UFC on Fox 17: Dos Anjos vs Cerrone 2 – live results, play by play

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as UFC on Fox 17: Dos Anjos vs Cerrone 2 takes off…

By: Dallas Winston | 7 years ago
UFC on Fox 17: Dos Anjos vs Cerrone 2 – live results, play by play
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as UFC on Fox 17: Dos Anjos vs Cerrone 2 takes off from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

Recently christened lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos rematches Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the centerpiece while savvy heavyweight strikers Junior dos Anjos and Alistair Overeem form the co-main. Also on the main card: the infamous, middle-finger-waving Nate Diaz returns to face Michael Johnson in a lightweight bout and strawweights Randa Markos vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz.

Live updates will commence with the Fight Pass prelims at 3:30 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows.

UFC on Fox 17

(FOX, 8 p.m. ET)

Rafael dos Anjos vs. Donald Cerrone (UFC LW Title)

R1: Dos Anjos lands a left cross. Cerrone chips an inside low kick and Dos Anjos scores with a counter right. Dos Anjos spears to the ribs with a quick knee, then thuds a nasty left kick to the body and Cerrone is hurt. Dos Anjos swarms with punches as Cerrone covers and tries to evade. Dos Anjos chases him down and Cerrone shoots a desperation takedown; Dos Anjos snaps his head down in the front headlock and lands a few more punches to seal it.

  • Rafael dos Anjos defeats Donald Cerrone by TKO (punches) R1 1:06

Junior Dos Santos vs. Alistair Overeem

R1: Overeem switching stance from outside, settling on southpaw. Little to nothing is thrown in the first 90 seconds. Dos Santos jumps in and glances with a clubbing right. They trade left kicks. Overeem blocks a huge right high kick from Dos Santos. Dos Santos leads with a punch to the body and Overeem answers with a low kick.

Overeem glances with a left knee to the body and Dos Santos counters with a punch. Overeem glances with a long left cross, then thumps Dos Santos with a monster left hook. Jumping left hook glances for Overeem. Dos Santos’ nose is bloodied from the big hook. 10-9 Overeem.

R2: Dos Santos catches Overeem square in the cup with a front kick and we pause while he recovers. Chopping inside low kick lands for Dos Santos on the restart. Overeem answers in kind. Stomp kick to the knee from Overeem, then a left roundhouse kick to the ribs. A jumping stomp kick to the knee now from Overeem. Clean left body kick from Overeem and Dos Santos whiffs with the wheel kick.

Dos Santos lands an angled knee upstairs from range. Low kick is there for Overeem, then another. Now one lands inside for Overeem, then he scores with another left kick to the body. Dos Santos glances with a short right to the head. Overeem with an inside low kick, then he thuds a left hook to the head of Dos Santos and it wobbles him briefly. Now Dos Santos is bleeding from a cut over his right eye. Dos Santos walks Overeem into the corner and digs to the body with a hook. Overeem flattens him with a lunging left hook out of nowhere that rattles his jaw and drops him. There’s a bit of an odd sequence as Overeem lands two hammer-fists and the fight is stopped as Dos Santos is regaining his footing.

  • Alistair Overeem defeats Junior Dos Santos by TKO (punches) R2 2:43

Nate Diaz vs. Michael Johnson

R1: Outside low kick lands for Johnson, followed by another. Diaz checks the next one inside then lands a low kick of his own. Another outside low kick to the lead leg of Diaz. And another and this one stung. Three in a row. Diaz glances with a counter right, talks shit and then flings a one-two. Diaz lands the next one-two, and glances with a third.

Outside low kick lands for Johnson but the long jab of Diaz is whizzing by closely as a counter. Johnson with the outside low kick. And again. Now Johnson flicks two inside low kicks that land lightly. Johnson digs in a heavy right kick to the ribs, then attacks the lead leg with another low kick. Diaz checks the next one. Long one-two lands for Diaz followed by a glancing right. 10-9 Johnson.

R2: Johnson glances with an overhand, then chips away at the lead leg with a low kick. Front push kick to the gut for Diaz, who follows with a long one-two. And another clean one-two for the Stockton rep. Diaz finding his range with snap jabs and follow-up left crosses. Johnson lands a counter left and Diaz answers with another one-two. Now Johnson lands consecutive one-twos and the crowd’s loving it.

Diaz with the one-two. Johnson answers with a left cross; Diaz touches him with the jab. They both land in what is becoming a blur of mutual flurries. Diaz one-two. Johnson lands a low kick and Diaz cracks him with a one-two, then points and laughs at him. Johnson answers back but Diaz swats him again. Johnson answers with a clubbing left and a low kick but Diaz hurls a one-two that gets through. Two long lefts land for Diaz and then he stiffens Johnson’s leg with a follow-up right hook. 10-9 Diaz.

R3: Diaz keeps the jab in his face and lands an inside low kick. The ref gives Diaz a hard warning for keeping his hands open on exchanges. Johnson with an outside low kick and Diaz finds his chin with a one-two. Johnson catches him with a left. Diaz checks the low kick and glances with a one-two, then sticks him hard with the next one. Now a right high kick slips through for Diaz but it was partially blocked. Diaz stays on the trigger, smacking Johnson with a left. Now a one-two and a pair of knees to the body for Diaz when Johnson clinches up.

One-two for Diaz who’s dictating with his tempo. Jab for Diaz, then he throws a back elbow but turns it into a clean right hook. One-two for Diaz. Johnson glances with a right and lands a low kick but eats a check hook. Front kick lands to the chest for Diaz but he slips on a long jab. Diaz with another one-two though Johnson glances with a right counter. Another Diaz one-two. A jab, a right hook off his back foot and another jab lands clean for Diaz. One and one-two are there for Diaz. Johnson answers with a right. One-two for Diaz but Johnson clips him with a counter right, then shoots a takedown. Diaz rolls him with a kimura and Johnson lands two angry heel kicks after the bell. 10-9 Diaz. I have it 29-28 Diaz.

  • Nate Diaz defeats Michael Johnson by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs. Randa Markos

R1: They square off and trade right/left combos. Kowalkiewicz drills Markos with a three-piece combo. Markos fires back and lands a right upstairs. Markos steps in to clinch and has to chase after Kowalkiewicz, who eventually backs out of range. Another three-punch combo from Kowalkiewicz who lands the final right cross. Kowalkiewicz doubles up her jab and Markos taps her with an inside low kick.

Maros clinches up and puts Kowalkiewicz on the fence, securing a body lock. Kowalkiewicz breaks the body lock and gets one of her own to circle off the fence. Markos persists and puts her back on it, then can’t complete a drag takedown from the rear waist lock. Markos lands a hard right upstairs. Kowalkiewicz answers with a front kick to the body. Markos doubles up on outside low kicks on her way into the clinch, landing a short uppercut/hook combo on the break. Kowalkiewicz tags her with a right hand at the bell. 10-9 Kowalkiewicz.

R2: Kowalkiewicz starts the round with a low kick and a front kick. Kowalkiewicz has two leg kicks checked but stings Markos with a right hand. Double jab to outside low kick for Kowalkiewicz. Markos clinches up and hits a trip but Kowalkiewicz pops back up. Markos keeps her on the fence with a body lock and one leg grape-vined, then drags her down from the rear waist cinch.

Markos hops into back control as Kowalkiewicz stands up, then applies the body triangle. Markos goes to the quarter nelson and Kowalkiewicz falls on her back with Markos in tow. Still back mount with a body triangle for Markos, who occasionally pitter-patters to the face with punches. A few over-the-head strikes for Kowalkiewicz when Markos stays focused on control to ride out the round. 10-9 Markos.

R3: Kowalkiewicz comes out boring straight one-twos, catching Markos at least twice on the tail-end of her punching arc. More fast leather lands for Kowalkiewicz though they’re not damaging. Markos lands a counter right, then traps a left kick but can’t capitalize. Kowalkiewicz flashes her hands high to set up a front kick to the body.

Kowalkiewicz cuts two wide circles and lands a spinning back fist square to the face. Markos forces a clinch but can’t keep position. Another three-punch combo glances for Kowalkiewicz, who then counter-wrestles to reverse a Markos takedown attempt. Kowalkiewicz lands in half guard but slickly passes to mount on the transition. Markos rolls onto a hip but can’t escape and Kowalkiewicz thwacks her with two elbows, then digs two knees into her ribs after losing mount and going to side control. Markos escapes to her feet with a knee to the body during the effort. 10-9 Kowalkiewicz. I have it 29-28 her way.

  • Karolina Kowalkiewicz defeats Randa Markos by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

UFC on Fox 17 Prelims

(Fox Sports 1, 5 p.m. ET)

Myles Jury vs. Charles Oliveira

R1: Oliveira looking for front-leg teeps from distance. Jury catches one but can’t capitalize; Oliveira scores with one to the body. Oliveira steps in on a Jury flurry and finishes a single leg, landing in half guard. Jury swivels into a quick armbar but Oliveira defends and takes his back, putting both hooks in. Jury sits up and Oliveira body locks to pull him back down.

Jury gets enough space to turn and face Oliveira but the Brazilian switches to a guillotine, then jumps guard to torque it. Jury taps.

Charles Oliveira defeats Myles Jury by submission (guillotine) R1 3:05

C.B. Dollaway vs. Nate Marquardt

R1: Dolloway’s outside low kick is checked. Glancing left kick to the body for Dolloway. Now an outside low kick for Dolloway but Marquardt checks the next one. Marquardt, who’s starting tentatively, backs him off with a check hook. Marquardt pivots on a Dolloway flurry and lands a left kick to the body. Marquardt lands a low kick and then glances with a rear-leg front kick.

Dolloway lands double hooks to the body, then dings Marquardt with a left hook. Sharp low kick from Marquardt on the reset. Dolloway shoots as Marquardt clubs him with a right, and Marquardt disengages with a knee downstairs. 10-9 Dolloway.

R2: Dolloway jab steps forward aggressively but doesn’t pull the trigger. Dolloway glances with a wild, clubbing right hand but stays on the trigger and jogs into a planted right cross from Marquardt, and it folds Dolloway on the canvas.

  • Nate Marquardt defeats C.B. Dolloway by KO (punch) R2 0:28

Sarah Kaufman vs. Valentina Shevchenko

R1: Kaufman comes out bouncing on her toes; she lands an outside low kick and Shevchenko counters with a left hook. Quick, stinging counter combo from Shevchenko as Kaufman comes in, then she puts Kaufman on the fence. Left knee to the body from Shevchenko. And another as she peels Kaufman off the fence and hits a trip. Kaufman with a strong right-side overhook and a full, closed guard.

After a brief struggle, Kaufman is able to escape to her feet but Shevchenko digs to the body with a kick, then hits a counter whizzer throw, landing in mount. Kaufman gets her guard and closes it, then gets back to her feet though she eats two short punches in the process. Kaufman goes for a single leg, then drops back for an inside heel hook. Shevchenko escapes and gets the rear waist lock. Kaufman with a pair of short back elbows to the head, then spins to face Shevchenko. They trade knees to the body. And now they trade elbows. Short knees to the thigh from Kaufman. 10-9 Shevchenko.

R2: Shevchenko comes up short on a spinning back fist. They clinch up and Kaufman puts her on the fence in the 50/50 clinch. Short knees to the thigh from Kaufman before Shevchenko circles off the fence. They separate. Shevchenko lands a spinning kick to the body, then a fierce knee to the face before putting Kaufman on the fence. More knees to the thighs from Shevchenko with Kaufman on the fence. Shevchenko glances with a left elbow and it allows Kaufman to circle off and separate.

Shevchenko ducks under a flurry and hits a body-lock takedown, landing in Kaufman’s closed guard. Pestering elbows to the head from Kaufman in guard. Shevchenko buries her head in Kaufman’s chest, carefully posturing up for occasional punches. Kaufman creates space and stands up. Shevchenko scores with a knee downstairs on the reset; Kaufman puts her on the fence. No dice on Kaufman’s outside trip attempt. 10-9 Shevchenko.

R3: Shevchenko double teeps from range, then reverses Kaufman’s trip attempt. Kaufman gets back to her feet but eats a knee. Kaufman slips in an up-knee to the face. Shevchenko with a knee downstairs with Kaufman on the fence. Outside trip for Shevchenko, who just seems physically stronger in clinch exchanges. Kaufman separates briefly but forces another clinch, snatching up a single and running the pipe to finish it. Kaufman lands in side mount throwing short back-elbows to the head.

Now north-south for Kaufman with another back elbow before peeling the feet of Shevchenko off the fence. Cross-face and forearms from Kaufman in side mount. Kaufman goes two-on-one on the far-side arm, then bails on it. Right elbows to the thigh from Kaufman, then they go back to north-south with Shevchenko finagling an inverted triangle. Kaufman goes back to side, then passes to full mount in the waning seconds. She tries to grab an armbar but can’t. 10-9 Kaufman. I have it 29-28 Shevchenko.

  • Valentina Shevchenko defeats Sarah Kaufman by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Tamdan McCrory vs. Josh Samman

R1: Samman chops McCrory’s leg out with a low kick as he’s clinching but McCrory gets him down to a knee and against the fence. Samman stands up and tries to circle off the fence but McCrory keeps him there and lands a knee downstairs. Samman counters with a knee to the body, gets the body lock and hits a counter trip. McCrory with strong wrist control but Samman passes to half guard. Samman stabilizes and lands a hammer-fist, prompting McCrory to attempt to explode out; Samman retains top position but McCrory gets full guard, angling for an armbar.

McCrory switches to an omoplata, then a triangle; Samman squirts his head out and McCrory gets on top. Samman forces a scramble and reverses McCrory, landing a left forearm from the top. McCrory leans over for a kimura and Samman lands clean elbows to the ribs. McCrory uses the kimura to sweep and Samman ends up on top with his arm still trapped; he yanks it loose and ends up in McCrory’s half guard. Heavy left to the face from Samman as McCrory goes on one hip; he gets to his feet but Samman glances with two lefts on his way up. 10-9 Samman.

R2: Samman opens with a one-two and a left spinning kick, then dives on a double leg. After a short struggle, he gets it. McCrory working full guard, both open and closed, but his head is jammed on the cage. Samman postures up with punches but he loses his base a little and McCrory slings a leg over for a triangle, then switches to an omoplata. Samman defends but McCrory counter-wrestles his way onto his back with one hook in. Samman spins to face him and gets on his back but McCrory attacks with punches while Samman’s head is trapped on the cage.

McCrory lands a sharp left elbow, then creates enough space to flurry with both hands. Samman counters with the body lock, then sits up against the fence. McCrory smothers him with a high half guard, then lands another left elbow. McCrory again creates space and throws short hooks to the cage. Hard spike elbows from Samman as McCrory’s head is buried in his chest. Knee-pin mount pass attempt from McCrory, who switches to the far-side kimura. Samman counters by holding the body lock. 10-9 McCrory.

R3: Samman shrinks the gap with a one-two and a clinch entry but McCrory reverses with a strong whizzer, returning the pair to the same position they spent most of Round Two in. Samman gets full guard and an inside butterfly hook. McCrory flurries with both hands and bases down, looking to slip his leg out of Samman’s closed half guard. When he does, short left hands to the face follow.

Samman sits up on the fence and McCrory again throws short left and right hooks. Samman gets on one hip and hits a nice arm-drag reversal, landing in McCrory’s full guard. McCrory wheels into an omoplata, then switches to a triangle when Samman defends. Samman tries to sit out and McCrory traps the arm and throws short elbows to the head with the triangle locked. McCrory readjusts his position and tweaks the triangle/armbar combination, amplifying the pressure with a Gable-gripped underhook, and it forces Samman to tap.

  • Tamdan McCrory defeats Josh Samman by submission (triangle) R3 4:10

Danny Castillo vs. Nik Lentz

R1: Castillo switching stances from range. Lentz fires a right and clinches up, landing a short knee to the body before they break. Castillo glances with a left pivot hook as does Lentz with a body kick. Castillo pressures with punches and backs off to shuck a takedown, but Lentz barrels into the clinch and hits a powerful whizzer hip throw. Lentz goes to the front headlock as Castillo stands up and then pulls guard with a guillotine, his back on the fence. Lentz puts both feet back down and uses the guillotine to snap Castillo’s head down, then pulls guard with the guillotine.

Castillo pulls his head out but Lentz ties on another guillotine when he posts both arms. Castillo slips out and looks to pass right, then left, then he hops on top of Lentz for an arm-triangle attempt. Lentz is out and back to his feet, glancing with a left high kick and landing a short right. Wide right hook from Lentz bounces off Castillo’s guard. Lentz catches him with another right though it lands short. Castillo answers with a heavy right. 10-9 Lentz.

R2: Castillo looks to be breathing heavily to start the second. Lentz lands a left and Castillo answers with a low kick. Right body kick thumps home for Lentz. Charging one-two lands for Lentz. Castillo with a lead left to the body. Chopping right hook lands for Lentz, then another body kick and a takedown. Castillo gets an underhook in half guard, creating enough space to stand.

Another right kick to the ribs of Castillo, who gets stuffed on a takedown attempt. Lentz clinches and lands a left knee to the body, then goes back to the arm-in guillotine when Castillo stays hunches over. Lentz falls back for the guillotine and Castillo slips his head out immediately, landing in side control. Lentz pushes on the head while shrimping out for an easy get-up. Glancing left hook for Lentz and Castillo answers identically. Lentz blocks a high kick and lands an outside low kick. 10-9 Lentz.

R3: Castillo lands a hard inside low kick. Glancing front kick from Castillo and they lock horns; Lentz hits a whizzer throw but Castillo pops back up to his feet. Right body kick glances for Lentz. Lead left hook finds the mark for Castillo and he follows up with a successful double-leg attempt as Lentz falls back for the guillotine. Lentz lands a short up-kick before separating, and complains about Castillo’s fingers in his eye on the reset. Castillo face-palms him on the reset.

They trade low kicks but Lentz’s has more mustard on it. Castillo sticks his open fingers in Lentz’s face again and the ref finally warns him. Castillo shoots and Lentz curiously gives it up with a guillotine attempt that’s not there, but he’s able to escape back to his feet quickly. Two short left hooks score upstairs for Lentz, who puts Castillo on the fence and lands a knee downstairs. No dice on Lentz’s takedown attempt but he slips in two clean left hands. 10-9 Lentz. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Nik Lentz defeats Danny Castillo by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

Jim Alers vs. Cole Miller

R1: Alers with an inside low kick. Stiff jab from Miller. Outside low kick lands for Alers, then another inside. Miller glances with a one-two and checks the next low kick. Alers lands a hook/cross combo, then a stiff left on the next exchange. Miller checks another low kick but eats the next one. Alers glances with a counter right upstairs. Lead left hook is good for Alers.

Jab scores for Miller, then a half-checked outside low kick. Glancing right hand counter from Miller off the back foot but he takes another low kick. No dice on the axe kick from Miller. Short lead forearm lands clean for Miller. Alers answers with a right downstairs. Another jab for Miller. Alers clinches and lands a knee to the body. Miller lands a right hand and a left elbow on the break. 10-10.

R2: Two low kicks land for Alers. Miller glances with a swatting left hook. Miller fakes a knee to off-balance Alers, then he lands a left kick to the body. Miller takes an accidental finger deep into the eye and we pause while he recovers. Miller can’t open his eye and the fight is waved off.

  • Jim Alers vs. Cole Miller ruled a No Contest (accidental eye poke) R2 1:34

UFC on Fox 17 Fight Pass Prelims

(UFC Fight Pass, 3:30 p.m. ET)

Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman

R1: Usman spider crawls his way out of the corner before standing traditionally. Usman shrinks the gap and Edwards lowers his level to stuff the initial takedown, then lands a knee to the body before separating and circling out. Usman snatches up a single leg and puts Edwards on the fence with it. Edwards defends with a wide base, then a whizzer after breaking Usman’s grip. Edwards circles off the fence and separates, attacking with one-twos and kicks from distance.

Glancing one-two from Edwards before Usman reconnects with a clinch and takedown. Open guard for Edwards with good posture control, then a transition into a triangle attempt. Edwards passes his left leg and locks the triangle; Usman bases down to keep it loose. Hard left elbow to the head from Elbows, then another. Usman posture breaks the triangle and lands short punches but Edwards sneaks back to his feet. 10-9 Edwards.

R2: Edwards catches a kick from Usman but can’t capitalize. Usman tags him with a shot from range, then another before landing a takedown. Edwards overhooks the head, then puts his back on the fence for a get-up. Usman pinches his knees together to prevent it. Edwards stands up with Usman in the rear waist lock, landing short knees to the hamstrings. Edwards spins to face Usman but he’s kept there with a left underhook.

Usman drops for a double leg, then switches to a single, looking to peel Edwards off the fence. Edwards defends and circles off the fence, keeping Usman there with a body lock and short knees. They both land in their first exchange back on the feet. Edwards catches Usman below the belt with a knee but the ref gives him a short time to recover. Usman connects with a knee downstairs, then drives Edwards toward the fence and hits an outside trip. 10-9 Usman.

R3: Edwards lands an up-knee to the body. Usman times a single nicely and finishes it. Edwards sits up on the fence and plants a foot but Usman picks the ankle to re-ground him. Edwards takes a knee and eats a hard volley of knees to the thigh, then stands with Usman in the rear waist cinch.

Edwards spins to face him, then goes from the front headlock to a guillotine, acquiescing to Usman’s takedown. Usman slips his head out and gets a rear waist lock as Edwards turtles, landing more knees to the thigh. Edwards stands up and Usman is still in the rear waist lock, throwing knees. Usman yanks him back down and continues to swarm with suffocating control, then adds in a long succession of heavy rights to the head. Edwards takes a knee but can’t shake Usman nor defend the barrage of knees to the thigh. 10-8 Usman. I have it 29-27 Usman.

  • Kamaru Usman defeats Leon Edwards by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Hayder Hassan vs. Vicente Luque

R1: Hassan lands a clean outside low kick. Glancing double jab from Hassan. Luque lands a straight one-two and Hassan dings him with a heavy left-hook counter. He glances with another. Inside low kick from Luque. Two light outside low kicks from Hassan. Luque stings him with a right cross, then snaps down Hassan’s head from the front headlock, turning it into a beautiful anaconda choke. Hassan fights it briefly, then goes out.

  • Vicente Luque defeats Hayder Hassan by submission (anaconda choke) R1 2:13

Luis Henrique vs. Francis Ngannou

R1: Ngannou lands a straight punch and thwacks the lead leg with an outside low kick. Henrique catches the next low kick and converts it into a takedown. Ngannou closes his guard and gets strong wrist control, then flings a wall of up-kicks when Henrique postures up. Henrique falls back into Ngannou’s open full guard. A few insignificant punches to the body comprise the offense from Henrique thus far.

Henrique passes to half guard but Ngannou has his upper body tied up pretty well. They’re stood up at the two-minute mark. Henrique follows behind a jab with a double-leg attempt, Ngannou gets a hard whizzer to stay upright. Henrique keeps him on the cage but absorbs a pair of knees to the gut. They’re separated after the stalemate on the fence. Ngannou loosens a long one-two that glances. Henrique flashes a one-two but gets tagged with a counter, then switches to a single-leg attempt. Ngannou defends. 10-10.

R2: Ngannou walks Henrique into a corner and whiffs with the lead uppercut, but lands a clubbing overhand right soon after. Henrique forces a clinch and takes a knee downstairs on the way in, then puts Ngannou on the fence in the 50/50 clinch. Little action from Henrique and the ref separates them quickly again.

Henrique re-establishes the same position after the reset but this time Ngannou lands a knee, circles off and then thumps Henrique with a nasty one-two. Henrique wobbles back and Ngannou stays on the trigger and crumples Henrique with a vicious salvo of heavy leather.

  • Francis Ngannou defeats Luis Henrique by KO (punches) R2 2:54

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