Bellator 150: Kongo vs. Queiroz live results, streaming video, play by play

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and play-by-play as the Bellator 150: Kongo vs. Queiroz event takes place from the…

By: Dallas Winston | 7 years ago
Bellator 150: Kongo vs. Queiroz live results, streaming video, play by play
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and play-by-play as the Bellator 150: Kongo vs. Queiroz event takes place from the at the Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas.

Originally, the main event was supposed to be a bantamweight title fight rematch between Marcos Galvao and Eduardo Dantas, but the reigning champion Galvao had to withdraw on Thursday due to illness. It’s the 2nd time this fight has been cancelled, with the previous occurrence resulting from a Dantas injury that nixed their Bellator 144 showdown. Instead, the new main event is a heavyweight bout between former UFC contender Cheick Kongo and Brazil’s Vinicius Queiroz. The co-main is Kansas’ own David Rickels against Bobby Cooper in a lightweight matchup. Rounding out the main card are middleweights Kendall Grove and Francisco France, women’s flyweights Lena Ovchynnikova and Rebecca Ruth, and featherweights Gaston Reyno and Chuka Willis.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the main card on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed to the West Coast). Video streaming of the prelims begins at 6:45 p.m ET/3:45 p.m. PT, and you can view it at the top of the page. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for more details as well as Tim Burke’s Bellator 150 preview. The full schedule and lineup follows below.

Bellator 150 Main Card
(Spike TV, 9 p.m. ET/PT)

Cheick Kongo vs. Vinicius Queiroz

R1: Queiroz steers Kongo into a corner but doesn’t pull the trigger. Kongo backs him off with a one-two. They clinch up after an uneventful 90 seconds, then separate. Kongo flicks an inside low kick, then glances with a front kick to the hip. Another low/front kick combo for Kongo. Now a right outside low kick to set up the left teep to the body for Kongo.

A chopping outside low kick from Kongo prompts a flurry from Queiroz; Kongo counter-clinches and puts him on the fence. Short knees to the thighs from Kongo in the over-under. “Spartan” circles off the fence and hits an outside trip but Kongo pops back up to his feet and separates. Outside low kick for Kongo. Queiroz glances with a spinning back fist and Kongo changes levels for a double leg. Queiroz stops the takedown but takes a few more knees to the thigh in the clinch. 10-9 Kongo.

R2: Inside low kick and teep to the body from Kongo, who continues forward with a one-two. Queiroz stuns Kongo with a counter but he recovers quickly and answers with a right cross. A pair of low kicks land for Kongo and Queiroz is yet to even attempt to check one of them. Rear-leg teep to the midsection for Kongo. Inside low kick is there for Kongo. Queiroz still curiously cornering Kongo with movement but unwilling to pull the trigger.

Queiroz ducks a flurry and lands a double-leg at the halfway mark, landing in Kongo’s open half guard. Queiroz looks to thread his leg through and pass to mount but Kongo stops it. Kongo goes to the body lock, looking for a stand up. He gets it with 13 seconds left, leaving little time for any action on the reset. 10-9 Kongo.

R3: The fans let the fighters let know that they’re a bit unimpressed as they start the final frame. “Spartan” lands a blast double 30 seconds in, again landing in Kongo’s open half guard. Queiroz looking to step over into mount but he’s unable to. Kongo uses the fence to stand up and they separate.

Kongo attacks aggressively with a one-two and a pair of follow up rights, all of which lead to a double-leg attempt. Queiroz stuffs it and Kongo keeps him on the cage, again dropping for a double a few moments later. They’re separated quickly by referee John McCarthy. They collide in the center, both throwing right hands, but it’s Kongo whose legs buckle upon impact. Queiroz pounces but Kongo recovers and we’re right back to a lackluster stalemate in half guard. Kongo closes his half guard to prevent the mount pass and they’re stood up with 15 seconds, again offering little time for action on the restart. 10-9 Queiroz. I have it 29-28 Kongo.

  • Cheick Kongo defeats Vinicius Queiroz by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

Andre Fialho vs. Manny Meraz

R1: Fialho plasters Meraz with a clean one-two and he crumples. Fialho pounces with a few hammer-fists and that’s that.

  • Andre Fialho defeats Manny Meraz by KO (punches) R1 0:29

Bobby Cooper vs. David Rickels

R1: Rickels comes out light on his feet, flicking left kicks high and low. Cooper glances with a one-two upstairs. Rickels still busy with left kicks from the fringe but he gets tagged by Cooper’s tight counter flurry. They clinch and Cooper puts Rickels on the fence. Rickels tries to separate and flurry but Cooper ties him back up. Cooper separates unscathed and they reset in the center.

Rickels lunges in with a left hook and clinches though Cooper glances with another left off his back foot. Rickels lands a knee up the middle before Cooper slips free. Cooper lands a one-two and it puts Rickels down to one knee though he may have lost his balance. Cooper again steps back and lands a hook before Rickels puts him on the fence with a straight-line rush. Short uppercut lands for Cooper but Rickels wallops him with a knee to the head Cooper goes down and turtles, prompting Rickels to wail away at his head with unhindered punches until the ref steps in.

  • David Rickels defeats Bobby Cooper by TKO (punches) R1 3:49

Francisco France vs. Kendall Grove

R1: Grove patiently walks France into a corner but his hook-cross combo is deflected. France with an outside low kick. Grove answers with a low kick shortly after. France comes up short on an overhand right but he lands another outside low kick. Glancing check hook is there for Grove but France chops out his leg with a heavy low kick.

France follows a one-two into the clinch and puts Grove on the fence. France takes an unintentional knee below the belt and we pause while he recovers. Grove deflects a left-right from France on the restart but his front leg gets thwacked with another clean low kick. They clinch and Grove grabs a body lock, using it to steer France onto the cage. France goes Pancrase with a volley of open-hand lefts to the head. France nearly hits a whizzer throw and he’s able to put Grove on the cage in the transition. 10-9 France.

R2: France opens with another low kick. Grove wades forward with a one-two and an uppercut, then drills France with an uppercut. France folds under the torrent of leather and the ref steps in.

  • Kendall Grove defeats Francisco France by KO (punches) R2 0:35

Gaston Reyno vs. Chuka Willis

R1: Willis glances with an inside low kick, then a right body kick that Reyno nearly catches. They clinch up with Willis putting Reyno on the fence in the over-under hold. Reyno counters with a knee to the body but Willis takes him down with a trip. Reyno pops back up and lands a knee to the body with Willis still attached. Two more knees to the body from Reyno with his back on the cage.

Two more from Reyno, who half-hits a foot sweep but Willis regains his balance and separates. No dice on the question mark kick from Reyno. Willis catches a right body kick but can’t convert the takedown. Reyno falls back for a sacrifice guillotine with one butterfly, then he closes his guard and wrenches it. Willis pulls his head out with just under a minute left. Short left lands for Willis, who then steps over to half guard. Another step-over pass for Willis, this time to back control. Both hooks in for Willis as time ticks away. 10-9 Reyno.

R2: Reyno comes up short on another question-mark kick, then he gets blasted and dropped by a Willis right hand. Willis pounces on Reyno with huge punches. Reyno gets back to his feet and they trade knees in the clinch, with one of Willis’s possibly landing low. Willis takes Reyno down again but can’t keep him there. Reyno stands and breaks the body lock of Willis, but fires a knee that lands low. We pause as Willis recovers, which he does quickly.

Referee Rob Hinds correctly restarts them in the same position with Willis having the advantage on the fence. Reyno swims an arm in to break the body lock but can’t circle off the cage. Willis goes after a single and Reyno switches to a guillotine to dissuade the attempt. More sharp counter knees from Reyno with his back on the fence. Reyno gets double under-hooks but still can’t shake Willis. Willis lands a knee to the body with an under-hook and wrist control. 10-9 Willis.

R3: Willis wastes no time in reattaching to Reyno and putting him on the fence. Willis hits a trip but Reyno pops back to his feet, still stuck on the fence. Willis holds position and maintains control, then hits a takedown after a short lull. Reyno is back up and firing knees to the midsection with his back on the fence. More knees from Reyno.

Willis glances with a short left. Then two more but Reyno answers with two knees downstairs. Two more short lefts from Willis. Willis drops for a double and Reyno defends with an under-hook, then circles off the fence. Willis returns the favor and puts Reyno back on the fence. They’re separated with a minute left and Willis clocks Reyno with a left hook. Reyno, ironically, puts Willis on the fence. Willis circles off and puts Reyno on the fence, stepping back to hurl a short flurry. Reyno jumps guard with a guillotine in the final seconds. 10-9 Willis. I have it 29-28 Willis.

  • Chuka Willis defeats Gaston Reyno by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

Lena Ovchynnikova vs. Rebecca Ruth

R1: Ovchynnikova lands a short left from southpaw. Ruth comes forward swinging but Ovchynnikova lands a knee to the body before circling out. Ruth continues to barge into the pocket with fearless leather and puts Ovchynnikova on the fence. Two short rights land for Ruth from the single collar tie. Ovchynnikova spins off the fence and hits a trip, landing in the scarf hold position. Ruth rolls her over and reverses into top position, landing in side mount.

Ovchynnikova slithers her legs around Ruth’s head for an inverted triangle but Ruth is wise to it and pulls her head out of danger. Ovchynnikova turtles and Ruth lands a hard knee to the ribs with a rear waist lock. Another knee to the body from Ruth before she uses the half nelson to prevent an Ovchynnikova escape, then the seat belt. Ruth holds onto the body lock as Ovchynnikova stands up. Ruth, who’s been applying heavy pressure, steps back and glances with a one-two before reconnecting with Ovchynnikova. 10-9 Ruth.

R2: Ruth loses her balance throwing a front-leg side kick and Ovchynnikova dives on her, but Ruth recovers and gets back to her feet. Ovchynnikova lands a left hand and a body knee. They collide with Ruth snatching up a body lock and hitting a definitive trip; Ovchynnikova works back to her feet and separates. Another counter left lands for
Ovchynnikova, then a third that glances. Ruth takes her head off center to glance with a one-two, then she drops
Ovchynnikova with a right cross. Ovchynnikova gets back to her feet and Ruth puts her back on the cage.

Again Ruth applies clinch pressure only to step back and flurry; Ovchynnikova deflects the blows, circles off the cage and separates into open space. Glancing one-two from Ovchynnikova, then a clean left cross that bobs Ruth’s head back. A heavy right hand from Ruth bowls Ovchynnikova backwards. Ovchynnikova answers with a left cross off her back foot. Ovchynnikova whiffs with a spinning back fist and Ruth off-balances her but Ovchynnikova sweeps into top position. Ruth swivels for an armbar in the transition and it’s deep but she runs out of time. 10-9 Ruth.

R3: Quick left lands for Ovchynnikova. And another while circling out. Ruth ducks under the next left and nails a deep double leg, landing in side mount. Ruth gets a strong base and fires right elbows to the ribs, then left forearms to the face. Ovchynnikova turtles and Ruth moves to her back with a waist lock. It’s a headlock and short punches to the head from Ruth, then she re-grounds Ovchynnikova with a rear body lock.

Half nelson from Ruth when Ovchynnikova turtles. Ovchynnikova stands up and works off the fence to separate. A crisp one-two and a sharp knee to the body from Ovchynnikova but Ruth clinches up and hits a head-and-arm throw. 10-9 Ruth. I have it 30-27 her way.

  • Rebecca Ruth defeats Lena Ovchynnikova by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Preliminary Card
(Bloody Elbow, 6:45 p.m. ET)

Kyle Noblitt defeats David Hammons by TKO (punches) R1 0:45

Henry Lindsay defeats Marcio Navarro by TKO (punches) R1 2:30
Chris Harris defeats Julian Marquez by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Andre Fialho defeats Manny Meraz by KO (punches) R1 0:29

Gregory Babene defeats Brandon Farran by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 3:37
Thai Clark defeats Deron Carlis by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
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