Jon Jones cited for drag racing, tells ‘pig’ cop: ‘You disgust me’

Jon Jones reputation for motor vehicle operation just got some reinforcement. Not long after video surfaced of a traffic stop in which Jones was…

By: Zane Simon | 8 years ago
Jon Jones cited for drag racing, tells ‘pig’ cop: ‘You disgust me’
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Jon Jones reputation for motor vehicle operation just got some reinforcement. Not long after video surfaced of a traffic stop in which Jones was driving without a license or insurance (and apparently unaware that that was a problem) and also apparently going 40 mph over the speed limit, he’s back in trouble with the law again. Only this time, it sounds like he didn’t get off with a warning.

Jones recently went on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani to detail the incident, in which he was pulled over for drag racing and given 5 citations. Not just for drag racing, but for a modified exhaust, an illegible license plate, not staying in his lane, and “exhibition driving”.

Here’s what Jones had to say about it after the fact (transcript via MMA Fighting):

“I definitely wasn’t drag racing,” Jones said. “I got emotional and said some things that I probably shouldn’t have said to a police officer.”

“I actually have a lot of friends in the department,” Jones said. “I doubt that’s the case. I just think this officer in particular was looking for a DWI or something. He was trying to stick with me one of those and once he realized I was sober, I don’t know if he was in a bad mood or whatever, but he was definitely confrontational.

“He needed something to justify pulling me over. He fabricated the whole thing that I was drag racing.”

You can watch the video of Jones’ traffic stop above and to see the “things” Jones “probably shouldn’t have said to a police officer.” Or, if you’re in a less suitable environment to watch someone swear at a cop, we’ve provided a transcript of some of their interaction.

Here’s how it all kicks off

Cop: Driver’s license, registration, insurance. Please turn your car off. Why are you drag racing that Cadillac?

JJ: [laughs] I didn’t drag race a Cadillac.

Cop: Sir, your drivers license, registration, and insurance, please.

JJ: I did not drag race the Cadillac.

Cop: I watched you do it, right there on Broadway.

JJ: No you did not, sir.

Cop: Any reason?

JJ: No you did not. I did not drag race a Cadillac.

Cop: Okay. Any reason, sir?

JJ: Any reason for what?

Cop: For the way you were driving. The way you took off there on Broadway after you revved your engine. After you were revving your engine…

Things were polite enough here until the cop returned with Jones’ paperwork for the ticket and asked him if he wanted to get anything off his chest. Then, it got a bit ugly.

JJ: Fuck yeah I’m gonna testify to what you know.

Cop: I know that you were drag racing, and I will testify to that.

JJ: You and I both know that I was not drag racing.

Cop: Actually I do know that you were drag racing.

JJ: And you and I both know that I did not speed. You and I both know that I freaking revved my engine at the red light and I never took off racing at all. Nor was the car next to me ever took off racing. I just simply revved my engine.

Cop: Both of you took off at a high rate of speed, sir.

JJ: No I did not.

Cop: Only, you kept going, he slowed down.

JJ: No I did not.

Cop: Okay.

JJ: You are an absolute fucking liar.

Cop: Well, we can talk about it in court. I need you to sign inside this box. Once again, you’re not admitting guilt, you’re letting me know you’re aware of the court date.Inside the box, sir.

JJ: You are an absolute liar. Wait.

Cop: What am I waiting for?

JJ: I’m going to call my lawyer.

Cop: If you do not sign in the box, sir, I will have to take you to see a judge. That means that I will place you under arrest.

JJ: I am going to call my lawyer to ask him about this paperwork. I’m sure I have the right to do that, buddy. Fucking liar. I can’t believe you.

Cop: Well believe it, because I’m not joking.

JJ: Fucking with me for no reason. What’s your name?

Cop: Officer Brown. It’s on your ticket, sir.

JJ: I can’t fucking believe you, you’re ridiculous.

Cop: Just doing my job.

JJ: No, you’re not just doing your job. You’re fuckin’ picking this Corvette out for no reason. Blaming me for all this shit that you know isn’t true. You’re ridiculous … I used to really respect … fuckers like you.

Cop: You’d rather I just turn my head and let you be a nuisance to the citizens?

Jones: I am not a nuisance to the citizens.

Cop: I have sworn to protect the citizens from people like you, Mr. Jones. Please don’t dig around in your car.

JJ: I was looking for a pen. Give me the fucking shit. Can’t believe you. Ridiculous.

Cop: Well believe it. Cuz it’s the truth, sir.

JJ: Ridiculous. You’re a fucking liar. Good luck trying to prove that I was speeding because you know that I wasn’t.

Things got a bit more quiet again once Jones started demanding that he have the time to read over the paperwork before signing it. But, once he was done he got right back into it.

JJ: How do you sleep with yourself? Fucking harassing me like this.

Cop: Mostly on my left side, sometimes on my back.

JJ: Oh, I can’t wait to get you out of my face, you’re despicable.

Cop: I feel the same way about you sir.

JJ: Pig, you disgust me.

Cop: Once again, feeling’s mutual.

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