Bellator 174: Coenen vs. Budd streaming video, live results, and play-by-play

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By: Tim Burke | 7 years ago
Bellator 174: Coenen vs. Budd streaming video, live results, and play-by-play
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, streaming video (prelims) and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 174 comes to the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

The headliner of tonight’s show will see the promotion declare their first women’s featherweight champion, as veteran Marloes Coenen takes on Julia Budd in a five-rounder.

You can watch all of the prelim action starting at 7pm ET by watching the video stream at the top of the page. There will be five preliminary fights there before the broadcast switches over to Spike TV at 9pm ET for the main card. Join us and let us know what you think of the fights tonight.

Main Card (9pm ET)

Charles Hackmann vs. Rafael Lovato

Round 1 – Lovato lands a head kick and two knees. Hackmann is back against the fence eating punches. And it’s over in like 11 seconds. Wow.

Okay it was 13. My bad.

Rafael Lovato defeated Charles Hackmann by TKO (strikes), :13 of round 1

Roman Pizzolato vs. Justin Wren

Round 1 – They clinch up and Wren lands a knee to the body. He gets an emphatic takedown and briefly works from side control, but Pizzolato popped up quick. Wren worked a front headlock, then moved to the back while landing punches. He can’t sink a choke. Wren with a huge back suplex! More punches. Big shots and he’s into mount. Pizzolato is just covering up. Wren looking for an arm triangle now. Pizzolato taps out.

Justin Wren defeated Roman Pizzolato by submission (arm-triangle choke), 2:35 of round 1

Fernando Gonzalez vs. Brandon Girtz

Round 1 – Timid start. Girtz with a winging left. Wirtz caught a kick and took it to the floor. Gonzalez looked for a guillotine. Girtz tried to pass and got thrown off. Inside leg kick from Girtz. Nice combo from Girtz and a takedown. Gonzalez threatens with a guillotine again and immediately returns to the feet. Hard outside leg kick from Gonzalez. Combo from Girtz, and he follows it up by ripping to the body. Gonzalez just missed with a home run shot. Another takedown. Gonzalez back up again. He wades in with a combo that connects. Girtz is backing off a bit now. Gonzalez with a knee. 10-9 Girtz.

Round 2 – Guess what Girtz did early? Yeah, he got a takedown. Guess what Gonzalez used to get up? Yeah, he threatened a guillotine. Yet another takedown and this time he passes to side control. He just can’t hold the bigger man down for any length of time though. Gonzalez starting to get more active with his hands. Nice right hook from Girtz. Front kick from Gonzalez and another takedown. He rarely puts Gonzalez all the way on his back though, and he got up again within five seconds. Nice uppercut from Girtz. Overhand right from Girtz. Gonzalez just smiles at it. Another takedown. Another guillotine. Another return to the feet. Hard combo from Gonzalez that ended with a straight left. Body kick from Gonzalez. Two uppercuts from Gonzalez. Girtz fires back with a left hook and a low kick. They’re both throwing at the horn. 10-9 Girtz.

Round 3 – Body kick from Gonzalez that strayed a little low. He takes 45 seconds or so to recover. Gonzalez with an outside leg kick. Girtz firing lefts. Gonzalez finally stopped a takedown attempt. Girtz tried again and got it that time. He moved to side. Gonzalez gave up his back immediately and returned to his feet. Gonzalez showing some urgency on the feet now. Hard left hook. Girtz is landing punches but Gonzalez isn’t even flinching. Gonzalez stuffed another shot. Left hook and a front kick from Gonzalez. Two left hooks from Girtz. Gonzalez landed a left and Girtz looks a little wobbly. He fired back with a hard uppercut though. Another takedown stuffed. Gonzalez with three left hooks. Uppercut. Girtz is eating a lot here but not backing down. Another hard straight right from Gonzalez. Girtz with a takedown. Gonzalez uses the guillotine to pancake him and get up. Gonzalez goes head/body with left hooks. 10-9 Gonzalez. I have it 29-28 Girtz, but the second round will decide it.

Fernando Gonzalez defeated Brandon Girtz by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-26)

Not sure how two judges gave Gonzalez the first. He didn’t do anything.

Marloes Coenen vs. Julia Budd (women’s featherweight title)

Round 1 – Slow start. Budd gets a takedown a minute in. Budd has her against hte cage where she Coenen can’t get her guard game going. Budd stacked her up and landed to the body a few times. Coenen is punching from the bottom. Coenen looking for a triangle. Not much going on. Couple of elbows from Budd. 10-9 Budd.

Round 2 – Easy takedown from Budd, and she works from side control. North south. Budd barely landing any strikes, just maintaining position. Budd looking for a D’Arce choke. Coenen gets back to full guard. She’s against the cage again though. Coenen trying to frame up a triangle again but she doesn’t have the room. This is pretty dull. 10-9 Budd.

Round 3 – Right hook from Coenen. They clinch up. Budd bullies her to the ground again. Budd was in half but she actually moved herself back into full guard. WEird. Back to half. John McCarthy has had enough of the inactivity halfway through the round and stands them up. They trade punches. Budd gets the Thai clinch and a takedown. She’s looking for an arm triangle. Now she takes the back. Elbow to the head. Budd moves Coenen to het back and works from half with a few punches. Short elbows. 10-9 Budd.

Round 4 – An aggressive takedown 15 seconds in. All of these rounds look basically the same. She’s in side and actually moves to mount this time. Budd opens up with strikes for the first time. Coenen is just covering up. Tons and tons of punches but a lot are getting blocked, so McCarthy is letting it go. She’s expending a lot of energy. Big John warning Marloes to move, and he finally stops it. Julia Budd is your new Bellator women’s featherweight champion.

Julia Budd defeated Marloes Coenen via TKO (lots of strikes), 2:42 of round 4

Preliminary Card (7pm ET)

Emmanuel Rivera defeated Treston Thomison by decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Gabrielle Holloway defeated Alexis Dufresne by TKO (strikes), 2:53 of round 2

Cody Pfister defeated Jonathan Gary by submission (rear naked choke), 4:04 of round 1

Emily Ducote defeated Katy Collins by submission (rear naked choke), 2:53 of round 1

Justin Patterson defeated Jason Witt by TKO (strikes), :13 of round 3

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