UFC Jamaica? ‘Absolutely’ according to UFC welterweight Randy Brown

UFC welterweight prospect Randy "Rude Boy" Brown was discovered this past November on the show Dana White: Lookin' for a Fight. Brown is already slated…

By: Eddie Mercado | 7 years ago
UFC Jamaica? ‘Absolutely’ according to UFC welterweight Randy Brown
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UFC welterweight prospect Randy “Rude Boy” Brown was discovered this past November on the show Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight. Brown is already slated to make his third UFC appearance this year as he is set to tangle with TUF Latin America Season 2 winner Erick Montano at UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Johnson on September 17, 2016. Bloody Elbow’s Eddie Mercado caught up with welterweight prospect Randy Brown to discuss his UFC journey and aspirations to bring the UFC to Jamaica.

Interview: UFC welterweight prospect Randy “Rude Boy” Brown UFC FN 94 **AUDIO ONLY**

Randy ‘Rude Boy’ Brown touched on the takeaways from his lone loss to Michael Graves at UFC on FOX 19 back in April:

There’s decision making. I did some things in that fight where I feel like I put myself in bad positions. That comes with experience, again. I’m inexperienced so I’m learning as we go. Usually I like to go for the neck; I like to go for chokes. Everyone knows. I saw off the second shot he took, it was a slow shot. I probably could have sprawled. I could have sprawled but it was like, you know what, I probably can get his neck. I took the risk and he got the takedown…The first one, you know you don’t kick wrestlers to the body without setting it up with the hands. I know this. We know this. But I saw the opportunity, man, for a kick and he caught it, ran in with me and I was on my back.. I have to just be smarter. I have to look at risk/reward as a factor… At this level, you can’t make mistakes. You got to make the right decision at the right time.”

‘Rude Boy’ saw his opponent rocking boxing shoes but doesn’t believe Erick Montano is on his level:

I think he’s a tough dude. I think he’s aggressive and he’s coming forward. He’s not a punk. He ain’t no punk. He’s going to try to throw so I got to be prepared. Matter fact, he has a lot of wins by Rear Naked Choke so I know he’s no slouch either grappling-wise. I just think I’m a step ahead. I think I’m a notch above him level-wise, skill-wise. I think it’s going to be good. I think it’s a good fight for me to show the world what I’m about. You know, show my skillset. This’ll probably be my coming out party… He wants to strike. These are things he wants to do. I went to his Instagram, I saw he has on the boxing shoes punching the bag and stuff. He thinks he’s a boxer. He thinks he’s a striker so we should have some fun then.”

Although Randy Brown doesn’t have a thick accent, the UFC welterweight spent the majority of his life in Jamaica:

“A lot of people don’t know that I’m Jamaican. I was raised in Jamaica and actually I can speak Patois. That whole culture, my whole family, my whole household is just straight Jamaicans.”

Is Randy ‘Rude Boy’ Brown looking to bring the UFC to Jamaica?

“Absolutely. Absolutely. There’s a few teams down there. I was down there the other day, you know I’m always back-and-forth, I trained with a few of the guys. There’s some talent down there, man. Low-key; low-key there’s some talent down there. They just don’t have the resources yet to kind of build and get behind it but it’s coming up. It’s coming up fast. You see Usain Bolt is kind of one of the biggest athletes in the world right now and everyone’s super behind him. The goal is to have MMA as big as track and field. In Jamaica it’s track or nothing. Like when I wanted to fight, everyone was like ‘yo what are you doing fighting?’ Everyone, it’s either soccer or track you know. I ran track at a point in my life. Everybody, every Jamaican, they run track. I want to see if this sport can get just as big as track and field down there. Maybe get some wrestling, some Jiu-Jitsu. That’d be cool.

Tune in to UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Johnson on September 17, 2016 to catch Randy ‘Rude Boy’ Brown in action against TUF Latin America Season 2 winner Erick Montano. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for all of you event coverage including updates, results, highlights, and more! The video of this interview can be seen at the top of the page.




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