Germaine De Randamie seems set to abandon the women’s featherweight division

It appears that being UFC champion isn’t always worth the trouble. Especially not if that trouble comes in the form Cristiane Justino, better known…

By: Zane Simon | 7 years ago
Germaine De Randamie seems set to abandon the women’s featherweight division
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It appears that being UFC champion isn’t always worth the trouble. Especially not if that trouble comes in the form Cristiane Justino, better known as Cris Cyborg. Germaine de Randamie won the inagural UFC women’s featherweight title back in February with a decision over Holly Holm. Since then, the only question on anyone’s lips has been: When will GDR fight Cyborg?

The answer looks more and more like: Never.

Trouble started brewing last week, when De Randamie’s manager told MMA Fighting that the champion would “never” face “known and proven cheater” Cris Cyborg. While the word of a fighters’ manager should always be taken with a grain of salt, De Randamie has since released a series of statements over social media, telling fans that she’s now focused on returning to the bantamweight division (translation via, emphasis mine).

Dear All,

It’s been a while since I posted something. But because of the commotion that I have come to feel, I feel the need to hear something from me and to clear the air (as far as possible). It is absolutely not so that everything that is said makes me do nothing. Also, I am a human being and I also have feelings. Despite the fact that I’m always positive, the comments make me more than I had hoped. The positive but also the negative.

The fight between me and Chris Cyborg was offered to me last November. Even then, I had all my reservations but I accepted the fight. Chris Cyborg has rejected the fight because she could not get the weight of 66 kilos in twelve weeks time. One month later, she was visited by the USADA and did not pass the test. The rest of the story is known.

My reason for rejecting the fight now has nothing but nothing at all to do with my fear.

I believe that if you want to do sports you do this without any means that can affect the muscle mass. I – as a top athlete – always trained, always watched my food and put 18 years of my life on sports, without using just one means that is not allowed.

Everyone has his or her opinion on this and that may. But that people think to know what my motives are / do not put me in the cold clothes.

I work full time and irregularly, which takes a lot of time. In addition, there is still a lot of unclear about my hand. I have an appointment with the doctor on 14 June, and it will be decided whether or not to be operated. This option should also be considered for me because there is a great chance that my tendons / nerves can cause such damage that I could not use my hand more optimally.

During the negotiations on the battle with Holly Holm, I said in advance that after this fight I want to return to my natural weight class of 61 kilos. My task has not been completed yet

The UFC has promised me that this would be no problem and I can just return to my natural weight class.

This is why I am focusing on this moment.

When I fell in love with the martial arts 18 years ago, I had 1 goal. Share my great love with others who have the same love for martial arts as me !! This is my goal and will always remain my goal.

I want to thank everybody who has always stood before me and still support me through thick and thin !! You guys rock.

For all the haters; Two Baths !! “The IronLady” is far from done

It looks like the UFC’s featherweight division is about to be cut back down to Cyborg alone again, along with anyone the promotion can bring in to face her from fight to fight. It’s unclear yet whether De Randamie will vacate her title or whether the UFC will strip her of the belt, but it certainly sounds like she’s prepared for that eventuality.

And that leaves the world’s largest MMA promotion with a fighter fans want to see, but nobody wants to fight, in a division they can’t seem to start building.

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