IBJJF Worlds – Results and recap

The 2016 Worlds have concluded and a true who's who in the BJJ community was present, representing their respective academies. Some of the more recognizable…

By: Victor Rodriguez | 7 years ago
IBJJF Worlds – Results and recap
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The 2016 Worlds have concluded and a true who’s who in the BJJ community was present, representing their respective academies. Some of the more recognizable names did as expected, and there was no shortage of MMA fighters that made their way to Long Beach for the event.

In the men’s black belt heavyweight division, BJJ legend and former MMA fighter Andre Galvão (Atos) took the top honor, while Jackson Sousa dos Santos took second place. In the men’s black belt medium-heavy division, Leandro Lo was at the top of the pack as Gracie Barra standout Rômulo Barral took second as Patrick Ponte representing GF Team took third and Keenan Cornelius took fourth place.

Men’s black belt was an interesting group at lightweight as well, where Alliance’s Lucas Lepri took top honors as Gracie Barra’s Edwin Najmi took second. Atos representative JT Torres ended in fourth place. Men’s black belt featherweight had Atos competitor Rafael Mendes in the winner’s spot as Nova Uniâo’s Marcio Barbosa took second with Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles took third.

Berimbolo specialist Paulo Miyao repped the Cicero Costha team to win the light featherweight division, while his brother Joâo took third place in the adult male rooster division. The top spot at rooster went to phenom Bruno Malfacine and second place went to Caio Terra. the openweight division had some interesting results as well with Alliance’s Bernardo Faria taking fourth, Leandro Lo taking third, Erberth “Dino” Santos in second place and Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida winning first place.

As for the women’s divisions, Gezary Matuda continues to rack up wins as she conquered the women’s light featherweight division, while featherweight had Mackenzie Dern winning first place defeating Michelle Nicolini at second, Tammi Musumeci in third and Karen Antunes in fourth place. That one division is just so good, and none of the participants seem to be slowing down anytime soon, even with Dern’s upcoming MMA aspirations as she’s due to fight for Legacy FC in July.

Andressa Correa ended up winning women’s black belt medium heavyweight with Invicta talent and Team Lloyd Irvin representative Sijara Eubanks in second place. Dominyka Obelenyte not only won at women’s black belt super heavyweight, but also the openweight competition, with second place going to Gracie Humaita’s Bea Mesquita, as Mackenzie Dern took third place and Andressa Correa took fourth place.

Full results available here.

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