Anton Tabuena’s feature tries to bring readers along the rollercoaster ride of emotions and events involved before, during and after fighting. Bloody Elbow’s Managing Editor opens up and tries to give readers a fun and unique perspective as a writer trying to compete in the various sports he’s been covering for years.

Below is an updated list of the on-going series:

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From Writing to Fighting – [ Opening Round | Second Round ]:

Anton fights for the very first time, jumping into the deep end and competing on back-to-back days for a tournament at the Muay Thai National Championships.

From Writing to Fighting – [ Brothers in Arms | Millennial Medals ]:

Anton and his brother Paolo both compete in kickboxing, learning about the struggles and emotions involved of cornering and competing back to back.

From Writing to Fighting – [ Coaching a Colleague | Preparing for Pressure ]:

Anton dives into coaching, as his brother Paolo competes in kickboxing, and fellow Bloody Elbow writer Milan Ordonez fights in MMA.

From Writing to Fighting – [ Colleagues Competing | Bloody Debut ]:

Bloody Elbow’s Milan Ordonez competes in another fight, while Anton gets bloodied up during his mixed martial arts debut.

From Writing to Fighting – [ Thailand Part 1 | Thailand Part 2 ]:

Anton flies to Thailand and details his experiences making his professional debut in the mecca of Muay Thai.

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Anton Tabuena
Anton Tabuena

Anton Tabuena is the Managing Editor for Bloody Elbow. He’s been covering MMA and combat sports since 2009, and has also fought in MMA, Muay Thai and kickboxing.

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