Bellator 166 live results, streaming video, and play-by-play

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By: Eddie Mercado | 7 years ago
Bellator 166 live results, streaming video, and play-by-play
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for the Bellator 166 live results, streaming video (prelims), and detailed play-by-play as “The Baddest Man on the Planet” Joe Warren looks to recapture his Bellator bantamweight title as he rematches the current 135 king Eduardo Dantas in the main event.

You can watch all of the Bellator 166 preliminary action, starting at 7 P.M. ET, by viewing the video stream at the top of the page. The main card will air live on Spike TV at 9:00 P.M. ET. Join us and let us know what you think of tonight’s fights down in the comment section. Be sure to check out the official fight card preview, as well as the Bellator 166/167 doubleheader MMA Vivisection.

Main Card: Spike TV at 9:00 P.M. ET

Eduardo Dantas vs. Joe Warren: Bantamweight Title

Round 1- Dantas takes the center as Warren circles him. Warren leaps in with a jab but quickly gets back out of range. Dantas waves his hands taunting Warren. Dantas switches stances multiple times and pumps the jab. Stiff jab lands for Dantas. Jab cross lands for Dantas. Left hook right uppercut lands for Dantas. Another stiff jab lands for Dantas. Warren throws a jab cross but misses. Left hook to cross lands to the face of Warren. Cross to hook lands to the face of Warren as the 40 year old begins to bleed above the right eye. Warren pumps the jab but Dantas responds with a jab leg kick combo. A step-in back elbow misses for Dantas. 10-9 Dantas

Round 2- Warren rushes in with forward pressure but Dantas pops a jab. Dantas throws a leg but Warren catches. Unable to capitalize, Warren drops the leg. Again, a jab sticks the face of Warren. Warren continues to rush in but unable to produce anything with it. Dantas keeps throwing a laser quick jab that’s disrupting the timing of Warren. Left hook to leg kick lands for Dantas. Warren rushes in with two winging hooks. A big leg kick lands for Dantas that seems to have hurt Warren. The left lands for Dantas followed by an inside leg kick. Warren misses with a nuke and Dantas throws a leg kick. Warren presses forward but eats a jab as the round expires. 10-9 Dantas

Round 3- Warren opens the third round with a high kick. The action is halted by Big John due to eye poke. The action resumes and so do the jabs to face of Warren. Dantas is using his footwork to keep Joe Warren from closing the distance. Jab leg kick results in Warren scrambling to the back of Dantas. Warren begins to land knees to the body. Dantas scrambles free and returns to the jab. Left hook sets up a solid jab to face of Warren. Warren continues to pressure forward but is cannot get close enough to set up a takedown. Warren shoots in again but Dantas shrugs it off. A kick to the pills lands for Dantas and the action is once again halted. The fight resumes and Dantas lands a rear uppercut. Left hook to head kick nearly lands for Dantas as the round ends. 10-9 Dantas

Round 4-Warren starts with a stiff right hand to the face of Dantas. Teep kick lands for Dantas followed by a jab. Warren throws his patented cartwheel kick to no avail. A slip by Dantas allows Warren to close the distance. Dantas wiggles free and resumes his active footwork. Warren moves forward pumping his jab three times. Dantas launches forward with a jab of his own. Warren parries the jab of Dantas and throws a jab of his own. Dantas lands another leg kick to the thigh of Warren. Warren shoots in and achieves double underhooks. Warren gets a brief takedown but Dantas immediately springs back to his feet and separates. Warren throws a jab jab right hook that Dantas easily avoids. 10-9 Warren

Round 5- Warren runs right at Dantas and throws a knee to the body. Dantas finds his space. Dantas throws a body kick but it lands low. Big John stops the action and deducts a point from Dantas. The action continues with a spinning back-kick from Warren. Warren holds Dantas against the cage in search of the takedown. Warren is content throwing knees to the thigh of Dantas as time dwindles down. Warren looks for an outside trip without success. The referee separates the fighters and Dantas pops his jab. Another stiff jab lands for Dantas. Warren rushes forward but only to meet another jab. Another cartwheel kick misses for Warren and the fight has gone the distance. 10-8 Warren

Eduardo Dantas def. Joe Warren via Majority Decision (47-47, 49-44, 48-46)

AJ McKee vs. Ray Wood: Featherweight

Round 1- Both guys meet in the middle and exchange low kicks. McKee with an explosive takedown puts Wood on his back. Wood is back to his feet but McKee land a right hook left cross combo. Jab sets up a head kick for McKee. McKee gets rocked by a knee and Wood immediately grabs a Guillotine. McKee defends and presses Wood against the cage and gets a trip. McKee is out of the Guillotine and moves towards the back of Wood. Unable to sink his second hook, Wood gets back to his feet. AJ McKee shoots in again to put Wood on his back against the cage. Some ground strikes to the bod of Wood land for McKee. Tough round to score. 10-9 McKee

Round 2- Side kick to the gut lands for McKee. McKee attacks the neck of Wood in a scramble but Wood defends. Another takedown lands for McKee, where he starts to unload some ground and pound. McKee transitions to the wrestling ride and continues to control and uncork strikes. McKee tries to sneak in a RNC off of some punches to the head of Wood. McKee lands a big punch from the top. Wood tries to spring to his feet to no avail. McKee continues to grind on Wood with constant volume. McKee continues to wail away with punches as the round ends. 10-8 McKee

Round 3- Jumping side kick starts the round for McKee answered by Wood with one of his own. Wood presses forward with a body kick but McKee changes levels and secures a takedown. McKee explodes up from the guard, and lands a heavy punch in attempt to pass. McKee moves into side control. Knees land to the mid section of Wood. Wood spins around and up-kicks McKee into halfguard. Elbows to the body land for McKee. Wood rolls for a kneebar but AJ McKee defends well and works to the back. McKee presses Wood against the cage and lands a stellar suplex with 30 seconds left. Some ground and pound from the top scores for McKee as the time runs out. 10-9 McKee

AJ McKee def. Ray Wood via Unanimous Decision (29-27, 30-29, 30-27)

Marcos Galvao vs. L.C. Davis: Bantamweight

Round 1- Galvao takes the center as Davis plays the outside. Davis cracks a crisp cross to the face of Galvao. Davis is throwing a lot of feints looking to set up Galvao. Galvao closes the distance and presses Davis against the cage. Galvao attempts a trip but Davis reverses him against the cage. The former champ regains dominant position before getting reversed again. Galvao swims for double underhooks and earns the takedown, landing in Davis’ guard. Galvao is staying heavy while throwing enough strikes to stay busy. Galvao steps through the guard but Davis recaptures guard. Davis is doing a good job of avoiding damage, but isn’t attacking. Davis escapes back to his feet as the 10 second claps sound off. Davis ends with Galvao pressed against the cage. 10-9 Galvao

Round 2- Big leg kick to the inside leg of Davis lands. Referee Beltran calls a halt to the action to check Davis. Davis is ready so the action continues. Galvao shoots in and secures a brief takedown before Davis returns to his feet. Davis pushes Galvao against the cage with an over-unders. They separate and resume a low volume kickboxing match. Galvao shoots in again but Davis is able to remain on his feet. A southpaw cross from Davis is met with a big right hand from Galvao. Body cross lands for Davis. Galvao slips under a Davis cross to close the distance. Davis is able to separate again. Overhand right lands for Galvao. Jab jab cross from Davis scores before the round expires. 10-9 Galvao

Round 3- Leg kick lands for Davis. Jab to body cross lands for Davis. Galvao lands a leg kick. Davis is pressing with his left cross. Galvao is backpedalling as Davis is pushing the pace. Jab body cross again connects for Davis. Cross to the chin of Galvao as the former champion is slowing down. Davis is feinting his way in and landing the left hand. Galvao presses Davis against the cage and they continue to exchange positions. Davis begins to land some punches to the body, followed by some body knees as time expires. 10-9 Davis

Marcos Galvao def. L.C. Davis via Split Decision (29-28 Davis, 29-28 Galvao, 29-28 Galvao)

Chris Honeycutt vs. Ben Reiter:

Round 1- Honeycutt starts with a two punch combo followed by a leg kick. Honeycutt grabs ahold of a leg and Reiter goes for a ride, despite his cage grab. Reiter back to his feet. Honeycutt grabs ahold of the single leg again and pushes Reiter to the cage. Honeycutt earns the takedown but Reiter quickly returns to his feet. Reiter keeping his range while leaping in with wide hooks. Reiter presses Honeycutt against the cage. Honeycutt is free. Reiter throws a jab cross that nearly lands. Double leg by Honeycutt is thwarted but Honeycutt lands a heavy knee, best strike of the round. Big teep kick to the belly of Reiter. Both fighters step in and throw a flurry but Honeycutt gets the better. 10-9 Honeycutt

Round 2- Honeycutt lands another teep to the gut of Reiter. Reiter cracks Honeycutt with a solid right hand. Honeycutt pushes Reiter to the cage and connects with some knees from the Thai plum. Naked kick misses for Honeycutt. Reiter starting to spectate. Honeycutt rushes in, slips, and ends up with a takedown. Some short shots land for Honeycutt. Reiter returns to feet again. Honeycutt leads with a teep but Reiter returns two hooks. Both guys feinting, before Honeycutt throws another naked high kick. Another kick misses for Honeycutt as Reiter observes. 10-9 Honeycutt

Round 3- The round starts with both fighters feinting towards each other. Spinning backfist misses by a mile for Honeycutt. Honeycutt leaps in with two hooks. A solo high kick misses for Honeycutt. Honeycutt lands about a 7-piece combo of punches and kicks that backs Reiter to the cage. Honeycutt with the takedown but Reiter back up. Reiter shoots in for the takedown with Honeycutt up against the cage. Reiter bails on the double leg and lands some right hands to the body. Strong right hand lands for Honeycutt and Reiter shoots in. Honeycutt sprawls and scrambles to top position. High volume ground and pound landing for Honeycutt. Honeycutt in Reiters guard, landing punches. Reiter rolls to his back. Honeycutt landing punches from the back as time expires. 10-8 Honeycutt

Chris Honeycutt def. Ben Reiter via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-25 x2)

Prelims: Streaming at top of page: 7 PM ET

Chris Jones vs. Derrick Adkins: Lightweight

Chance Rencountre vs. Levi Queen: Welterweight

Gregory Babene vs. Emiliano Sordi: Middleweight

Kinny Spotwood vs. John King: Catchweight of 210 lbs.

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