UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs Silva – live results, discussion, play by play

Join us this afternoon for live results and detailed play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Silva takes flight from The O2 Arena in…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs Silva – live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us this afternoon for live results and detailed play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Silva takes flight from The O2 Arena in London, England.

The multifarious Brazilian juggernaut who once sat high upon the middleweight throne, Anderson Silva, is set to clash with England’s own Michael Bisping in the event’s headliner. In the co-main event, Gegard Mousasi, who’s coming off the first and only TKO loss in his 43-fight career, looks to rebound against fellow veteran Thales Leites. Also on the main card: Tom Breese vs. Keita Nakamura in a welterweight bout and bantamweights Brad Pickett vs. Francisco Rivera.

The entire card will broadcast on UFC Fight Pass beginning with the preliminary card at 12:45 p.m. ET and climaxing with main card at 4 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Be sure to check out the UFC London stream for Bloody Elbow’s extensive coverage of the show.

Main Card
(UFC Fight Pass, 4 p.m ET)

Michael Bisping vs. Anderson Silva

R1: Silva starts out light on his feet and circling heavily as Bisping methodically walks him down. Glancing left hook from Bisping and it draws a smile from Silva. Stomp kick to the knee of Silva from Bisping; an interesting tactic that I don’t believe he’s employed before. Now a glancing right from Bisping. No dice on Bisping’s high kick.

Bisping advancing in a straight line but Silva’s allowing it with limited counter angles. They both glance with shots and the exchange seems to amp up Silva, who starts bouncing on his toes and steering Bisping into a corner. Shades of the old Silva emerge as he starts feinting with crazy, unknown techniques and waving Bisping forward. Bisping obliges, backing Silva into the fence but Silva puts his hands down while ducking a high kick. Bisping clocks Silva with a right hand and Silva stumbles, then stops to howl loudly. Silva tries to shake hands with Bisping as the horn sounds — Bisping shoves him away. 10-9 Bisping.

R2: More vintage antics from Silva as he drops both hands and sidesteps a combo. Now Silva leans back on the fence and drops his hands, allowing Bisping to glance with a right. Silva continues the ploy, dropping his hands and leaning on the fence, and Bisping steps away and drops his hands as well, all to the delight of the crowd. More shenanigans from Silva as he allows Bisping to back him onto the cage.

A sneaky counter right slips through for Silva, who follows up with a right to the thigh (seriously) and a right upstairs. Now a spinning kick into a crouched karate stance for the former middleweight champ. Silva, with Bisping poised in the pocket, looks over to his corner and nods in affirmation, dodges a Bisping right, then does it again, forcing Bisping to back out, likely due to sheer confusion. Bisping catches Silva with a left hook and drops him; Silva is poised off his back and throws an up-kick to the head. Bisping brushes it aside and finishes the round throwing strikes on top. 10-9 Bisping.

R3: Silva switches into his traditional fighting stance as if he’s now taking things seriously. Bisping steers him toward the fence but Silva lands an inside low kick to back him off. Two flicking outside low kicks land for Silva. Silva shells on a Bisping left hand and turns his blocking arm into a back-elbow, but it misses regardless of the creative aesthetics.

Silva catches a Bisping kick and takes him down with a single leg, then lands a high kick after letting him up. Silva, doing crazy shit with his hands, eats a right from Bisping but glances with a check hook on the next exchange. Silva again absorbs a clean jab while making circular motions with both hands. Silva seemingly reverts to primal instincts, chasing Bisping down and hammering punches from the single collar tie. Silva blasts Bisping with a punch and it knocks his mouthpiece out — Bisping, despite Silva swarming him with punches, motions to the ref about his mouthpiece and Silva knocks him down with a jump knee. Silva celebrates on top of the cage while officials politely remind him that the fight wasn’t stopped. Sheer lunacy here. 10-9 Silva.

R4: Bisping has a bloodied nose to start the fourth. Silva blocks a head kick and accidentally catches Bisping with a low blow. We pause while he recovers. Bisping taps Silva on the chin with two light jabs but Silva still refuses to keep his hands up. Bisping flurries while Silva leans on the cage and it does elicit shades of traditional defense from the Brazilian. With Silva standing upright and flatfooted, Bisping flits from side to side, stinging Silva with quick punches.

Right body kick lands for Silva after they reset in the center. Triple left hooks and one-twos from Bisping after Silva resumes his stationary position against the cage, but Silva seems to dodge or block the blows. Bisping, now bleeding from a significant gash on his cheek caused by God knows what, continues to engage Silva undaunted. Silva eats a few glancing punches while playing the game. Silva suddenly marches forward, whiffing with an uppercut back elbow, then clobbering Bisping with a combo. Silva throws a left kick to the body but Bisping steps in and clocks him with a straight right. 10-9 Bisping.

R5: Bisping’s face is an indiscernible mess to start the last stanza. Silva has a high kick blocked, then he goes back to it after a brief exchange and it knocks Bisping back even though he managed to block it. Herb Dean calls time to have the doc check Bisping, whose nose is pouring a stream of blood. We restart quickly and they touch gloves in the center. Silva, still in a traditional stance with minimal clowning, snaps off a devastating front kick to the face, and it wobbles Bisping back a few steps.

Silva stays focused and aggressive, pelting Bisping with controlled combinations. Bisping lands a hard inside low kick as Silva’s bloodthirsty fervor is replaced by complacent backpedaling. Bisping corners Silva and pursues a takedown but Silva denies it and separates. Silva casually strolls toward the fence and drops his hands, dodging a Bisping flurry. No dice on the spinning back elbow from Silva as the clock ticks away. 10-9 Silva. I have it 48-47 Bisping.

  • Michael Bisping defeats Anderson Silva by unanimous decision (48-47 x3)

Thales Leites vs. Gegard Mousasi

R1: Leites wastes no time in changing levels for a takedown attempt as Mousasi loosens a combo. Mousasi defends and then nearly hits a counter whizzer throw with his back on the fence. Mousasi cleverly switches to an inside trip to briefly ground Leites. Leites gets back up quickly and separates, throwing a fairly wild flurry on the feet. Sharp inside low kick to the upper thigh for Mousasi, then a one-two upstairs.

Inside low kick and a jab lands for Mousasi. Leites answers with a low kick but Mousasi sidesteps the takedown attempt. Glancing lead left hook for Mousasi. Another inside low kick for Mousasi before denying a takedown attempt. Leites puts him on the fence in the 50/50 clinch but he tries a risky lateral drop; Mousasi gets on top but ejects and walks away with his signature look of indifference. They both land shots in the round’s waning seconds. 10-9 Mousasi.

R2: The rear check hook is there for Mousasi to start the second. And another counter though this one’s a right cross. Glancing one-two from Mousasi. Leites catches him with a check hook to return the favor but he’s stuffed easily on a halfhearted single leg. Mousasi’s jab has been much more active in this round and it’s setting up his right crosses and hooks.

Mousasi’s lead left hook crashes into the wing block of Leites. Snapping jab lands for Mousasi, who’s taking control of the exchanges. Leites is still quite game, landing a left hook counter. Leites shoots a single and gets deep on it but Mousasi still coolly defends. More quick jabs from Mousasi, then a glancing right hand. Desperation takedown attempt now from Leites, who transitions to a single leg with the same result. 10-9 Mousasi.

R3: Leites, urged by his cornermen, comes out with aggressive combos to start the third, then pulls guard when Mousasi counter-clinches. Mousasi stays in his guard for a spell but bails when Leites starts angling his hips for submission attempts. Glancing hook-cross combo for Mousasi, who then looks utterly bored while catching a kick and off-balancing Leites.

Leites comes out of nowhere with a clean check hook and a follow-up right. Mousasi, who might’ve gotten his bell rung, stops moving forward for a few seconds to recover, then resumes his robotic stalking. Mousasi drills a one-two through the defense of Leites, prompting another desperation takedown attempt that leads to a guard pull. Mousasi in half guard and content to hang around long enough to work a mount pass. With one minute left, Leites regains full guard and controls Mousasi’s posture. Leites angles for an omoplata from rubber guard with a half-minute left but he runs out of time. 10-9 Mousasi. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Gegard Mousasi defeats Thales Leites by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Tom Breese vs. Keita Nakamura

R1: Nakamura lands a counter body kick to the ribs, then clinches after baiting Breese to throw the straight left. Body lock for Nakamura and he manages to hit an outside trip despite having his back on the fence. “K-Taro” deftly flows into full mount but Breese goes for a leg lock and uses it to stand back up. Nakamura stays attached in the over-under clinch until they’re separated at the halfway mark.

Breese leads with a left cross that lands but Nakamura glances with a counter and again forces a tie-up. Nakamura cross-faces with his right arm, then lands a short forearm before they separate and reset. Breese lands a front kick to the body with the toes, then has a left high kick blocked. Nakamura tags Breese with a counter rear uppercut, then knifes in to force another clinch. Breese circles off the fence and lands a knee to the body, then an elbow on the clinch break. 10-10.

R2: Breese comes forward with punches and anticipates the counter-clinch with a hard knee up the middle. Trip takedown from Nakamura, who again amazingly slithers to full mount. Breese once again counters with a leg lock, this time a kneebar, but uses the advantageous position to sweep into top position. Breese, in half guard, gets a heavy base, looking for elbows, then he baits Nakamura with a kimura and nearly passes to full mount. Breese is finally able to posture up but only manages two short lefts to the head.

Nakamura goes for a sweep from deep half guard but Breeze counters with the front headlock, and they end up back in half guard. Pestering ground-and-pound from Breese in Nakamura’s closed guard. Now a hammer-fist and a volley of nasty elbows from Breese. Nakamura swivels for an omoplata and locks down the shoulder, then hooks the far-side arm to torque Breese’s upper body. 10-9 Breese.

R3: It’s a slow start to the final frame on both sides. Nakamura forces a clinch and doggedly battles to keep Breese on the cage. Nakamura clasps his hands in the body lock and nearly finishes a takedown but Breese again counters with a leg lock. Breese tries to cradle the leg and sweep but Nakamura somehow reverses into top position.

Nakamura in half guard as Breese tries to push off the fence with both feet. Breese elevates Nakamura until he’s perpendicular to the floor, then gets into inverted triangle position when Nakamura goes for the counter single. Breese has the inverted triangle locked but he can’t adjust Nakamura’s arm due to the position. 10-9 Breese. I have it 30-28 his way.

  • Tom Breese defeats Keita Nakamura by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Brad Pickett vs. Francisco Rivera

R1: Pickett looking for low kicks from range. Rivera catches Pickett with his forearm on a big left hook. Short, glancing left hook lands for Pickett in the pocket. Lead jab downstairs for Pickett, who’s mixing up his strikes nicely. Rivera lands an outside low kick and they both trade shots. Rivera lands a long right cross and has a high kick blocked.

Rivera stays on the trigger and drops Pickett with a heavy left hook. Rivera dings Pickett with two right crosses, stretching his punches out beautifully. Pickett goes on wobbly legs after Rivera tags him again. Rivera now eerily confident in boxing range, rapping Pickett with another right cross and left hook. Pickett gets a flash knockdown by way of a right hook and they trade bombs to close the round. 10-9 Rivera.

R2: Rivera’s counter right hook continues to make an impression as his first clean strike of the second frame. Pickett a bit more hesitant to wade into the pocket and trade thus far in the round. Glancing right hand for Rivera to counter Pickett’s jab. Pickett changes levels and catches Rivera off-guard with a takedown. Pickett with a step-over pass to half guard but Rivera elevates him during a mount-pass attempt and gets back to his feet.

Hard outside low kick lands for Rivera. Sinking left hook to the liver is there for Pickett. Oooh, a question-mark kick attempt from Rivera, and that’s a first. Rivera ducks a Pickett combo and gets him half-down with a double leg, but Pickett quickly separates. Rivera rattles Pickett’s jaw with a right hook but then takes a left hook square to the cup. We pause while Rivera recovers. Once again, they close the round with their feet planted, chucking heavy leather at one another with Pickett getting the slight edge. 10-9 Rivera.

R3: Pickett shoots a double 30 seconds in but Rivera sprawls on it, going to one knee and digging in a strong under-hook. Pickett persists, throwing odd-angle knees as Rivera defends. Rivera goes for a reactive guillotine when Pickett stands upright and Pickett wisely changes it up and gets Rivera down with a blast double. Picket steps over into half guard but Rivera is poised to shrimp out.

They’re stood up at the halfway mark. Outside low kick to the upper thigh for Rivera. Pickett answers in kind. Pickett lands a sharp body kick to the ribs but he eats a pair of right hands for his efforts. Rivera changes levels and completes a double leg though Pickett immediately creates space and escapes. Rivera plugs Pickett with another right hook. Pickett gets deep on a double leg and hoists Rivera off the canvas before driving him back into it. 10-Pickett. I have it 29-28 Rivera.

  • Brad Pickett defeats Francisco Rivera by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Preliminary Card
(UFC Fight Pass, 12:45 p.m. ET)

Makwan Amirkhani vs. Mike Wilkinson

R1: Wilkinson cuts a wide circle left, showing he’s looking to maintain his range. Amirkhani changes levels and blasts for a single, finishing it and landing in side mount. Wilkinson deftly gets to full guard despite the heavy base of Amirkhani. Amirkhani steps over into half guard, then defends Wilkinson’s butterfly sweep attempt. Nice balance from Amirkhani to stay in top position.

Amirkhani stacks the legs and heaves a right hand while falling into Wilkinson’s half guard. Impressive attempt to force a scramble by Wilkinson but Amirkhani is equally adept on top. Sweet transition to full mount from Amirkhani, who lands some hard hammer-fists as Wilkinson recomposes his guard. Knee-shield from Wilkinson to create space but Amirkhani smothers him and jumps over into side mount. Wilkinson switches from a left-side under-hook to a modified keylock ala Frank Mir vs Pete Williams but he bails on it. 10-9 Amirkhani.

R2: Despite Wilkinson’s elusive movement, Amirkhani hits a takedown a minute deep, again landing in side mount. Amirkhani is agile in transitioning to north-south but he goes back to side control. Upa sweep from Wilkinson to escape, then he latches on a tight guillotine when Amirkhani changes levels.

It looks tight but Amirkhani is eerily composed when rolling into top position and yanking his head out of danger. Amirkhani baits Wilkinson with a crucifix attempt to pass to full mount. Wilkinson struggles but can’t buck Amirkhani off due to his heavy hips. Wilkinson, ever feisty, gets a butterfly hook and tries to elevate Amirkhani, again with no luck. 10-9 Amirkhani.

R3: Amirkhani penetrates deep for a single leg and initially retracts his hips to sprawl but eventually succumbs to the takedown when Amirkhani readjusts. Wilkinson puts a foot in Amirkhani’s chest and boots him off to escape, then again attacks the neck when Amirkhani threatens with another level change. No dice on the front choke so Wilkinson bails on it and goes to work in top position.

The momentum shift is ephemeral as Amirkhani hits a craft sweep. Wilkinson manages to separate and heave a flurry, which doesn’t look to land but it prompts Amirkhani to fall on his back. Now Wilkinson capitalizes by maintaining top position and scoring with some effective ground-and-pound. Now Wilkinson backs out and dives back into Amirkhani’s guard with a heavy right hand. Wilkinson brazenly attempts a leg lock and Amirkhani is poised to sweep, retaking top position. Amirkhani passes to full mount and slices away with a volley of right and left elbows. 10-10. I have it 30-28 Amirkhani.

  • Makwan Amirkhani defeats Mike Wilkinson by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Davey Grant vs. Marlon Vera

R1: Grant has a right body kick blocked but he lands a follow-up low kick. Vera answers with a left body kick, ten catches Grant’s next kick, putting him on the cage. Grant eats a knee downstairs before circling off the fence, but he breaks the clinch with a clean right hand. More sweeping left kicks from Vera but Grant chops away at his lead leg with a low kick. Grant lands a crafty counter right hook, then glances with a one-two. An odd sequence occurs: Vera shocks everyone with a flying leg lock or scissors attempt, but they’re interrupted by referee Marc Goddard, who claims Vera was illegally holding Grant’s glove.

They restart in the same position but the lack of surprise-factor makes it a poor spot for Vera. Grant stands back and pelts Vera’s legs with kicks, then drives down with a left hand. Vera slickly takes Grant’s back in the transition, quickly applying the body triangle and pursuing the rear-naked choke. Despite the body triangle, Grant manages to spin into Vera’s guard. Hard elbow to the face from Grant followed by punches that Vera seems to block. 10-9 Grant.

R2: Vera lands a left body kick but Grant counters with a one-two. Vera claims he took a low blow but the ref tells them to fight on and Grant obliges with a right. Grant, who suffered a cut on the top of the head in the first round, blazes a quick combo through Vera’s defense. Grant forces a clinch and steps back to assail Vera with a vicious flurry of heaters. Vera shoots a defensive takedown, then pulls guard when Grant defends.

Closed guard for Vera with decent posture control. Grant finds some posture and slams downward with a right forearm. Grant postures up again but this time Vera slings a leg over for a triangle or armbar attempt, but Marc Goddard again interrupts to issue a harsh warning to Vera for holding his opponent’s glove. Grant throws a jump elbow and follows behind it to clinch, then hits a nice outside trip. Grant steps back and fires a kick at Vera’s legs, then re-enters the half guard of Vera. 10-9 Vera.

R3: Grant ducks a punch and thumps Vera with a counter. Grant, still capitalizing on an absurd hand-speed advantage, knifes into range with a one-two, then puts Vera on his back just a minute into the round. Vera, who continues to get on Marc Goddard’s bad side, is warned for a blatant fence grab. Vera slings a leg over for a triangle and Grant backs out to defend, then dives back into Vera’s guard.

Vera looks for another triangle and he locks his legs, but Grant postures up to neutralize it. Vera is docked a point for another glove-grab from ref Marc Goddard. Though action resumed as the point was taken, they’re stood up and Vera glances with a wild, flying knee attempt. Vera shows heart in attacking Grant until the bell. 10-8 Grant with the point deduction. I have it 30-26 Grant.

  • Davey Grant defeats Marlon Vera by unanimous decision (30-26 x3)

Scott Askham vs. Chris Dempsey

R1: Askham starts by slipping left kick under the arm and into the ribs of Dempsey, who responds by nailing a double leg. Askham closes his guard and shows good flexibility in transitioning to an armbar. Dempsey defends the first attempt and Askham reapplies the hold, again to no avail. Askham gets strong wrist control and gets halfway through an omoplata, then switches to a leg lock, finally using the transition to sweep Dempsey. Dempsey powers his way back to his feet and goes for an immediate single leg, then switches to a double as Askham drops elbows while defending.

Two knees to the ribs from Dempsey with Askam’s back against the cage. Dempsey drops for a takedown but Askham shucks it off. Two glancing rights from Dempsey as Askham switches to the Thai plum. Beautiful counter whizzer throw for Askham, who then takes Dempsey’s back when he tries to escape. Dempsey never stands upright, staying low to cling to another single leg. Dempsey’s mouthpiece is replaced after they separate. On the restart, Askham puts Dempsey on roller-skates with a left cross, then puts him in the dirt with a left high kick to the kisser.

  • Scott Askham defeats Chris Dempsey by KO (strikes) R1 4:45

Arnold Allen vs. Yaotzin Meza

R1: Allen vaults out of his corner and closes distance, glancing with a reactive elbow when Meza rushes him. Allen sidesteps another straight-line burst from Meza. Meza lands a one-two at the end of his punching arc. Meza shoots a single and puts Allen on the cage when he can’t complete it. Allen battles for head position, then cross-faces Meza to circle off the fence.

Short knee to the body from Allen to set up a slick outside trip. Meza gets one butterfly hook in full guard with good wrist control. Meza closes his guard as Allen glances with a short forearm. Allen ejects and torques a volley of low kicks to the legs of the prone Meza before the referee interrupts to stand them up. Allen glances with a left cross and lands a left hook. 10-9 Allen.

R2: Allen bursts forward after a Meza low kick to glance with a left and clinch, but he backs off and separates quickly. Allen steps in to jam Meza’s next kick, catching and hoisting the leg to off-balance Meza. Allen follows him to the ground but Meza puts his back on the fence to stand up. Allen keeps him there, again hitting that clever outside trip. Meza hits the ground but scrambles out of range before Allen can capitalize.

Meza glances with a short, clubbing right. Allen answers with a left cross downstairs. Inside low kick scores for Meza, who sidesteps the next left from Allen. Active jabbing from Allen, then a left kick to the body. Meza answers in kind but gets stuffed on a takedown; apparently Meza was poked in the eye during the exchange. The replay confirms it. We restart with just over a minute left. Quick counter jab is there for Allen. Glancing left body kick for Meza. Hard left hand lands for Allen. 10-9 Allen.

R3: Allen shells on a Meza body kick and lands a counter. Meza gets deep on a single leg attempt and Allen shows phenomenal balance and technique in denying it. Meza puts Allen on the fence and lands a short right, then hooks his foot around Allen’s leg for a trip attempt. They’re separated by our entirely impatient English refs, who are not tolerating even short lulls in the clinch.

Meza dives on another single but Allen lowers his own level to stay upright, then gets a wide stance when Meza switches to a double and drives forward. Allen goes down to one knee but lands an elbow on the way, then reverses Meza, landing in half guard. Meza gives up his back when turtling but manages to separate without incident. Allen easily stops Meza’s next takedown attempt. Another easy stuff for Allen and a short elbow to the head. Allen puts Meza on the fence, half-committing on a double-leg attempt. Allen closes the round like a beast, clobbering Meza with a vicious flurry of heaters that drops him just before the horn sounds. 10-9 Allen. I have it 30-27 Allen if he isn’t awarded with a finish.

  • Arnold Allen defeats Yaotzin Meza by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Krzysztof Jotko vs. Brad Scott

R1: Jotko opens with a volley of left high kicks which Scott manages to deflect. Scott walking Jotko into corners before letting his hands go but Jotko is able to scoot out along the fence thus far. Lead back-elbow glances for Jotko, then he scores with a counter left cross. Effective movement and range control from Jotko and it’s causing Scott to pursue more aggressively.

Glancing left to the head from Jotko. Left body kick scores for Jotko but Scott answers with a rear-leg teep to the body. Scott grazes with a snapping jab. Scott lands a hard left upstairs but Jotko answers with an uppercut. Nice shelling from Jotko on consecutive flurries from Scott, then Jotko blasts a head kick through Scott’s wing block. 10-9 Jotko.

R2: Scott forces a clinch as Jotko glances with an up-knee on his way in. Scott gets a strong left-side under-hook but he can’t complete the takedown, and Jotko separates. Rear-leg front kick lands to the body for Scott. Hard outside low kick from Scott, who’s still in constant pursuit of Jotko. Jotko ducks under a combo and gets a body lock but he can’t finish with the step-through trip. Jotko puts him on the fence and lands two knees to the thigh, then one to the body.

More short knees to the thighs from Jotko, who hooks the outside leg but he can’t complete the trip. After they separate, Scott corners Jotko and they trade shots. Jotko lands a left roundhouse kick to the ribs. Scott glances with a lead hook to the body. Jotko glances with left hands in consecutive exchanges, then thuds another high kick into Scott’s guard. Jotko lands the lead back-elbow to close the round. 10-9 Jotko.

R3: Jotko opens with a right low kick to Scott’s lead leg. Step-back jab slips through for Jotko, then backs Scott off with a left cross. Nice one-two for Jotko as Scott continues to chase him down. Scott glances with a right hand but Jotko counters with a quick up-knee to the head. Scott loses his balance on a Jotko combo but regains his footing quickly.

Jotko doubles up on left body kicks and Scott answers with a low kick. More left kicks from Jotko and Scott again answers with a low kick. Sharp one-two from Jotko, who’s using the left cross anytime Scott gets in the pocket. Jotko catches Scott with a takedown while he’s throwing a kick. Scott works back to his feet but Jotko trips him back down to the canvas, landing in half guard. Scott gets to full guard and closes it with 30 seconds left. Jotko gets a heavy base and cross-faces Scott, managing a right elbow and a flurry before the horn sounds. 10-9 Jotko. I have it 30-27 Jotko.

  • Krzysztof Jotko defeats Brad Scott by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Rustam Khabilov vs. Norman Parke

R1: We spend the first minute as the cliche “feeling-out period.” Parke seemingly allowing Khabilov to lead in order to form counter-attacks. Parke flings a left and Khabilov ducks it to snatch up a single leg, then Khabilov moves to the rear waist lock as Parke regains his footing. Parke hand-fights his way out of the rear waist cinch and separates.

Khabilov steps inside a left to jam it and score with a right. Khabilov shoots a double leg with no set up and Parke stuffs it but they accidentally clash heads in the exchange. They’re both ready to resume quickly. Khabilov glances with a right cross. Khabilov grabs another single and Parke defends initially but Khabilov again smoothly transitions to the rear waist cinch. Parke stays in the turtle to avoid going for a ride. 10-9 Khabilov.

R2: Parke goes for a takedown but it’s brushed off by Khabilov. Parke sneaks a left through Khabilov’s guard and it’s his cleanest strike of the bout thus far. Khabilov paws at his right eye after Parke connects. An aggressive straight left coupled with calculated in-and-out footwork seems to have given Parke some momentum. Hard inside low kick lands for Parke but his follow-up high kick is blocked.

Blood leaking from Khabilov’s injured right eye. Parke retracts his hips to avoid a takedown. Looping lead uppercut glances for Khabilov. Parke now leading exchanges and steering Khabilov into corners, eventually attempting a single leg to no avail. Khabilov shoots a double from range and completes it with 45 seconds left. Parke closes his guard and fights for wrist control, only allowing extremely short and ineffective punches from Khabilov on top. 10-9 Parke.

R3: Parke doubles up on left roundhouse kicks, the first low and the second, which lands, to the body. Another looping uppercut from Khabilov, looking to key on Parke’s lowered head. Parke forces a clinch and off-balances Khabilov with a trip, then expertly transitions to back control. Both hooks in for Parke about 90 seconds into the round. Khabilov keeps his composure and hand-fights the rear-naked choke.

Khabilov gets enough room to spin into Parke and force a scramble, then he hits a takedown from the rear waist lock. Parke falls into guard to avoid another back-take and Khabilov steps over into half guard. Khabilov gets wrist control and tries to pin it with his knee but Parke denies the crucifix attempt. Knee-shield for Parke and it creates enough space to scramble back to the fence, and Khabilov finds the rear waist cinch in the transition. Parke again turtles to avoid being suplexed but Khabilov hits a mild belly-to-back suplex to close the round. 10-10. I have it a 29-29 draw.

  • Rustam Khabilov defeats Norman Parke by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Jarjis Danho vs. Daniel Omielanczuk

R1: Omielanczuk slings a few heavy left crosses to keep Danho at bay. Omielanczuk steps back and glances with an uppercut and a left body kick. Danho responds by landing a crisp flurry and putting Omielanczuk on the fence. They trade knees to the body. Omielanczuk pivots off the fence and dings Danho with a left hook, then thuds a knee to the body in open space. Danho answers with a knee downstairs but Omielanczuk counters with a short right.

Danho forces a clinch and puts Omielanczuk on the fence but eats a knee up the middle while hand-fighting out of a guillotine attempt. Omielanczuk lands two more short knees but Danho steps back and scores with a left-right upstairs. Danho spears the body with a hard knee before the ref steps in to separate them. Omielanczuk ducks under a punch and secures the body lock, putting Danho on the fence after he’s unable to finish the double leg. Danho circles off the fence and glances with a horizontal elbow. Another big knee to the gut from Omielanczuk. They stalemate against the fence and are once again separated with a few seconds left. 10-9 Omielanczuk.

R2: Two inside low kicks to the lead leg of Danho for Omielanczuk. Now a front-leg side/stomp kick to the knee from
Omielanczuk. Danho answers with a low kick that digs into Omielanczuk’s lead leg. Omielanczuk hurls a wide left that glances. Omielanczuk’s heavy strikes and constant forward pressure are making Danho a little gun-shy.

Omielanczuk steps back and glances with a short right. Danho’s hands have dropped to mid-chest level and his punches look a bit labored. Omielanczuk puts Danho on the fence and grazes with a knee while Danho was grounded; we pause for the minor foul. Omielanczuk, gaining confidence, continues to wade forward and bombard the now-lethargic Danho with low kicks and crisp combos. 10-9 Omielanczuk.

R3: Omielanczuk scores with an inside low kick and then a stomp kick, both aimed at the lead leg of Danho. Another inside low kick and now Danho switches stances to protect what must be a tender left leg. Omielanczuk obliges him with another low kick as soon as Danho switches back to orthodox. Danho lumbers forward and takes an inadvertent punch to the cup whilst throwing a knee. We pause while he recovers to the crowd’s dismay.

Danho is apparently unable to continue and, per the rules regarding an accidental, fight-ending foul in the 3rd round, the scorecards are tallied for a decision. I have it 30-27 Omielanczuk.

  • Daniel Omielanczuk defeats Jarjis Danho by technical decision (29-29, 29-28 x2)

Thibault Gouti vs. Teemu Packalen

R1: Packalen follows a jab-hook medley with a rear uppercut and it sits Gouti on the canvas. Packalen pounces with punches, then moves to back control and forces the tapout with the mata leao.

  • Teemu Packalen defeats Thibault Gouti by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 0:24

Martin Svensson vs. David Teymur

R1: Teymur catches a left body kick but can’t keep hold of it. Teymur catches another one but lets it go to land a left body kick of his own. Teymur catches the kick for a third time and lets it go. Busy in-and-out movement from Teymur while flicking inside low kicks from range. Glancing straight left from Teymur but Svensson answers with an overhand left. Glancing counter hook from Teymur, then he sprawls on a double leg attempt.

Teymur with a right kick to the body as Svensson struggles to find his striking rhythm. Teymur tries a spinning attack and Svensson rushes him to force a clinch. Teymur separates and glances with a right kick to the body. Teymur catches another kick and sweeps out Svensson’s support leg with a kick, but he lets him back up. Clean left cross scores for Teymur, and his spinning kick thumps into the chest of Svensson. Teymur closes the strong round with a takedown. 10-9 Teymur.

R2: Svensson lands an outside low kick to the upper thigh. Teymur glances with a counter one-two. Teymur half-catches a Svensson body kick and counters with his own. Svensson, almost desperately, shoots from way outside and Teymur easily stuffs it. Teymur steps back and clubs Svensson with a lead uppercut, and Svensson goes down.

  • David Teymur defeats Martin Svensson by TKO (punches) R2 1:26

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