UFC Fight Night: Almeida vs Garbrandt – live results, discussion, play by play

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Almeida vs. Garbrandt goes live from The Mandalay…

By: Dallas Winston | 7 years ago
UFC Fight Night: Almeida vs Garbrandt – live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Almeida vs. Garbrandt goes live from The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.

Thomas Almeida and Cody Garbrandt, a dynamic pair of up-and-coming bantamweights with flawless records, square off in the main hurrah. Former longstanding bantamweight champion Renan Barao, who’s been absent since July of 2015, ventures a weight class north to face featherweight slugger Jeremy Stephens in the co-main event. Rounding out the six-fight main card is an intriguing duplex of welterweight bouts — Tarec Saffiedine vs. Rick Story and Jorge Masvidal vs. Lorenz Larkin — along with middleweights Chris Camozzi vs. Vitor Miranda and, in the curtain-jerker, lightweights Josh Burkman and Paul Felder.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the Fight Pass Prelims at 6 p.m ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on each match up.

FS1 Main Card (Fox Sports 1, 9 p.m. ET)

Thomas Almeida vs. Cody Garbrandt

R1: Garbrandt opens with a Capoeira kick that Almeida dodges. Cross/hook combo glances for Garbrandt, then he goes airborne and misses a flying knee but lands a right after the wild barrage. Busy left hooks for Garbrandt anytime Almeida advances. Almeida lands a clean right hand. Garbrandt answers with a grazing one-two and a low kick, then a scorching one-two that rocks Almeida. Garbrandt pressures with more punches but only manages a glancing hook.

Garbrandt crouches low and sits down on more left hook and right cross combos, again tagging Almeida, but this time following up with a step-in right hook that crumples Almeida to the canvas.

  • Cody Garbrandt defeats Thomas Almeida by KO (punch) R1 2:53

Renan Barão vs. Jeremy Stephens

R1: Barao unhinges a quick high kick but Stephens blocks it and lands a low kick. Barao throws a front kick and swats Stephens with a one-two. And another for Barao. Now Stephens answers in kind. Stephens lands a low kick just as Barao scores with a right cross. Barao shoots a single leg and uses it to push Stephens on the cage.

Stephens stays upright with a whizzer and steps outside to circle off the fence. Stephens forces a clinch and puts Barao on the fence but he eats a glancing knee and left hand. Barao attempts a counter trip to force Stephens to disengage. They both throw wide hooks and miss. Barao puts Stephens on the fence and turns the corner with a body lock, but he can’t get Stephens down. 10-9 Barao.

R2: Stephens sits down on a one-two, glancing with the cross, and then easily stuffs a Barao takedown attempt. Hard outside low kick lands for Stephens. Stephens lands a rear uppercut, then he keeps coming forward and plasters Barao with another. Now it’s a right cross that lands for Stephens. Barao shoots with no set up and pushes Stephens on the cage though Stephens immediately circles off.

Barao circles off and separates unscathed. Stephens blocks a spinning kick to the body and dings Barao with a right cross in the following exchange. Nasty left hand lands for Stephens, followed by a low kick. Barao hits a reactive takedown to counter a Stephens low kick but Stephens pops back up quickly. 10-9 Stephens.

R3: They stay in the pocket and box, trading evenly for the first minute. Stephens lands a short right and Barao answers. Barao shoots but Stephens again circles off the fence. Barao breaks loose and separates, landing short punches on the reset as Stephens glances with a left hook. Stephens lands a clean uppercut, then glances with another left hook.

Barao shoots a double and finishes it just past the halfway mark. Barao pinches Stephens’ knees together to prevent the escape, but to no avail. Stephens stands up and circles Barao onto the cage, looking for a single leg. Barao circles off and separates to the tune of another Stephens uppercut. Stephens sits down on a right cross and swats Barao with it, but whiffs with a spinning back fist. 10-9 Stephens. I have it 29-28 Stephens.

  • Jeremy Stephens defeats Renan Barao by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Tarec Saffiedine vs. Rick Story

R1: Story closes the distance and lands an outside low kick. Story rushes with a boxing flurry but Saffiedine is circling wide and on his bike early. Story glances with a short left, looking to stay in the phone booth. Story catches a right body kick but can’t capitalize with punches. Story follows a lunging hook into the clinch, putting Saffiedine on the fence. Saffiedine circles off the fence and manages to sling a right high kick around the shoulder and into the face of Story.

Story glances with a wide right hook but can’t get the lateral drop. He stays connected, putting Saffiedine on the fence with an under-hook. They trade inside knees from the over-under clinch. Story goes for a double leg, then separates with a left to the head. Story puts him back on the cage and finishes the round with a flurry of hard punches to the body. 10-9 Story.

R2: Story follows a double jab with an outside low kick and Saffiedine’s counter high kick grazes Story’s chin. Story loses his balance on an inside low kick and Saffiedine gets on top briefly, but Story powers his way back to his feet and puts Saffiedine on the cage. They separate and trade low kicks in open space. Saffiedine closes distance and Story stuffs the shot after landing a left off his back foot.

Story puts him back on the cage and continues to rip left and right hooks to the body. Saffiedine circles off the cage but eats a knee to the gut. Saffiedine clasps the neck in the clinch and Story gladly flurries with more body shots. They’re separated by the ref and Saffiedine advances with a combination, but Story ducks it and puts him back on the fence. Saffiedine lands a few body knees to the close the round. 10-9 Story.

R3: Story steps off-center and glances with shovel punch. Story knifes in, faking high with punches but switching to low range for more body blows. Glancing counter left from Story, but he’s caught by a left hand while entering the clinch. Round knee to the thigh from Story. Saffiedine sneaks in a stiff elbow, then bobs under and separates.

Story crams back into the fence. Saffiedine separates with a half-blocked high kick. Glancing elbow on the clinch break from Story. Saffiedine lands a right high kick that Story eats without blinking. Short, fast flurries to the face from Story, who continues to swallow up space with close-range attacks. Saffiedine pivots and lands a counter right but Story’s still smothering him relentlessly. 10-9 Story. I have it 30-27 Story.

  • Rick Story defeats Tarec Saffiedine by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Chris Camozzi vs. Vitor Miranda

R1: Camozzi chips away with two low kicks, then lands a hard knee to the body from the clinch. Another inside low kick from Camozzi, who’s keeping steady pressure on Miranda. Miranda answers with a low kick. And another. Make it three straight, all to Camozzi’s lead leg.

Camozzi rushes Miranda with a flurry of rights and lefts, then bounces two elbows off Miranda’s guard. Camozzi pumping jabs as a set up for right crosses and a left kick, the latter of which Miranda catches to off-balance Camozzi. Camozzi falls back for a heel hook with Miranda sitting up on the fence. They exchange hammer-fists in the modified 50/50 guard. And now we have a prolonged boxing exchange from the 50/50 guard with Camozzi managing to cut Miranda on the forehead. 10-10.

R2: Miranda with a pair of inside low kicks. Now one outside for Miranda. Camozzi throwing short counters to dissuade Miranda’s forward movement. Camozzi catches a kick and sweeps out Miranda’s support leg with a low kick, landing in his open guard. Miranda closes his guard as Camozzi digs right hands to the ribs.

Miranda kicks at the hips to create space but Camozzi catches one and re-attaches before Miranda can escape. Camozzi moves to the back ride as Miranda turtles, then smothers him on the cage to prevent the get-up. Camozzi uses wrist control to power Miranda flat on the canvas with less than a minute left. Camozzi grinds away with hammer-fists and punches, opening at least one significant cut on Miranda’s face. 10-8 Camozzi.

R3: The doc is called in to examine Miranda’s cut, which is a nasty, jagged gash along the left eyebrow. He’s okayed to go. Camozzi rifles off a flurry and Miranda stands upright while defending, allowing Camozzi to transition to a takedown. Camozzi in side mount with a heavy base and a control-based strategy. Miranda fights back to his feet and separates, though the cut is once again oozing.

Miranda shoots a sloppy single leg that Camozzi stuffs before steering him onto the fence. Miranda separates with a knee to the body. Glancing right hook from Miranda. Miranda flings a heavy high kick that’s mostly blocked. Camozzi drills him with a left cross. Miranda, looking exhausted, lands an off-balance body kick. They trade straight punches to the face. 10-9 Camozzi. I have it 30-27 Camozzi.

  • Chris Camozzi defeats Vitor Miranda by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Jorge Masvidal vs. Lorenz Larkin

R1: Larkin snaps a jab home. And another, followed by an inside low kick with the lead leg. Larkin lands a lead-leg kick to the body, drawing a big grin from Masvidal. Larkin lands short on an overhand right to counter Masvidal’s jab. Hard outside low kick from Larkin, then another clean jab. Masvidal’s spinning kick is blocked but his follow-up right is not.

They clinch up and Masvidal puts Larkin on the fence. Masvidal fights for a body lock, then backs off with a one-two. Larkin zings an uppercut past Masvidal’s head, then does the same with a head kick. Masvidal lands a low kick and Larkin inadvertently plunges a finger deep into his eyeball. We pause for the eye poke, and Masvidal walks off what at first seems like a possible fight-ender. They both land low kicks in the closing seconds. 10-9 Larkin.

R2: Larkin throws a jumping switch kick that Masvidal half blocks with a thud, and again “Gamebred” just smiles it off. Chopping outside low kick from Masvidal, then a short angle-hook. Larkin glances with a lead left elbow and Masvidal answers with a right. Larkin smacks a left high kick off Masvidal’s chest. Larkin forces a clinch and fights for a body lock, then a high-crotch takedown, all of which is successfully hand-fought by Masvidal before circling off the fence.

Glancing question-mark kick from Masvidal at close range. Larkin digs a right to the body. Glancing jab from Larkin, then an outside low kick. Masvidal glances with a right body kick, then puts Larkin on the fence. Larkin circles off but Masvidal follows suit, and they separate. Larkin clocks him with another smile-inducing right cross. Masvidal lands a few short-range punches and Larkin closes the round with a takedown. 10-10.

R3: Masvidal lands a short right and glances with a low kick. Lead-leg side kick to the knee from Larkin, who follows up with a left roundhouse kick that wallops Masvidal in the ribs. Snapping jab from Larkin after dodging a Masvidal right. Larkin lands a rear uppercut and forces a clinch but eats a right punch and elbow from Masvidal. Larkin gets careless with his head position and Masvidal wrenches an elbow-lift guillotine, but bails on it. Larkin plugs him with a heavy left hook and goes for a halfhearted takedown, prompting another guillotine from Masvidal.

Masvidal drops back for the choke but ends up using it to sweep Larkin, getting back to his feet and keeping Larkin the fence with a double leg. He gets it but Larkin bounces off the canvas and pushes Masvidal away, grazing with another rear uppercut when they re-engage. Larkin puts Masvidal on the cage briefly, then Masvidal returns the favor after they separate. Masvidal with another crafty elbow from the clinch, then a glancing knee to the body. Larkin circles off and throws a spinning back elbow as the horn sounds, with Masvidal responding with a right. 10-9 Larkin. I have it 30-28 Larkin.

  • Lorenz Larkin defeats Jorge Masvidal by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Josh Burkman vs. Paul Felder

R1: Burkman opens with a jumping side kick to the knee and wide circling to his left. Outside low kick lands for Burkman, who then misses a head kick but glances with a left. They exchange inside low kicks. Burkman switches from southpaw to orthodox and lands a right, then switches back. Felder glances with a front kick to the body, then decides against a spinning attack.

Burkman steps into a left kick and it lands to the ribs, and again he glances with a follow up left. Felder has a high kick blocked. Burkman with a lead side kick to the knee and it connects flush. Burkman glances with a one-two, lands another side kick to the knee and follows with another one-two. Felder gets caught reaching and Burkman swats him with three consecutive left/right flurries. Felder fires back and Burkman changes levels to bowl him over with a double leg. Felder is quickly back to his feet as Burkman holds a waist lock. Knee to the body from Burkman. 10-9 Burkman.

R2: Felder catches a kick and digs his shin deep with an inside low kick. Burkman, fighting orthodox, has a jab countered by a Felder body shot. They exchange one-twos and Burkman lands a follow-up left, capitalizing on the extra volume. Felder lands a short, clubbing right hand.

Burkman whiffs on a spinning back fist. Felder forces a clinch and puts Burkman on the fence, thwacking him with a vicious left elbow. Burkman circles off the fence and goes for a double until Felder spikes down an elbow to the head. Burkman backs away and lets him off the fence. Another clubbing right from Felder, then a clean left hook that forces Burkman to retreat. Felder pursues but Burkman changes direction and clinches up, putting Felder on the cage to slow the pace. Felder circles off the fence with an under-hook and slips behind Burkman with the rear waist cinch, just missing with a right kick to the head. 10-9 Felder.

R3: Burkman buries a right cross into Felder’s body. Felder responds with a glancing right kick. Counter right to the body from Burkman. Felder glances with a spinning kick to the body but Burkman’s counter kick knocks him off balance. They touch up on the reset and Felder lands a perfectly timed round knee downstairs. Another clubbing right lands square for Felder after ducking a left. Felder slices through with a right cross, then lands a pair of inside low kicks.

Felder is successfully keeping Burkman at bay with a volume-based medley of low and front kicks from range. Now an outside low kick that staggers Burkman. Burkman forces a double-leg attempt and puts Felder on the cage with a body lock. Felder tries to pummel under but can’t, and he’s slung to the canvas by Burkman. Felder pops back up and circles off the fence with an elbow. Burkman circles back off the fence and his face is a crimson mask. Felder shoots a double after they’re separated and Burkman defends it, then lands a counter double. 10-9 Felder. I have it 29-28 Felder.

  • Paul Felder defeats Josh Burkman by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

FS1 Prelims (Fox Sports 1, 7 p.m. ET)

Sara McMann vs. Jessica Eye

R1: Eye comes out in a tight boxing stance while McMann’s is low and wide. McMann commits to a heavy one-two that Eye sidesteps. Eye’s first offense comes a minute deep with a one-two, and McMann knifes into contact range, driving Eye against the fence. They stalemate in the over-under besides a few knees to the thigh from McMann.

Now a glancing up-knee from McMann before they’re separated by the ref. McMann rips another one-two that zings by but lands another knee downstairs from a quick single necktie. Eye is defending well but, so far, absent of any effective offense. Glancing jab for Eye. 10-9 McMann.

R2: After measuring with her jab, Eye catches McMann with a one-two off her back foot. Eye sidesteps a responsive one-two from McMann and chops her footing out with a low kick, causing McMann to take a knee. Light outside low kick to the upper thigh for McMann. As the crowd becomes increasingly unsettled at the drawling pace, Eye sprawls on a double leg and pushes down on the head to stand up.

McMann gets deeper on the next attempt, succeeding with a double leg and landing in Eye’s open guard. Eye cage-walks to rotate into an arm bar but her intentions are revealed and McMann shrugs it off. Eye rolls into turtle, giving up her back. No-hook back ride from McMann with some distraction punches to the head. Two harder punches persuade Eye to roll out but McMann stays latched on. 10-9 McMann.

R3: McMann lands a hard outside low kick but Eye counters simultaneously with a one-two. Light inside low kick for Eye, then a left high kick attempt that prompts McMann to shoot and finish a double leg. McMann in side control with right hands as Eye tries to scramble out. Eye turtles and again gives up the back ride. Seatbelt grip to rear waist lock from McMann to maintain the back ride.

Eye tries to hand-fight the waist lock but McMann sweeps out a knee to flatten her out. Now a tight-waist from the back ride to open up more battering right hands from McMann. McMann passes to north-south and Eye goes for the head scissors, then lets it go, turning the corner to regain half guard. McMann closes the frame with right hands from on top. 10-9 McMann. I have it 30-27 her way.

  • Sara McMann defeats Jessica Eye by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Abel Trujillo vs. Jordan Rinaldi

R1: Trujillo sits down on a counter one-two 30 seconds in, glancing with it, but it backs Rinaldi off. Trujillo hits an easy takedown and bases down heavily with Rinaldi’s head on the cage. Trujillo ejects and dodges a few up-kicks before they’re separated and restarted by referee Herb Dean. Rinaldi pops Trujillo with a clean left hook, then leaps forward to ding him another.

Rinaldi shoots a single leg but Trujillo denies it with cat-like agility. Rinaldi ducks under an incoming left hook but can’t secure the body lock, and Trujillo separates and resets. After a lead hook, Trujillo lands a hard right cross to the jaw. Rinaldi is now forcing single leg attempts and Trujillo is poised to defend and sling counters. Two glancing lefts from Trujillo in the closing moments. 10-9 Trujillo.

R2: Trujillo catches a kick and knocks Rinaldi off balance with a right hand, landing in his full guard. Rinaldi immediately swivels his hips for an armbar, and it’s a deep one. Trujillo stands up and muscles his way out of the submission. Rinaldi clears space and escapes back to his feet. Rinaldi follows a wide hook into a body lock, and he off-balances Trujillo before digging both hooks in to secure full back mount.

Trujillo shakes one hook loose but can’t spin into Rinaldi, who then re-secures the hook and starts fishing for the choke. Now a body triangle for Rinaldi, and he flattens Trujillo out on his stomach, possibly looking for a back crank ala Salaverry vs. Fryklund. Rinaldi goes for an armbar in the waning seconds and Trujillo shakes him off and glances with an uppercut on the bell. 10-8 Rinaldi.

R3: Rinaldi threatens with a duck-under takedown to thwart Trujillo’s opening blitz of strikes. Trujillo is waiting for the level change after his next flurry and he stops the takedown easily. Now the counter-singles from Rinaldi are becoming predictable, though he does manage to use it to steer Trujillo onto the fence. Rinaldi slips under the armpit and nearly gets back control again but Trujillo retreats into open space.

Trujillo lands two left hooks, then a big right down the middle, though he’s throwing sloppily and potentially gassed. Rinaldi traps a lazy jab but can’t clinch up. Trujillo clobbers him with a huge right, then with a left hook on the next exchange. Trujillo switches stances and gets deep on a double leg, finishing it. Trujillo with cautious top control, likely trying to ride out the round on top. Rinaldi angles for a submission but Trujillo fends it off. 10-9 Trujillo. I have it 29-28 Trujillo.

  • Abel Trujillo defeats Jordan Rinaldi by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Jake Collier vs. Alberto Uda

R1: Uda bull-rushes his way into the clinch and goes for the Thai plum. Collier backpedals and separates when Uda throws a knee. Uda trudges forward fearlessly again and eats a clean right, but drills Collier square in the face with an up-knee. Collier goes on rubber legs and Uda trips him to the canvas — halfway, as Collier takes a knee and stands back up, still trapped on the fence. Collier circles off and goes for a muscle takedown that Uda easily defends.

Uda circles off the fence and lands another knee to the face but Collier answers with a clean spinning back fist. We pause to retrieve Collier’s mouthpiece with Uda marching into the clinch on the restart. Collier circles off and goes for a trip that Uda initially stops with a whizzer, but eventually succumbs to. Uda goes to deep half guard but doesn’t have the position to sweep. Uda gets full guard and Collier buries his head in the chest, then lands a left. Uda angles for an armbar but it’s not there. Good wrist control from Uda, who kicks the chest to clear space, then rolls out backwards. Collier over-commits when pursuing him, and Uda can’t keep back control but finishes the round on top. 10-9 Uda.

R2: Uda follows a right into the clinch but Collier lands a counter elbow before circling of the fence. Collier goes for a body lock, then a single leg that he can’t secure. Uda separates and glances with a left kick to the body. Collier throws a spinning kick to the gut and it digs in deep, and Uda feels the paralysis of a god awful body shot. It takes Collier a moment to realize but he throws a combo, then two knees to the head when Uda clinches up. Collier backs off and whirlwinds into another devastating spin-kick to the stomach, and this one folds Uda for good.

  • Jake Collier defeats Albert Uda by TKO (spinning kick) R2 1:06

Erik Koch vs. Shane Campbell

R1: Koch catches Campbell early with a counter one-two. Campbell throws kicks from outside but he’s walking into tight and fast counters from Koch. Campbell sneaks in a knee to the body in open space. Koch pops him with another counter flurry and Campbell lands an inside low kick to the lead leg. Koch unbolts a left high kick that’s half-blocked, then he follows Campbell to clinch, keeping him on the fence with short left knees.

Campbell is unable to circle off but he does resist Koch’s outside trip attempt, then he puts him on the fence. Koch glances with a quick up-knee to the face. No dice on the the foot sweep attempt from Campbell, and Koch separates into open space. More rapid-fire combos off the back foot for Koch before Campbell puts him back on the fence. Campbell steps back and thwacks Koch with a horizontal elbow to the jaw, but Koch drives through him with a double leg. Campbell gets to one knee and drives a hard elbow to Koch’s head. Koch gets the back ride in the transition with one hook in. 10-9 Koch.

R2: Koch accidentally walks into a short shot that staggers him but he has the presence of mind to hit a reactive takedown, landing in half guard. Koch regains his senses for a moment and starts to work for an arm triangle. Campbell blocks the attempt and gets to full guard, closing it. Koch steps over into half guard, again shifting his weight forward for an arm triangle.

Campbell shakes it off but gives up his back partially in the scramble; Campbell goes for a counter single and Koch picks the far-side ankle, sneaking around to back control. Koch snakes in both hooks just as Campbell tries to buck him off, cinching on the rear-naked choke and forcing the tapout quickly.

  • Erik Koch defeats Shane Campbell by submission (rear-naked choke) R2 3:02

Fight Pass Prelims (UFC Fight Pass, 6 p.m. ET)

Aljamain Sterling vs. Bryan Caraway

R1: Sterling hops out of his corner with a front kick to the body, then proceeds to fling kicks frenetically from distance. Caraway backs off and raises his arms, as if offended by the tactic, then clubs Sterling with a left. Sterling, undaunted, continues to carve circles from the fringe, still pestering with kicks. Sterling drops a level for a single leg, using it to steer Caraway back on to the fence. They exchange a series of short punches to the face as Caraway fights off the single leg.

Sterling changes his angle and goes for a double, then deftly transitions to Caraway’s back in the scramble. Sterling immediately puts both hooks in and starts attacking the neck with a choke attempt. Sterling switches to a body triangle and briefly torques a neck crank. Caraway moves to the turtle position and attacks Sterling’s posted arm, looking to sneak out the back door. Quarter nelson for Sterling to stay on board, then he surprisingly switches to a legit full nelson. Caraway’s arms are so far behind his head and neck that they nearly touch. 10-8 Sterling.

R2: Caraway comes out aggressively, landing a counter right as Sterling kicks. Sterling shoots another single leg and Caraway retracts his hips to defend, then cranks a guillotine from the front headlock. Sterling slips his head out and they separate. Sterling shuffles left and lands a right hand to the face. Caraway answers with a right of his own. Caraway flings a few distraction strikes but Sterling sidesteps the takedown attempt that follows.

Caraway forces a clinch and puts Sterling on the fence, though Sterling stays offensive with two knees to the body. Caraway switches from a right overhook to short punches but Sterling circles off the fence and separates. Sterling telegraphs a spinning back-fist that Caraway evades. Caraway shoots a double and gets deep enough on the hips to finish it with a second burst of momentum. Sterling sits up and Caraway attacks with a guillotine, then threatens to take the back. Sterling fights it off initially but Caraway again baits a back-take with a guillotine. Sterling lays his back flat on the canvas to avoid it, but Caraway repeats the guillotine/back-take process and gets his back just as the horn sounds. 10-9 Caraway.

R3: Check hook lands early for Caraway but Sterling answers with a low kick. No dice on Caraway’s double leg and Sterling tags him with a right after stuffing it. Caraway hits a counter-double on Sterling’s third consecutive front kick, finishing it. Sterling goes for a guillotine but he’s only in half guard and Caraway stays on a counter single to keep him down. Sterling sits up and cradles a leg to prevent Caraway from advancing, then he gets back to his feet.

Caraway immediately shoots a single leg and Sterling curiously falls back for a sacrifice guillotine. Caraway pulls his head out and Sterling goes for an inverted triangle as Caraway passes to side mount. Caraway moves his head out of danger and goes to work in half guard, then takes Sterling’s back when he sits up. Now Sterling stands up, allowing Caraway to sink in both hooks with a minute left. Sterling falls onto his back as the horn sounds. 10-9 Caraway. I have it a 28-28 draw.

  • Bryan Caraway defeats Aljamain Sterling by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Chris De La Rocha vs. Adam Milstead

R1: The boys come out, heads lowered, throwing heaters with both hands. Milstead gets the better of the first exchange and De La Rocha falls onto his back amidst the torrent of leather. De La Rocha works back to his feet and they continue to exchange meatballs with Milstead again beating him to the punch on the first flurry. De La Rocha sneaks in a hard right that lands square, then dings Milstead with another. De La Rocha hits a duck-under takedown but he can’t keep Milstead down for long.

They reset in the center and resume the mutual bombardment. Milstead is still sharper, slicing in with heavy left hooks and uppercuts. Milstead buries a right in De La Rocha’s mouth and it staggers him. Serious beard on De La Rocha; he’s eating haymakers like Doritos. De La Rocha is bleeding heavily from a gash on his face. 10-8 Milstead.

R2: The pace is a little more measured to start the second. Milstead, with drooping shoulders and a reduced work-rate, might’ve punched himself out a bit. He’s still dictating on the feet with counters to De La Rocha’s straight-line attacks. Now De La Rocha capitalizes on Milstead’s reduced venom by walking him down and firing to the body.

Just as De La Rocha gradually starts to turn the tide, Milstead plugs him with a lead left hook and persists with a nasty boxing medley. De La Rocha is again wobbling around with a face full of blood, and Milstead turns it on by cranking off a volley of right and left hooks until the ref steps in to wave it off.

  • Adam Milstead defeats Chris De La Rocha by TKO (punches) R2 4:01
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