Top 5 UFC flyweight Ian McCall: ‘If I break again, I quit’

Top five flyweight 'Uncle Creepy' Ian McCall is scheduled to return to action against Justin Scoggins at UFC 201 on July 30, 2016. McCall…

By: Eddie Mercado | 7 years ago
Top 5 UFC flyweight Ian McCall: ‘If I break again, I quit’
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Top five flyweight ‘Uncle Creepy’ Ian McCall is scheduled to return to action against Justin Scoggins at UFC 201 on July 30, 2016. McCall has not competed inside of the UFC octagon since his UFC 183 tussle with John Lineker back in January of 2015. Bloody Elbow caught up with ‘Uncle Creepy’ to detail his injuries and inquire why fans struggle to get behind UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson.

Interview: #5 UFC Flyweight “Uncle Creepy” Ian McCall UFC 201 **AUDIO ONLY**

When asked about nagging injuries, Ian McCall responded with a whole grocery list of issues:

I broke my hand in Brazil with Santos. On that same hand, I broke it so badly that I’ve had three surgeries. My hand is deformed. It doesn’t close. It doesn’t open. So yea, that was an ongoing thing. I also tore my hip and groin real bad. So a torn hip and groin, I had three surgeries on my hand, and then I had two fights in between there, and then I tore everything in my shoulder. The last surgery that I had was my shoulder. Four torn bicep tendons, two labral tears, and fully torn rotator cuff, and a partially torn bicep muscle.”

‘Uncle Creepy’ claimed to have called it quits about four months ago:

I was going to retire. I had given up probably four months ago. I was over it. I was like okay I’m done. This isn’t working. Even though I’m training my arm’s not working. It still gives me a lot of problems but I was already used to fighting one handed because my hand wasn’t working. So now I just have an arm that doesn’t work.”

Here is  McCall on his physical health heading into his UFC 201 bout with Justin Scoggins:

With all things considered I feel great. Again, my arm doesn’t work all that well. I also have two bulging disks in my neck that affect that arm of course. I also fractured and dislocated that elbow back in high school. So that arm, whatever. It’s just an arm. That’s the bad side I guess. It still works. I can still beat the shit out of people with it. It’s just always in pain, or burning, or numb or whatever. You learn to work around things. You learn to just deal with pain… You become comfortable with pain. It’s never going to go away. I’m going to need a fake hip one day. I’ll probably need more shoulder stuff, and neck stuff, and back stuff, and I’m sure i’ll break other stuff in my life.”

Uncle Creepy confessed that if he ‘breaks’ again then he will be done with competing in MMA:

I have to personally take a very intelligent approach to it because I can’t break. If I break again I quit. I promised my daughter. I promised my family. I’ve had seven parts of my body worked on, surgically, in the last three years. And I tore my hip and my groin and I popped my knee, there’s a lot of stuff. Those are things I have to take in to consideration.

Ian McCall had rather harsh words for Jon Jones for getting more respect from fans than UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson:

I’m the only guy that lays claim to actually beating Demetrious [Johnson] at this weight and he’s the best pound for pound guy on the planet. I have personally taken a step back from making fun of Demetrious, because it’s what I’m good at, and talking shit because the guy doesn’t get any respect. He doesn’t get paid even nearly enough. He doesn’t get respect from fans and he’s better than everyone else. As a gifted athlete, Jon Jones is the greatest. Jon Jones is the most physically gifted person probably to ever grace fighting but, shocker, he’s a giant piece of shit. He’s a horrible person and needs to fuck off and go away. He lets everyone down again. He’s been caught for at least, a whole spectrum of bad shit but people are still somehow behind the guy? Let’s praise Demetrious, a good family man who works his ass off and just picks apart everybody. Why aren’t we praising this guy? Oh we praise Conor because Conor’s a great champion. Yea, he is a great champion but he’s nowhere near the champion that Demetrious is.”

‘Uncle Creepy’ Ian McCall will face Justin Scoggins at UFC 201 on July, 30 2016. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for full event coverage including, previews, results, highlights, and more! Video of this interview can be seen at the top of the page.




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