Bellator 148: Daley vs Uhrich live results, streaming video, play by play

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and play by play as the Bellator 148: Daley vs. Uhrich event takes place…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
Bellator 148: Daley vs Uhrich live results, streaming video, play by play
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and play by play as the Bellator 148: Daley vs. Uhrich event takes place from the Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA.

Renowned welterweight striker Paul Daley meets Andy Uhrich in the main event while, to rectify a No Contest due to an accidental head butt last July, welterweight Chris Honeycutt rematches veteran Paul Bradley in the co-main. Also on the main card: Heavyweight Tony Johnson, who raised eyebrows with a split-decision win over former Bellator champ Alexander Volkov in his last outing, draws former professional boxer Raphel Butler and Patricky “Pitbull” Freire faces Ryan Couture in a lightweight bout.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the main card on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for more details as well as Michael Hutchinson’s Bellator 148 preview. The full schedule and lineup follows.

Bellator 148 Main Card
(Spike TV, 9 p.m. ET)

Paul Daley vs. Andy Uhrich

R1: Uhrich comes out southpaw, glancing with an outside low kick and pawing with his right hand. Daley snaps off two right crosses to keep Uhrich wary. Uhrich shoots a takedown from way outside and Daley easily stuffs it. Daley moves forward, reaching out for the Thai clinch and Uhrich circles him onto the fence. They separate and Uhrich comes up short on a counter right hand. “Semtex” methodically closes the gap and unbolts his signature left hook, then loosens a right uppercut that detonates on the jaw of Uhrich, folding him up on the canvas. Daley immediately marches over and starts taunting Josh Koscheck, who’s seated cage-side.

  • Paul Daley defeats Andy Uhrich by KO (uppercut) R1 2:00

Paul Bradley vs. Chris Honeycutt

R1: Bradley lands a short counter left to counter a Honeycutt low kick. Honeycutt flings a wide left to set up a takedown but leaves his chin exposed, and Bradley finds it with a sweeping right hook. Honeycutt’s legs buckle and Bradley assails him with a hellacious eruption of haymaker right hands, the last of which flattens the turtling Honeycutt and prompts the ref to intervene.

  • Paul Bradley defeats Chris Honeycutt by TKO (punches) R1 0:40

Ryan Couture vs. Patricky Freire

R1: Couture closes the distance behind a jab, then he tries to follow a left uppercut into a clinch but Freire circles out of range. Couture closes a combo with an outside low kick. Freire backs him off by unbolting a heavy right hand, then snaps Couture’s head back with a right cross and a left uppercut. Couture sweeps out Freire’s footing with a low kick and tries to pounce as “Pitbull” regains his balance. Freire bombs Couture with a short right that causes him to stumble backwards. Hook/cross combo for Freire, then a retreating diagonal elbow to the face of the pursuing Couture.

Freire holds his ground and sweeps a nasty left hook across the pocket and it catches Couture square in the jaw, and he face-plants into the canvas.

  • Patricky “Pitbull” Freire defeats Ryan Couture by KO (left hook) R1 3:00

Raphael Butler vs. Tony Johnson

R1: Butler comes out jabbing, both upstairs and down, then sits down on an overhand right to counter a Johnson kick. Butler follows an outside low kick into the clinch, allowing Johnson to snatch a single leg and then peel Butler off the fence with a transition to the double leg. Butler gets back to his feet but he’s trapped on the cage by Johnson with a strong right under-hook. Johnson fires a knee to the thigh in response to the ref’s call for action, then resets and plants another knee directly into Butler’s cup. We pause as Butler patiently massages his junk into a state of recovery.

Johnson follows a quick one-two into a double leg but Butler shows impressive defense to stay afoot, then counters Johnson with a whizzer hip throw. Johnson pops back up and bulldozes Butler to the fence. Butler stops Johnson from getting the rear waist lock and they stand and trade bombs at an even clip. Johnson ducks under a combo and grabs a single leg, then transitions to the rear back-ride, putting one hook in. Butler shakes him off and spins into him, landing in Johnson’s open guard. A hard right lands from the top for Butler. Johnson closes his guard and Butler cross-faces him but can’t gain any posture. Butler separates long enough to heave a right hand downward. 10-9 Butler.

R2: Johnson follows behind a glancing right hand and clinches up, holding a right under-hook and landing a short left. Butler counters with wrist control and a circle off the fence to separate. Butler’s ready for Johnson’s counter single after throwing a right, stepping away from the takedown attempt. Butler gets off the fence and into open space but Johnson lands a knee to the body in the center of the cage. Butler keeps a strong whizzer to negate a trip attempt and Johnson sandwiches him on the fence.

Two knees to the inside of Butler’s thigh before they separate. Butler lands a stomp kick to the knee but eats a counter jab, then gets taken down. Two short elbows land for Johnson in Butler’s open full guard. A few more glancing elbows from Johnson to set up a pass to half guard. Butler gets enough space to turtle but Johnson goes to the back-ride, landing left hands. Butler gets back to his feet but Johnson counter-clinches as soon as Butler lets his hands go. 10-9 Johnson.

R3: Johnson gets deep on Butler’s hips for an early double leg. Butler scoots back to the fence and tries to sit up but Johnson pinches his knees together and drags him off the cage. Butler takes a knee and Johnson counters with the waist lock, looking for back control. He gets it, putting one hook in and moving to rear-naked choke position. Johnson releases the head to throw a short left, then continues to suffocate Butler with nonstop positional pressure.

Butler gets to his feet with Johnson holding the rear waist cinch. Butler spins into him but Johnson counters with a level change, trying to work another double. Butler pummels under to defend and the ref separates them. Johnson dives on a takedown as soon as they’re restarted, completing it. A volley of short rights to the head from Johnson as Butler tries to shrimp out. Johnson moves to his back again, using the waist lock to keep control and throwing rights to the head occasionally. The fight is stopped, somewhat surprisingly and out of nowhere.

  • Tony Johnson defeats Raphael Butler by TKO (punches) R3 4:04

Preliminary Card
(Bloody Elbow, 7:40 p.m. ET)

Justin Smitley defeats Art Arciniega by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Ilima MacFarlane defeats Amber Tackett by submission (armbar) R1 2:09
Carl Seumanutafa defeats Javy Ayala by TKO (punches) R2 3:46


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