Miesha Tate sides with Cris ‘Cyborg’: She should have hit ‘bully’ Angela Magana harder

UFC women's strawweight contender Angela Magana isn't so popular among her fellow fighters. 'Your Majesty', who has yet to win a fight under the…

By: Lewis McKeever | 6 years ago
Miesha Tate sides with Cris ‘Cyborg’: She should have hit ‘bully’ Angela Magana harder
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UFC women’s strawweight contender Angela Magana isn’t so popular among her fellow fighters.

‘Your Majesty’, who has yet to win a fight under the UFC banner, was hit by featherweight wrecking ball Cristiane Justino — better known as Cris Cyborg — during an altercation at the UFC Athlete Retreat last month.

Cyborg confronted Magana over a series of insults on social media, punching the 33-year-old at a social event that was supposed to bring the fighters closer together.

Magana filed charges for assault and Santos has reportedly been cited for battery. The “criminal is getting arrested soon,” Magana posted on Twitter shortly after filing charges.

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion and fan favorite Miesha Tate, who has been subject to Magana’s trolling antics on social media, told reporters at a pre-UFC 212 scrum in Rio de Janeiro that Cyborg should have hit the ‘bully’ harder.

“That was a great day for me, I thought it was wonderful,” Tate said of the altercation between Cyborg and Magana, per MMA Fighting’s Dave Doyle. “I wish she would have punched Angela harder. Angela is a bully, you know? She’s like a child who never grew up.”

UFC head promoter Dana White believes Santos was being cyber bullied by Magana but does not condone the Brazilian’s actions.

White objectively labelled Cyborg’s actions as assault, but ‘Cupcake’ thinks Magana deserved what she got.

“It’s not right,” Tate said of online bullying. “And I think that there should be harsher consequences for people who publicly bully people on the internet in person, everything. So, I think she had it coming, and I don’t blame Cyborg a bit.”

“I hope that the legal system looks at everything, because [Magana] really had it coming. So I’m Team Cyborg all the way with that.”

Tate, 30, retired from MMA last year but secured a job as a fight analyst for FOX Sports. The Washington-born fighter is a former UFC and Strikeforce bantamweight champion.

Bloody Elbow will keep you updated on the latest developments surrounding Cyborg and Magana.

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