Kick was caught and Tarec gets top control on half guard. Kimura attempt from RDA is well defended. Scramble and Rda gets up. Knee and elbows from Tarec as they clinch on the fence. Tarec lands an elbow as they separate. RDA pressures, and lands a body kick. Knees in the clinch from both men and RDA takes him down. Kimura attempt, and Tarec defends and gets up. Leg kick from Tarec. Jab from RDA and a flying knee to the body. They clinch again. Knee from RDA at the fence. RDA landing good in close as the round ends. 10-9 Dos Anjos.

Round 2 – RDA keeps constant pressure again. Leg kick from Tarec and Body kick from RDA. They clinch and RDA picks him up with a single leg but doesn’t complete the takedown. Good jab from RDA, and they clinch again. Tarec struggles to get a takedown and RDA snaps him down with a head and arm control. RDA lands TWO illegal knees on the ground that the referee ignores. Nice elbow in the clinch from Saffiedine. Tarec lands two punches but RDA keeps presuring. Weak leg kick, and they clinch again with RDA landing a good punch before defending another takedown. Bell rings and that was a very close round. 10-9 RDA again, but I think it can go either way.

Round 3 – Jab and body kick from RDA. Strong leg kick from Tarec followed by a right hand. Right hands land followed by a partially blocked head kick from Tarec. Right hook from Tarec. Leg kick from RDA. Jab from Tarec. Jab and leg kick again scores from him. Both land jabs, and Tarec is starting to perform better. Body kick from RDA, and Tarec reacts with a jab to the body. Tarec lands a knee from the clinch, and RDA reverses position. They reset with an elbow in the break. Strong low kick from RDA. Tarec lands 2 right hands again. RDA lands a body kick and Tarec counters with a right hand. Both each land right hands. Body punch from RDA and Saffiedine counters with a good combination. Inside leg kick from Tarec and they clinch again at the fence. Both land a knee a piece. Nice combination from Tarec ends with a kick. Both men trade as the bell ends. 10-9 Saffiedine here. This could all boil down to how the 2nd round was scored, but in my card it’s 29-28 RDA.

Rafael dos Anjos def Tarec Saffiedine by decision (Unanimous, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Preliminary Card (4:30 AM ET/1:30 AM PT)

Takanori Gomi vs. Jon Tuck

Round 1 – Fireball kid vs Super Saiyan. Front kick lands on Gomi’s chin. Tuck throws another one to the body and Gomi is hurt! Tuck pounces and gets Gomi’s back. Rear naked choke and it is all over. Big win for Tuck, and another disappointing loss for the former PRIDE champion.

Jon Tuck def. Takanori Gomi by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), R1 1:12

Cyril Asker vs. Walt Harris

Round 1 – Body kick from Harris. Right hand from Asker seems to have wobbled Harris. Harris lands and now it’s Asker that drops! Huge ground and pound elbows and the fight is over early.

Walt Harris def. Cyril Asker by TKO (Punches), R1

Alex Caceres vs. Rolando Dy

Round 1 – Caceres has a huge reach and size advantage over the Filipino opponent. Dy throws a head kick that’s partially blocked. Dy counters a Caceres body kick with a left hand. Jab by Caceres. Two punches lands from Caceres. He throws two more on the fence and Dy isn’t moving very well. He seems to be trying to clear his eyes. Body kick from Caceres. Body kick from Dy. He’s still wincing and trying to clear his eye. Head kick from Caceres and a 1-2 that hurts him. Caceres drops Dy! Caceres gets his back and attempts a choke. Body triangle. Dy manages to defend and get back up. Body kick from Caceres. Dy tries a takedown. Caceres missed a massive knee on the ground before the bell rings. 10-8 Caceres.

Round 2 – Body kick from Dy. He’s still wincing. Another powerful body kick from Dy. Referee stops the fight to have the doctor look at Dy’s eye. Fight starts again and Dy is closing his right eye, likely seeing double. Caceres lands a spinning back kick. Caceres misses a spinning kick and Dy gets Caceres’ back standing. They clinch at the fence and Caceres is landing knees from awkward angles. Dy closes his eye again as they strike. Weird double punch attempt misses from Caceres. Body kick from Caceres. Left hand from Dy lands, followed by an inside low kick. Body kick from Dy and an inside leg kick. Caceres lands a left hand and they clinch. Right hand from Dy. They both land one punch each. Head kick from Caceres. 10-9 Caceres.

Replay shows that it was a punch that landed in the eye. The doctor looks at Dy’s eye, and the referee stops the fight. The doctor said that “visually he’s okay”, but since he’s closing the right eye and not using it, the referee decided to step in and call it.

Kinda anti climactic, but safety first I guess.

Alex Caceres def Rolando Dy by TKO (Doctor’s stoppage), R2.

Justin Scoggins vs. Ulka Sasaki

Round 1 – WOW. They go in and Scoggings suplexes Sasaki very very early in the round. They get back up and they’re in another clinch. Nice clinch takedown by the fence, and they’re scrambling again. Scoggins gets back up, and Sasaki eventually gets a nice takedown. Wild scramble again and now Scoggins is back on top. Sasaki gets back to the feet and lands a knee from the fence. Scoggins lands a few more punches and they clinch again. They reset and Scoggins lands a spinning back kick. Sasaki lands a leg kick. Scoggins with a body kick and a side kick. Sasaki lands two straight punches and tries to use his reach. Scoggins misses a spinning kick, but he lands a left that drops Sasaki! High guard from Sasaki, and Scoggins manages to land some decent ground and pound. More ground and pound from Scoggins until the bell ends. Clear 10-9 for Scoggins.

Round 2 – Big Spinning back kick! and Sasaki is dropped for the second time. Scoggins landing good ground and pound. More hard elbows from the top, and Scoggins defends a few more sweep attempts. Scramble, and Scoggins still winds up on top. Sasaki manages to reverse and goes straight to mount! Now gets his back and tries to finish the RNC! He gets the tap! WOOOOOW. Amazing come from behind victory for Ulka Sasaki!

Ulka Sasaki def. Justin Scoggins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), R2

Li Jingliang vs. Frank Camacho

Round 1 – Big right hand from Camacho! But Leech is firing back. Another massive right hand from Camacho. Right hand from Li. Another overhand right from Camacho. Jab from Li. They clinch briefly. Camacho is pressuring and reverses a takedown attempt from Li. Camacho gets on top, and just lets Li get back up. They trade again. Inside leg kick from Li. Three more weak leg kicks from Li, and Camacho lands another right. Li with a left hook. Two inside leg kicks from Li. They clinch and Li throws him to the mat. They get back up but Li has his back by the fence. Foot stomp from Li and he’s still trying to get a takedown. He gets it. Tries a rear naked choke as the bell rings. 10-9 Camacho because of the early bombs.

Round 2 – Inside leg kick from Li and a jab from Camacho. They trade left hooks. Li shoots, and Camacho defends well by the fence. They clinch, Camacho defends it well. Jab from Li. Jab to the body from Li, followed by a right and a left up top. Camacho seems to be slowing down, he did take this bout on short notice. Leg kick from Li. Inside leg kick and a jab from Li. Two jabs to the body and a teep to the body. Inside leg kick from Li. Camacho throws two more bombs but it misses. Head kick was partially blocked from Li. Left hook lands from Camacho. Three jabs from Li lands, followed by an overhand right. More jabs to the body, and a leg kick from Li. Camacho throws big again, and a right hook lands. He’s slowing down though. Leech lands two leg kicks, and two right hands. Front kick from Li, and now he’s getting loose. Camacho defends a takedown attempt. Round ends. 10-9 Li.

Round 3 – Right hand from Li, followed by a leg kick as he circled out. Jab to the body from Li. Camacho lands a right hand. Leg kick and body kick from Li. Both land good body punches. Right hand from Li. Another one. Camacho tries to catch a leg kick, but it still lands. Another leg kick and Camacho’s leg is looking banged up already. Jab and left hook from Li. Right uppercut from Li followed by a leg kick. More combinations and he ends with a leg kick. BIG right hand from Li, and Camacho screams. He seems to enjoy getting hit. 5 punches connect from Li, and Camacho isn’t countering. More right hands. Big right hand and a big right leg kick from Li. Camacho backs up the fence and Li pours it on. Camacho’s not moving very well on that leg. Right hand up top followed by a jab to the body from Li. Right hand from Li. He throws hard jabs and Camacho just smiles. Big leg kick from Li. Dominant round from Li. Not much offense from Camacho too, so I’ll give this a 10-8 to Li, and 29-27 overall.

Li Jingliang def. Frank Camacho by Decision (Unanimous, 29-27, 28-27, 29-27)

Russell Doane vs. Kwan Ho Kwak

Round 1 – Powerful leg kick from Kwak that puts Doane a little off balance. Kwak catches a leg kick and trips Doane to on the floor. They’re back up. Another good leg kick from Kwak, and both miss powerful punches. Body kick from Kwak. Another leg kick from Kwak, before dodging a few of Doane’s attempts. They trade and Kwak lands a good left hook. Spinning body kick from Doane. Overhand right lands from Kwak followed by a straight right hand. Body kick from Kwak. Doane with a leg kick, and misses with a head kick. They clinch and Doane lands a few good shots. He dropped Kwak! Quick flurry and the fight is over! Wow. He was a bit behind early, one flurry by the fence and it was over that quick.

Russell Doane def. Kwan Ho Kwak by TKO (Punches), R1 4:01.

Naoki Inoue vs. Carls John de Tomas

Round 1 – De Tomas lands a leg kick. Another. De Tomas lands a right hook, and Inoue counters. De Tomas tries a takedown and he lifts Inoue up and slams him. Inoue gets back and is now pushing him to the fence. Inoue lands a few short knees and De Tomas shoots. Beautiful scramble and Inoue takes his back! Body triangle now, and he tries to get a choke. De Tomas is defending well, even throwing punches. Inoue tries to land a few short punches to try and distract to get a choke. CJ gets out, and Inoue tries a triangle, then an armbar. CJ defends them all but after another scramble, he’s back in the bottom. De Tomas regains guard. Inoue lands an elbow from up top and the round ends. Clear 10-9 round for Inoue.

Round 2 – CJ with a jab. They trade body kicks. Inoue lands a jab. CJ looking to have slowed a little. Leg kick from Inoue. CJ with a jab. Big counter right hand from CJ, and an inside leg kick. CJ parries and slips a few jabs, and Inoue lands a counter leg kick. Overhand left and a right hook lands from CJ. Inoue lands a nice straight right. Nice inside leg kick from CJ. He checks Inoue’s attempt to get it back. Inside leg kick from CJ. Another inside leg kick from CJ, but Inoue lands a good straight right. CJ shoots and Inoue scrambles from the sprawl position to get the back. Inoue landing a lot of short shots from the back. Inoue trying a mounted triangle, switches to the armbar, and CJ defends. They scramble and Inoue spins to the back again. He’s trying another choke, and moves to another armbar attempt. These are slick transitions. Inoue has a pretty good armbar locked in as the round ends! 10-8 Inoue.

Round 3 – Leg kick from CJ. Inoue shoots and CJ sidesteps it completely. Inoue with an inside leg kick and a right straight. Inoue shoots and CJ defends by landing really good elbows. Inoue seems to have been hurt a little. Inoue gives up on the takedown, fakes a guillotine attempt, and creates another scramble. Amazing transition again and now he has CJ’s back. He locks in a body triangle and tries another rear naked choke. CJ is defending well, but he’s losing the round. A scramble again. They get on the feet with CJ getting the back. Scramble and now CJ tries a choke. Inoue defends and gets top position. Fun pace on the ground, but it’s mostly Inoue winning all the grappling exchanges. Inoue landing elbows and ground and pound. Round ends and another 10-9 round for Inoue, making it a 30-26 win in my card.

Naoki Inoue def. CJ De Tomas by Decision (Unanimous 30-26 x3)

Ji Yeon Kim vs. Lucie Pudilova

Round 1 – Kim lands a one two. Kim counters a leg kick with another punch. They land a few punches, but nothing big just yet. Pudilova pumping out jabs, but Kim is trying to slip or roll with them. Kim times another inside leg kick with an over hand, and they both trade in the pocket. Pudilova’s jab is getting countered quite a bit and her face is getting a bit red. Nice kick and a nice jab from Pudilova. Kim dodges a few more attempts, and slips another jab. More of the same, Pudilova tries to establish a jab, but it isn’t quite landing. Inside leg kick and jab from Kim. Two more strikes land from Kim. Pudilova lands a jab. Each land right hands. Pudilova misses with a superman punch, and gets countered. Front kick and a left hook from Pudilova and they’re trading. Right hand and a head kick lands from Kim. Nice superman punch and a jab lands from Pudilova. Close round, but I’ll give it 10-9 for Kim.

Round 2 – Both paw at each other and nothing much lands on the opening minute. Right hook from Kim lands after throwing a combination. Right leg kick and two hooks land up top from Kim. Pudilova now bleeding, and pushes Kim up the fence. They’re just holding on not landing much strikes. Kim has double underhooks and is landing a few knees, but her back is still at the cage. Referee breaks them up and they reset. Overhand and uppercut lands from Kim. A jab lands too. Kim blocks a body kick and parries a few jabs. Kim lands three right hands in a row, and Pudilova pushes her up to the fence again. Not much offense is generated again. Round ends on the fence, and that’s a clear 10-9 for Kim.

Round 3 – Pudilova clinches immediately. She lands an elbow by the fence. Kim gets double underhooks, and they’re back in a stalemate. Referee asks them to work, and nothing much happens so they’re reset. Kim lands a right hand. Pudilova throws a combination and pushes Kim back to the fence. Pudilova tries a guillotine but Kim seems to be defending well. She adjusts and cranks on it and the choke looks tighter. Kim sits on the floor and drops to the ground to defend. Pudilova now has top control in half guard, but she’s stil holding on to the choke and rolled to the bottom. She’s trying to finish the choke in full guard but she doesn’t have the leverage. Kim gets out and she’s now on top. They get back on the feet and Kim lands another right hand. Pudilova now clinches again. She tries another guillotine. Lands a knee from the position. Round ends and that’s a tough round to score. Pudilova had one good submission attempt, but not much offense. Kim landed a few more strikes, but didn’t have a lot of volume either. To me that’s a 10-10, making it a 30-28 win for Kim, but I expect the scores to be all over the place.


Lucie Pudilova def Ji Yeon Kim by Unanimous Decision (29-28), and both seem surprised at the result.

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