Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. live results, discussion, round by round coverage

Join Bloody Elbow tonight, Saturday, May 6 for live fight night coverage of Canelo Alvarez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. Canelo vs. Chavez Jr.…

By: Fraser Coffeen | 7 years ago
Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. live results, discussion, round by round coverage
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Join Bloody Elbow tonight, Saturday, May 6 for live fight night coverage of Canelo Alvarez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. airs live tonight on PPV with a fight time of 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT. We will have round by round coverage and live discussion right here, and stay with Bloody Elbow for live updates and analysis all night.

The main event here has turned into an interesting grudge match with two men fighting for the pride of Mexican boxing. On one side, you have Canelo Alvarez, the A side attraction here and one of boxing’s #1 draws today. But also a man whose reputation has taken a big hit ever since winning the Middleweight title. On the other side is Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., the son of the legendary champion and one of the most frustrating fighters in recent years. But also a man whose reputation seems to be on the upswing as he comes in motivated and dedicated to defending the honor of Mexico tonight. It makes for a very interesting fight.

The rest of the PPV card includes some good names in action. David Lemieux is in the co-main event and looks to impress in the hopes of setting up a future match with Canelo. Lucas Matthysse makes a much anticipated return to the ring here. And Jospeh Diaz, Jr. takes a nice step forward in his career. Should be a fun night all around.

Here is the full fight card, with live streaming results, and round by round coverage for the main event.

PPV, Sat. May 6, 9:00 p.m. ET

Canelo Alvarez def. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., UD (120-108, 120-108, 120-108)
David Lemieux def. Marcos Reyes, UD (99-90, 99-90, 98-91)
Lucas Matthysse def. Emanuel Taylor, KO (Round 5, 2:21)
Joseph Diaz Jr. def. Manuel Avila, UD (100-90, 99-91, 99-91)


Round 1: Both men circling in the center, fighting at distance, exchanging shots. Canelo is able to pretty consistently find the holes here, landing a variety of punches, including stiff jabs that snap Chavez’s head back. Chavez does get in one of his excellent hooks to the body, but overall, he’s not landing at all like Canelo yet. 10-9 Canelo

Round 2: Canelo starts to get his combinations going here, and they are working well for him, as he starts to land multiple shots on a somewhat stationary Chavez. Chavez manages at one point to back Canelo into the ropes and looks to get inside and make it a rough fight, but before much can happen there, Chavez lets him free. Chavez is not throwing much, and what he’s throwing, he’s not landing. 10-9 Canelo

Round 3: One minute in, Canelo lands the night’s best punch yet – a hard right hand that stuns Chavez briefly. The two continue to fight in the middle of the ring, with Chavez allowing it to be a distance boxing match, not getting inside as many expected him to. Chavez again moves it to the ropes, but Canelo punches his way out. Chavez ends the round with a bloody nose and very few positives from the first 3 rounds. 10-9 Canelo; 30-27 after 3

Round 4: Canelo now leading, forcing Chavez onto the back foot. Canelo using his speed well to explode inside with shots that catch Chavez, with Chavez finding no room for he counter shot. Halfway through, Canelo lands a series of shots that seem to hurt Chavez. Chavez is shutting down at this point, throwing only 8 punches in the back half of the round. This is very lopsided right now. 10-9 Canelo

Round 5: At this point, Chavez is completely yielding ring control to Canelo. Chavez is circling the outside as Canelo follows and keeps landing hard shots, mostly building off that snapping jab that Chavez still can’t stop from landing clean. Canelo lands a hard right that catches Chavez off balance. He follows that up by bringing the same right down to the body when Chavez covers the head. Chavez is not throwing anything. 10-9 Canelo

Round 6: Canelo continues to control things with combos from the outside. Chavez does get inside, coming head to head in a phone booth with Canelo, but doesn’t really throw from that position. Canelo at one point seems to back in to the ropes and allow Chavez to come in and throw, but Chavez lands nothing clean and as soon as Canelo fires back and lands counters with his own back on the ropes, Chavez retreats to the center of the ring. It’s hard to see a path to a Chavez victory at this point. 10-9 Canelo; 60-54 after 6

Round 7: Canelo hurting him early with those combinations, but Chavez seems to come alive when he gets Canelo against the ropes. Chavez gets a good rally against the ropes going, but Canelo blasts back hard with a big combo pushing off the ropes that forces Chavez into retreat mode. Canelo throwing all his shots with power now, landing consistent big shots on Chavez throughout with no trouble. 10-9 Canelo

Round 8: Again the action goes to the ropes, and again Chavez throws more than he has been throwing in the center, connecting a few times on Canelo. But as we have seen before, Canelo lands the counter off the ropes, and Chavez lets him out. Back in the center, Canelo takes the round a bit slower in terms of offensive output, though he does have a nice combo 2 minutes in that lands hard on Chavez. Despite Canelo taking this one easier, Chavez still can’t find him much, as his punches are coming too slow and Canelo evades them easily. Chavez’s best round I guess, but mostly by default. 10-9 Canelo

Round 9: Chavez again takes it to the ropes, and again throws more, though this time has more success. Chavez lands low, which leads to the two grappling a bit once it gets center ring. But they go back to the ropes after that and again Chavez lands. For the first time, I would not be surprised to hear that Chavez landed more shots in the round than Canelo, but nothing he does seems to hurt Canelo, while Canelo’s jabs and rights are impacting Chavez. 10-9 Canelo; 90-81 after 9

Round 10: What is there to say at this point? Canelo does anything he wants, Chavez does nothing. This one takes place entirely in the center, which means Chavez basically doesn’t have a single moment of success. 10-9 Canelo

Round 11: Nothing new to report. Chavez circles away, Canelo lands at will, Chavez barely throws and never hurts Canelo. Highest drama comes from a brief debate as to weather or not a Canelo body shot was low. 10-9 Canelo

Round 12: A carbon copy of rounds 10 and 11. At no point in the final 3 rounds did Chavez turn up the volume and attempt literally anything. Canelo dominates – but when all is said and done, is it a performance that actually reflects positively on him in any way? 10-9 Canelo

Bloody Elbow score: 120-108 Canelo

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