UFC 203: Miocic vs. Overeem main card live results, discussion, play by play

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play as UFC 203 goes down in Cleveland, Ohio. The headliner…

By: Tim Burke | 7 years ago
UFC 203: Miocic vs. Overeem main card live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play as UFC 203 goes down in Cleveland, Ohio.

The headliner will see UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic trying to do something that not a lot of HW fighters have been able to do – defend his title. He will take on the well-traveled Alistair Overeem, who has finally earned a title shot after close to five years in the promotion.

The co-main event will see Fabricio Werdum rematch Travis Browne, who was a late replacement. The card is also notable for the MMA debut for former pro wrestler CM Punk. He takes on Mickey Gall.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the Fight Pass broadcast at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT for one fight. Then things move to FS1 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. Due to some late cancellations, there are only five bouts on the prelims. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each match up.

Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem

Round 1 – Overeem moving early. Miocic chases him down and lands a right. Overeem with a  kick and a straight left that hurts Miocic! Overeem goes for the guillotine but Miocic escapes! He literally chased Overeem all around the cage after he got out. Three punch combo from Miocic. Overeem returns fire. Big uppercut from Miocic hurts Overeem! Overeem is backing off. Miocic hit his with a left and a right and Ocereem is covering up. He circles away. He RUNS away. Miocic connects with another left. Overeem with a kick and now a left that stumbled Miocic! This is crazy. Body kick from Miocic. Overeem missing with punches. Miocic catches a side kick and starts beating up Overeem on the ground. Miocic with the rights and Overeem is out cold! Stipe Miocic defends his title in Cleveland! They’re going nuts!

Stipe Miocic defeats Alistair Overeem by KO (punches), 4:27 of round 1

Travis Browne vs. Fabricio Werdum

Round 1 – Wow! Werdum came straight out with a flying side kick to the face! Didn’t expect that one. Browne steps away from a takedown attempt. Werdum with a right and an inside leg kick. Werdum went for a cartwheel kick? Wow again. Now Browne dislocated his finger! Browne stopped and the ref called time. Werdum was protesting. The doctors came in, looked at it, he popped it back in, and they’re allowing him to continue. That was really weird. Browne connected with two lefts. Werdum with a spinning wheel kick now. He didn’t connect. Heavy right by Browne, Werdum just shook his head. Browne caught a kick and chopped out the back leg. He didn’t meet him on the ground though. Big right by Werdum drops Browne! He’s on top with 45 seconds to go. Werdum with big punches, and now takes the back. He looked for the choke but couldn’t secure it. More punches. Browne survives. Crazy round. 10-9 Werdum.

Round 2 – They exchanged hard punches. Werdum with another spinning kick. Jab  from Werdum. Hard 1-2. A lot of feinting now. Browne clearly having trouble with his finger. Inside leg kick from Werdum. The crowd is booing a long lull in action. Browne with a couple of front kicks. Werdum with an uppercut. Browne scores with a left, Fabricio responds with a body kick. They exchange body punches. Leg kick from Browne. Werdum went for another flipping kick that totally missed. 10-9 Werdum.

Round 3 – Body shot from Werdum. Slow pace again early in the third. Body kick  from Werdum, and a right hook. This is basically a sparring session right now. Werdum is winning, but he’s doing himself no favors. Werdum looked for a leg but Browne pulled away. Browne missing with nearly everything he throws. Which isn’t much. Werdum pressures a bit. Left hook actually connects for Browne. Werdum with a leg kick. Werdum with a left, a knee, and then a right. Browne with a right, but Werdum smiled at him. Head kick from Browne, and again, but they were both blocked. Hard straight right by Browne. He’s finally waking up, but it’s way too late. Werdum went for a weird leg scissor takedown that was not even close. Werdum with a straight left. Body shot from Browne. Both of them miss. 10-9 Browne I guess. But 29-28 Werdum.

Wow. Werdum just threw a front kick at Edmund Tarverdyan while they were waiting for the decision! Browne’s camp is pissed, they just got thrown out of the cage. The crowd is booing. That was wild.

Fabricio Werdum defeats Travis Browne by unanimousd decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-27)

Mickey Gall vs. CM Punk

Gall out to Mickey. Dana relented. Punk out to Cult of Personality.

Round 1 – Gall shoots in immediately and gets a takedown. Big punches right away. Elbows. Gall stepped into side and started grinding. Punk tried to use his toes in the cage but the ref stopped him. Gall took his back and looked to sink the choke. He’s flattened out. Punk is turtled up. He’s fighting off the choke, but he’s getting beaten up. Gall trying valiantly to get the choke. And he does. CM Punk taps out.

Mickey Gall defeated CM Punk by submission (rear naked choke), 2:14 of round 1

Urijah Faber vs. Jimmie Rivera

Round 1 – Uppercut attempt to start. Inside leg kick from Rivera. Faber feinting a lot. Front kick from Urijah. Nice left hook by Rivera. Knee in the clinch from Rivera. Faber is coming up short with his punches. He’s throwing a lot of glancing kicks. Faber with a jab. Rivera returns it. They’re staring at each other a fair amount. Faber with a good lead right, Rivera cracked him with the counter. Leg kick from Rivera. 10-9 Rivera.

Round 2 – Counter low leg kick from Rivera. Straight left from Rivera, but he got kicked low. The action began again after a minute or so. Jab from Rivera. Left hook scores for Rivera when Faber was a bit off balance. Leg kick that knocked Faber down. Straight right. Rivera isn’t doing a ton, but he’s controlling the fight. Another hard kick to Faber’s lead leg. Rivera’s targeting it now. Faber isn’t throwing much at all. Rogan thinks he hurt his right hand. The crowd is restless at the relative lack of action. Another punishing leg kick. Faber scored with a punch, but Rivera spun around and cracked him with a counter. 10-9 Rivera again.

Round 3 – Faber swung and missed twice. Rivera landed a counter. Faber is unsteady on his leg. Faber ducked a right hook but Rivera landed to the leg again. Faber tried to catch a kick. Rivera with a left hook. Now a right hook. Beautiful kick. And another. This is like the Aldo fight. Faber tried to open hand slap Rivera and poked him in the eye. Rivera needed some extended time, but he will continue. Faber looked for a front kick but missed. Rivera landed three punches. Leg kick from Faber now. Rivera goes back to the well with leg kicks. Faber with a straight right. Faber tried to clinch, but Rivera just pushed him away. Urijah lost his balance just trying to circle, and Rivera kicked him in the leg again. Crowd is restless again. Rivera with a right, and steps in to crack him with the left too. 10-9 and 30-27 Rivera.

Jimmie Rivera defeats Urijah Faber by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Jessica Andrade vs. Joanne Calderwood

Round 1 – Andrade charges in and lands a couple of body punches. Calderwood with a nice step-in knee to the body. Andrade ties her up and landed two knees of her own. Andrade with a big takedown. She’s bleeding though. Looks like it’s a cut over the eye. Calderwood up, but Andrade just slammed her back to the mat with authority. Andrade in side control. She tried to move to mount a little too sloppily and Jojo regained guard. She postured up for a triangle but got slammed. Andrade is racking up top time here. Big shots now. Back to side control. Calderwood ate some shots to try to get up, but got stuck in a guillotine. Andrade got the tap! Wow.

Jessica Andrade defeated Joanne Calderwood by submission (guillotine choke), 4:38 of round 1

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