Bellator 147 live results, streaming video, and play-by-play

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, streaming video (prelims) and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 147 comes to Scott Coker's stomping grounds,…

By: Tim Burke | 8 years ago
Bellator 147 live results, streaming video, and play-by-play
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, streaming video (prelims) and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 147 comes to Scott Coker’s stomping grounds, San Jose, CA. The headliner features former Strikeforce lightweight champ and UFC stalwart Josh Thomson making his Bellator debut against Pablo Villeseca. Thomson is a major favorite going into tonight.

Also scheduled for the card is a featherweight showdown between Georgi Karakhanyan and Daniel Weichel. That will serve as the co-main event.

Check out this week’s Vivisection for a video preview of the show. If you prefer to read a quick preview, you can do that here.

You can watch all of the prelim action starting at around 7pm ET by viewing the video stream at the top of the page. The main card begins live on Spike TV at 9 PM ET/PT (delayed to the West Coast).

Join us and let us know what you think of tonight’s fights.

Josh Thomson vs. Pablo Villaseca

Round 1 – Thomson with two body kicks and they clinch up. Thomson with the takedown. He’s having trouble freing up his hands. Villaseca in full lockdown mode. He rolled for a kneebar when Josh stood up. Thomson on the bottom, and looking for a triangle or an armbar. Omoplata now. Villaseca looking for a standing guillotine, but they’re ack to the feet. Thomson with two step-in knees. Villaseca looking for a takedown but Thomson is having none of it. He finally got the takedown, but it only lasted for about two seconds. Villaseca kept at it though, and controlled Thomson with a body lock for a while. Then he drilled him in the Bellators with a low knee. Only a brief break needed though. Thomson caught a leg and scored an emphatic takedown. 10-9 Thomson.

Round 2 – Villaseca looking to strike early, but Thomson backed him off with a straight right. Villaseca backed him up to the cage and looked for a takedown. Thomson stacked him up and got him to his back. He landed a few elbows, but he’s not doing a ton of damage. Thomson looking for an arm-triangle but he’s on the wrong side f Villaseca, who is pressed against the cage. He held onto it though. Thomson eventually stood up and peppered im with punches. Thomson definitely upping the aggression. The ref took a look but let it go. Finally he stopped it.

Josh Thomson defeated Pablo Villaseca by TKO (strikes), 3:59 of round 2

Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Daniel Weichel

Round 1 – Karakhanyan caught a kick but let it go. Body kick from Weichel. Nice straight right/left leg kick from Weichel. Inside leg kick strays into the twig n berries of Karakhanyan.. Hard straight right and leg kick from Weichel. Karakhanyan had a takedown stuffed. They trade inside leg kicks. Straight right from Weichel. Jab from Georgi. They’re starting to open up a bit now. Body shot from Weichel, and a front kick. Nice low kick from Weichel knocked Georgi off balance. 10-9 Weichel. Karakhanan slapped¬† his hands. Weird. 10-9 Weichel.

Round 2 – Karakhanyan moves forward with a lead uppercut and pops his opponent with a straight left. Weichel stepped up and clubbed Georgi with his own straight right. Karakhanyan trying to goad Weichel into a brawl, but his antics aren’t working. Left over the top for Weichel, and a jab. Leg kick from Georgi, and a right hook. Nice combo from Weichel. Punch/kick combo lands for Weichel. Jabs and a body shot too. Karakhanyan not looking to grappled at all so far. Hard body kick from Weichel. Karakhanyan pumping the jab but not following it up. Right hook/body kick again for Weichel. He’s connecting at a high percentage. He had a front kick countered with a right hook though. 10-9 Weichel.

Round 3 – Karakhanyan with a nice spin kick that gets through. Weichel with two jabs. He’s continuing to find a home for his right hand, right on Georgi’s face. Karakhanyan dropping his hands again, but it’s not baiting Weichel. Nice left hook from Georgi. A few low kicks, but not a lot on them from Karakhanyan. Lead right scores again for Weichel. He really likes that low calf/ankle kick. Karakhanyan popped him with a left hook, and came over the top with a right too. He’s still being outlanded though. Nice counter from Georgi. Weichel bopping him with volume, while Georgi looks for the home run shot with spinning stuff. Weichel with yet another straight right. The closest round of the fight, but still Weichel’s. 10-9, and 30-27.

Daniel Weichel defeated Georgi Karakhanyan by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Derek Anderson vs. Patricky Freire

Round 1 – Pitbull landed two solid rights. Anderson with an outside leg kick. They’re both loading up on big shots early. Freire misses with a wild left and eats a standing elbow against the cage. Anderson getting in some clear punches. Anderson with a counter left hook. Pitbull in on a takedown and eventually takes the back in a nice scramble. Anderson dumped him off and they scramble again, emerging on their feet. Anderson shoots in now and slams Freire to the ground, only to get reversed. Now Anderson’s on top. Very solid round here. Back on the feet, both connect with rights. 10-9 Anderson.

Round 2 – Both men open up with some rangy combos. Anderson clops Pitbull twice with lefts. Pitbull rushes back in with a flurry that backs Anderson off. Anderson with a jab that gets through. Pitbull with a hard low leg kick,¬† Anderson gives it right back. Straight right and jumping front kick from Freire that stunned Anderson. He went for a takedown but Pitbull fought him off. Anderson firing repetitive combos. Pitbull with a big knee. He picked Anderson up and slammed him to the mat right in side control. He took the back, and locked up a body triangle. Freire softening Anderson up and looking for a choke. Anderson can’t break the body triangle. Blood coming out of Anderson’s nose, impeding his breathing. 10-9 Pitbull.

Round 3 – Anderson with a bunch of kicks early in the final round. He’s throwing punches, and finally connects with a right hook after having most of his offense blocked. They slug it out in the center of the cage. Freire shoots in and gets the takedown. He just sort of pushed Anderson off and he got back to his feet. That was odd. After 15 seconds Pitbull shot in again, but Anderson fought him off this time. Pitbull getting beaten up against the cage now. Winging rights for Anderson are getting through. Pitbull firing back though. Freire with an extremely hard knee to the abdomen in the clinch that took the air out of Anderson. Anderson went for a takedown but Freire defended well. He hit a nice reversal and put Anderson on his back. Anderson dumped him off and looked for his own takedown. Freire stayed off his back though. 10-9 and 29-28 Pitbull.

Derek Anderson defeated Patricky Friere by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Adam Piccolotti vs. Mario Soto

Round 1 – After some tepid striking to start, Piccolotti slid in with a nice takedown attempt and immediately took the back. He sunk hooks, flipped him over, went to mount, and looked for an arm triangle. This all happened very quickly. He couldn’t secure it against the cage though. Soto looked for a leg lock but Piccolotti spun out, right onto Soto’s back again. He finally slid off and they’re back to the center. Soto with a long straight right. After Soto threw a wide variety of strikes, Piccolotti fired back with one straight right that did more damage than anything Soto had on offer. Soto shot in for a takedown but ate a knee to the belly. Soto with a looping right. They exchange body kicks. Piccolotti with another hard right. They exchange kicks again. 10-9 Piccolotti.

Round 2 – Piccolotti with a right and he caught a kick, taking it to the ground. He opens up with some wild GnP. He moved to mount quickly again, pounding Soto with punches against the cage. He went for a neck crank, but nothing there. Soto bucked out of mount and looked for a kneebar. Piccolotti deftly spun out, right back to mount. More GnP. Elbows. Soto is bleeding now. He gave up his back. There’s a lot of blood on the mat now. Piccolotti went for the choke, and it’s over. That was very nice.

Adam Piccolotti defeated Mario Soto by submission (rear naked choke), 3:25 of round 2

Brian Rogers vs. Virgil Zwicker

Round 1 – Slow start. Rogers with a combo that got Virgil’s attention. Zwicker answers. Rogers with an inside leg kick. Rogers coming forward but got tagged. They exchange wild shots, with Zwicker landing the hardest shot. Front kick from Zwicker, and an inside leg kick. Rogers with a nice shot. Hard outside leg kick from Zwicker now. Rogers with a huge takedown. He set up an arm triangle but didn’t have it secured and Zwicker got back to his feet. 10-9 Zwicker.

Round 2 – Rogers with a low kick that led to a brief stoppage. Rogers with a reaching right that finds the mark. He went for an inside leg kick and caught him flush in the cup that time. Yikes, Zwicker is in agony. It looks like he’ll continue, but man that was nasty. Rogers not deducted a point. Zwicker with a nice, hard right that scores. Another, this time a counter. Zwicker kicking inside on the calf, Rogers to the outside. Rogers with a jab. Zwicker spins and misses. Rogers with a decent straight right. Rogers with a big takedown again, around the same time as the first round. He takes the back, then moves to mount. Heavy elbows and punches. He’s briefly looking for an americana, then switched to the arm triangle. He squeezed and Zwicker was forced to tap.

Brian Rogers defeats Virgil Zwicker by submission (arm triangle choke), round 2

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John Donaldson vs. A.J. McKee
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Thomas Diagne vs. Erick Sanchez
Alvin Cacdac vs. Jeremiah Labiano
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