Bellator 149: Shamrock vs Gracie – live results, streaming video, play by play

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, streaming video of the preliminary card and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 149: Shamrock vs Gracie…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
Bellator 149: Shamrock vs Gracie – live results, streaming video, play by play
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, streaming video of the preliminary card and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 149: Shamrock vs Gracie kicks off from The Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

The nostalgia inducing main event will feature MMA pioneers Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock while former Florida backyard brawlers Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 fill the co-main slot. Also on the main card: up-and-comer Derek Campos draws notorious striker Melvin Guillard, former light-heavyweight champ Emanuel Newton rematches Linton “The Swarm” Vassell, and Daniel Pineda draws Emmanuel Sanchez.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the Spike TV broadcast at 9 p.m. ET. Free streaming video of the entire preliminary card is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for detailed analysis, predictions and betting odds.

Bellator 149 Main Card
(Spike, 9 p.m. ET)

Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock

R1: Gracie stays light on his lead foot, flinging front and high kicks from southpaw. Shamrock answers with a glancing right kick to the body. Gracie continues to probe with the front leg in the form of side and low kicks. Gracie flicks a pair of outside low kicks to Shamrock’s lead leg. Now an inside low kick for Gracie.

They clinch up with Gracie bouncing a surprisingly sharp knee to the head of Shamrock, who goes down awkwardly, looking like he took a groin shot. Gracie follows up with strikes and the fight is stopped. The irate Shamrock angrily approaches Gracie after the stoppage, claiming it was done on purpose. The Bellator replay does indeed show an unintentional knee that lands below the belt.

  • Royce Gracie defeats Ken Shamrock by TKO (knee) R1 2:22

Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000

R1: Dada 5000 throws two strikes that vaguely resemble some type of kick. Kimbo smiles at him and changes levels when Dada 5000 bull-rushes him, hitting an easy double leg. Kimbo passes to full mount but has trouble shaking off the over-under head control. They stalemate long enough to elicit a warning from referee Big John McCarthy.

Kimbo finally postures up but Dada 5000 shoves him away, then onto his butt. Kimbo gets up and they clinch, trading knees with Kimbo’s back on the cage. The ref intervenes again and Dada 5000 wades forward, slinging wide left and right hooks. He clinches again and puts Kimbo on the fence, landing a solid knee to the body. Kimbo punches his way off the fence, landing a hard left before putting Dada 5000’s back on the fence. Another separation from the ref and Kimbo is sucking some serious wind. 10-9 Kimbo.

R2: Kimbo heaves a left hook and hits a takedown, then backs off and lets Dada 5000 up. They clinch or just somewhat stumble into each other, and Kimbo continues his momentum into a makeshift takedown. They do nothing and they’re separated again.

Kimbo lands a trio of lefts on the reset and, despite the punches perhaps being the cleanest of the contest, they seem to sap Kimbo of his strength. Dada 5000 throws a knee and sort of gets a front headlock, prompting Kimbo to drop down to his knees for no apparent reason. The motive for Dada 5000 then rolling onto his back is equally mysterious. Kimbo crawls on top of him, gets full mount and lays perfectly still. They’re stood up. Dada 5000 whiffs a punch and then leans back on the fence. Kimbo staggers forward and punches him in the face. 10-10 because equally lower scores are not viable.

R3: The competitors nearly need to be carried to the center of the cage on a stretcher. They manage, albeit at a snail’s pace, to traverse the few feet of distance by their own accord. With hands at waist level, they sling what I will loosely describe as combinations. After an awkward instance in which the contestants find themselves staring at one another with exhausted and seemingly surprised glances, Kimbo swats Dada 5000, causing him to reel around the cage in a jagged half-circle before he collapses into a heap of shuddering girth and red hair dye.

  • Kimbo Slice defeats Dada 5000 by TKO (punch?) R3 1:32

Derek Campos vs. Melvin Guillard

R1: Guillard comes out gangbusters and puts Campos on his heels with a blazing combination but Campos weathers the storm, plugs Guillard with a heavy right that staggers him and dumps him with a double leg. Campos in half guard, throwing an occasional strike while maintaining a heavy base. Glancing left elbow from Campos on top. Guillard counters with a left elbow from the bottom.

Guillard cross-faces and tries to push on the hips but Campos postures up and pelts him with some ground-and-pound. Guillard gets back to his feet and Campos can’t find the mark with big swings. They reset in the center with Guillard firing a right after pivoting. Campos counters Guillard with a beefy right hand. Snapping jab from Guillard, then a clean outside low kick. Guillard whiffs with a big right high kick. 10-9 Campos.

R2: Campos grazes with a roundhouse kick to the body. Campos walks him down and plugs him with a iron-shod left, and Guillard goes on rubber legs, listing against the fence. Campos deploys a ferocious swarm of rights and lefts until the ref steps in and waves it off.

  • Derek Campos defeats Melvin Guillard by TKO (punches) R2 0:32

Emanuel Newton vs. Linton Vassell

R1: Vassell draws first blood with a stiff outside low kick, then takes an errant kick below the belt. He’s ready to resume quickly, nailing a body-lock takedown in open space. Newton gets back to his feet and spins to face Vassell, who’s back to the body lock. Outside trip is there for Vassell and he lands in half guard, then steps over into full mount. Double grapevine for Vassell in a strong and smothering mount. Newton goes onto one hip and gives up his back

Heavy hips from Vassell, who flattens Newton out in back control and starts firing rights to the head. Newton rolls onto his back, gives it back up, then goes on his back again but Vassell’s posture and balance on top is unshakable. Newton finally shakes him off and gets back to his feet, countering another takedown attempt with the front headlock. Newton gets to his back but has no hooks, allowing Vassell to slip out and separate. Newton’s signature spinning back fist is blocked but he hits a body-lock takedown to close the frame. 10-9 Vassell.

R2: Newton catches a hard low kick and nearly converts it into a takedown but can’t. Newton switching back and forth from southpaw and orthodox, flinging jabs and low kicks. Counter jab lands clean for Newton, then he throws a nice three-kick combo, all low; the last is too low and another directly to Vassell’s cup. We pause as Vassell paces, recovering. Tight one-two from Vassell on the restart, then another while circling out of range. He pops Newton with a third iteration of the combo. Another long left and right sneak through for Vassell.

Newton catches another kick and half-hits a single leg and Vassell defends at first, then succumbs to a body-lock takedown. Vassell turtles and Newton scurries to his back, re-grounding him with from the rear waist-lock. Vassell is back up quickly, spinning to face Newton, who’s in on a single leg. Vassell hops back to the cage and gets away with a blatant fence-grab to prevent a takedown. Newton responds with another low blow, this time a spearing knee square to the pills. Vassell takes longer to recover and Newton is docked a point on the restart. Double front-leg side kicks for Newton, who’s having trouble navigating through Vassell’s long reach. Spinning back kick lands to the gut for Newton. 10-9 Newton; 9-9 with the point deduction.

R3: Vassell opens with a stiff double jab. They trade kicks evenly until Newton dumps him with a blast double. Vassell fights back to his feet and Newton puts on him the cage with an under-hook. They trade knees in the clinch. Vassell gets a wide stance to defend a Newton double leg, then keeps his footing when Newton switches to a single leg.

Vassell goes to the Thai plum, glancing with two knees to the head, then pursues a double leg of his own. Vassell gets it, landing in half guard. Vassell steps over into full mount with just over a minute left. Short lefts to the head from Vassell, whose heavy hips prevent a Newton escape. Newton gives up his back, then rolls back into mount; Vassell smashes him with a right in the transition. 10-9 Vassell. I have it 29-27 Vassell.

  • Linton Vassell defeats Emanuel Newton by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-27 x2)

Daniel Pineda vs. Emmanuel Sanchez

R1: Pineda glances with an early one-two. Sanchez fires back but Pineda gets the better of the exchange, then flows into a double-leg takedown that he finishes. Heavy top from Pineda, who deftly slithers to half guard and then to back control. Sanchez protects his neck and brazenly rolls out of danger to regain full guard, then manages to kick Pineda away and separate.

Sanchez lands a short punch and a knee downstairs as they collide in the center. Pineda changes levels and hits another easy takedown. Pineda immediately threatens to pass and transition to back control but Sanchez only gives up half guard. Pineda rolls into an armbar during a scramble, then transitions into a calf crusher. Sanchez patiently fights it off but he’s being forced to play defense constantly. Pineda uses the calf slicer as a sweep and moves on top into the half guard of Sanchez. 10-9 Pineda.

R2: Pineda opens with a spinning back elbow that grazes. Sanchez earns some respect with a high kick that’s blocked and a heavy short-range right that puts Pineda off balance. Sanchez pounces on him as Pineda goes on his left hip in pursuit of a sweep. Sanchez gets a heavy base in half guard and lands a series of hard right hammer-fists. Sanchez backs out of the pocket to avoid a leg lock and comes back into Pineda’s guard with a diving right hand.

Pineda scrambles back to his feet and hits a counter takedown just before the halfway mark. Full, closed guard for Sanchez and some spike elbows to the top of Pineda’s head. Sanchez switches to a body triangle and sticks with the short elbows as Pineda is uncharacteristically static in top control. The ref stands them up and Pineda throws a cartwheel kick from too close and Sanchez steps in to jam it and takes Pineda down. Pineda rolls into an armbar, then transitions into a kneebar; they separate as Sanchez fends it off. Another whiffed Capoeira-style kick from Pineda but he follows with a late takedown. 10-9 Sanchez.

R3: The ringside doc gives Pineda’s foot a long look before okaying him for the final hurrah. He shows no ill effects as he fires off consecutive one-twos, then dumps Sanchez with a blast double. Pineda looks for a wild pass that Sanchez is able to counter and reverse with the front headlock. Sanchez passes to side control, then crams a volley of hammer-fists into Pineda’s face as he regains full guard. More sharp strikes from Sanchez on top, who again goes to the front headlock to deny a Pineda transition.

A steady stream of Sanchez leather is careening off Pineda’s face, who isn’t as slippery off his back as he’s been in previous rounds. Pineda fights back to his feet but eats a barrage of punishment for his efforts. Sanchez puts him on the cage and attacks the body and thighs with knees. Pineda slips to the rear waist cinch and Sanchez somersaults out of it, then spins around to take top control. Pineda rolls into a leg lock but Sanchez defends and batters him with punches. Now it’s back control for Sanchez, who’s finishing strong. Sanchez passes to full mount but Pineda bucks him off and gets back to his feet. Sanchez thumps the wobbly Pineda in his already grotesquely swollen eye. 10-8 Sanchez. I have it 29-27 Sanchez.

  • Emmanuel Sanchez defeats Daniel Pineda by split decision (28-29, 29-27, 29-28)

Preliminary Card
(BloodyElbow at 6:30 p.m. ET)

Isaac Villanueva defeats Richard Knepp by TKO (punches) R1 0:42

Jeremy Mahon defeats Davis Sylvester by TKO (punches) R2 4:22

Adrian Yanez defeats Ryan Hollis by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Jason Langellier defeats Anthony Ivy by submission (D’arce choke) R1 2:09

Justin Wren defeats Juan Torres by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Mike Trinh defeats Angel Zamora by submission (armbar) R1 3:49

C.J. Hancock defeats Ruben Esparsa by submission (rear-naked choke) R3 1:26

Manny Lozoya defeats Jacob Norsworthy by submission (guillotine choke) R1 2:33

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