UFC 199: Rockhold vs Bisping (prelims) – live results, discussion, play by play

Before the pay-per-view extravaganza, join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live updates and coverage of the UFC 199: Rockhold vs Bisping preliminary cards.…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
UFC 199: Rockhold vs Bisping (prelims) – live results, discussion, play by play
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Before the pay-per-view extravaganza, join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live updates and coverage of the UFC 199: Rockhold vs Bisping preliminary cards.

Heading up the preliminary roster is a featherweight scrap between hirsute veteran Clay Guida and undefeated (one No Contest) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Brian Ortega. Also booked for the four-fight appetizer on Fox Sports 1: lightweights Beneil Dariush vs. James Vick, strawweights Jessica Penne vs. Jessica Andrade and featherweights Cole Miller vs. Alex Caceres.

Live play-by-play will commence with the Fight Pass prelims at 6:15 p.m. ET. The full preliminary card lineup and schedule follows. Peep out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the entire UFC 199 card.

Fox Prelims
(Fox Sports 1, 8 p.m. ET)

Brian Ortega vs. Clay Guida

R1: Guida glances with a counter one-two. Now it’s a right cross that Guida sits down on, and it momentarily drops Ortega. Guida nearly catches an Ortega kick. Guida ducks with a left and glances with a wide right hand. Guida shoots a double and switches to a single as he puts Ortega on the fence. Guida, still cradling the single, throws left hands to the head, then tries to pull on the leg to peel Ortega off the cage, but Ortega separates.

Guida plugs him with a straight right counter. Ortega throwing casual combos and kicks from range but he’s yet to get on the board. Another wide right hand lands for Guida, who follows up with a quick flurry upstairs. Ortega just misses with a spinning kick. 10-9 Guida.

R2: Guida looks for a counter single on an Ortega combo but it’s defended. Glancing right hand from Guida, then a snapping jab. Ortega with a left kick to the body, then an uppercut. Short jab for Ortega. Glancing left hook from Guida, then an outside low kick.

Ortega lands a left kick to the body. Guida fakes a takedown and comes high with a left hand. Two right hooks to the body followed by two left hooks upstairs from Guida. Ortega answers with a left. Right cross is there for Guida. Counter left lands for Guida after some solid head movement. Ortega lands a lead uppercut, then a spinning kick to the body. 10-9 Guida.

R3: They both come out with busy lateral movement, snapping jabs at each other. Despite many flurries on both sides, there is no discernible leader as we approach the halfway mark. Short left lands for Ortega. And another. Lead uppercut lands for Ortega, who’s much busier with his hands.

Spinning kick to the body from Ortega though Guida answers with a clean punch. They exchange glancing left hands. Ortega comes forward with a step-in knee that lands to the body but he whiffs with a flying knee. Guida answers with a right but Ortega amazingly steps into a brutal knee that lands square to the face, and Guida crumples to the canvas.

  • Brian Ortega defeats Clay Guida by TKO (knee and punches) R3 4:40

Beneil Dariush vs. James Vick

R1: Dariush slips a left kick under Vick’s elbow and into his ribs. More long left kicks from Dariush, using them to control distance. Dariush takes an outstretched finger to the eye and we pause while he recovers. Vick lands a right kick and knee to the body on the reset. Dariush answers with a counter left before Vick sticks another finger into his eyeball, this time a thumb. Dariush with another left kick to the ribs, then he clubs and drops Vick with a heavy left cross.

Vick rolls into a ball, using a defensive guard to shell up on Dariush’s outburst of strikes. Vick gets back to his feet but gets thumped with a left for his efforts. Dariush keeps Vick on the cage, throwing lefts to the head to counter Vick’s attempt at knees from the Thai plum. Dariush gets the body lock and looks for a trip but can’t get it. Vick circles off the fence and lands a knee downstairs. Vick glances with a right kick but Dariush staggers him with another left. Vick stumbles around, reaching out with little awareness, until Dariush detonates a final left hand on his face.

  • Beneil Dariush defeats James Vick by KO (punches) R1 4:16

Jessica Penne vs. Jessica Andrade

R1: Penne flicks jabs from outside. Andrade throws a flurry of left and right hooks, forcing Penne to cover up and defend. Penne switches to southpaw and throws two left kicks. Penne switches back to orthodox just in time to shell up on another barrage from Andrade, who’s playing the bully. A lead left hook to the face sets up another volley of haymakers from Andrade with Penne’s back on the cage.

Penne goes back to southpaw with a left kick and a left cross. Penne with a one-two that lands short. Andrade continues to pick her spots to heave flurries with Penne jammed on the fence. Check hook is there for Andrade, who then chips away with an inside low kick and follows with more vicious hooks. The last punch, a body shot, puts Penne on the canvas. 10-8 Andrade.

R2: Penne fakes low and lands a quick jab. Andrade comes forward behind more waist-high hooks but Penne is able to defend and circle away. The same cannot be said for the next exchange, which sees Andrade bull-doze Penne to the canvas with her striking ferocity, then back off to let her up. The mauling continues with Andrade whizzing sledgehammers at Penne relentlessly.

Lead left hook and a right to the face from Andrade, who marches forward fearlessly to put more heavy leather in Penne’s grill. Referee Jason Herzog, after issuing several warnings, steps in to stop the fight.

  • Jessica Andrade defeats Jessica Penne by TKO (punches) R2 2:56

Cole Miller vs. Alex Caceres

R1: Caceres thumps Miller with a left hand and it drops him. Miller pops back up and recovers in the clinch, then hits an outside trip. Caceres scrambles back to his feet with Miller attached in the rear waist cinch. Miller trips him to the canvas but Caceres spins into him, landing in half guard. Miller gets double butterfly guard, prompting Caceres to back off and reset on the feet.

Inside low kick is there for Caceres, who then has a left high kick blocked. Caceres counters a Miller kick with another clean left cross. Now a left kick to the ribs from “Bruce Leroy.” Caceres steps off-center with a jab, then flows into a spinning back fist. Miller pursues Caceres behind right hands and he’s able to clinch. Caceres catches Miller’s left knee and turns it into a takedown, but he quickly backs out and lets Miller stand up. Another left body kick from Caceres. Miller glances with an inside low kick. Caceres leads with a right shovel punch to the body. Miller again forces a clinch but it’s Caceres who finishes the outside trip, again backing out when Miller angles for a leg lock. 10-9 Caceres.

R2: Caceres throws a double alternating roundhouse kick: first low on the right side, then he goes high on the left. Miller continues to absorb the quick striking arsenal from Caceres. Miller forces a clinch but Caceres drives him to the canvas with a single, then walks away. Left body kick for Caceres followed by two glancing left hands.

Now a lead left to the body from Caceres. The domination continues as Caceres casually flings Miller to the canvas during a clinch exchange. Left cross and a left high kick from Caceres. Not sure if Miller has landed a single clean strike in this entire round. Now Miller finally scores with a right hand. Caceres attacks inside with a low kick. 10-8 Caceres.

R3: Caceres plugs Miller with a left cross and rag-dolls him to the floor, landing in half guard. Short right elbows to the face from Caceres as Miller sits up on the fence. Caceres ejects and resets on the feet. Miller glances with a counter jab, then gets deep on a double leg, nearly landing in full mount. Caceres tries to sweep and Miller moves to back control, then switches to an armbar attempt from back control. Miller straightens the arm out as Caceres scrambles and has the lock as deep as possible, but Caceres kicks at his grip to break it.

They stand up with Caceres pressing Miller on the cage and hitting a trip, again backing out after succeeding. Caceres lands double uppercuts and slips behind Miller in the rear waist cinch; Miller goes for a kneebar and uses it to sweep into full mount. Miller takes back control, again during a defensive Caceres scramble, but time runs out. 10-9 Miller. I have it 29-27 Caceres.

  • Alex Caceres defeats Cole Miller by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Fight Pass Prelims
(UFC Fight Pass, 6:15 p.m. ET)

Sean Strickland vs. Tom Breese

OK, my interwebs really suck. More issues beyond my comprehension.

R3: They trade boxing combinations evenly. Strickland steps in to force a clinch but can’t hit the inside trip. They both throw halfhearted shots from outside, neither committing to them nor landing anything memorable. Strickland glances with a double jab. Strickland glances with a one-two. Breese hits a double leg with just under a minute left but Strickland bounces off the canvas and separates, negating it. 10-10 based on what I could interpret.

  • Sean Strickland defeats Tom Breese by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Jonathan Wilson vs. Luiz Henrique da Silva

R1: Da Silva opens with an inside low kick. Wilson answers with a short jab, then a hard kick to the body. A trio of lefts to the body from Wilson while holding a single collar tie. Da Silva lands another inside low kick followed by a kick to the body. A short uppercut in the clinch from Da Silva. Wilson glances with a left to the body and lands an overhand right. Wilson scores with a left cross/hook combo.

Da Silva forces a clinch but Wilson throws more lefts to the body before separating. Now an uppercut and a knee to the body from Da Silva in the clinch. Wilson torques an elbow over the top on the clinch break, then lands a left hand. Right kick to the body from Da Silva. Wilson lands up and downstairs with consecutive left crosses. Da Silva clinches up and glances with a knee to the body before Wilson shoves him away. Right hook off the back foot lands for Wilson. Da Silva grazes with a right kick to the body. 10-9 Wilson by a tight margin.

R2: Wilson tries to counter Da Silva’s clinch with a double leg but Da Silva lands knees to the body, then steps away when Wilson falls onto his back. The ref calls him up and they reset. Da Silva plugs him with an uppercut, then corners Wilson on the fence, headhunting with more punches. Wilson, with his hands down, circles off the fence and separates, then hits a double-leg in open space. Da Silva puts both heels in Wilson’s chest and boots him off, standing up in the open space.

Wilson uncorks a barrage of nasty, flailing left hands on the reset, landing partially on a few and forcing Da Silva to fall back on the canvas with the last. Da Silva hits a slick sweep, reversing into full mount. Elbow to the face from Da Silva followed by right hands. Wilson covers and lays still, absorbing too many punches.

  • Luiz Henrique da Silva defeats Jonathon Wilson by TKO (punches) R2

Kevin Casey vs. Elvis Mutapcic

R1: Mutapcic opens with kicks from the fringe. Casey ducks and heaves double overhand rights but Mutapcic lands a short right. Casey finishes a blast double and immediately passes to half guard. Short rights to the body from Casey on top, keeping a strong base to hold position.

Mutapcic fights to get full guard but Casey stays in half. Casey goes head-and-arm to pass into side mount, then he nearly gets back control during Mutapcic’s escape. Mutapcic has a flying knee blocked before eating a Casey jab. 10-9 Casey.

R2: Casey lands an inside low kick. Mutapcic with a front kick to the body. Mutapcic steps in to jam an overhand left from Casey, then he glances with a knee and a short-range flurry. Casey hits a takedown but Mutapcic bounces off the canvas, planting two keep knees to Casey’s body. Casey readjusts and shoots again, this time finishing it and landing in full mount. Casey lands a punch as Mutapcic turns to put his feet on the fence; he tries to explode off the fence but Casey’s base is too strong.

Mutapcic rotates his feet onto the fence again and this time succeeds in bucking Casey off. Casey stays attached, keeping Mutapcic on the fence. Mutapcic with a strong knee to the body from the Thai plum. Casey keeps Mutapcic on the fence but lacks any offense, eating a steady diet of knees to the body in the final minute. 10-9 Casey.

R3: Mutapcic lands a front kick to the body, then stuffs a Casey takedown and tags him with an up-knee. Round kick to the body and a short right hand from Mutapcic. Casey lands a jab. Mutapcic attacks inside with a low kick, then clinches up and lands a knee downstairs from the Thai plum. Mutapcic glances with a step-in right and forces another clinch, looking to capitalize on the fading Casey. We pause for an accidental poke to Mutapcic’s eye.

Inside low kick is there for Casey. Mutapcic with another front kick to the body, then he catches Casey’s low kick and lands one of his own. Step-in right glances for Mutapcic, then he lands an inside low kick. Now a right kick to the body from Mutapcic. They collide and it’s Mutapcic who finishes the takedown, landing in full mount. Mutapcic flurries with punches but can’t land anything of note. 10-9 Mutapcic. I have it 29-28 Casey.

  • Elvis Mutapcic vs. Kevin Casey is ruled a split draw (29-28 Mutapcic, 29-28 Casey, 28-28)

Polo Reyes vs. Dong Hyun Kim

R1: They exchange glancing right crosses, then follow-up left hooks on the next engagement. Kim lands a short right and Reyes answers with a short left. Another left hook gets through for Reyes, and Kim thwacks him hard with one of his own, causing Reyes to stumble. Kim puts him on the fence and lands a knee to the body but Reyes folds him with a quick-release horizontal elbow to the face. They separate, square off, plant their feet and unload heavy combinations; a dramatic gunfight that ends with a Reyes right, and it drops Kim.

Hard shot from Reyes on top. Kim works back to his feet but eats another right hand. Left hook off the back foot is there for Reyes again. Kim answers with a sharp flurry. Reyes sneaks in a spinning kick to the body, then another check hook to the jaw. Kim forces a clinch and hits an outside trip from the body lock. Reyes pops up and protects his neck from a counter guillotine. That was a slobber-knocker. 10-9 Reyes.

R2: Reyes dings Kim with a left kick to the ribs. Kim answers in kind, then glances with a jab. And another. Reyes lands a counter right over the top. Now a right hand and a left hook to the body for Reyes. Kim answers with a left hand, still trudging through the hail of heavy leather. They both land clean with simultaneous punches. Reyes drills Kim with a front kick. Kim ducks under in the pocket and clocks Reyes with a left hook, and he stumbles backwards upon impact.

They clinch up with Kim trying to uppercut his way through a pair of knees to the head from Reyes. Now Kim lands a sharp uppercut to the face. Reyes’ punches are now coming slower and wider. Sorry, technical difficulties.

  • Polo Reyes defeats Dong Hyun Kim by TKO (punches) R3

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