UFC Fight Night 82: Hendricks vs Thompson – live results, play by play, discussion

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Hendricks vs. Thompson takes place from The MGM…

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UFC Fight Night 82: Hendricks vs Thompson – live results, play by play, discussion
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Hendricks vs. Thompson takes place from The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

Former welterweight champion Johny “Big Rigg” Hendricks meets once-beaten kickboxing extraordinaire Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in the headliner while heavyweights Roy Nelson and Jared Rosholt square off in the co-main. Also on the main card: former Strikeforce standouts Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante vs. Ovince Saint Preux (light-heavyweight), Team Alpha Male’s Joseph Benavidez vs. Zach Makovsky (flyweight), light-heavies Misha Cirkunov vs. Alex Nicholson and welterweights Mike Pyle vs. Sean Spencer.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the Fight Pass prelims at 7 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for detailed analysis, predictions and betting odds on the entire card.

Main Card
(Fox Sports 1 at 10 p.m. ET)

Johny Hendricks vs. Stephen Thompson

R1: Thompson in a distinctly closed stance, then he throws a switch high kick. Hendricks dodges it and forces a clinch on the next exchange, pushing Thompson onto the cage. Left-side underhook and right knees to the thigh from Hendricks before Thompson separates. Thompson nearly counters a Hendricks left, then slices in two front-leg side kicks, one downstairs and one up. Now a three-punch combo from Thompson rattles the jaw of Hendricks.

Thompson steps back on a Hendricks flurry and darts back into range with a clean right. Hendricks blocks a right high kick but absorbs a straight left to the beard. Now a quick right from Thompson, who’s frustrating Hendricks with his artful movement. Right hook to right roundhouse kick from Thompson, who then sits down on a right hand that wobbles Hendricks. Thompson stays on the trigger with a spinning kick to the gut, then a salvo of short rights to the head as Hendricks covers up and goes down. The ref waves it off. This was a one-sided kickboxing clinic from “Wonderboy.”

  • Stephen Thompson defeats Johny Hendricks by TKO (punches) R1 3:31

Roy Nelson vs. Jared Rosholt

R1: Nelson comes out in a low, crouched stance, walking Rosholt into a corner and anticipating the takedown. Nelson openly readying a right uppercut to dissuade the level change. Nelson follows a double jab with a left hook and a right uppercut. “Big Country” uncorks his signature haymaker and it’s off the mark but gets Rosholt’s attention. Nice left hook from Rosholt though it only glances.

More prodding jabs from Nelson, still in a lowered stance. Rosholt sidesteps a Nelson flurry and finds the mark with a short-range counter combo. Another glancing left hook from Rosholt, then a right that lands. They trade left hands. 10-9 Rosholt.

R2: Rosholt shoots his first takedown and Nelson defends it. Nelson keeping his right hand cocked but now he’s only looking for the homerun rather than whittling Rosholt down with any semblance of volume. Nelson chops away at Rosholt’s lead leg with a heavy low kick. Glancing left hand from Nelson, who slips on the next exchange.

Rosholt bails out in a wide circle on the next two encounters. Rosholt lands a kick and Nelson answers with a counter left. Nelson lands a clubbing left through Rosholt’s guard. Nelson glances with a monster overhand right and Rosholt counters with a long left. Nelson follows a double jab with a right hand, all of which make contact though not cleanly. Nelson’s stalking is keeping Rosholt busy with defense. 10-9 Nelson.

R3: Nelson digs into Rosholt’s lead leg with a cleaving low kick. Halfhearted takedown attempt from Rosholt, whose offense has gradually dwindled. Nelson peels off a triple jab and Rosholt jogs out of range. Nelson stays on the trigger and Rosholt again not-so-valiantly turns his back and retreats. Rosholt throws a hesitant kick that Nelson is able to counter.

Lead left hook from Nelson finds Rosholt’s jaw. Nelson lands a low kick but comes away stepping gingerly. Nelson lands a short right and glances with a back hand. Rosholt gets in on a single leg and switches to a double but Nelson circles out of range. Glancing left hook from Rosholt. They trade lefts to the face. Nelson follows with another and again throws the uppercut to back-hand combo. 10-9 Nelson. I have it 29-28 Nelson.

  • Roy Nelson defeats Jared Rosholt by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante vs. Ovince Saint Preux

R1: Saint Preux flashes a front kick from range. Feijao lands an inside low kick. Feijao double-forearm blocks a heavy left kick to the chest, then bobs under the pocket and heaves a big counter right. Saint Preux lands a low kick with a loud crack and comes away limping; Feijao notices and cranks off two vicious low kicks to Saint Preux’s good leg.

Saint Preux’s foot injury is a bit obvious now as he’s walking on it gingerly and Fejao continues to tenderize his other leg with scorching low kicks. Saint Preux sits down on a left hand and hobbles after it’s delivered. Feijao glances with a big right hand and Saint Preux clobbers him with a wide left hand. Feijao’s legs buckle and he goes onto his back, searching for a defensive guard. The late rally evens what was a one-sided round for Feijao. 10-10.

R2: Both fighters look to have recovered from their respective maladies in the first frame. Feijao is much more hesitant to engage and, after an action-packed Round One, the crowd murmurs their displeasure at the slow pace. Feijao glances with a Superman punch and land a follow-up left. Double jab from Saint Preux, then a sharp front kick to the body.

They kick simultaneously and Feijao gets off-balanced in the awkward exchange. Saint Preux capitalizes by falling into his guard, landing a pair of hammer-fists. Feijao opens his guard and eats a volley of Saint Preux hammer-fists. Feijao is content to over-hook the head and control posture with a closed guard, apparently looking for a referee intervention that never transpires. 10-9 Saint Preux.

R3: Feijao opens up with a high kick and looks to sit down on a few counters. No dice on the Saint Preux single leg but he marches forward with a succession of clubbing left hands, then rag-dolls Feijao to the canvas. High half guard from Saint Preux as Feijao goes back to over-hooking the head with an inactive guard.

Saint Preux tries to sneak short shots in as Feijao clings to the over-hooked head. A halfhearted attempt to kick off the cage from Feijao as Saint Preux chips away with ground-and-pound. The crowd airs their discontent as time melts away uneventfully. Saint Preux backs out and stands up to drive down a left hand, then finishes strong with heavy leather. 10-8 Saint Preux. I have it 30-27 Feijao.

  • Ovince Saint Preux defeats Rafael Cavalcante by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Joseph Benavidez vs. Zach Makovsky

R1: Benavidez opening with measured left/right combos while wading forward. Makovsky lands a quick inside low kick and surprisingly puts Benavidez on his back with a powerful takedown. Benavidez pops back up and glances with a clubbing right hand, then lands a quick flurry. Benavidez with a counter right hook to the body.

They collide in the center with Benavidez anticipating Makovsky’s level change nicely. Quick elbow on the the clinch break from Benavidez, capitalizing on his noticeable hand-speed advantage. Benavidez buries a heavy right into Makovsky’s ribs, then does the same to the opposite side with a left body kick. Glancing lead elbow from Makovsky though Benavidez answers with another quick flurry with both hands. Makovsky forces a clinch and hits a takedown as the clapper sounds, and gets back control but runs out of time. 10-9 Benavidez.

R2: Benavidez matches Makovsky’s level change to deny the takedown attempt. He does the same on the next attempt but lands a knee downstairs on the break. Lead right to the body followed by a knee from Benavidez, whose quickness is becoming overbearing for Makovsky.

Makovsky gets in on a takedown and they battle in a Greco clinch with Benavidez first nearly reversing, then separating. Makovsky shoots a single leg on the next exchange and, despite getting Benavidez down briefly, he can’t maintain control. Makovsky persists with clinching and then transitioning, this time slipping behind Benavidez but again running out of time. 10-9 Benavidez.

R3: Makovsky continues to hold his ground and counter-clinch but Benavidez is ready for it. Makovsky puts him on the fence but Benavidez shoves him away like a schoolyard bully. Makovsky now telegraphing his counter-clinch and takedown game, allowing Benavidez to evade and land combos. Makovsky steps inside a left to land a short right. Benavidez peels off a one-two and lands an up-knee to the head on the break.

Benavidez again anticipates the level change and puts Makovsky on the cage, then steps back to thwack him with a horizontal elbow. Another heavy shot from Benavidez in the phone booth, then a charging right hand that puts Makovsky down on one knee briefly. Benavidez keeps peppering Makovsky with an impressive level of offensive output, easily shucking off another takedown attempt. Now a front kick to the sternum from Benavidez, who closes the right with a rugged right hand that off-balances Makovsky. 10-8 Benavidez. I have it 30-26 his way.

  • Joseph Benavidez defeats Zach Makovsky by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Misha Cirkunov vs. Alex Nicholson

R1: Cirkunov throwing heavy left hands and kicks early from southpaw. Nicholson backs him off with a leaping one-two but Cirkunov hurls a big hook/cross that lands and clinches up, then separates with an uppercut. Cirkunov wades forward with a left body kick, then grabs a schoolyard choke, landing a knee when Nicholson breaks free. Nicholson throwing a plethora of off-balance spinning strikes, none of which have been effective.

Nicholson lands a low blow and referee Herb Dean vows to take a point on the next infraction. We restart with Nicholson still employing a rather wild and unkempt style of aggressive striking. Cirkunov changes levels and puts Nicholson on his back, thudding down with a heavy elbow. 10-9 Cirkunov.

R2: Cirkunov attacks with short-range left kicks and hooks to set up a clinch entry and a takedown. Nicholson scrambles but gets his back taken in the transition. Cirkunov with both hooks in and fishing for a rear-naked choke, but switches to a neck crank and pops Nicholson’s jaw to coax the tapout.

  • Misha Cirkunov defeats Alex Nicholson by submission (neck crank) R2 1:28

Mike Pyle vs. Sean Spencer

R1: Spencer fires off rapid jabs from a crouched stance. Spencer glances with a right-hand counter and then plugs Pyle with another during a kick attempt, snapping his head back. Pyle clinches but Spencer defends and pushes him away, keeping more penetrating jabs in Pyle’s face. Pyle lands a left inside low kick and a left hand.

Pyle answers a Spencer jab with a right cross but walks into the same from Spencer, and it sits him down. Pyle stabilizes in guard and coolly gets back to his feet, separating. Now a lead hook from Spencer, keying off the jab he’s established. Another left lands for Spencer, who’s got a bead on Pyle’s head. Another counter left finds the mark for Spencer. Pyle lands a quick up-knee and glances with a right at the bell. 10-9 Spencer.

R2: Spencer continues to jab, almost incessantly, and it’s keeping Pyle from finding any range or rhythm. Halfhearted low kick from Pyle who, however, times Spencer’s crouched jab with a scorching right to the head, and it wobbles Spencer. Pyle starts to pressure with punches and glances with a spinning back fist but he’s clocked by a left high kick from Spencer.

Spencer seems to be recovered and resumes the jab-fest. They exchange heavy rights at close range. Pyle lands a left hook, then glances with a spinning heel kick to the body. Sharp left from Pyle but it’s answered in kind by Spencer. Spencer lands a clean jab, prompting Pyle to shoot a double leg. He gets it but Spencer takes a knee immediately. 10-9 Pyle.

R3: Spencer follows an inside low kick with a hook/cross combo, coming out aggressive. Double left hands find the mark for Spencer. One-one-two lands clean for Spencer and Pyle either wobbles or fakes it. Pyle counter-clinches on a Spencer flurry, grabbing the Thai plum and landing a knee downstairs, then flowing into an outside trip. Spencer stays slippery on the mat but can’t shake Pyle, who keeps Spencer in the turtle position with the front headlock.

Spencer pulls his head free and they trade short shots before Spencer stands and separates, with Pyle landing a knee and Spencer a left hook on the break. Pyle changes levels on a Spencer flurry, then clangs Spencer with a quick up-knee as he sprawls. Now it’s a spinning back elbow that thuds home for Pyle, and Spencer goes on roller-skates. Pyle thumps him with a right hand a volley of knees, then with alternating elbows to the head until Spencer wilts.

  • Mike Pyle defeats Sean Spencer by TKO (knees and elbows) R3 4:25

Fox Prelims
(Fox Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET)

Josh Burkman vs. K.J. Noons

R1: Burkman comes out southpaw, then switches to orthodox and throws a front-leg side kick. Burkman, still switching stances, attacks with an array of low and high kicks from range. Outside low kick lands for Burkman. Noons is yet to commit on any strikes and eats another low kick. Burkman keeps Noons on the fringe with kicks and it’s effective enough to mute his offense and draw murmurs from the crowd.

Burkman continues the kicking barrage as Noons is still in the starting gate, hardly even attempting any offense of note. Burkman follows a body kick with a quick flurry of leather that prompts Noons to jog out of range. Burkman leads with a right upstairs and glances with a huge follow-up left hook. Burkman with another left body kick that’s half-blocked and the next one goes high, glancing off the head of Noons. 10-8 Burkman on account of nothing from Noons.

R2: Noons crouches and gets into range for the first time with a snapping jab. Burkman comes up short on a one-two but gets in on the hips of Noons, pushing him against the fence. Burkman pinches his legs together and hoists Noons off the canvas but the slam is anticlimactic and Noons pops right back up. Outside low kick glances for Burkman.

Noons still on way too light on the trigger until he lands a wide left hook; his biggest and best offense of the fight by far. Burkman keeps him at bay with sharp combos and lands another outside low kick, then glances with a body kick. Noons holds his ground and ducks in the pocket, landing a counter left hook. A pair of light low kicks from Burkman, then a heavy left kick to the body. Another outside low kick for Burkman. Noons hops into range and heaves a left while bent at the waist, and it glances. Noons lands a spinning back fist. 10-9 Burkman.

R3: Burkman captures the waist of Noons and gets him halfway down but can’t keep him there. Noons sails a few more wide hooks while bent at the waist and a few land, at least one of which possibly wobbles Burkman. Burkman allows Noons into range again and pays the price by getting stung with more leather. Burkman forces a clinch and puts Noons on the fence to slow the momentum.

Noons defends with double under-hooks and pushes away, though he loses precious time whilst defending. Burkman snaps his head back with a straight left, then lands a left kick to the ribs. Burkman dives on a single leg and then switches to a double as Noons widens out his stance to defend. Burkman goes back to the single but absorbs a few downward elbows from Noons. Noons pushes the head down and spikes a nasty volley of elbows into the head and shoulders of Burkman, who fights through the punishment to complete a double leg. Burkman finishes the round throwing right hands to the head. 10-9 Noons. I have it 29-27 Burkman.

  • Josh Burkman defeats K.J. Noons by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Damian Grabowski vs. Derrick Lewis

R1: Grabowski shoots a reactive double as soon as Lewis plants his feet and throws heat but Lewis shows surprising agility for a mountainous man in defending. Lewis stands up and cocks his right hand back to Reno before drilling it downward into Grabowski’s head, opening a cut. Grabowski tries to keep his hips moving and defends well but Lewis is methodically heaving homerun right hands to the prone Grabowski, and putting all of his weight behind the blows to boot. The canvas shakes after another haymaker lands and the ref has seen enough.

  • Derrick Lewis defeats Damien Grabowski by TKO (punches) R1 2:17

Ray Borg vs. Justin Scoggins

R1: Scoggins, in southpaw, comes out firing punches and a front-leg side kick. Borg hits an explosive takedown but Scoggins is quickly back on his feet, keeping Borg on the cage with double under-hooks. Strong head position to keep Borg on the fence but not much offense from Scoggins. Borg circles off but gets heartily stuffed on his next double-leg attempt and Scoggins crams his back on the cage. Scoggins separates with a clean left hand on the break. Borg tries to follow a right with a takedown attempt but Scoggins is wise to it.

Scoggins lands a knee to the body, glances with a front-leg hook kick and whiffs with a question mark kick. Scoggins is sharp from range with blistering one-twos and left kicks thrown to every level. Borg shoots from way outside after dodging a kick and Scoggins brushes it aside. Spinning roundhouse from Scoggins but it’s dodged by Borg, who shoots a desperation takedown and is waved back to his feet from the sidestepping Scoggins. 10-8 Scoggins.

R2: Borg forces a clinch and pulls guard. Scoggins gets off a few random punches but Borg shows good posture control before escaping. They trade somewhat uneventfully on the feet until Scoggins gets deep on the hips with a blast double, putting Borg on his back. A fierce battle for position ensues with Borg nearly reversing but Scoggins reacting in time before separating.

Scoggins continues his feverish pace of dynamic kickboxing attacks, forcing Borg to cover and evade from range. Angle jab lands clean for Scoggins, then a glancing straight left. Scoggins misses with two front kicks and grazes Borg below the belt with a low kick; they touch up and resume. Borg catches Scoggins with a waist lock amidst a spinning attack but still can’t impose on Scoggins, who shows phenomenal balance in staying afoot. 10-9 Scoggins.

R3: Borg vaults out of his corner, hovering low for a single leg. Scoggins defends well at first but eventually succumbs. Scoggins angles his hips for a submission attempt and uses it to bait Borg into a sweep. Scoggins on top in the closed guard of Borg, and he passes to half as soon as Borg opens it. Scoggins cross-faces to create space and lands a left hammer-fist. Borg regains full guard though Scoggins jams his head against the cage.

Borg looks to sit up on the cage but Scoggins goes to the waist lock to prevent the fence walk. Borg labors back to his feet but Scoggins puts him right back down. Scoggins passes to half guard but Borg quickly regains full guard. Scoggins buries a few rights into the ribs of Borg, who gets back to his feet but flops on his back for a hail-mary guillotine. Scoggins easily jerks his head free and goes back to work in Borg’s guard. Two elbows to the head from Borg. 10-9 Scoggins. I have it 30-26 Scoggins.

  • Justin Scoggins defeats Ray Borg by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

Noad Lahat vs. Diego Rivas

R1: Lahat takes an errant finger to the eye on their first exchange and we pause for the eyeball check. Lahat’s ready to roll quickly, changing levels during a Rivas flurry and taking him down. Lahat over-hooks the head to stuff Rivas’s sweep and then deftly spiders into full mount with a topside guillotine. Rivas gives the thumbs up before slipping his head out, getting half guard and then full guard.

Rivas slings a leg over for a triangle attempt but Lahat defends with the short-lift slam, taking the back of Rivas in the transition. Lahat gets in arm-triangle position and Rivas “answers the phone” to defend, once again offering a collected thumbs up before evading the submission. Lahat dings him with an elbow and puts both hooks in from back control, then steps over into full mount. Rivas stands up with Lahat on his back, then spins to face him. Rivas goes for the takedown and Lahat falls back for a sacrifice guillotine, then immediately sweeps into top position when Rivas completes the double leg. 10-8 Lahat.

R2: Rivas times a beautiful up-knee counter and takes flight, landing a mid-air knee that sinks Lahat to the canvas.

  • Diego Rivas defeats Noad Lahat by KO (flying knee) R2 0:23

Fight Pass Prelims
(UFC Fight Pass at 7 p.m ET)

Mickey Gall vs. Mike Jackson

R1: Jackson shuffling right and throwing lefts to keep Gall at bay. Gall wades forward drills Jackson with a right cross, wobbling him off balance. Gall pounces on the downed fighter and secures a rear-naked choke.

  • Mickey Gall defeats Mike Jackson by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 0:45

Artem Lobov vs. Alex White

R1: Lobov counters a low kick with a short right. White answers with a kick but Lobov is stinging him with quick shots in the pocket. Lobov counters another kick with the right, then tries to catch the next one unsuccessfully. Lobov walking White into corners and keeping leather on him. White lands a knee that Lobov counters.

Another counter right for Lobov but he gets pasted with a left from White. Lobov counter-clinches and puts White on the fence. White with a short up-knee to the ribs. Another short knee from White before they separate. Glancing left hook from Lobov but White tags him cleanly with a combo and hits a double-leg takedown. Lobov gets back to his feet but eats a knee to the head for his troubles. 10-9 White.

R2: White is more active on the bubble, now refusing to let Lobov back him up by flinging quick one-twos and low kicks. Lobov catches him with a glancing left hook and White answers with a right upstairs. Lobov with a heavy step-in jab. Lobov starts dropping his hands, almost baiting White into a slug-fest. They both connect in a mutual exchange.

Lobov with a large mouse on his left cheek as well as a small cut over the left eye. White closes his combo with a clean right. And another. And a third consecutive right hand though White follows this one with a surprise takedown. Lobov works back to his feet quickly but he seems to have lost his rhythm while White’s found his. 10-9 White.

R3: Double jab lands for White, who’s gliding in angles to set up his strikes. Straight left to the kisser from White. Successive straight lefts to the body for White, who flows into a double-leg, landing in side mount. Lobov gets on his left hook to turtle but returns to his back when White threatens to take back control.

White lands left hands with head control on the opposite side, then he snaps Lobov’s head down to maintain control. Lobov works back to his feet and separates, opting to chuck loopers with his hands down while walking right into White — and it’s actually somewhat effective. Lobov continues to wing sloppy hooks from the hip with both hands but he succumbs to a White takedown. 10-9 White. I have it 30-27 White.

  • Alex White defeats Artem Lobov by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

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