Transcript: Here’s how Edmond Tarverdyan coached Travis Browne at UFC 203

MMA has certainly offered some bizarre moments this year, but perhaps one of the strangest sequences was the aftermath of the co-main event of…

By: Victor Rodriguez | 7 years ago
Transcript: Here’s how Edmond Tarverdyan coached Travis Browne at UFC 203
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MMA has certainly offered some bizarre moments this year, but perhaps one of the strangest sequences was the aftermath of the co-main event of UFC 203.

After a three round bout between former champion Fabricio Werdum and longtime UFC talent Travis Browne, we saw an altercation between Werdum and Browne’s striking/head coach Edmond Tarverdyan that led to the infamous teep kick from Fabricio after the fight. Werdum alleges that Tarverdyan had been taunting him during the fight and then shortly after the fight was over as well.

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Are you wondering how that went down? Well, you’re in luck. UFC 203 is up on Fight Pass and we’ve got the complete transcript of Browne’s corner just for you.

Round 1

(Werdum starts the fight with a surprising jump kick)

Edmond: Watch it – watch the jump!

Ricky Lundell – Okay, take it right to him, Travis! Take it right back!

Edmond: Good jab, stick jabs!

(Browne defends a takedown)

Edmond: Be ready! Be ready! Nice! Where’s… puncheeeeees…! Stick jab. Elbows in, be ready!

(Browne feints, Werdum completes a combination ending in a leg kick that goes unchallenged by Browne)

Edmond: Where is it Travis? Answers, brother…

Edmond: You, you, you, you, you… Jab, left hook. Yeah, go to the body there! (Browne does not go to the body) Go to the body, confident! Be ready, Travis! Be ready, legs under you. Jab, get in. Jab, get in. Be first! Be first!

(Werdum goes for a forward rolling kick that misses the target, Browne attempts to capitalize by landing strikes from top)

Edmond: Clip him, Travis!! Jab. RIGHT UPPERCUT! Jab, right uppercut. Come on, he’s a baby in front of you!!

(Note: Werdum has landed various significant strikes at this point)

Edmond: He’s a kid, he fucking misses every shot he throws!

(Werdum lands a leg kick)

Edmond: Nice distance, I like the discipline!

Lundell: Throw hard, Travis. Throw hard, right into him.

(Browne attempts to walk over to the referee to show his finger injury, ref does not call a timeout and Browne is now swarmed by Werdum, then separated by the ref who now calls a timeout as Werdum walks away irritated)

Edmond: Travis… fight! Fight! Fight! Travis…

(Browne walks to a neutral side of the cage and leans on it)

Edmond: TRAVIS, FIGHT! Travis!

(Ringside physicians come in to check Browne’s hand)

Edmond: Travis! You’re good, fuck this… let’s go! Let’s go!

Edmond: Should he go? What do you think? They’re gonna count it a knock out, you know that, right? If he doesn’t.

(Doctor stoppages are registered as TKOs, not knockouts)

Edmond: Let’s go, Travis! You can do it! Use some sick fuckin’ knees and break this motherfucker, let’s go! Attitude! Attitude, baby! Under! Get that undershot! Yeah, yeah, yeah… Attitude – kick, kick, kick, punch, kick, go! Explode on this motherfucker! Explode on him! Travis, right hook – go long!

Lundell: He’s gonna try to come under it on his shot…

Edmond: Work, work, Travis. Busy, brother!

(Another failed takedown attempt by Werdum)

Edmond: Break him, come on! Kick him! Kick him when he’s getting up. Travis! Punch this motherfucker. You could get him! Where is…?

Corner: You will, Travis! Keep moving, keep moving!

(Browne swings and misses, Werdum latches on a bodylock from behind. Browne grabs Werdum’s arm and attempts to turn.)

Lundell: Two on one, clear it off! Fight it off, fight it off…

Edmond: Please, fight it. Let’s go. Strong. Get him off you and attack.

Lundell: He’s not on your level Travis…

Edmond: Let’s go! Get him fucking off you, go!

Lundell: Fight it off and move.

Edmond: Let’s go, brother. Let’s go, brother! Heart! Let’s go!

(Clinchwork continues against the cage as they trade shots and jockey for position with Werdum landing knees to the body and punches to the head.)

Edmond: Let’s go, Trav! Come on – left uppercut, knee! Go!

(Browne manages to free his left hand and land some punches)

Edmond: Good! Travis, please!

(Werdum backs off and both fighters reset near the center)

Edmond: Travis – Right hook, left uppercut, go! Right straight, left uppercut! Left upper… yes!

(Werdum drops for a leg after Browne lands a body shot)

Edmond: You dropped him! You dropped him! You dropped him, knee! Knee, Travis!

(Werdum throws a spinning hook kick that lands under Browne’s armpit)

Edmond: You dropped him, brother! Right hook! Right hook, left uppercut! Short! Short! Short shot, short shot! Legs under you, please! Legs under you! Let’s go.

(Browne lands a left hook)

Edmond: Yes, good! Good, long shots. Long shots.

Lundell: He’s not on your level.

(Browne lands a left hand)

Edmond: Gooood! Jab’s working, let’s go! Right hand, left headkick, GO! Right hand, left headkick, go!

(Browne attempts a left-right combination, both shots blocked by Werdum. Fabricio shakes his head as if to say “no“.)

Edmond: Yeeees! Switch it to uppercut! Switch it to uppercut! Left hook, right uppercut! Left hook, right uppercut!

Lundell: Keep pressing him back, Travis!

Edmond: Trav, please – left hook, right uppercut… Left hook, right uppercut! Left hook, go! Drop this mother…

(Werdum attempts a body kick which is caught by Browne, who then sweeps the other leg)

Edmond: Yes! Left hook… left hook, right uppercut. Left hook, right uppercut! Left hook, right uppercut! Travis – right hook, left uppercut!

(Werdum throws a 1-2 combo, only the second hit lands but drops Browne)

Lundell: Up, up, up!

(Werdum takes top position and begins to land short strikes)

Edmond: Come on… Fifty seconds. Don’t give it to him free! Don’t give it to him free.

(Werdum begins to take Browne’s back)

Edmond: Yeah, you’re stronger than him! (Speaks to another person in Armenian)

Edmond: Thirty seconds! You’re getting out of this fucking round!

(Werdum begins to work on a rear naked choke)

Lundell: Push it off!

Edmond: Show your heart! Push it out, he doesn’t have it! Good! (Speaks Armenian) Twenty seconds!

(Now Werdum switches from choke attempt to ground strikes as he flattens out Browne who is facing downward.)

Edmond: Fight! Fight! Watch your head, fight! Watch the back of the head! Ref!

Lundell: That’s three in the back of the head!

Edmond: That’s three… (unintelligible) Ten seconds! Ten seconds! (to another cornerman, referencing the stool) Get it ready, we’re ready! We’re ready!

Lundell: Watch the back of the head…

(Horn sounds as round ends)

Edmond: Come here. Travis, let’s sit. You fucking listen to me, this motherfucker ain’t got shit on you. Listen to me! I fucking promise you this motherfucker’s too slow for you, alright? Breathe.

Corner 3: Let the doc see that finger real quick – doc, check his finger. Make sure…

Ringside physician: I can’t do anything about that, if any of you guys want to pull on it you could…

Edmond: Breathe. You’re gonna win with that fucking finger. Listen, don’t pull back like this. Left hook fucking tight. Feel the fucking ground. When he hits your legs he’s too soft. When he falls down you stop the takedown. Don’t worry about that. Don’t pull out, Travis. Fight solid, fight with heart. Sit down. Head movement, press and break this motherfucker. Show your heart. You can do it. He’s too soft for you. I don’t wanna see that right cross touch you again. You stop him with your quick jab. Double jab when you’re moving forward. Tilt a little bit to your right, OK? And your left hook, right uppercut.

Athletic commission representative: OK, seconds out. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

Edmond: Let’s go! You can do it.

Edmond: (To Werdum) You fucking ain’t got shit, motherfucker.

Edmond: Trav! Let’s go! Trav, ground. Baby, please! Knees, elbows, mix it!

Round 2

Edmond: Watch that right cross, step to your right! Good! Step to your right, right – watch that right cross. Jab. Don’t let him jump on you. Jab, step forward. He’s gonna show low, go high.

Lundell: Hey Trav, trust yourself! Let’s go!

(Browne lands a good counter left as Werdum lunges in to attack)

Edmond: (claps) Yes! Yes! That’s it, stay tight!

(Browne avoids a single-leg takedown)

Edmond: I told you! I told you! Right uppercut, please. Right hook, left uppercut, right uppercut. Finish out with knees or uppercuts. Solid 1-2, 1-2 solid.

(Werdum attempts a spinning headkick that gets him shoved off by Browne)

Lundell: (As Werdum is on the ground) Kick his leg! Yes! Kick it again.

Edmond: (With Werdum still on his back) Head kick! Head, fucking why you wait… Travis! Right hook, left uppercut!

(Browne scrapes Werdum’s leg with a leg kick)

Edmond: Nice!

Lundell: He’s not on your level, Travis…

Edmond: Let’s go.

Lundell: Stay aggressive, keep going.

Edmond: You’re gonna beat this man… don’t (voice cracks). Don’t let it, hands up! You go 1-2.

(Travis throws a 1-2 combination that isn’t close, Werdum backs up)

Lundell: Yes, make him run from you. Pressure, make him run from you.

Edmond: Nice, I like what you’re doing. Jab low. Jab low, go high.

Lundell: Your attacks, your attacks…

Edmond: Travis, left hook, right uppercut. Left hook, right cross.

Lundell: He’s loading on the right side…

Edmond: Don’t wait… (to other cornerman) Tell him not to wait for the haymaker.

(Browne avoids a punch from Werdum)

Edmond: Yes, good.

Lundell: Haymaker! He keeps loading his left jab!

Edmond: Jab, go again. Long jab! Go, go – jab, jab… jab, jab…

Lundell: (overlap) …lead on his left leg…

Edmond: Long jab… Jab to the, jab to the chest. Jab to chest. Hard jab to the chest! No, no, hard jab to the chest. Front low kick, too. Front.. jab to the chest.

Corner 3: Hard jab to the chest! Trav!

Edmond: Watch that right cross! Left hand HIGH! Left hand high.

Corner 3: Left hand up!

(Werdum lands a body kick)

Lundell: Catch that and drop him!

Edmond: Left hook, right cross, go… Come on, you first. First, Trav! Be first!

Lundell: Let’s go get him, now! Time to get aggressive and go get him again! You dictate. You dictate. Don’t think, just go.

Edmond: Go to the body, hard body. (To Lundell) Go to the body, say “go to the body“. Say “jab to the body, right cross.“

Lundell: Jab to the body, right cross. Go back to the knees!

Edmond: You gotta… left hand! Trust your left hand! There you go! On him. On him. Watch that right cross.

Lundell: You keep landing, just like that!

Edmond: I like how you take away the right cross! (To Lundell) Say “continue jab“.

Lundell: Continue jab!

Edmond: (After Browne lands another counter) That hurt him! That hurt him! Fuckin’ A! Yeah, you hurt him! (To Lundell) Say, “you hurt him”.

Lundell: You hurt him Trav, let’s go. He’s backing out.

(Browne lands another left hand)

Lundell: Nice. Beautiful! Way to go, Travis! Keep pressing him, keep pressing him.

Edmond: Jab, press forward. Watch the takedown. Watch the takedown

Lundell: He’s gonna look for that shot because he knows you’re gonna beat him up. He’s getting tired, Travis. Knees.

Edmond: Where is that counter? Come on?

(Browne lands a body shot)

Lundell: Yes, again! Go to the head, go body. Go to the head, go body.

Edmond: Nice. Nice. Where is it? Yes. Right hook. Short right hook. Jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, long jab. Jab.

Lundell: Making him look amateur.

Edmond: Jab, headkick! Jab headkick!

Lundell: Keep going! He’s gonna look for the shot, keep going!

Edmond: He’s slow! Oh, my… oh, my god!

Lundell: Travis, you got him.

Edmond: Travis, he’s slow for you. Go. (To Lundell) Say “you’re winning the round“.

Lundell: You’re winning the round, keep pushing!

(Tarverdyan asks other cornermen to repeat this yet again)

(Both Lundell and Corner 3 overlapping) Trav, you’re winning the round!

Edmond: Right cross. Left hook, right cross. (to other cornermen) Jab, left hook, right cross. Right uppercut. Three shots, I said. Go.

Lundell: Three shots! (more overlap with corner 3)

(Werdum lands another inside leg kick)

Edmond: You kick. Back with the kick.

Lundell: OK, Travis – just jabs… He’s gonna come back hard next round.

Edmond: Jab, right uppercut.

(Lundell relays this to Browne)

Lundell: Breathe while you work…

Edmond: Say “you’re winning”.

(He’s not)

Edmond: Say “finish strong. Finish strong.“


(Werdum gambles on another big front roll kick that misses the mark)

Lundell: Kick his leg! Hit him!

Edmond: You win the round.

(Horn blares, round over – Browne gets back to his stool)

Edmond: We won the round, baby. Try to keep the volume high, OK? Listen: I promise you, when you stay in your stance, you believe in yourself, you make him miss everything. Jab, touches all night. Jab to the chest a little bit, head jabs… When he tries to go down have an uppercut ready for me. Travis, first with the jab. Double jab, and then you can do whatever you want. Believe in yourself. Last round – you win, it’s yours! Get the fuck up and do it, so we won’t fucking cry later. Let’s go! Let’s go!

Lundell: He’s not on your level, Travis. He’s gonna come out hard, you gotta press forward the entire time.

Edmond: I don’t give a – fuck your hand! Fuck this motherfucker up, he’s good. Let’s go.

Lundell: Trav, I’ll tell you what to do. Coach’s voice is gone. Travis, time to press.

Round 3

Edmond: We’re dropping him. Jab, jab, jab, jab, low jab, to the chest.

Lundell: Low jab chest, come back up. He’s looking over your right hand, he keeps looking right hand. The Cordeiro third round special.

Edmond: Very nice. Jab, jab, low uppercut. Jab, jab… (to Lundell) Say “go, you go first, don’t wait.“ Say “go.“ Say “go.“

Lundell: Feint and go! Feint and go! There you go! Again. You’re gonna get him again.

Edmond: Say “feint and go.“

Lundell: Feint and go, baby. There you go Travis, keep moving.

Edmond: Jab, left hook, right hook, go right cross.

Lundell: Jab, left hook…

Edmond: On him!

Lundell: He’s coming over the top, that’s what he’s looking for.

Edmond: Travis, (to Lundell) say “busy.”

Lundell: Busy, Travis! Busy!

Edmond: Come on, left hook after that jab. Jab, left hook, right cross.

Lundell: He’s gonna look to shoot or go right hand

Edmond: Jab, left hook!

Lundell: That’s all he’s got Travis, keep looking right at— chop his leg when he acts like that.

Edmond: Jab, left hook!

Lundell: He’s acting like a punk, Travis. He’s acting like a punk. That’s what you do. Chop him when he does a punk [sic].

(Browne lands some leg kicks)

Lundell: Yes!

Edmond: Right cross, left uppercut…

Lundell: Left hand, right…

Edmond: Right cross, left uppercut.

Lundell: Right cross, left uppercut.

Edmond: Nice jab.

Corner 3: Right cross, left uppercut! Let’s go!

Lundell: Drive him back… go right through that stuff, hard, Travis!

Edmond: Go hard! Hard! Hard! Push yourself!

Corner3: Three minutes, Trav! Let’s go!

Lundell: Chop it!

Edmond: (possibly to other cornermen) We gotta win this round, so let’s go. (To Browne) Travis, we gotta drop him…

Lundell: Keep going, win the round…

Edmond: Win the round, baby. Let’s go, grab him. Let’s go, Trav. Nice. Nice! Back on the jab, two jabs.

Lundell: Two jabs, pull it out.

Edmond: Travis – left hook, right uppercut.

(Browne shucks off another single-leg takedown attempt from Werdum)

Lundell: Hey, right uppercut off that. Left hook, right uppercut.

Edmond: (to Lundell) Come on, tell him to go, go, go!

Corner 3: Left hook, right uppercut!

Edmond: Go, go. (To Lundell) Tell him “go, go”.

Corner 3: Keep pushing, Trav!

Edmond: Kick the legs, say “front ball kick to the legs“.

Lundell: Front ball kicks to the legs. Chops to the legs. Kick him long. There, keep him on it.

Edmond: On him, on him. Say “on him.“

(Lundell and Corner 3 overlap) Stay on him, Travis! Stay on him, Trav! Chop him. Chop his shins, chop his ankles. Chop his calves.

(after multiple feints from Browne)

Edmond: Say “Do it, do it – don’t wait, don’t hesitate.“

Lundell: Don’t wait!

Edmond: Don’t hesitate, say “don’t hesitate.“ Say “do it”.

Lundell: Trust yourself and go!

Edmond: How many minutes?

Lundell: Two-thirty, two-thirty.

Edmond: Say “halfway point“

Lundell: Halfway!

(Browne lands a punch)

Lundell: Nice! Bring it!

Corner 3: Keep throwing!

Lundell: Bring it to him! How bad do you want it?

Corner 3: Bring it to him!

Lundell: Keep your volume… there it is. Get into the zone, everything you’ve got.

Edmond: Watch… watch your head…

Lundell: Good, everything you’ve got.

Edmond: Say “ball kicks to the leg“. Nice. There we go, two jabs. Two jabs.

Lundell: Two jabs! Keep him going back! How bad do you want it?

Corner 3: Two minutes, Trav!

Lundell: Again, how bad do you want it, Trav?

(Werdum pushes forward and lands various strikes, clinches and throws knees.)

Edmond: Fight. Fight.

Lundell: Fight! Fight!

Edmond: Fight. Tell him ”fight, fight – jab, jab”.

Lundell: Trav, go get him.

Edmond: Jab, jab to the chest.

Lundell: It can’t get worse!

Edmond: (To Browne, who whiffs on an uppercut as Werdum goes low) Niiice.

Corner 3: One minute-thirty, Trav!

Lundell: It can’t get worse.

Edmond: Say “1-2 throw…”

(Browne lands some punches)

Lundell: YES! Again! It can’t get worse, go again! Let’s go! Travis, it can’t get worse, go again!

Edmond: Quick, break the distance. Go. Counter! Counter!

Lundell: It can’t get worse! Let’s go again, how bad do you want it? Go again!

(Browne lands another punch)

Edmond: Nice.

Lundell: Go again. How bad do you want it?

Edmond: Hard shot, say “hard shot!“

(All three overlap)

Corner 3: One minute!

Edmond: Watch the takedown, say “watch the takedown.” Say “watch the takedown.” Watch the takedown.

(Werdum appears to go for a flying scissor takedown, falls short.)

Edmond: (Growls in frustration) Ay, ay, ay…!

Lundell: He’s not on your level!

Corner 3: One minute, let’s go!

(More overlapping commands)

Lundell: Forty seconds, can’t get worse. Let’s go! Throw your right!

Edmond: Head kick! Nice! Keep working. Long! Long! Work long! Long work, that’s.. we’ll drop him.

Corner 3: Thirty seconds!

Edmond: Thirty seconds!

Lundell: Can’t get worse, go!

Edmond: I saw jumping knee – left jab, jumping knee!

(Yet more overlap)

Edmond: Jab left, jumping knee. Jab, jumping knee.

Lundell: Jab, jumping knee! Let’s go! Go! Ten seconds! Go! Throw your right hand. Throw it. Go, throw it again! Yes! Travis, way to go!

Edmond: Good, nice.

(Horn blares, fight over)

Edmond: Better round, better round. It’s yours, baby. Good work! You got (rounds) two and three! You got two and three. You got two and through — you got two and three. See what your distance is starting to do? You just gotta work! Your distance is good. You’re making them miss now!

(Microphones come off)

Sadly, after all of this we don’t get to hear what it was that Tarverdyan and Werdum said to each other that led to the post-fight incident. Still, we have a look at what transpired minute-to-minute in the corner in attempts to help guide a fighter through their ordeals.

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