UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs Dos Santos live results, play by play

Join us for live results, play-by-play and discussion as UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs Dos Santos erupts from the Zagreb Arena in Zagreb, Croatia…

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UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs Dos Santos live results, play by play
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Join us for live results, play-by-play and discussion as UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs Dos Santos erupts from the Zagreb Arena in Zagreb, Croatia.

Heavyweights everywhere: in the main event it’s Ben Rothwell vs. Junior dos Santos and, in the co-main, Gabriel Gonzaga meets Derrick Lewis. Francis Ngannou vs. Curtis Blaydes and Timothy Johnson vs. Marcin Tybura, also heavyweights, will precede the pair of featured bouts. Light-heavies Jan Blachowicz and Igor Pokrajac round out the main card, which will kick off with Maryna Moroz vs. Christina Stanciu.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the prelims on UFC Fight Pass at 10:30 a.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows.

Main Card
(Fox Sports 1, 2 p.m. ET)

Ben Rothwell vs. Junior Dos Santos

R1: Rothwell comes out in a drastically open stance to close the distance. Dos Santos’ opening right hand streaks just over the head of Rothwell but the next one lands downstairs. This time dos Santos follows the right with a left hook that glances, then he throws another while retreating. Rothwell ducks the next overhand right and the Brazilian lands a right and a left to the body.

Outside low kick lands for the ever-stalking Rothwell, then he glances with a massive overhand right of his own. Rothwell flashes his right hand high to set up a plunging left hook to the body. Another glancing right hand for dos Santos. Dos Santos continues to land jabs to the body in open space. Rothwell whiffs on an overhand right but lands a short follow-up cross. Dos Santos buries a right hand into the body of Rothwell. And another. 10-9 Dos Santos.

R2: They exchange heavy overhand rights. Dos Santos flicks out a right that lands short. Outside low kick is good for Rothwell. Dos Santos fires another right to the midsection. Rothwell switches stances and lands a left kick to the ribs. Another short right upstairs for dos Santos. Outside low kick for Rothwell.

Dos Santos goes back to the body after glancing with an overhand right. Jab downstairs for dos Santos. We pause as dos Santos takes an accidental finger to the eye. Rothwell offers a brief bow before they touch up and resume. Dos Santos lands a front kick to the body, then two consecutive jabs. Rothwell heaves two rights but dos Santos is able to slip and counter. More rights and lefts pelt off the body of Rothwell, and dos Santos clobbers him with a big right hand and knocks him on his butt with a front kick to close the round. 10-9 Dos Santos.

R3: Dos Santos goes back to the body from range with a right, using good head movement on his way in and out. Right cross downstairs for dos Santos. Rothwell, perhaps becoming frustrated, rushes dos Santos with a combination; dos Santos dodges the flurry and buries a right in his belly. Three consecutive jabs to the body from dos Santos.

Rothwell lands a jab but dos Santos flits in and out, landing another trio of punches to the body. Hook/cross combo glances for dos Santos, who’s found a comfortable rhythm. Rothwell doing a lot of reaching and pawing as the fluid circling and movement of dos Santos continues to cause problems. Spinning kick to the body from dos Santos as the ten-second clapper sounds. 10-9 Dos Santos.

R4: Rothwell lands a counter left as dos Santos continues to attack the body. They exchange front kicks to the body. Successive jabs from dos Santos dig into the ribs of Rothwell. Now a short, clubbing right from dos Santos as Rothwell’s coming in, then a baby hook that lands harder and cleaner.

Dos Santos bounces two jabs off the chin of Rothwell, then goes downstairs with another. More fluid combos from dos Santos. Rothwell lands a hard right but they’re coming too few and far between. Dos Santos ducks a rushing one-two and dings the body with more jabs. Rothwell lands a hook/straight combo but he has to chase dos Santos down to do it. Heavy outside low kick lands for Rothwell at the bell. 10-9 Dos Santos.

R5: More jabs to the belly from dos Santos to start the final frame. The fighters are talking to one another now in between exchanges. Dos Santos stays on his bike, circling left and plunging jabs to the body of Rothwell. Now a sharp jab upstairs, followed by a front kick that lands just above the hip. Step-in knee from dos Santos glances hard to the face of Rothwell.

Chopping outside low kick is there for Rothwell. Dos Santos skates out of range, leaving a trail of flicking jabs in his wake. Now he sits down on a right cross to the body before circling away. Rothwell manages a lunging left to the face. Dos Santos pelts Rothwell with two jabs to the head. Now one downstairs followed by a check hook and a right hand. Triple jab to the body from the former champion. 10-9 Dos Santos. I have it 50-45 Dos Santos.

  • Junior Dos Santos defeats Ben Rothwell by unanimous decision (50-45 x3)

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Derrick Lewis

R1: Lewis uncorks a massive head kick that knocks Gonzaga sideways despite him blocking it. Gonzaga counter-clinches and hits a crafty trip, landing in side mount. Cross-face forearms for Gonzaga with a heavy base. Gonzaga passes to mount, then switches to back control as Lewis gives up his back. Lewis battles to his feet and hand-fights the rear waist cinch, spinning to face Gonzaga.

Gonzaga stays in the clinch, putting Lewis on the fence. Lewis spikes down a few elbows to the head, prompting Gonzaga to bury his head in Lewis’ chest. They’re separated by the ref at the two-minute mark. Lewis throws a heavy right cross that glances and he anticipates Gonzaga’s counter-takedown by lowering his level to stay upright. Gonzaga holds him on the fence in the 50/50 clinch despite the crowd’s whistles of displeasure. Lewis separates long enough to land a short up-knee. They’re separated again; 30 seconds left. Lewis morphs into a blur of violence, deploying a malevolent three-punch combo with shocking speed, and Gonzaga nosedives into the canvas.

  • Derrick Lewis defeats Gabriel Gonzaga by KO (punches) R1 4:48

Curtis Blaydes vs. Francis Ngannou

R1: Blaydes steps into a heavy jab and dings Ngannou with it. Blaydes shoots a takedown that Ngannou is able to repel with a little work. Ngannou circles off the fence and lands a right to the body, then separates with a big elbow that glances. They trade punches in the center of the cage. Blaydes touches him with a short jab. And another. Ngannou unbolts a straight one-two and the impact causes Blaydes to stumble.

Blaydes throws a lazy low kick and Ngannou blasts him with a straight left, causing Blaydes to go on roller-skates. Ngannou pounces but Blaydes wisely counter-clinches to slow the pace. Ngannou backs off and separates. Blaydes hits a blast double in open space, taking Ngannou down. Ngannou looks to hit a switch and stand up but Blaydes isn’t having it. Ngannou readjusts and battles back to his feet, and they separate with a half minute left. 10-9 Ngannou.

R2: Ngannou lands an uppercut/straight combo, then repeats the straight with the same success. They both collide with simultaneously flurries and Blaydes looks to have gotten the worst of it. Quick jab is there for Blaydes but Ngannou wings a massive counter-shot that throws Blaydes off balance. Blaydes hits another takedown but Ngannou somehow gets in the standing rear waist cinch after creating a scramble.

They separate into open space. The right eye of Blaydes is an indiscernible mess of swollen flesh and the left is far from perfect. Ngannou targets it with a left cross. And another, showing that Blaydes can’t detect incoming left hands. 10-9 Ngannou.

  • Francis Ngannou defeats Curtis Blaydes by TKO (doctor stoppage) R2 5:00

Timothy Johnson vs. Marcin Tybura

R1: Tybura lands a hard kick to the ribs. Johnson glances with a pair of rights off his back foot. Tybura lands a stiff front kick to the body, then glances with a right off the top of Johnson’s head. Another right slips through for Tybura. They clinch up with Johnson putting Tybura on the fence and landing two uppercuts to the ribs.

They trade heavy knees as Johnson maintains strong fence pressure, but not much else. They’re separated by the ref with 90 seconds left, and Tybura scores with another right. Johnson answers with a snapping left cross, then a counter shovel punch downstairs. Johnson chases Tybura down but can’t secure the body lock. 10-9 Tybura.

R2: Tybura lands a fast jab. Johnson answers with a left, then crushes Tybura with a right hook that opens a cut on his head. Tybura fires back with a glancing punch and Johnson puts him on the fence. Tybura cross-faces to make space, then circles Johnson onto the fence with double under-hooks. Tybura changes levels for a double but Johnson tosses him away after denying it and the single-leg attempt that follows.

Near clash of heads as both fighters throw. Between Tybura’s reduced output and the blood oozing down his head, the round seems to be all Johnson’s with a minute left. Straight left grazes for Johnson but he eats a kick to the body from Tybura. Johnson triples up on his jab and snaps Tybura’s head back with the last two. 10-9 Johnson.

R3: Commentator Brian Stann relays that Johnson told his corner his arm or elbow has been injured as the third starts. Tybura catches Johnson by surprise with a reactive double leg, taking Johnson down and moving instantly to back control. Johnson cleverly cradles Tybura’s head to pull him out of position, and they reset in open space. Tybura lands a knee to the belly after clinching and Johnson drives him back on to the fence.

The ref separates them due to a lack of action. Tybura thumps Johnson with a surprising high kick, then pounces with punches when Johnson steps back. Johnson counter-clinches and puts Tybura on the cage but Tybura manages to land knees and some sharp right hooks with his back on the fence. Tybura glances with a front snap kick to the face. Johnson’s left eye is grotesquely swollen. 10-9 Tybura. I have it 29-28 Tybura.

  • Tim Johnson defeats Marcin Tybura by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Jan Blachowicz vs. Igor Pokrajac

R1: As Pokrajac comes out looking to swarm with punches, Blachowicz lands a shot downstairs, then glances with a right cross before completing a double leg. Pokrajac goes to the knee shield but he can’t create space and Blachowicz clubs him with a few short rights. Pokrajac works into his full guard, closing it. Blachowicz crams his head on the fence to open the guard, then passes to half guard.

Pokrajac gives up his back when he turtles, and the ploy pays off when Blachowicz gets too high and allows Pokrajac to sneak out the back door. The crowd goes wild as Blachowicz closes his guard to protect himself from Pokrajac’s ground-and-pound. Pokrajac, though unable to land any clean punches, passes to half guard. Blachowicz sits up and goes for a counter waist lock, which opens up a mount pass for Pokrajac. No dice for Pokrajac on the front choke before the horn sounds. 10-9 Pokrajac.

R2: Pokrajac glances with two rights thrown at an odd angle. Blachowicz catches him with a straight right, prompting Pokrajac to shoot a double. Blachowicz denies it and fires a left low kick while coming off the fence. Now a glancing check hook from Blachowicz before Pokrajac forces another clinch. Blachowicz circles off the fence and goes for a double leg, but he bails on it to land shots tot he body. Blachowicz steps back and unleashes a wicked medley of right and left hooks.

Pokrajac fires back, forcing Blachowicz to back away with a hard, straight one-two. Blachowicz answers with a left and waves Pokrajac on. Blachowicz leaps forward and thumps Pokrajac with a lead uppercut that sends Pokrajac stumbling backwards. Blachowicz swarms him with punches against the fence but, after covering to deflect the blows, Pokrajac again lances him with a straight right to back him off. And we’re barely halfway through the round. Pokrajac attacks with punches but Blachowicz changes levels to complete a reactive takedown, quieting the crowd. The pace finally normalizes with Blachowicz in Pokrajac’s open guard. Blachowicz stands up and dives back down with a minute left. Pokrajac, feisty as can be, escapes back to his feet and fires a right low and a left high. Pokrajac settles for pushing Blachowicz on the fence and lands a heavy uppercut. 10-9 Blachowicz.

R3: Pokrajac lands a left off his back foot. Blachowicz shoots and puts Pokrajac on the fence, but it’s defended with double under-hooks. Blachowicz separates and lands a left hook. Pokrajac charges with a one-two but it only glances and Blachowicz takes him down. Blachowicz in half guard, pestering with left punches and hammer-fists.

Whistles from the Croatian crowd echo, then amplify as Blachowicz is able to hold top position. Pokrajac stays oddly complacent, fighting for wrist and posture control from the knee shield. Blachowicz stays busy with left punches and hammer-fists as we enter the final minute. Pokrajac’s right hip is anchored to the mat and Blachowicz finishes the round dominantly. 10-9 Blachowicz. I have it 29-28 Blachwicz.

  • Jan Blachowicz defeats Igor Pokrajac by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Maryna Moroz vs. Cristina Stanciu

R1: After a patient start, Stanciu explodes forward with a jumping switch kick and a hail of punches. Stanciu keeps driving forward, putting Moroz on the fence. Moroz circles off the fence and Stanciu jumps to a guillotine before she can turn the corner. As Stanciu starts to slide out of position, she tries to switch to a triangle and then an omoplata before losing her grip. Moroz, who’s been standing despite the submission attempts, falls into Stanciu’s open guard.

Left and right hammer-fists to Stanciu’s body from Moroz, but Stanciu fires an up-kick to clear enough space to separate. Moroz fires a one-two-three, landing the first and final shots. They clinch and Moroz hits an outside trip, landing in a high side mount. Stanciu tries to buck her off and it allows Moroz to secure back control with both hooks in, then with a body triangle. Stanciu hand-fights the choke and Moroz throws a few lefts to the face from back mount. 10-9 Moroz.

R2: Both women plant and throw heavy combinations to open the second stanza. Counter right body kick lands for Stanciu. Short inside low kick from Stanciu in open space. Clean right cross to the face from Moroz before Stanciu can deliver a kick. Stanciu connects on a heavy right hand.

Moroz glances with a left to close her combo, then catches a Stanciu kick. Stanciu pulls guard and rolls beautifully into a kneebar but Moroz pulls her leg out of danger, moving again to back control. Stanciu rolls onto one hip as Moroz tries to dig a hook in, then Moroz moves to full mount. A nasty wrist-control elbow lands from Moroz before Stanciu creates space and scrambles back to her feet. Another left hand from Moroz to close the frame. 10-9 Moroz.

R3: Stanciu glances with an inside low kick. Stanciu’s counter body kick causes a minor wardrobe malfunction for Moroz, who steps away to address it. They resume quickly with Stanciu firing to the body with a front kick and a right cross. Switch kick to the ribs lands for Stanciu, followed by an outside low kick. And another for Stanciu.

Moroz slips a right hand through, then they collide with punches. Stanciu denies a Moroz trip attempt and hits a counter trip, landing on top. Moroz flows into an armbar and it’s deep. Moroz keeps the arm in the pocket as Stanciu defends, then she works her legs into an inverted triangle attempt; a creative counter to the armbar. They stalemate briefly, then Stanciu bails on the triangle but it allows Moroz, who’s still got the armbar, to go belly down with it. Time expires. 10-9 Moroz. I have it 30-27 Moroz.

  • Maryna Moroz defeats Cristina Stanciu by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Fox Prelims
(Fox Sports 1, 12 p.m. ET)

Zak Cummings vs. Nicolas Dalby

R1: Dalby opens with a quick-release right high kick. Cummings weathers an early storm of kicks and starts working a jab while moving forward. Glancing double jab is there for Cummings, who then ducks a right hand and lands a hard left cross. Glancing outside low kick for Dalby. Cummings answers in kind, then plugs Dalby with a counter uppercut and a right hook, and Dalby goes down.

Cummings follows him, landing in side mount and securing a far-side under-hook. Despite telegraphing his intentions, Cummings secures a topside D’arce choke, then switches to a guillotine when Dalby turtles. Dalby manages to stand up and separate, throwing a hook kick followed by front-leg side kicks to the body. Cummings catches Dalby with a left hand after Dalby goes from southpaw to orthodox. Cummings again tags Dalby after a stance switch. 10-9 Cummings.

R2: They trade high kicks from range, neither landing. Dalby freezes Cummings with a short, step-in left. Cummings switches to orthodox and lands an uppercut/hook combo. Cummings dodges a left and lands a shovel punch downstairs. Another hook kick to the body from Dalby though it’s partially blocked by Cummings, who fires back with a short right.

We pause for an accidental poke to Dalby’s eye but he’s ready to resume quickly. Double jab from Cummings followed by a hard but glancing left cross. Dalby continues to throw kicks with both legs, and Cummings ducks one and nearly catches another. 10-9 Cummings.

R3: Cummings uses straight punches to steer Dalby into a corner and shoot a takedown, but Dalby resists it and separates. Clean left cross is there for Cummings. Dalby finally slips a high kick through but Cummings barely blinks as it careens off his face. Spit flies as Cummings drills Dalby in the mouth with an uppercut. Cummings checks a low kick effectively enough to drop Dalby on his back, possibly suffering from a foot injury.

Cummings falls into his guard in open space as Dalby goes to butterfly guard. Dalby creates space but can’t follow with a sweep or escape, and Cummings uses the pause to hop into side mount. Dalby is slippery, escaping back to his feet and thumping Cummings with a pair of right hands. Now it’s two glancing knees to the chin from Dalby as Cummings clinches up. Cummings circles off the fence and hits a trip despite eating a knee upstairs in the process. Cummings in half guard with a heavy base to maintain position as time dwindles. 10-9 Cummings. I have it 30-27 Cummings.

Ian Entwistle vs. Alejandro Perez

R1: Entwistle approaches in a crouched stance, diving for a flying heel hook. He’s able to get in position and wrench the hold but Perez slips out. The ref, responding to Entwistle’s wide-eyed protest, checks the legs of Perez for grease but he checks out. Entwistle goes back to the flying leg lock shenanigans but Perez grazes the top of his head with a massive right. Entwistle persists, undaunted, and again gets in heel hook position. Perez rolls out of danger once, then again after Entwistle readjusts.

Entwistle switches to a double leg to flatten Perez on his back, then Entwistle falls back for an inside heel hook. Entwistle torques the hold from both sides, still to no avail. Perez finally takes a knee and gathers his posture, landing a few right hands as Entwistle continues to fish for a leg lock. Now the tide turns as Perez lets his hands go, forcing Entwistle’s attention away from the leg lock for the first time. Perez keeps swinging until Entwistle appears to submit verbally.

  • Alejandro Perez defeats Ian Entwistle by TKO (verbal submission) R1 4:04

Damir Hadzovic vs. Mairbek Taisumov

R1: Hard outside low kick lands for Taisumov 30 seconds in. And another, followed by a clean jab. Make it a third outside low kick for Taisumov but Hadzovic gets on the board with a counter right. Taisumov mistimes a spinning kick and Hadzovic catches him with a counter left. Clean jab lands for Hadzovic.

Taisumov answers with a one-two. Hadzovic lands a short right and follows with a clean outside low kick. Step-in right is there for Hadzovic but Taisumov plasters him with a right, and it dazes him. Taisumov stays on the trigger, walking the wobbly Hadzovic into the corner and deploying a vicious uppercut that crumples him.

  • Mairbek Taisumov defeats Damir Hadzovic by TKO (uppercut) R1 3:44

Filip Pejic vs. Damian Stasiak

R1: Pejic catches a low kick but Stasiak continues his forward momentum, putting Pejic on his back and landing in side control. Pejic shrimps out and scrambles back to his feet, keeping Stasiak on the fence in the clinch. Stasiak works around his under-hook to circle off the fence, then hits an outside trip. Stasiak lands in half guard and postures up to deliver a pair of short forearms to the face. Stasiak tries to force a mount pass and is able to get back control on the transition. Both hooks in and a heavy right to the head from Stasiak, who then threads his arm under the chin to secure a rear-naked choke.

  • Damian Stasiak defeats Filip Pejic by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 2:16

Fight Pass Prelims
(UFC Fight Pass, 10:30 a.m. ET)

Lucas Martins vs. Robert Whiteford

R1: Whiteford lands a straight left and Martins steps in with a counter jab. Another quick jab from Martins. Whiteford with a straight left and Martins with a check hook, both glancing. Martins plugs him with a heavy right. One-two lands for Martins off his back foot. Whiteford with an inside low kick, then a left cross downstairs.

Now a right downstairs from Whiteford. Whiteford attacks with a one-two and it’s countered by a Martin right. Whiteford chops out the lead leg of Martins with a sharp low kick. Martins steps back on a flurry and lands another slicing right hand, and it wobbles Whiteford. Martins throws a jump knee and clinches up; Whiteford circles him onto the fence, landing short knees to the gut and thighs. The ref steps in to split them. 10-9 Martins.

R2: Whiteford glances with a one-two. Martins has a right body kick half-blocked, then eats a right hand upstairs. Whiteford catches a right body kick but can’t capitalize with a flurry of rights — in fact, it’s Martins who lands the better shots despite the compromised position. Stiff inside low kick lands for Whiteford, then a glancing straight left. Whistles abound in the crowd as the pace slows.

Martins grazes with a counter right, then he corners Whiteford and goes airborne with a jump knee. They land simultaneously: Whiteford with a body shot and Martins with a counter right. Martins snaps Whiteford’s head back with a right cross. Whiteford responds with a blast double leg, and he completes it though Martins is back up and separated quickly. 10-10.

R3: Whiteford attacks the lead leg with a pair of low kicks, the last causing Martins to slip when readjusting his footing. Martins lands a cross/hook combo and Whiteford glances with a left hook counter. They exchange grazing punches. Martins again walks Whiteford into a corner but doesn’t pull the trigger.

Step-in right to the body from Whiteford. Martins lands an inside low kick. And another, this one cleaner and harder. Whiteford shoots from distance but settles for putting Martins on the cage in the clinch. Martins circles off and separates unscathed. Jumping switch kick comes up short for Martins. Glancing inside low kick from Martins. 10-9 Martins. I have it 30-28 Martins.

  • Lucas Martins defeats Robert Whiteford by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Cyril Asker vs. Jared Cannonier

R1: Apologies, internet issues.

  • Jared Cannonier defeats Cyril Asker by KO (punch/elbows) R1 2:24

Alessio Di Chirico vs. Bojan Velickovic

R1: Di Chirico opens with a glancing straight right and a few jabs. Velickovic answers with a left body kick but Di Chirico touches him up with a left hook counter. Straight left is there for Velickovic. They trade low kicks from the fringe, both grazing. Hard inside low kick scores for Velickovic. Di Chirico lands a wide right hand and Velickovic responds with another straight left.

They exchange inside low kicks to the upper thigh. Velickovic lands a jab downstairs and follows with an inside low kick. And another low kick from Velickovic, who follows with a left upstairs. Another inside low kick for Velickovic, who’s setting up his kicks with his hands. Now a right slips through for Velickovic. 10-9 Velickovic.

R2: Di Chirico steps in to jam an incoming flurry, landing a short right to the grill. Velickovic comes in a little wild again and Di Chirico plugs him with a check hook, blasting Velickovic off-balance. Di Chirico catches a Velickovic kick and capitalizes with a hard shot upstairs. One-two is good for Di Chirico though Velickovic targets the inner thigh with a low kick.

Di Chirico lands consecutive straight rights: one upstairs, one down. Velickovic shoots a takedown and finishes it though Di Chirico pops back up to his feet quickly, circling off the cage and separating. Another right down the middle for Di Chirico, who then ducks a spinning kick and lands a clean left. Di Chirico eats an inside low kick but blasts forward to finish a takedown; Velickovic brilliantly latches on a kimura and uses it to seep him. It’s a horrible position for Di Chirico but time expires. 10-9 Di Chirico.

R3: Inside low kick lands for Velickovic, who then scoops up a single but can’t complete it. Clean, short jab from Di Chirico. Velickovic finishes the next single-leg attempt but Di Chirico scrambles back to his feet and dings him with a jab. Now Di Chirico lands downstairs with a right.

Velickovic glances with an inside low kick and then comes high with a left kick that’s only partially blocked.
Velickovic scores with a trick step-in knee to the ribs as Di Chirico engages with punches. Di Chirico answers with a left, then glances with a lead uppercut. Di Chirico hits a reactive takedown and, after posturing up, drills Velickovic with a heavy right.10-9 Di Chirico.

  • Bojan Velickovic defeats Alessio Di Chirico by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
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