UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Penn live results, discussion, play by play

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Penn goes down in…

By: Eddie Mercado | 6 years ago
UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Penn live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Penn goes down in Phoenix, Arizona. If you’d like, you can also refer to the show as UFC Fight Night 103.

The headliner will take place in the heavyweight division, with up and coming young gun Yair Rodriguez taking on B.J. Penn, who is returning to the Octagon for the first time since 2014.

The Exclusive Fight Pass Prelims will air at approximately 6:15pm EST/3:15pm PST. The Prelims can be seen on FOX Sports 1 at 8:00 P.M. EST/5:00 P.M. PST and will spill over into the main card at 10:00 P.M. EST/7:00 P.M. PST. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each match up. You can also read a preview of the main card here.

Preliminary Card (Fight Pass)

Cyril Asker vs. Dmitry Smolyakov

Round 1- A lot of space between the big men as they feel each other out a bit. Asker lands a 1-2. Body shot lands for Smolyakov, but so does an eye poke. The action resumes and Asker shoots in and secures a takedown. Smolyakov starts to unload from the bottom with hammer fists. Asker moves to the full mount and uncorks punches in bunches. Smolyakov is blocking the bulk of the strikes, but Asker will not stop landing leather. The referee had no choice but to stop the fight.

Cyril Asker def. Dmitry Smolyakov by TKO at 2:41 of round 1.

Joachim Christensen vs. Bojan Mihajlovic

Round 1- Christensen takes the center and begins to attack the body of Mihajlovic. A brief clinch, and Mihajlovic leaps in with a wild overhand right. Christensen countered with a right of his own. The light heavyweights exchange punches but Christensen sends Mihajlovic to the canvas with a straight right. Christensen finds a home in the full guard of Mihajlovic and begins to land some short shots. Mihajlovic seems comfortable holding on as the referee calls for action. Christensen posturing up, throws down some heavier strikes. Mihajlovic ties up his opponent as the referee warns of a standup. Christensen towers over Mihajlovic and then returns to his full guard. Heel strikes land for Mihajlovic from the bottom. The referee stands it up. They begin to trade punches on the feet and some short uppercuts land for Christensen. 10-9 Christensen.

Round 2- Christensen presses forward as Mihajlovic backs up to the cage. Overhand left misses for Mihajlovic and Christensen returns a left of his own. Mihajlovic presses Christensen against the cage with over-under control. They separate and a big right hand whiffs for Christensen. Christensen grabs the Thai Plum and presses Mihajlovic against the fence, teeing off with knees to the body. Kick lands low for Christensen and the time is stopped. Action resumes and a big right left combo misses for Mihajlovic. Christensen presses Mihajlovic against the fence again and Mihajlovic throws a right hand. Mihajlovic leaps in with a looping left followed by a leg kick. Right uppercut lands for Christensen as Mihajlovic encourages a brawl. Christensen presses Mihajlovic against the cage again, and lands short punches to body followed by a knee to the same area. Christensen grabs a front headlock and barely misses a knee as the bell sounds. 10-9 Christensen.

Round 3- Christensen immediately closes the distance and resumes his clinch game on the cage. Mihajlovic is stuck against the cage, forced to eat chipping knees from Christensen. They separate and Mihajlovic lands a big leg kick that buckles his opponent. Christensen again presses Mihajlovic against the cage. They separate and Christensen lands a monstrous right uppercut the drops Mihajlovic like a sack of potatoes. This one is over.

Joachim Christensen def. Bojan Mihajlovic by TKO at 2:05 of round 3

Walt Harris vs. Chase Sherman

Round 1- Harris takes the center and lands a jab. Sherman is light on his feet, playing the outside. Harris throws a 1-2 from the southpaw stance. Sherman feints a jab and lands a body cross. Harris returns fire with a body quick. Sherman complains of an eye poke but the referee didn’t see it. Right hand lands for Sherman. Inside leg kick lands for Harris. Sherman returns an outside leg kick. Harris lands a right hand and begins to turn up. Harris lands a foot to the cup while throwing a knee to the body. Referee calls time. Action resumes and Harris lands a flush southpaw cross. Sherman responds with a three punch combo. Right uppercut from Sherman turns into a left hand for Harris. Leg kick lands for Sherman, and another. A 1-2 scores for Harris. The big men clinch up as the round ends. 10-9 Harris

Round 2- A head kick misses to start the second frame. A push kick lands for Harris. Harris misses with a big cross. Sherman lands to the outside of Harris’ leg. A big right lands for Sherman but Harris returns with a flurry. Jumping body kick lands for Harris. Harris lands a jab followed by a big left hook, but Sherman eats it. Body cross lands for Harris. A left cross, right hook, Thai plum knee, left hook, right hand combo drops Sherman! A few hammer fists and that’s a wrap!

Walt Harris def. Chase Sherman by TKO at 2:41 of round 2

Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger vs. Nina Ansaroff

Round 1- Push kick lands for Ansaroff followed by a body kick. Leg kick lands for Ansaroff. Jab to overhand right lands for Jones-Lybarger. Ansaroff unloads an uppercut as they clinch. Jones-Lybarger attacks the leg then lands another overhand right. They exchange crosses. Ansaroff throws a jab but Jones-Lybarger slips off the center line. Another jab to overhand right from Jones-Lybarger. Stiff jab jars Jones-Lybarger. Jones-Lybarger gets close and Ansaroff goes back to the uppercuts. Ansaroff catches a kick and follows her opponent to the ground. Ansaroff begins chipping away with short shots from full guard. Jones-Lybarger locks up Ansaroff’s wrists and looks for an armbar but Ansaroff is having none of it. Solid punches from the top land for Ansaroff as the round expires. 10-9 Ansaroff.

Round 2- Jones-Lybarger opens the round with another looping overhand right, but misses. Leg kick from Ansaroff drops Jones-Lybarger. Ansaroff is working from half guard looking to improve position. Ansaroff transitions to the back and attacks the neck. Jones-Lybarger is defending the choke well, but Ansaroff moves towards an arm triangle. Jones-Lybarger continues to display her submission defense, but eats a big punch in the process. Ansaroff begins teeing off and finds her way to full mount. Jones-Lybarger rolls and Ansaroff is glad to take the back. Ansaroff continues to look for a Rear-Naked Choke, and finishes the round in the dominant position. 10-8 Ansaroff.

Round 3- Jones-Lybarger throws a jab to overhand but there isn’t much sting on it. Ansaroff seems content to stay out of range while pumping her jab. The overhand right lands for Jones-Lybarger but seemed to have no effect. Jones-Lybarger is pressing forward. Left hook lands for Ansaroff followed by a sweeping leg kick that drops Jones-Lybarger. Ansaroff moves back into the full mount with relative ease. Ansaroff takes the back as Jones-Lybarger rolls. Some ground strikes score in an attempt to open up the RNC. Ansaroff sinks the choke, but Jones-Lybarger is hanging tough. Ansaroff stays with it and gets the tap!

Nina Ansaroff def. Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger by Submission (RNC) at 3:39 of round 3

Preliminary Card (FS1)

Tony Martin vs. Alex White

Round 1- Martin lands a right hand right off the bat and follows up with a head kick. Martin presses White against the cage lets him have a knee. Martin breaks his cup and there is a stop in the action. Yes, he broke his cup. A replacement cup is found and the fight resumes. Martin punches his way into the clinch but White goes ballistic with the hooks and Martin disengages. Martin shoots in and gets the takedown. Martin begins to look for a Kimora from half guard. White defends well, so Martin starts to deliver some elbows from the top. Martin is holding the half guard position while being able to stay busy enough to not be stood up. Martin looks for the Kimora again, this time, he has his hands clasped and passes side control. Martin bails on the submission and returns to unloading ground strikes. Martin moves to knee on belly, but gives enough space for White to retain guard. Big punch from the top lands for Martin as the round ends. 10-9 Martin

Round 2- White takes the center and lands a right hook that stuns Martin. Martin changes levels and puts White on his back. From full guard, Martin lands small punches as he looks for a way to pass. Martin passes to side control and resumes the short shots. Martin is smothering with his pressure and makes his way to full mount. White bucks him off and goes for a double leg takedown of his own. White achieves the takedown, but Martin scrambles to his feet. Martin commits to a standing Kimora as he falls to the mat, but Whit shrugs it off. Martin presses White against the fence and holds him there as the round ends. 10-9 White

Round 3- Martin shoots right away but White defends well. White scores with some Travis Browne elbows, as his back is to the cage. Martin tees off with several knees to the leg of White before dropping back down for a takedown. White returns to the elbows, and Martin returns to the clinch. Martin relentlessly launches knees from the clinch. White goes for a high-elbow Guillotine but Martin escapes before any real danger. Martin pushes White to fence, yet again, and continues to chip away with the knees. White attacks the neck again but Martin recognizes it instantly, and secures double underhooks. The crowd grows restless as White is unable to get his back off of the cage as the round closes. 10-9 Martin

Tony Martin def. Alex White by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Oleksiy Oliynyk vs. Viktor Pesta

Round 1- Oliynyk presses forward throwing a few overhand rights. A right left combo misses for Oliynyk. Oliynyk presses Pesta against the cage, looking for the takedown. Pesta turns Oliynyk into the cage and earns a takedown off of a body lock. Pesta lands in half guard and begins to unload some punches to the face of Oliynyk. Pesta moves to the front head lock, and then to the back where he lands some substantial strikes. Oliynyk scrambles and Pesta moves into the full mount. Oliynyk pulls off an Ezekiel choke from the bottom! Unorthodox submission win for Oliynyk!

Oleksiy Oliynyk def. Viktor Pesta by Submission (Ezekiel Choke) at 2:57 of round 1

Frankie Saenz vs. Augusto Mendes

Round 1- Mendes takes the center as Saenz plays the outside. Right uppercut to left hook scores for Saenz. Mendes achieves double underhooks but Saenz defends well and separates. Leg kick lands for Mendes. Body kick feint to leg kick lands for Saenz. Left lands to the jaw of Saenz. A flurry from Mendes resulted in a brief clinch where Saenz lands a knee to the body. Overhand right lands for Saenz. Right hand lands for Mendes that set up a trip. Mendes tries to hold position but Saenz returns to his feet. Mendes stays on Saenz with the punches and presses Saenz to the cage. Saenz finds the Thai clinch and lands a knee to the body to which Mendes responds with a uppercut. Head kick is blocked for Mendes and the frenetic round is over. 10-9 Mendes

Round 2- Mendes clinches up but is met with a knee from Saenz. Mendes rocks Saenz with a left hand and throws straight right hands. Saenz seems to have recovered, but is taken down by Mendes. Saenz scrambles back to his feet, but is taken down again. Saenz returns to his feet and lands a devastating elbow that floors Mendes. Mendes returns to his feet and throws a head kick that is blocked. Saenz leaps in and lands a right hand after a 1-2 misses. Saenz continues to leap in and score with punches. Saenz leaps in with a heavy right hand that hurts Mendes. Mendes lands a right of his own and closes the distance. Saenz turns and puts Mendes against the fence. They break and Saenz misses with a elbow. Saenz blasts his right hand and shoots for a takedown to no avail. 10-9 Saenz

Round 3- Inside leg kick lands for Saenz. A straight right hand lands for Mendes and Saenz swings back with a right of his own. Both men flurry and Saenz appears to be wobbled. Mendes rushes in and Saenz grabs the Plum and launches knees. Saenz is pressing Mendes against the cage, seeming to have recovered. Mendes with a brief reversal before his back returns to the cage. They separate and Mendes takes the center. Saenz leaps in with a big right hand that lands. Both men miss with a right hand. Saenz misses an overhand right and Mendes shoots in with a double leg. Saenz gets right back up and finds a way to hold Mendes against the cage. A knee to the body lands for Saenz and they break apart. Overhand right lands for Saenz and a left lands for Mendes. Mendes shoots another double to achieve the takedown, but again, Saenz pops right back up. The final bell sounds. 10-9 Mendes

Augusto Mendes def. Frankie Saenz by split decision (29-28 Saenz, 29-28 Mendes, 29-28 Mendes)

Devin Powell vs. Drakkar Klose

Round 1- Klose comes forward and starts throwing bombs that back Powell to the cage. Klose lands an elbow in the clinch, and Powell responds with some knees. Klose lands a solid knee and continues to control Powell on the fence. Powell lands some short knees with his back to cage and while holding on to a whizzer. Klose lands another clean knee the the gut of Powell. The men break apart and seem to catch their breath a bit. Head kick misses for Powell and a counter right misses for Klose. Klose socks Powell with a right and engages in the clinch. Klose with a near slam puts Powell on his back and towers over him. The referee allows Powell to return to his feet. Klose puts his hands up in frustration as Powell stays on the outside. Klose rushes in and clinches with Powell as time expires. 10-9 Klose

Round 2- Powell misses with a head kick as Klose rushes forward. Powell begins to run away but Klose grabs the back and gets Powell down. The referee makes Powell stand up and Klose engages, landing clean punches to the jaw. Powell is hanging tough and lands some elbows on the inside. Powell eats another right hand and returns fire with a body kick. Klose presses Powell against the fence, after no action, he disengages. They clinch up in the middle of the cage and Powell lands and elbow on the break. Superman punch scores for Klose. A big knee lands for Klose to the body of Powell. Klose gets an easy takedown as the 10 sticks sound off. Klose finishes the round on top. 10-9 Klose

Round 3- Klose feints in as Powell keeps his distance. Inside leg kick lands for Powell. Right hand to left body kick lands for Klose. Klose clinches against the cage, and lands a foot stomp. Klose engages in conversation with Daniel Cormier while controlling Powell on the fence. The referee separates the fighters and Klose takes the center and puts his hands in the air in a taunting manor. Right hand to body kick lands again for Klose. Uppercut lands for Powell. Leg kick scores for Klose. Inside leg kick scores now for Klose. Powell throws a body kick but eats an uppercut for his troubles. Klose presses the action the cage where Powell has been unable to find an answer. The referee breaks it up and the men trade as the round expires. 10-9 Klose

Drakkar Klose def. Devin Powell by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Main Card (FS1)

Sergio Pettis vs. John Moraga

Round 1- Pettis begins southpaw to which Moraga launches an inside leg kick. Pettis with a 2 piece combo barely misses. Pettis pumps his jab, giving Moraga difficulties. Moraga ties up and works Pettis to the cage. They break, and Pettis misses a high kick. A cut has emerged under the left eye of Moraga. Pettis is getting loose as he begins to mix up his combos. Switching stances, Pettis continues to give Moraga a different look. Inside leg kick lands for Moraga. A big right hand from Moraga jars Pettis. Pettis shoots in on Moraga. They separate and Pettis returns to southpaw. Moraga lands a big right but got tagged with a left from Pettis. A straight right hand to the face drops Moraga in the closing seconds. 10-9 Pettis

Round 2- Moraga lands a right hand to start the second stanza, but Pettis returns with a left hand. Inside leg kick lands for Moraga. The flyweights trade punches in the middle of the octagon. Moraga shoots in and Pettis jumps a Guillotine ti no avail. Back on the feet, Moraga lands a right hand. Moraga starts to land with the jab as Pettis must account for the takedown. Pettis presses forward and eats a right hand to land a left hand. Moraga grabs a single leg and walks Pettis to the cage. Pettis frees himself and throws on the break. Pettis returns to the jab. Overhand right to takedown attempt for Moraga. Pettis attempts another Guillotine and uses it to escape the fence. Switch kick is blocked by Moraga. Jab lands for Pettis as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Moraga

Round 3- Pettis pushes forward with straight punches but eats a check hook from Moraga. Moraga lands another left hook as Pettis comes forward, and another one. Pettis throws a head kick off of the jab that partially lands. Moraga goes back to the takedown and pushes Pettis to the cage. Moraga, with a body lock, gets the takedown. Pettis looks for a triangle, but Moraga is wise to it and drops for a heel hook. Pettis escapes the leg lock and takes the dominant position. Moraga scrambles back to his feet, and Pettis shoots in for the takedown this time. Moraga manages to stay vertical, and the men back off into striking range. Pettis lands a southpaw cross and Moraga responds with a straight right. Sergio presses forward then changes levels to secure a takedown. The final horn sounds. 10-9 Pettis

Sergio Pettis def. John Moraga (29-28 x 2, 30-27)

Court McGee vs. Ben Saunders

Round 1- McGee lands an inside leg kick to kick off the bout. Saunders lands a body kick as McGee looks for a leg kick. Saunders throws a head kick that McGee blocks. Saunders lands a 1-2 then enters the Thai clinch for a few knees. McGee has a cut above his left eye. Another body kick lands for Saunders. Head kick lands for McGee but Saunders eats it. Saunders returns to the body kick. Right hook lands for Saunders as McGee misses. McGee throws a solo kick to the head of Saunders that misses. Saunders kicks to the head then lands one to the body. Saunders throws another body kick and McGee responds with a head kick. McGee lands an inside leg kick and the round expires. 10-9 Saunders

Round 2- McGee opens with a head kick that catches air. Saunders misses with a push kick. A head kick is block by Saunders as he lands a counter left hand. Southpaw cross lands for Saunders followed by a right hook. McGee starts pressuring forward and lands a solid body cross. Cross lands for Saunders with a missing hook behind it. Saunders launches a huge body kick. Right hook lands for Saunders. Jab to the body followed by a right hand over the top scores for McGee. Saunders responds with his go-to body kick. McGee finds the body lock but Saunders lands some uppercuts. A 1-2 lands for McGee as he presses forward. McGee presses Saunders against the cage and starts looking for a trip. McGee chips away at Saunders with knees to the thigh. A right hand lands for McGee in the clinch. They separate and stand for just a moment as the round ends. 10-9 Saunders

Round 3- McGee closes the distance but eats a knee to the body. Saunders lands 2 straight punches followed by a head kick. McGee lands a jab and eats a body kick from Saunders. McGee lands a stinging punch that buckles Saunders for a moment. McGee lands an overhand right as Saunders looks to recover. McGee shoots in and secures a body lock on Saunders. McGee achieves the takedown and lands in half guard. Saunders has an underhook and ties up McGee. McGee postures up and lands some short punches. McGee lands some short elbows inside the guard of Saunders. Saunders locks up McGee, but McGee regains his posture. McGee lands some strikes as the final bell sounds. 10-9 McGee

Ben Saunders def. Court McGee by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Joe Lauzon vs. Marcin Held

Round 1- Held presses forward and lands an uppercut as Lauzon dips his head in. Held seems to be much more nimble on his feet than we have seen in the past. Held goes for a takedown but Lauzon unleashes some Travis Browne elbows that rock Held. A gorgeous scramble results with both men returning to their feet. Lauzon pushes Held up against the cage, but Held reverses the position. Held lands a takedown and lands in the guard of Lauzon. Lauzon uses his butterfly guard and an underhook to attempt an escape but Held passes to side control. Lauzon scrambles and uses the cage to stand up inside of the clinch of Held. Held throws a right hand that is blocked by Lauzon on the break. Lauzon closes the distance and lands a knee to the body. Lauzon lands a right that sends Held to the canvas. Held attempts an armbar as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Lauzon

Round 2- Held throws a spinning kick to start the second. A jab lands for Held as he enters a takedown. Held puts Lauzon on his back and then transitions to the back. Lauzon punches the face of Held as Held holds on to the back. Lauzon spins around and transitions into a double leg. Lauzon gets the takedown but Held gets back to his feet. Held clinches up and eats a knee to the body. Held blasts a double leg and puts Lauzon on his back in the center of the octagon. The referee calls for an increase in action as Held is somewhat inactive inside the guard of Held. Lauzon locks up an armbar and it looks tight. Held is able to escape and return to the guard of Lauzon. Held finishes the round on top. 10-9 Held

Round 3- Held launches a 1-2 to start the third round. Held leaps in with a left hook that lands to the jaw of Lauzon. Lauzon misses with a cross as Held moves out of the way. Lauzon closes the distance but Held reveres the position. Lauzon escapes the cage and reengages the clinch to which Held reverses again. Held shoots a double and returns to the guard of Lauzon. Held allows Lauzon to return to his feet. Held lands a jab as Lauzon presses forward to enter the clinch. Lauzon gets the body lock but fails to get the takedown and Held reverses position yet again. They break and Held returns to his jab before changing levels and scoring another takedown. Held stands up and does a funky guard pass to land in full mount as the final horn blares. 10-9 Held

Joe Lauzon def. Marcin Held by split decision (30-27 Held, 29-28 Lauzon, 29-28 Lauzon)

Yair Rodriguez vs. B.J. Penn

Round 1- Rodriguez throws a body kick as Penn takes the center. Rodriguez spins and Penn uses it to close the distance. Rodriguez separates and eats a jab from Penn. Left lands for Penn and Rodriguez returns with a jumping kick that is blocked. They clinch up and Rodriguez lands a knee to the body of Penn. Penn lands his right hand, then enters into the clinch. Rodriguez kicks Penn in the head which wobbles Penn. Another knee to the body lands to the body as Penn looks to clinch. Penn is backpedaling as Rodriguez launches kicks to the body and leg. Front kick lands for Rodriguez that hurts Penn. Rodriguez is landing kick after kick, and Penn has no answer. Overhand right lands twice for Rodriguez and the round is over. 10-8 Rodriguez

Round 2- Rear front kick followed by a straight right punch sends Penn to the mat. The referee gives Penn a chance to recover but Rodriguez is all over him. Big John steps in and rescues Penn.

Yair Rodriguez def. B.J. Penn by TKO at :24 of round 2

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