Cris Cyborg on failed USADA test: ‘It’s nothing bad. I’m on medical treatment’

News has broken that Cris Cyborg has been flagged by USADA for a failed drug test. For a fighter with a past drug test…

By: Zane Simon | 7 years ago
Cris Cyborg on failed USADA test: ‘It’s nothing bad. I’m on medical treatment’
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News has broken that Cris Cyborg has been flagged by USADA for a failed drug test. For a fighter with a past drug test failure and a long history of criticism for carrying a decided size and strength advantage into the cage, this is especially bad news. Public perception of a second failed drug test isn’t going to be kind, and it appears Cyborg is aware of this as she’s released her own public statement immediately following the UFC’s announcement that she had been flagged for a possible drug test violation.

Speaking to MMAFighting, Cyborg gave a quick explanation of what exactly happened that caused her to fail a drug test:

“What I can say now is that they are talking to my doctor, and I’m calm,” Cyborg said. “Everybody knows I’m sick, that I’m recovering from the weight cut I had to do for the fight. What is happening is post-weight cut. Everybody knows I’m sick. They are talking to my doctor to solve this the best way.

“It’s nothing bad. I’m on medical treatment.”

Her statements were mirrored by her boyfriend, Ray Elbe, in a post on The Underground:

“Not for a steroid, and she has a prescription as part of the post fight therapy she’s been receiving due to the severe weight cut,” he wrote. “This has been known for a few days, and Cris doctor has been in direct contact with USADA turning over all the necessary patient files to document the reasons Cris needs the medication.”

No doubt more information will be made available in the coming weeks and months. Of course, the USADA review process isn’t exactly a short one, so this is likely to drag out for a while before finally reaching any sort of definitive conclusion. In the meantime, stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more news and updates.

UPDATE: Elbe as made further comments on the UG, elaborating on the exact nature of Cyborg’s treatment:

“Spironolactone. Cris had issues with her kidneys and blood pressure and that’s part of a prescription she’s been seeking for therapy “

“Cris dr works with several olympicand ufc athletes who are also under USADA testing and this was part of the treatment given to her the Monday after the weigh ins. Cris has not misused the prescription and has been assisting USADA with every request. I’m not a dr and soI don’t know the specifics of the prescription and the treatment purpose of each ingredient, but this treatment process is the reason cris turned down a fight feb 11, as her dr said the three cuts in 8 months were damaging her body.

“I suspect her Dr to speak to the media about the specifics eventually.”

“I don’t believe Cris knew it was banned. She started taking it under the pretense it was prescribed by a dr who understood both the in and out of competition banned list as she works with several. She started USADA athletes. treatment began the Monday after her fight, and was scheduled to last until Jan and her next blood work exam.

“Its really a shame. Cris will inevitably receive some penalty from this. She needed the medicine to recover from the weight cut.—people slammed her for not fighting feb 11—but she was recovering from the extreme weight cut and was in treatment. Her dr told her the 3 cuts in 8 months were becoming dangerous.

“Cris Cyborg already learned the risks of steroids in 2011.

“2016 Cris Cyborg learned the risks of extreme weight cutting.

“She isn’t using a steroid, and her fans can be confident that her intent wasn’t PED but rather health related.”

“Unfortunately she forwarded the list direct to the dr. And began treatment once she understood it was not on the banned list or requiring a therapeutic use exemption. Knowing she works with many USADA athletes the website wasn’t checked.”

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