UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Johnson live results, discussion, play by play

Join Bloody Elbow tonight for live play-by-play updates for UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Johnson from the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas. Lightweight…

By: Mookie Alexander | 7 years ago
UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Johnson live results, discussion, play by play
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Join Bloody Elbow tonight for live play-by-play updates for UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Johnson from the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas. Lightweight contenders Dustin Poirier and Michael Johnson will compete in the main event, and tensions were already high in yesterday’s weigh-in staredown.

The co-main of UFC Fight Night 94 (or UFC Hidalgo, or UFC Fight Night Hidalgo, something like that) is a middleweight bout between #9 ranked Uriah Hall and #10 ranked Derek Brunson. Also featured is a lightweight tilt between veteran Evan Dunham and former WSOF featherweight champ Rick Glenn, who is making his Octagon debut on short notice.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the Fight Pass broadcast at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT. The rest of the card airs on FS1, with two hours of prelims at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT, followed by the main card at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT. The full lineup and schedule follows below. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each match up.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass, 7 PM ET)

Alejandro Perez vs. Albert Morales

Round 1: Lots of circling and not a lot of throwing in the first 30 seconds. Nice leg kick by Morales as Perez misses with the right hand. Morales now walking Perez down and throwing some shots that Perez evades for the most part. Good head movement by Perez. Morales crakced with a left hand. Morales now tags Perez and changes levels for a takedown but it’s stuffed. Leg kick by Morales. Perez with a strong right hand. Morales is bleeding on the right side of his face. Another inside leg kick for Morales. Hard one to the outside by Morales. Then goes inside on Perez’s lead leg. 90 seconds to go in the opening round. Another slapping leg kick by Morales, the more active fighter thus far. Left hook by Morales. They exchange leg kicks and Perez dodges a punch. Perez sticks out a jab in the closing seconds. Another leg kick by Morales and then they both throw shots after the horn. Good start to this contest. 10-9 Morales.

Round 2:  Morales starts off with another leg kick. Uppercut by Perez comes up short. High kick by Perez is blocked and then he goes to the legs. Morales answers with a leg kick of his own. Kick to the calf area twice by Morales. Albert whiffs with a right hand. Sneaky left hook by Perez partially lands. Morales damaging Perez’s lead leg over and over again and it is effecting Perez’s movement. Straight right by Perez connects. Two quality left hands by Perez. Halfway through the contest. Sharp right hand by Perez. Good leg kick by Perez. A lull in the action now but as soon as I say that, Morales throws a leg kick which Perez checks. Leg kicks are finally being checked by Perez. Alejandro is more aggressive but isn’t landing these punches. Morales gets hit after the horn. Better round for Perez but not enough for me to score it for him. 10-9 Morales in the round and 20-18 Morales overall.

Round 3: Referee Kerry Hatley deducted a point from Perez for hitting Morales after the horn. And Perez just goes gangbusters and throws like a madman. Morales now returning fire but Perez gets the takedown. He is going for the finish and catching Morales with ground-and-pound. Morales may be hurt but he’s back to his feet. Reactive shot by Perez is stuffed. Perez stumbled and is on the ground. Huge knee by Morales to the head of Perez but he’s down. He’s clearly downed and that’s an illegal knee. Hatley doesn’t do anything about it. Wow. I don’t know how that wasn’t called. The whirlwind action has slowed at last. Perez surely needs a finish to win this fight. Leg kick by Morales once again. Perez with a jab. Looks like Morales has recovered after the ground strikes appeared to hurt him. Perez working the jab again. Misses a lumbering right hand. Another jab by Perez. Morales getting touched up a bit and he’s the one who is bloody. Nice right uppercut by Perez. Morales is gassed. Another big uppercut. They both miss right hands coming in. Body kick by Perez to end the round is blocked.  I have it 10-9 Perez but with the point deduction it’s a 9-9 round, and 29-27 Morales on my scorecard.

Official decision: Alejandro Perez vs. Albert Morales is declared a majority draw (29-27 Morales, 28-28, 28-28)

Erick Montano vs. Randy Brown

Round 1:  Jacob Montalvo is the referee here. Montano pushes forward with a right hand from the southpaw stance. Side kick attempt by Montano. Brown overcommits to a strike but Montano can’t capitalize and they’re in the clinch. Montano reverses him but Brown does the same. Knee to the body by Brown. Randy whiffs with the right and Montano throws a counter left. Back to the clinch they go. Brown spins for a trip takedown, loses the clinch but drills Montano with an excellent knee. Athletic move by Brown. They’re clinched up again. Montano throws some short punches to the body. The ref separates them and we’re back to striking at distance in the final minute. Poorly thrown combo by Montano. Leg kick by Montano and then again. Brown initiates a clinch and has Montano’s neck but the round ends. Best offense was Brown’s knee and his body kicks. 10-9 Brown.

Round 2: Kicks thrown by both men to begin the 2nd. Right hand over the top by Brown, then a left hook. Randy Brown gets the takedown. They’re back to their feet, where Montano is able to get the takedown and put Brown on his back. Ref is warning Brown for putting his toes through the cage and gripping it. Brown throws up a triangle but Montano bypasses it and goes to side control. Brown recovers full guard. Montano has to be weary of Brown going for the triangle again. Thudding right hand by Montano. Arguably the best punch of the fight, ground or standing. Brown pushes Montano off but Montano has a single leg and Brown grabs the fence and nearly tears it off. No point deduction. Montano with the takedown and Brown is again warned for interlocking the toes in the fence. Short elbows by Montano, who is trying to isolate Brown’s arms. Brown AGAIN locks his toes in the fence. Two fights in and you know it’s a Texas shitshow you’re watching. Montano in Brown’s guard and trying to posture up and land some strikes. Round is over. 10-9 Montano and 19-19 overall.

Round 3: Montano with an early takedown and he put his head straight into a guillotine choke and Brown squeezes heavily to force the tap! Well that was an abrupt end and an unexpected turn of events.

Official result: Randy Brown def. Erick Montano via submission (guillotine choke) at :18 of round 3

Preliminary Card (FS1, 8 PM ET)

Jose Alberto Quinonez vs. Joey Gomez

Round 1: I missed the first minute because the UFC prelims on FS1 weren’t on FS1 due to baseball, but can confirm Quinonez got a nice takedown and by the time I found the fight, Quinonez slipped but was back to his feet. Quinonez with good strikes going forward that back Gomez up. Quinonez able to force Gomez on his back and throws some ground-and-pound. Illegal knee by Quinonez it seems as Gomez stood back up. Referee warned Quinonez and they’re back to their feet. Good combination by Gomez. Body kick by Gomez. Thudding body kick by Quinonez hurts Gomez. Quinonez swarms and drops Gomez with a combination! Gomez tries to sweep with a leg lock. Ground strikes by Quinonez. Wow and Gomez drills Quinonez with an upkick! This is a fun fight. They’re back to their feet with under a minute remaining. Both men just throwing heavy shots. Knee by Quinonez backed Gomez up. Gomez landed on the counter. What a round. 10-9 Quinonez.

Round 2: Leaping left hook by Quinonez. Straight left to the body over Gomez’s right hand. Jose continues to be the aggressor, and now he gets the takedown. Gomez has a hand down and is trying to get back to his feet. Terrific knee to the body by Quinonez, who drags Gomez to the mat again. Knee to the body and an elbow by Gomez on the break after Quinonez failed on a takedown attempt. Jumping double knee by Quinonez doesn’t do any damage. Hard body kick by Quinonez. Gomez stalks Quinonez with the jab but doesn’t follow up with anything. Quinonez is hurt by a Gomez punch. Gomez senses it and down goes Quinonez. Jose is back to his feet after Gomez pounced on the ground in search of the finish. Body kick and a right hand by Quinonez. Gomez was frozen in his tracks. Gomez is fighting back. Right hand by Gomez which Quinonez takes well. Counter right hand by Gomez with just over a minute left. Gomez landing that right hand a little more frequently. Gomez gets tagged after he was a bit overeager. Body kick by Gomez but it’s a slow one. Body punch by Quinonez. Glancing right by Quinonez to end the 2nd. I have it 10-9 Gomez and 19-19 overall.

Round 3: They hug it out to start the 3rd round. Body kick by Quinonez and then a knee. Gomez has a leg kick checked. Little bit of a waiting period for a solid 30 seconds. Then Quinonez smashes Gomez with a crushing knee that causes Gomez to stumble and hit the mat. Quinonez on top with Gomez in trouble. Quinonez in full mount. Elbow by Quinonez as Gomez tries to spin and escape. It doesn’t work, Quinonez maintains control and still has Gomez mounted. Gomez nearly gave up his back and he’s eating some big shots. Two minutes left and it’s looking bleak for Gomez. Now Quinonez has Gomez’s back. Gomez fights it off and Quinonez fights from butterfly guard. Gomez sweeps and they’re back to striking. Slowwwwwwwww spinning kick by Gomez. Missed by a mile and took weeks to complete. He surely needs a finish to win. Short right hook by Quinonez. Quinonez with a push kick to the knee. Gomez looks just about spent in the closing seconds. Pushes forward with labored punches and they don’t connect. Quinonez is bouncing on the outside with the fight surely secured. 10-9 Quinonez in the 3rd and 29-28 Quinonez on my scorecard.

Official decision: Jose Alberto Quinonez def. Joey Gomez via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Leonardo Augusto Guimaraes vs. Antonio Carlos Junior

Round 1: Carlos Junior sticks out the jab. Leleco gets hit by one of them. Leleco with a right to the body that misses. Sweeping right by Leleco hits air and not Carlos Junior. Leleco slipped and almost did the splits. Two minutes in and nothing really exciting has happened thus far. Crowd is impatient and booing. Short left hook by Carlos Junior. Leleco lands a punch of his own but Carlos Junior takes it fairly well. Antonio moves in for the takedown, grabs the right leg, now works for a trip. Leleco stays upright. Carlos Junior releases, misses punches on the exit and they’re back to the center of the cage. Another takedown attempt by Carlos Junior is stuffed. Antonio briefly trips him and then throws a knee to the head while Leleco was still downed. Jacob Montalvo halts the action. Replays show it was pretty close. Leleco’s hand was coming up right around the same time as the knee landed. And Montalvo deducts a point! What the hell is going on tonight? Carlos Junior with the takedown against the fence with 30 seconds remaining. Leleco wall walks and gets to his feet. Nearly tripped down and then is taken down to end the 1st. 10-9 Carlos Junior, but subtract the point and it’s 9-9.

Round 2: Leleco fires off a left hand that misses. Carlos Junior with the takedown attempt but it’s sloppy, he loses position, and Leleco is on top, but Carlos Junior scrambles and is looking to take the back of his fellow Brazilian. Carlos Junior goes for it but doesn’t have both hooks. Leleco takes some lefts to the side of the head and then two knees to the body. Leleco is getting beaten up a bit with the strikes to the head and body. More knees to the body by Carlos Junior as he continues to dominate Leleco this round. This is a 10-8 round if it keeps up like this. Carlos Junior now wailing away with right hands and another knee to the body. Leleco is close to helpless in terms of an escape route. He’s basically turtling up. Carlos Junior is battering Leleco with right hands. Ref tells Leleco to fight back. Carlos Junior knees Leleco to the body as he finally gets to his feet, right up against the fence. Carlos Junior is in on a double leg and down again. Leleco is working on a guillotine but it’s not there. 10-8 Carlos Junior and 19-17 on my scorecard.

Round 3: Leleco comes out with a sense of urgency and throws some looping, sloppy left hooks. Carlos Junior jabs him and then drills him with a counter right hand. He surges towards the fence and clinches up with Leleco. Missed with an elbow and he charges forward for a double. Once again Leleco has a hold of Antonio’s neck. He pulls guard but he’s got nothing. Leleco isn’t really squeezing and Carlos Junior is just chilling. His head pops free. Carlos Junior now on top and in half-guard. Three minutes to go and Leleco scrambles to his feet but with Antonio still draped all over him. Leleco tried so hard to grab the top of the cage. Then he gets taken down. Leleco is holding the fence and holding it some more. We’ve decided that borderline illegal knees are point deduction worthy but not egregious fence grabs. Anyway, enough of that. Carlos Junior with another takedown. Leleco is offering close to nothing in the way of a path to victory. He’s tired and Carlos Junior has him down again with 75 seconds to go. He transitions to the back and is working on a body lock. Carlos Junior looks to have a body triangle and now he’s moving in for the rear-naked choke. Twenty seconds left. Leleco is in big trouble and there’s the tap. Antonio Carlos Junior gets the win in dominant fashion, and a finish to boot!

Official result: Antonio Carlos Junior def. Leonardo Augusto Leleco via submission (RNC) at 4:46 of round 3

Augusto Montano vs. Belal Muhammad

Round 1:  Hey, Herb Dean is here! Good to have actual good refs on this card. Two body kicks by Dodger Montano. Now he goes high but is off-target. Muhammad just got hit directly in the groin. I mean it was flush and it was loud. Herb Dean gives Montano a “hard warning.” We’re back in action and Montano continues to throw kicks. Muhammad with a quick left hook. He takes a leg kick shortly thereafter. Right hand by Muhammad may have buckled Montano’s legs. Quality inside leg kick by Montano. Dodger shows the jab and then goes outside with a leg kick. Muhammad with a body kick. Quick left hook by Muhammad catches Montano. They trade strikes and Muhammad may have just taken a poke in the eye. Replay shows Montano thumbed him in the right eye. Head kick by Muhammad and then another one. Both with the end of the foot hitting Montano’s face. Muhammad starting to find a little bit of a rhythm. Right hand over the top by Muhammad. Montano sticks out a jab and lands it. Muhammad shoots for a takedown and now drops down, grabs the left leg, but Montano stays on his feet. another head kick by Muhammad to end the 1st. 10-9 Muhammad.

Round 2: Montano with a leg kick and then a push kick to the knee. The Mexican is really going after Muhammad’s legs. Slapping high kick by Muhammad. Montano isn’t checking these leg kicks, and Montano is throwing them in combinations. Muhammad throws a kick of his own. Muhammad with a nice entry and a great takedown into half-guard. Belal has his left arms around Montano’s neck and he’s throwing some strikes. He’s easily passed into back mount and Montano may be in trouble. Muhammad has both hooks in. Montano escapes to half-guard but it is wide open and Muhammad has his back momentarily, but now Montano gets back to his feet. Muhammad fakes low and goes upstairs with a head kick that partially lands. Muhammad chases and lunges with a right. Montano ducks under a head kick. Left hook by Muhammad but again he sees his lead leg get peppered. Muhammad closes the round strongly with an elbow and fires a right hand that just whizzes by. 10-9 Muhammad and 20-18 Muhammad overall.

Round 3: The kicks continue from Montano. A few to the leg and then one up high. They throws lefts at the same time but Montano’s jab gets there before Muhammad’s hook. Good 1-2 by Muhammad. Belal ducks under a reaching left by Montano and shoots for a takedown and instantly gets back mount with both hooks secured. Three minutes left andMontano is hand fighting, trying to escape to his feet. It looks like he might but Muhammad drags him back down. Montano does get back to his feet just seconds later. Two lefts by Muhammad score. Montano with a head kick. Nice knee by Montano, who needs to up the pace. He eats several strikes as soon as I say that. Muhammad times his takedown well and now he’s pummeling Montano with ground-and-pound. Full back mount with 1 minute to go. Montano is hurt. Ground-and-pound beating continues. Herb Dean is ready to stop it and Montano is in trouble. He hesitated, then Muhammad threw more shots, and Herb Dean has called it off. Belal Muhammad is the first man to finish Augusto Montano.

Official result: Belal Muhammad def. Augusto Montano via TKO (punches) at 4:19 of round 3

Gabriel Benitez vs. Sam Sicilia

Round 1: Beautiful leg kick by Benitez. And then a body kick. Sicilia pawing the jab. Sicilia presses forward but Benitez got the better of that exchange. Leg kick by Benitez is checked. Hard body shot by Sicilia with his right hand. Right hand backs Benitez up. We could have ourselves a real firefight here and it’s only 2 minutes in. Another leg kick by Benitez lifts Sicilia’s lead leg up. He can’t take too many more of those. And another one lands for Benitez. Body kick by Sicilia is caught and he eats a punch for his troubles. Benitez’s striking is looking sharp. Right and a left connect for Sicilia. Benitez resets in the center of the Octagon with 90 seconds left in the opening frame. Good god these leg kicks by Benitez are lethal. Sicilia attacks the body. Another ripping leg kick by Sicilia. Sam tries to catch a leg kick and go for the takedown. Sicilia with a nice flurry against the fence. Head kick by Benitez freezes Sicilia up briefly. The round ends and I have it 10-9 Benitez.

Round 2: Left hook by Sicilia. He throws a leg kick. Benitez with a big shot that catches Sicilia and he’s down! Big elbows by Benitez but Sicilia is back to his feet. Sicilia survives the onslaught, which I believe started with a straight left. Leg kick buckles Sicilia. Takedown attempt by Sicilia and Benitez counters with a high elbow standing guillotine! It’s tight. Sicilia doesn’t tap, he has gone limp, and it’s a wrap. Great showing by Benitez.

Official result: Gabriel Benitez def. Sam Sicilia via technical submission (standing guillotine choke) at 1:20 of round 2

Main Card (FS1, 10 PM ET)

Maximo Blanco vs. Chas Skelly

Round 1: Well they both threw jumping front kicks like it was straight out of a movie. A scramble ensues and Skelly goes for a choke. We’re just seconds into the fight and Blanco is OUT COLD. Inside of 20 seconds. Blanco is completely out cold and stiffened. That is incredible. And Herb Dean was late in recognizing that Blanco was asleep. That’s the fastest submission in WEC/UFC featherweight history. They called it a d’arce but I think it’s an anaconda choke.

Official result: Chas Skelly def. Maximo Blanco via technical submission (d’arce choke officially, but looks like an anaconda choke … either way, it’s a choke) at :19 of round 1

Islam Makhachev vs. Chris Wade

Round 1: Good leg kick by Wade in the first 20 seconds. This fight has lasted longer than Blanco vs. Skelly, as we expected. Straight left by Makhachev from southpaw stance. Here comes Islam with the early entry and he’s trying to take Wade down. Wade has control of Makhachev’s head. Wade is seated upright against the fence. Islam’s head is free of Wade’s grasp. Insta-mount by Makhachev but Wade uses the cage to get out of the bad spot and now he’s on top. Makhachev is setting up a triangle choke. Wade trying to posture up properly and avoid getting caught and tapping out. Wade in a better position now to throw some hammerfists. Can he loosen those legs up? Makhachev hasn’t pulled the head down yet. 90 seconds left in the opening round. Islam lets go for the triangle and Wade survives. Wade is in Makhachev’s open guard, softening up Makhachev with some stay-busy strikes. Wade now in half-guard and drops a sharp elbow. The seconds tick away. Two more elbows and it’s the end of round 1. Tight call but I have it 10-9 Wade.

Round 2: Nice straight left by Makhachev. Wade runs into a left hand and then Makhachev is in on a single. Wade has his neck and goes for a guillotine. Is it tight? Makhachev gives the thumbs up signal as Makhachev reverses and gets on top. So they’ve both had unsuccessful sub attempts and they’ve both been reversed in the scrambles. Makhachev goes for the back and loses position. Wade has a hold of the neck and Makhachev sweeps him again. Knees to the body by Makhachev. Islam has side control. Briefly looked like he was going for the crucifix position. Now he throws some knees and goes for Wade’s back. One hook in but he still needs to get the right leg hooked. Wade is blocking it. Just under 90 seconds left in this intriguing grappling battle. Wade spins and tries to turn the corner but Makhachev beautifully reverses it and scrambles his way to top control once again. They scramble again and Wade goes for a leg. He’s got nothing threatening and time expires. 10-9 Makhachev. 19-19 overall.

Round 3: Wade throws a left high kick, which Makhachev blocks. Islam closes the distance and is working on a takedown against the fence. And he’s just about completed it. Wade is seated and now he’s sideways on the mat. Wow another mad scramble and Wade almost scrambled into mount. Makhachev counters and in another transition Wade drops for a guillotine. Makhachev is cool, calm, collected, and escapes. Makhachev is in Wade’s half-guard with 2:30 left in the final (potentially fight deciding) round. This is a grueling fight and it’s produced plenty of great scrambles. Full mount and now back mount for Makhachev. He’s got the body lock and Wade looks gassed. Makhachev with ground-and-pound as he stifles Wade. This may win him the fight. Crowd is booing. I don’t agree, but I’m also sober. Wade is trying to spin and reverse into Makhachev’s guard but he’s eating punches. Ten seconds to go and this looks to be Makhachev’s fight. Good stuff from both guys but I have it 10-9 Makhachev and 29-28 Makhachev overall.

Official decision: Islam Makhachev def. Chris Wade via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Roan Carneiro vs. Kenny Robertson

Round 1: Early leg kick and missed right hand by Robertson. Immediately they tie up. Jucao looking to drop Robertson to the mat and he drags him away from the fence and gets him down. Robertson scrambles back to his feet. Robertson with a right hand. Carneiro with his own. He pushes forward and lands a knee to the stomatch. Knee to the body by Robertson. Carneiro throwing haymakers. Robertson with a leg kick and then misses with the head kick. Nice right hand by Robertson. Carneiro with a jab as he’s circling. Robertson is leading with that jab and trying to fire off the right hand. Big body kick by Carneiro. Spinning backfist by Carneiro. That might be our first spinning backfist of the night. Good body kick by Carneiro. Robertson may have been kicked in the groin but he’s okay so there’s no timeout. Carneiro evades a right and a left. Good leg kick by the Brazilian. Kind of an ugly round and a tough one to score. I lean towards 10-9 Carneiro.

Round 2: Carneiro is circling towards Roberton’s power hand, which seems like a bad idea. Robertson hasn’t really landed anything terribly convincing (if at all) in the first 45 seconds of this round. He did get cracked by a Carneiro punch. Carneiro with the takedown. Robertson with a strong sweep into Carneiro’s half-guard. A few ground strikes by Robertson but Carneiro has minimized the damage. Robertson is still in control and throwing some elbows to Carneiro’s noggin. He’s now forced to defend a leg lock, but Robertson escapes and is now in Jucao’s guard. Two minutes to go in the 2nd. Carneiro sweeps Robertson directly into full mount with a minute to go. That was impressive. Carneiro isn’t really connecting much with strikes. He’s got a brief hold of the left arm. Crowd is booing. Round 2 in the books and I have this one 10-9 Robertson and 19-19 overall.

Round 3: Another takedown for Carneiro but Robertson uses the butterfly hook to get right back to his feet. Right hand by Carneiro finds a home on Robertson’s head. Jucao switches stances and throws a body kick with his left leg. Uppercut and a left hook by Carneiro tag Robertson, who smiles but may be hurt. Carneiro doesn’t really follow up and a clinch battle ensues. Nothing really comes out of it and they separate. Carneiro is finding his range. This is the most success he’s had on the feet in this fight. Pumping out the jab with regularity. Halfway through the final round of another close bout. Good right hand by Robertson but Jucao shakes his head no. Flicking jab by Carneiro. Robertson struggling a bit to get past Carneiro’s jab. It’s a slow-paced fight, and the crowd is annoyed. Robertson with his own jab. Right uppercut by Carneiro gets to Robertson. Takedown attempt by Carneiro is stuffed. He throws a knee to the body. Robertson elbows in the clinch. Ten seconds left. Any last flurry from either man? Absolutely nothing lands. 10-9 Carneiro for round 3 and 29-28 Carneiro overall.

Official decision: Roan Carneiro def. Kenny Robertson by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

Evan Dunham vs. Rick Glenn

Round 1: It’s southpaw vs. southpaw action in the cage. Great three-punch combo by Dunham and all of those shots landed cleanly. Dunham letting those hands go and he scores with a knee. Crisp striking and now a takedown for Dunham inside of a minute. Dunham goes to the body and now the head. He’s posturing up and now dives down into half-guard. Dunham goes for a choke but Glenn is able to escape. Evan is keeping the pressure on the former WSOF featherweight champ. Upkick by Glenn lands on Dunham but he punishes Glenn with more ground-and-pound. Beautiful right elbow by Dunham. Glenn is trying to kick Dunham off and get back to his feet. Now Dunham attacks and looks for back mount. Only one hook is in. Dunham working for a rear-naked choke and it’s deep. Glenn is handfighting but Dunham is squeezing and has both hooks in. Glenn escapes! Dnuham had a body triangle but let it go. About 30 seconds left in the round. More punches by Dunham as he may be going for an arm. Glenn will survive but that was a one-sided round. 10-8 Dunham.

Round 2: Nice left hand by Glenn. Dunham with a combination and he sprawls to stop one takedown but not the ensuing one. Glen with some elbows off of his back, but this is not where he wants to be. Dunham transitions to side control. He may be going for a d’arce choke but Glenn escapes, is still on his back, and Dunham is going for it again. Glenn able to get to his feet. They’re locked up against the fence with Dunham throwing short lefts to the head. Hard knee to the body. And another one. He may have hurt Glenn. Dunham with a knee to the head. Glenn trying not to give up another takedown. Eats another knee to the dome. This is all Dunham, but Glenn hasn’t been put away. Two minutes to go in the 2nd and Glenn has a kick caught and he’s dumped on his backside. Dunham with a right hand on the ground. Glenn kicks Dunham away and is back to his feet but not before taking an uppercut. Good jab by Dunham. Glenn’s getting his head snapped back by these straight punches. More punches from Dunham and he’s just soundly outboxing Glenn. They trade knees in the clinch and Dunham’s strayed low. Glenn catches a break with 22 seconds or so left in the 2nd. Teep to the body by Evan. Glenn with a short shot on the inside but Dunham lands 6 for every 1 that Glenn lands. 10-9 Dunham and 20-17 Dunham overall.

Round 3: Glenn trades hands with Dunham but Evan wades through the punches and scores with some inside elbows in the clinch. Evan Dunham’s clinch game is fantastic. Glenn going for the takedown but Dunham stuffs and beats up Glenn more in the clinch. Glenn needs a finish. Jab and a left hand by Dunham. Glenn with a couple of decent shots. Nice left hook by Glenn. Dunham and Glenn are swinging away but Dunham is landing more. Glenn is a gamer. Dunham may be slowing a little bit. Overhand left by Dunham and Glenn is getting peppered with punches again. Jumping switch kick by Glenn. Right hook by Dunham. FightMetric has Dunham landing over 100 more strikes than Glen. Head kick by Dunham rocks Glenn. Rick is encouraging Dunham to hit him more. Guess what’s happening? Dunham is hitting him more! And if Dunham had any consistent power this fight would be over. Glenn is throwing, he’s trying, he’s occasionally connecting, but it’s nowhere near enough. Dunham is just pouring it on. Glenn stumbles and he’s in some trouble. Evan threw about 30-40 strikes there and surely landed more than half of them to Rick’s head. Glenn with some rolling kick that leads to Dunham scrambling for an armbar, but time expires before he can extend the arm. 10-9 Dunham again and 30-26 Dunham on my scorecard.

Official decision: Evan Dunham def. Rick Glenn via unanimous decision (30-27 x3). LOL at no 10-8 round.

Uriah Hall vs. Derek Brunson

Round 1:  Herb Dean is your ref for tonight’s co-main. Hall goes forward and Brunson counters with a takedown attempt. They clinch and the crowd has started booing just 25 seconds in. It’s been that kind of night. Brunson has the body lock and is working for the takedown. Derek nearly kneed Hall in the head while his hand was down. Knee to the body by Brunson and now they separate. Hall with a kick to the body. Humongous left hook by Brunson destroys Hall. Brunson going in for the finish and he’s got it! Uriah Hall is not happy at all. Wow that was a vicious shot but I think that was a bit premature by Herb Dean.

Official result: Derek Brunson def. Uriah Hall via TKO (punches) at 1:41 of round 1

Dustin Poirier vs. Michael Johnson

Round 1:  They don’t touch gloves in the pre-fight staredown. Johnson flicks out a front kick early. Good right hand on the counter by Johnson. Michael throwing fast hands early on. Poirier with a kick. Johnson unable to get the left hand to sneak through. Poirier is patient in the early going. Connects with a left hand. Massive counter right and a bigger left and Poirier is wrecked. Johnson pounces and throws a series of punches and gets the KO!! Michael Johnson absolutely annihilated Dustin Poirier. Then he taunts Poirier post-fight while the doctors check in on him.

Official result: Michael Johnson def. Dustin Poirier via KO (really hard punches) at 1:35 of round 1

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