Controversial former fighter detained for raiding brothels and attacking prostitutes in Russia

It was a warm Friday night in St. Petersburg and Vyacheslav Datsik decided to conduct his "raid" shirtless. Upwards of 300 pounds with a…

By: Karim Zidan | 7 years ago
Controversial former fighter detained for raiding brothels and attacking prostitutes in Russia
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It was a warm Friday night in St. Petersburg and Vyacheslav Datsik decided to conduct his “raid” shirtless.

Upwards of 300 pounds with a protruding belly that beat him to all destinations by several inches, Datsik climbed out of his friend’s van on Васи Алексеева street. He unleashed a chilling roar and proceeded up the stairs, possessed by his own madness and insatiable urge for chaos.

Datsik stormed the brothel – a large apartment with spacious rooms and potted plants – to begin his “purification” process. The Russian fighter, who sported an unusual goatee, hollered obscenities as he rounded up the sex workers from each room, pulling each by their hair or whatever was available from their clothes.

“F***ing whores,” Datsik yelled into the camera his friend wielded in the brothel (Translation via Artem Safarov). “They infect the last white men of our nation with HIV. The whole country will watch you, whores. As for the pimps, we will wring their necks. Rusiches! If you know where’s a whorehouse, call the police and tell the police to file them all.”

As Datsik proceeded through the brothel, he tried to capture as many of the sex workers’ faces on camera as possible. He tore off blankets they used to protect their identities and laughed as they scurried to some sort of safety. He chased one into the bathroom and cornered her in the shower. He punched her repeatedly before stripping her of her clothes and sending her to the rest of her traumatized colleagues in the hallway. Then, he shifted his efforts towards the “pimps,” whom he slapped mockingly and threatened with their lives.

Satisfied with the stench of fear palpable in the brothel, Datsik ordered the prostitutes to strip naked and chased them out of the apartment, and into the bright streets of Peter the Great’s city. He watched proudly as they huddled together, desperate to cover up and retain some of their body warmth.

As Datsik looked over his handiwork, he smiled menacingly and basked in chaos he created.


‘Red Tarzan’ was on the hunt for more debauchery, even if he had to manufacture it himself.

Standing on a secluded street in the Petrograd region of St. Petersburg, Datsik noticed a navy blue Nissan, which he jumped in front of and forced to stop in its tracks. A pair of confused heads emerged from the car, one of which belonged to a young female. Datsik assumed she was a prostitute seated alongside her pimp and dragged the man out of the car.

After roughing up the man on camera for several minutes, Datsik threatened to call the police unless the “pimp” was willing to prove that the female in his car was not a sex worker. He insisted that the pair had to kiss affectionately on camera to prove it. The woman, who hid her face from the camera to this point, wiped away tears and kissed her partner to appease the seemingly insane Datsik. He eventually let them go on their way, but not without a fair warning never to cross him again.

He watched the car speed away and ticked off another successful mission.


Datsik had gone too far this time.

It was May 18 and the former fighter was detained in a St. Petersburg police station after attempting to raid yet another brothel. His entourage had pretended to be eager customers in the Petrograd brothel to gain entry and unsuspecting access. However, once they attempted to raid the place, they were overrun by undercover security trained to handle such situations.

Instead of spreading fear and stripping prostitutes, it was Datsik who found himself cuffed and silently awaiting the arrival of the all-too-familiar police sirens that he had grown accustomed to over the past decade.

Datsik was initially detained in 2007 over a series of armed robberies of phone shops in St. Petersburg. Following an examination of his mental health due to his proclamations that he was the son of a Slavic pagan god, it was deemed that Datsik was afflicted with mental illness and was not imprisoned.

Eventually, the former fighter was transferred to a psychiatric clinic, where he escaped in 2010 by tearing a hole in the fence. Datsik fled to Norway, where he illegally crossed the border and handed himself in to the authorities for political asylum. He was eventually jailed again for his relations to neo-Nazism, and was extradited back to Russia in 2011 to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Datsik was released from prison in March 2016. He vowed to resume MMA competition and also claimed that had proof that he was tortured in prison.

Now less than three months removed from his release, Datsik was once again in police detention. According to, he will be charged with hooliganism and intentional damage of property.

No mention of abuse, assault, or sexual harassment charges.

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