UFC on Fox 19: Teixeira vs Evans live results, discussion, play by play

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and play-by-play as UFC on Fox 19: Teixeira vs. Evans takes place from the…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
UFC on Fox 19: Teixeira vs Evans live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and play-by-play as UFC on Fox 19: Teixeira vs. Evans takes place from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida.

Former 205-pound champ Rashad Evans meets heavy-handed boxer Glover Teixeira in the main event while strawweights Rose Namajunas and Tecia Torres battle in the co-main. Also on the Fox card: Khabib Nurmagomedov faces Darrell Horcher at a 160-pound catch-weight and multifaceted brawler Cub Swanson takes on Hacran Dias.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the Fight Pass prelims at 4:30 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on each match up.

UFC on FOX 19
(Fox channel, 8 p.m. ET)

Glover Teixeira vs. Rashad Evans

R1: Teixeira marches out in a crouched stance and closes distance, firing a straight right down the middle. Running out of room, Evans counter-clinches to stop Teixeira’s forward momentum, then shoves him away to reset in the center. Teixeira catches him with a left on his way into a clinch and Evans glances with a counter before separating. Evans sits down on a heavy right cross and it barely misses.

With an unsettling and almost robotic focus, Teixeira continues to walk Evans down until he follows a right cross with a depth charge of a left hook, and it folds Evans up on the canvas neatly.

  • Glover Teixeira defeats Rashad Evans by KO (left hook) R1 1:48

Rose Namajunas vs. Tecia Torres

R1: It’s a slow start with Namajunas flinging jabs from distance and Torres looking for counters. Namajunas rushes forward behind a right hand but Torres counter-clinches, then lands a right on the break. Torres catches a right kick and glances with a straight right.

Hard outside low kick from Torres before another brief clinch. Namajunas spears in a clean right hand as Torres is advancing. Torres rushes into a clinch, then releases her grip to wing heavy right hands, one of which clips and stuns Namajunas. Torres, with a body lock, puts Namajunas on the fence but Namajunas hits a counter hip throw. Namajunas engages Torres in her guard and finishes throwing strikes, though Torres defends well. 10-9 Torres.

R2: Namajunas lands a lunging left hook, then plunges a front kick to the body. More long jabs from Namajunas out on the fringe, then she dings Torres with a one-two. Now it’s another lead left hook for Namajunas. Another counter left finds the mark for “Thug Rose.”

Namajunas slips on a jumping switch kick and comes up laughing as Torres glances with a body kick. Another front kick from Namajunas and another kick to the body from Torres. They clinch up with Torres circling off the fence, then separating. Glancing body kick from Torres, then another as the round’s closing, and Namajunas answers with a left hook. 10-9 Namajunas.

R3: Torres, in southpaw, is busy with prodding, lead-leg kicks to the legs and body to open the third. Namajunas responds with a heavy right hand. A light outside low kick from Torres before going back to orthodox. Namajunas counters a low kick with a left hook; both strikes land.

Torres has upped her aggression, attacking with kicks and boxing combinations more frequently. Torres forces a clinch and breaks it with a nice flurry. Namajunas follows a right hand into the clinch and finishes a takedown with less than a minute left. Torres gets good wrist and posture control, closing her guard to neutralize Namajunas. No clear winner in the third. 10-10. I have it a 29-29 draw.

  • Rose Namajunas defeats Tecia Torres by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Darrell Horcher vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

R1: Nurmagomedov comes up just short on a quick right 40 seconds in. Horcher looks to counter Nurmagomedov’s low kick with a left, then he lands a low kick of his own. Horcher is surprisingly sharp on the feet, pivoting to form counters. Horcher denies a clinch attempt. Glancing left to the head lands for Horcher but Nurmagomedov gets deep on a double leg, hoisting Horcher off the canvas before driving him down.

Nurmagomedov, in half guard, with a few shoulder strikes. Horcher’s a tad too content to keep his hips flat but he defends the occasional strikes well. Nurmagomedov passes to side mount and thwacks Horcher with an unhindered flurry of elbows to the head, one of which opens a cut on the back of the head. Horcher gives up his back and Nurmagomedov sinks in both hooks, blasting lefts and rights to the head until the horn sounds. 10-8 Nurmagomedov.

R2: Horcher valiantly fights off another takedown, landing decent counters off his back foot, before he finally succumbs. Nurmagomedov patiently works into crucifix position, nearly earning a stoppage with the blistering and unhindered punches that follow. Horcher, showing a big heart, continues to defend, rolling into turtle. Nurmagomedov sinks in both hooks and unloads heavy shots with both hands until the ref shows mercy.

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Darrell Horcher by TKO (punches) R2 3:38

Hacran Dias vs. Cub Swanson

R1: Dias glances with a light low kick, then backs Swanson off with a straight right. Sharp outside low kick lands to the upper thigh for Dias. Swanson answers with an outside low kick but it glances. Dias lands a left kick to the body. Wide, clubbing hooks thrown by Dias while moving forward. They both glance with outside low kicks.

Swanson goes to southpaw, landing another light low kick, this time inside. The body kick that follows from Swanson lands clean. Lead jab downstairs for Cub but Dias makes him retreat with a flurry. Another lead jab to the body from Swanson and Dias answers with an outside low kick. 10-10.

R2: Swanson lands a right outside low kick, touches the chin of Dias with a left hook and then drops him with a left outside low kick, all executed in a fluid flash. Dias regains his composure off his back, latching on a strong overhook, then patiently creating enough space to escape to his feet.

Swanson flings a lead right to the gut, then lands a counter left hook as Dias attacks. Another check hook from Swanson off his back foot. Inside low kick now for Swanson, who’s found his groove in the second frame. Glancing outside low kick from Dias. Swanson stops a counter takedown as he’s throwing a left kick with a smile. Dias glances with a short right to the head, then another. Swanson drops Dias with another outside low kick, then the pair smile and touch gloves. 10-9 Swanson.

R3: They trade hard lefts to the face. Dias forces a clinch but can’t stay connected. Lead left hook to the body from Swanson, who continues to throw a wide variety of angles at Dias. Check hook lands for Swanson as Dias goes inside with a low kick. They trade right/left combos. And again. Swanson scores with a front kick to the abdomen but Dias blocks the spinning kick that follows.

Dias comes forward, again seeking the clinch, but Swanson shoves him away. Outside low kick to the thigh lands for Dias but Swanson answers with a clean head kick to the face after whiffing with an uppercut. Dias goes down and Swanson swarms with punches, though Dias gives a smile and a thumbs up to show he’s recovered. Swanson dives into his guard and Dias goes on his right hip, looking for a kimura. Swanson looks for the armbar counter but Dias disengages. Swanson throws a spinning kick to the hamstring as Dias is in butt-scoot position. Swanson closes the stanza with a heated flurry of punches and a thousand-yard stare. 10-8 Swanson. I have it 30-27 Swanson.

  • Cub Swanson defeats Hacran Dias by unanimous decision (29-28 x2)

Fox Prelims
(Fox channel, 6 p.m. ET)

Michael Chiesa vs. Beneil Dariush

R1: Dariush draws first blood by following a one-two with a hard outside low kick, then he wobbles Chiesa with a searing overhand left. Dariush sidesteps a Chiesa left to land one of his own, and he follows with another clean outside low kick. Dariush glances with a counter right before landing another low kick. Chiesa forces a clinch and puts Dariush on the fence, but Dariush circles off and lands a knee to the body.

Chiesa circles off the fence and lands a halfhearted left on the break. Dariush continues to beat Chiesa to the punch and control the standing exchanges, punctuating things with a low kick. They clinch with Dariush working a hip throw and Chiesa staying afoot with a strong whizzer. Dariush keeps him on the fence, landing a knee downstairs. Chiesa answers with one of his own before separating. Dariush glances with a big left as Chiesa’s coming in. Dariush gets in on a double and Chiesa turtles as time expires. 10-9 Dariush.

R2: Dariush opens with a pair of hard outside low kicks. Dariush ducks a right and shoots but Chiesa counter-wrestles into a reversal, then somehow emerges from the scramble on Dariush’s back with both hooks in, looking for a choke. He’s not under the chin and Dariush stands up, hand-fighting the choke. Chiesa just torques the hold with his forearm across the jaw and the excessive pressure forces Dariush to tap.

  • Michael Chiesa defeats Beneil Dariush by submission (face crank) R2 1:20

Bethe Correia vs. Raquel Pennington

R1: Pennington attacks with a jab and a low kick. Correia glances with a counter jab, then lands a stiff one-two. Counter right scores for Correia, prompting Pennington to rush and clinch. Correia circles off the fence and separates unscathed. Lead left lands for Pennington followed by a low kick but Correia is quick to land a counter and a kick to the body.

Hook/cross combo for Correia but Pennington lands a front kick to the body and steps into a heavy left that lands clean. Now Pennington fires and lands a right, and another. Correia follows a left hook into the clinch but they separate without incident. Correia with a glancing left, a jab and a low kick. Pennington follows a jab into the clinch and Correia circles her onto the fence. Knee to the thigh from Correia. 10-9 Pennington.

R2: Correia glances with all of a three-punch combo. Pennington responds with a right hand, then lands a short outside low kick before shucking off a clinch attempt. Pennington tries a switch knee that lands downstairs but Correia looks to answer with a counter. Two uppercuts from Correia in the single collar tie. Counter left grazes for Correia, then a right shovel punch as Pennington attacks.

Pennington lands short on a straight one-two. And again with a hook/cross medley. Short right lands for Pennington, then a left-hook counter. Pennington clinches up and lands two elbows to the head before they separate. Correia with a glancing left hook. Pennington answers with a strong jab, then they both trade jabs. They clinch up with Correia pushing Pennington onto the fence. Pennington goes for the Thai plum to land two knees before circling off the fence, then she glances with a left elbow. Correia answers with a quick, short-range flurry. Tight round. 10-9 Correia though it could’ve gone either way.

R3: Correia lands a quick right/left after defending a clinch attempt. Jumping switch kick from Pennington misses but she scores with a follow-up right before clinching. Correia circles off the fence when Pennington goes for the Thai plum and forces her to defend the under-hook. They separate without incident but quickly resume the aggressive pace with mutual flurries. Correia lands a hard right. Pennington scores downstairs with a right, then glances with a left body kick.

Correia ducks under a flurry and times it well but Pennington stays upright with good balance. They trade knees to the body before Pennington shoves her away to reset. Jab from Pennington in open space. Correia glances with a left hook. Pennington lands a right after a clinch break, then an outside low kick. More body shots from Pennington, then a high-crotch attempt with 30 seconds left. Pennington switches to a body lock but can’t get it. They close the round trading shots in the clinch. 10-9 Pennington. I have it 29-28 Pennington.

  • Raquel Pennington defeats Bethe Correia by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Court McGee vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio

R1: McGee comes out swinging a left body kick and looking to clinch; Ponzinibbio circles away. McGee lands a right cross but gets denied on another attempt to reach contact range. Ponzinibbio chops out McGee’s lead leg with a vicious outside low kick. McGee lands short on a one-two and glances with a follow-up right, then forces a clinch. Ponzinibbio breaks the clinch with a big hook, then he pastes McGee with a scorching right on the reset. Another straight right and outside low kick thud home for Ponzinibbio, who’s finding his rhythm.

Another outside low kick from Ponzinibbio, who’s steering McGee back into the fence with steady pressure. McGee backs him off with a right cross. Another glances for McGee after Ponzinibbio lands a jab. Two clean jabs from Ponzinibbio but he eats a body kick from McGee. Ponzinibbio stuffs a takedown and sits McGee down with a beautiful right cross. McGee tries to regain his footing and recover but Ponzinibbio pounces with more punches to coax the stoppage.

  • Sergio Ponzinibbio defeats Court McGee by TKO (punches) R1 4:15

Randy Brown vs. Michael Graves

R1: Graves grabs a single leg and uses it to put Brown on the fence. Brown gets a wide base and drops a few elbows to the head to dissuade Graves, then circles off the fence. Brown half-completes a trip but Graves uses a strong whizzer to stay on his feet. Graves circles off the cage, throws an elbow upstairs and flows into a double leg. Brown stops it again with his lowered stance and spike elbows.

Brown circles off the cage and lands a knee to the body before they’re separated by the ref. Graves goes for a takedown and Brown throws a kick to the head, which would be illegal if it’d landed, and then a left kick to the body. Graves counters with a takedown and gets it. Brown fires an up-kick off his back as Graves stacks his legs and sandwiches him on the cage. Crafty defense by Brown to avoid right hands, then Brown switches to a triangle. Graves increases his fence pressure to prevent the lock. Graves lands a short right but Brown switches to an armbar, then he goes back to the triangle. It’s in but he runs out of time. 10-9 Brown.

R2: Brown comes out flinging jabs and a front kick. Graves gets deep on the hips and hoists Brown for a powerful takedown. Brown goes back to a high guard and Graves hops forward to stack him, then lands a few punches. Brown kicks Graves away but he knifes back in, passing to half guard with a step over. Cross-face forearms to the face from Graves, who takes Brown’s back after Brown tries to roll out.

One hook in for Graves, facilitated by a hammer-fist, followed by a tight rear-naked choke. Brown taps.

  • Michael Graves defeats Randy Brown by submission (rear-naked choke) R2 2:31

Fight Pass Prelims
(UFC Fight Pass, 4:30 p.m. ET)

John Dodson vs. Manny Gamburyan

R1: Gamburyan presses forward but Dodson backs him off with a straight left. Dodson clocks him with double straight-lefts on the following exchange and Gamburyan covers up, leaning against the fence. Dodson swarms at light speed, jack-hammering Gamburyan with a salvo of scorching uppercuts until the ref steps in.

  • John Dodson defeats Manny Gamburyan by TKO (punches) R1 0:47

Oluwale Bamgbose vs. Cezar Ferreira

R1: Bamgbose lands an early outside low kick and Ferreira whiffs with a spinning Capoeira kick before answering with a heavy low kick of his own. Ferreira shells on a flurry of hooks, defending well, but Bamgbose catches him with the next flurry. Now Bamgbose swats him with a nasty right hook and Ferreira goes down. Bamgbose follows him to the canvas behind a hail of punches but Ferreira holds on and works back to his feet.

Bamgbose starts into another straight-line blitz and Ferreira changes levels to nail a deep double leg. Hard ground and pound from Ferreira in Bamgbose’s closed guard. Ferreira postures up and it leaves enough space to Bamgbose to roll out and reset on the feet. The pace slows a notch as they duel patiently on the feet. Ferreira ducks under a leaping right hook but Bamgbose matches his level change, and Ferreira falls onto his back. 10-9 Bamgbose.

R2: Ferreira completes a double leg and Bamgbose closes his guard. Uneventful top control from Ferreira. Bamgbose is busy striking off his back until Ferreira goes to the can opener to land a shot. Bamgbose tries to squirm off the fence in guard and gets a harsh warning from Herb Dean for grabbing the fence.

Action picks up at the two-minute mark when Ferreira postures up to land an unfriendly barrage of elbows to the face. More smothering top control from Ferreira before two more methodical volleys of left forearms. There’s a lot of blood but it’s hard to tell who it’s coming from. 10-8 Ferreira.

R3: Bamgbose is noticeably more cautious with his offense, measuring himself in spaced-out bursts rather than going berserk ala round one. Outside low kick from Ferreira. Bamgbose, who’s only been offering wild kicks from the fringe, gets taken down from the waist lock briefly but he fights back to his feet. Ferreira shoots a double on another kick attempt, this time a front-leg side kick, and he finishes it.

Bamgbose gets another for grabbing the fence and, sensibly, he grips the fence with his hand even more blatantly and obviously. Herb Dean slaps his fingers off the cage but Bamgbose re-secures his grip until he’s perpendicular with the fence in full guard. Bamgbose finally manages to escape back to his feet but the bell sounds. 10-9 Ferreira. I have it 29-27 Ferreira.

  • Cezar Ferreira defeats Oluwale Bamgbose by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 29-27)

Omari Akhmedov vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos

R1: Akhmedov catches a kick and fires a glancing right down the pipe. Dos Santos sails a wide right over the head of Akhmedov but scores with an inside low kick. Akhmedov shoots a double and finishes it. Dos Santos starts in butterfly but switches to a closed guard, then rolls into a heel hook. Akhmedov rolls with the pressure to escape but dos Santos uses it as a sweep, landing in Akhmedov’s open guard.

Now half guard for dos Santos but he ignored a kimura attempt from Akhmedov in the process, and it’s deep. Dos Santos rolls out of trouble and they separate after the transition. Hard outside low kick from dos Santos but he’s off target on a spinning kick. They trade jabs. Akhmedov glances with a left hook but connects with a right. Dos Santos slips a left body kick under the arm and into the ribs of Akhmedov. 10-9 Akhmedov.

R2: Dos Santos clips Akhmedov with an overhand right a half-minute in, prompting Akhmedov to shoot a counter takedown. Dos Santos sprawls but eats a volley of heavy punches in the ensuing clinch before Akhmedov disengages. Another heavy low kick from dos Santos. Akhmedov wings a clubbing hook and dos Santos dings him on the jaw with a heavy jab.

Akhmedov finishes a double leg in the center of the cage but, again, dos Santos steals the momentum with a leg lock attack and ends up using it to sweep. Akhmedov works back to his feet and they separate. No dice on Akhmedov’s spinning back fist. Dos Santos glances with a left body kick before they trade left hands. Dos Santos shoots a single with 30 seconds left to no avail, but he puts Akhmedov on the fence and glances with a hook. 10-9 Dos Santos.

R3: Dos Santos sprawls on a takedown and lands a hard counter knee to the ribs, then lands another knee downstairs as Akhmedov is exiting the clinch. Akhmedov lands a short-range outside low kick, which prompts a heated flurry of aggressive punches from dos Santos, one of which looks to wobble Akhmedov. Smelling blood, dos Santos launches a frenzied outburst of violence, replete with nasty hooks, elbows and knees, until the ref steps in.

  • Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos defeats Omari Akhmedov by TKO (punches/knees) R3 3:03

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